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The New Policeman
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The New Policeman (New Policeman #1)

3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  1,743 ratings  ·  347 reviews
Irish teenager JJ Liddy discovers that time is leaking from his world into Tir na nOg, the land of the fairies, and when he attempts to stop the leak he finds out a lot about his family history, the music that he loves, and a crime his great-grandfather may or may not have committed.
Hardcover, 448 pages
Published January 23rd 2007 by Greenwillow Books (first published January 1st 2005)
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Emma (Miss Print)
J.J. Liddy, the main character of Kate Thompson’s novel The New Policeman, has a problem: there never seems to be enough time in the day. In fact, there seems to be decidedly less time. With barely enough hours in the day for school and his music, J.J. has no time left over to contemplate the shocking revelation that his grandfather may have been a murderer. To make matters worse, this time problem seems to affect everyone in Kinvara.

When J.J.’s mother reveals that she wants more time for her bi
Miriam Joy
This book changed my life.

When I was about nine or ten, my grandma bought this book, having seen a review of it in The Times when it first came out. I'm not sure what she thought would interest me - probably the music, since I've been brought up in a musical family - but it certainly worked.

I was amazed at the entire world Kate Thompson had taken from mythology - an interpretation of the sidhe that I'd never seen before. I loved how she mixed Tir n'a nÓg with the modern day world, how her human
Sep 06, 2007 Lucy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who like wonderful books
Shelves: teen, urbanfantasy
There never quite seems to be enough time to do everything. That’s always been a problem, but it’s been getting worse lately. Everything always feels rushed, and there is no time just to wander along slowly and relax. When J.J.’s mother idly wishes for more time for her birthday, J.J. decides to find her some. But how can he find her time when he barely has enough time of his own to do the basics, like schoolwork—let alone to find out if the local rumors about his grandfather being a murderer ar ...more
I am remarkably underwhelmed by this one. Due to the super short chapters and one-page musical compositions in between them, I found myself turning pages what felt like every 2 seconds, which got annoying. Also, it takes nearly half the book for the pace to pick up and for you to discover just what the heck the story is about to begin with. The last half is better than the first, so if you stick with it you'll be rewarded with a decent story and resolution, but overall I'm not sure I'd recommend ...more
Wonderfully written, great atmosphere, but... somehow it _just_ missed the mark. The language is fabulous - you have the sense that you are listening to an Irish storyteller - but maybe that's the problem. You are listening to someone telling a story in the pub, and it's just a great yarn, but doesn't have the depth of a serious novel. Do you think? I just felt that I wanted more.
The residents of Kinvara, a small town in Ireland, feel as though time is slipping away from them: nobody has enough time, and it just seems to be getting worse. When J.J.’s mother asks for more time for her birthday, J.J. sets out to find it for her and finds himself caught up in a world of fantastical creatures out of Irish mythology. This has an interesting set-up, but it takes forever to get going, and never caught my interest that much. (I will admit that this is partly a grouch on my part ...more
Jan 10, 2008 Nanci rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of YA fantasy and fairie stories
Shelves: fantasy-ya
A book about time and where it is going. This book has very short chapters that open with the musical score for traditional Irish music. It's a shame that the book didn't come with a CD of the songs! The Irish setting, with the main character playing the fiddle since the age of five is captivating as is the setting of Tir na Nog, the land of eternal youth. Time is being trapped into Tir na Nog, and the fairies there are starting to age. Also time is being lost in our world and life gets more and ...more
I didn't enjoy this very much. For one thing, the "chapters" were, on average, a page and a half long. The disjointedness this caused made for uncomfortable reading. Secondly, is anyone else getting the feeling that authors and script writers are becoming lazy and rewriting old stories with a new take or remaking old films far too much? I get the impression that this author thought, "Tir na nOg, now that is a great idea. How can I twist this superstition into an [yet another] idea for a book?" I ...more
They often say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of this book, don’t judge it by its title. While the book sounds downright boring at first, the reader will quickly find that the title has little to do with this brilliantly imaginative story. Irish boy JJ Liddy and his family are naturally gifted music players with a hidden secret that JJ struggles with. Along with this struggle, the town is always in a rush, wishing for more time. On his quest for the missing time he disc ...more
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According to the Independent, The New Policeman is a “beautifully original book.” I agree with this statement, but like the Independent, have nothing better to say about the book or the writing. It is original, but as many original things are, it is nothing special. It is not a good idea, it is an original idea. Or maybe it is a good idea, but her execution of it was poor.

The plot was somewhat ridiculous. The novel appears to exist in the world we know until all of a sudden the main character i
Possibly the quickest 400-page book I've read. A fast, light read with enough depth to leave me guessing - I'd figured that A was B (or was C B?) but not that A was B was C. Not so fussed on the cliched Corrupt Catholic Priest, even if it was excused with "JJ went to mass every Sunday; he had a lot of respect for priests, just not this one;" but kudos to Thompson for having the guts to bring the Church/Magic debate into a kids' book (even if the Church lost this time). A very good read.
Dec 05, 2007 Cheryl rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Middle school and up, music lovers
(YA) Thompson, Kate
The New Policeman. (F) Time seems to be spinning away faster and faster. J.J. Liddy promises his mother he will get her the birthday gift she truly wants—more time. J.J. is a gifted musician from a family with a music tradition. His grandfather was famous for his flute and fiddle music and, it was whispered, for killing a priest. On the land his family owns is an ancient fort with a souterrain or underground room. J.J discover that the souterrain contains the passage into the
Andrea Talarico
What would you do if you could add more hours to your day? Time is a scarce commodity in the County Galway town of Kinvara, Ireland. Fifteen-year-old J.J. Liddy, a musician from a long line of musicians, wants to help his mother have her only birthday wish: to find more time. As a musician and farmer, Liddy and his family are already connected to the magic that is old Ireland, where fairy rings are kept intact, and musicians are considered antithetical to the Catholic Church. So when J.J. sets o ...more
Sylvia McIvers
I picked this book up from the library shelf, thinking it was new. Then I started wondering if I remembered this bit & that bit... Checked the copyright date. Oh. Its old. But still relevant!

It seems that everyone in this village in Ireland is short of time. There's fiddling & going to school & hanging out with friends, but not enough time for everything, the way it used to be.

Young J.J. finds out that his grandpa killed a priest over a flute - say what? His mom tells him her version
The New Policeman is brimming with great ideas. Kate Thompson draws on Irish legend, traditional music, and that perplexing question “Where did all the time go?” The execution does not live up to the premise.

J.J. Liddy is fifteen years old and comes from a family with a strong musical tradition that goes back generations. He promises his mother that, for her birthday present, he will find her more time. By chance, he finds his way into Tir na n’og, the fairy realm, and discovers the time dilemma
Feb 12, 2014 Brigid rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: upper el and older
This book is about a boy, JJ, whose search for some (actual) time for his mother (for her birthday) leads him to another world altogether but right alongside his own. In this other world, time is supposed to stand still, only it isn't. Can JJ find and fix the leak between the 2 worlds before it's too late?
The author deftly weaves music, Irish fairy stories, music, magic, and music throughout this fun and funny tale. Oh yeah, and Thompson also explains where all our odd socks go when they go mis
Read this a few yrs. ago and really enjoyed it; plot was especially strong and original, and I certainly sympathize with the characters' feelings of never having enough time.
I was given this book by our Teen Librarian, who knows I like fantasy. I took a pause from my library books to give this one a go. It's definitely one of the more original stories I've read of late. It feels odd to say that. But then, if I were Irish, maybe I wouldn't be saying it. Funnily enough, Aengus and the Dagda made an appearance...I found that an interesting coincidence, so close to my taking a leap out of my norm and reading Dream Angus.

So. J.J. Liddy comes from a musical family with a
In The New Policeman, JJ attempts to get his mother the perfect gift for her birthday--time. In the process, he discovers a parallel universe into which all his lost time has been leaking and unravels a few family mysteries while he's at it. This book is generally considered a fantasy novel (as it should with the parallel universes and such) but as an avid fantasy reader, it didn't do much for me. The book was fairly predictable and not all that exciting. I never felt that the stakes were set ve ...more
Time leaks, lost socks, faeries and sheet music.
Everyone in Kinvara, Ireland, feels that lately time seems to pass more quickly than ever before. Nobody has enough time to have a cup of tea or enjoy a short chat anymore. Because of this 15-year-old JJ Liddy's exhausted mum has just one wish for her birthday: More time. JJ, who is struggling with his own teenage problems (going clubbing with his friends or being labeled weird for playing the fiddle at the traditional dancing feasts at home) is de
This lengthy novel tells the story of J.J., an Irish teen whose family is deeply connected Irish culture and music. After learning about his intriguing past and his connection to Irish music, J.J. goes on a journey to buy some more time, as it seems to pass increasingly faster for everyone in the village. J.J. finds his way to the land of the fairies, the land of eternal youth, where he finds that time is slipping from our world to theirs, thus aging the previously-ageless fairies.
Magical, mystical and dreamy. Set in a small irish town, Kinvara J.J.'s family is famous for joyful musical talent and the mysterious ignominy surrounding J.J.'s grandfather.

Every one in Kinvara has the same problem, No Time!

J.J.'s mother's birthday is coming and he wants to give her that one thing she has so little of, time. A chance conversation with a neighbor reveals that J.J. can fulfill his mother's birthday wish by going through a portal to Tír na n'Óg, (fairy land to you) and find a wa
Laura Garding
I thought that The New Policeman was a pretty good book all around. I was a little bit confused throughout the book until the end when the author wrapped everything all up. The connections she made at the end really made the whole book make sense. As I was reading about the different people at the beginning of the book disappearing, it really made me more interested in the book and I wanted to know what had happened to them and how it all tied in with the main story line. I thought the author di ...more
Sara Turner
This is a novel about a boy named J.J. He is a fabulous musician, partly because it is in his genes but he also has a love for the traditional Irish music that his family loves. He faces the problem that time seems to be slipping away from him in his world. He stumbles into an alternative world and realizes that they are gaining the time that he is losing. He goes on a quest to salvage the lost time and to solve the enduring mysteries of his family.

I think the way that the author wrote the book
Miz Lizzie
Jun 05, 2011 Miz Lizzie rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Miz Lizzie by: Adrienne, Brianna
J.J. Liddy has grown up immersed in Irish traditional music and dancing. It's an integral part of his family background. Though he loves to play the fiddle at his family's monthly ceilis, he is also eager to fit in with his school chums who are more interested in clubbing. In the meantime, time seems to be flying by at a tremendous rate for everyone. There's just not enough time to do everything you want/need to do. When J.J. promises that he will get some extra time as a present for his mother' ...more
Cover Blurb: I like the clock gears and the blue color. But I think it’s a little misleading because my first thought when I saw this cover was that it was a time travel story, and it isn’t.

What I Liked: All the tunes at the end of each chapter! Being a musician, how can I not like that? While I am not a fan of J.J.’s name, I liked him pretty well as a protagonist, though I’ll confess he isn’t the most memorable protagonist I’ve encountered. But I wouldn’t go so far as to accuse him of being car
When J.J. Liddy's mother asks for some extra time for her birthday, she has no idea what events she is setting in motion. J.J., with some help from a local history enthusiast, finds himself in the land of fairy, to which all the time in the real world is slowly leaking. Accompanied by the fairy Aengus Og and a dog named Bran, J.J. seeks to stop the leak and get his mother her birthday present, unaware that time is speeding by in the real world and his village is in an uproar over his disapperanc ...more
I listened to this book on audio CD. On the hard copy of the book, at the end of each chapter, a page of music is inserted. (It's like sheet music). On the audio version of the book, the tunes are actually played which is very cool.

The book is rich with Irish fairies, leprechauns, pukas, and other magical creatures. The heart of this book is the traditions of Irish music and fiddle-playing and ceilis (which are dances).

The progtagonist is J.J., a 15-year-old. But this is not a fast-paced, easy
Alyssa Child
I don't generally love fantasy novels, so this book was not especially thrilling to me. JJ lives in Ireland, and everyone is concerned with how fast time is flying by. There is no time for anything, and everything is running late. When his mother asks him for more time for her birthday, JJ goes on the search and eventually finds himself in an alternate world with fairies and music. The lack of time is coming from the fact that these two worlds are out of balance, and the timeless alternate world ...more
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Kate Thompson is an award-winning writer for children and adults.She has lived in Ireland, where many of her books are set, since 1981. She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E. P. Thompson and Dorothy Towers. She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the w
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