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Yesterday's Gone: Season One
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Yesterday's Gone: Season One (Yesterday's Gone Episodes 1-6)

3.83  ·  Rating Details ·  3,423 Ratings  ·  364 Reviews
The #1 bestselling horror and sci-fi series with over 1,000 5-star reviews starts here with Yesterday’s Gone: Season One.

They thought they were alone. They were wrong.

On October 15th, humanity went missing.

A handful of scattered survivors wake to find the world empty of friends, family, and neighbors.

Among them, a child searches for his family. A special agent turned
Kindle Edition, 461 pages
Published September 30th 2011 by Collective Inkwell
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mark monday
Apr 21, 2013 mark monday rated it it was ok
Recommended to mark by: Shovelmonkey1
so this is a fast-paced novel made up of six formerly serialized parts, modeled on tv episodes, about what happens after a scattered number of survivors wake up and realize that 99.9% of their fellow humans have disappeared and now there are these horrible monsters scurrying about wanting to eat them, and there are psychic powers and strange dreams and sinister government types too, and the whole thing was so fast & furious that i read my eyes out, really the pacing is often excellent, such ...more
Junkie for the Written Word
12/11 I'm halfway done with this, erm, season, and I can tell you that I'm already terribly disappointed. For a few reasons:

1) Sweet baby Jesus the number of characters that I don't give a shit about is astounding. I don't know how many actual characters are in these books (20? 25?) but I do know that there are TOO MANY. If they had maybe chosen to go with 3 or 4 main characters and really really developed them I feel like it would have been much better. Instead we get 500 words of a character's
Oct 03, 2012 Susan rated it it was ok
Remember when your mother told you that using a constant stream of constant swear words or dirty language meant you don't have a very good vocabulary? Well, in all but a dozen or so scenes of Yesterday's Gone, the language is fine. So what if there are some four letter words scattered throughout. It's the inclusion of a disgusting, filthy mouthed character named Boricio that made me wonder why the authors thought the rest of their book could not stand on its own. It's almost like he was added af ...more
Feb 12, 2013 Emily rated it did not like it
Shelves: own-on-kindle
If I quit books, I can tell you exactly when I would have quit this one. It was at 53%, and I had quite hit my "Ugh!" saturation. I don't quit books, however, so I slogged through endless pages of crap. This book is a giant pile of shit, and every time you think it is as smelly and disgusting as it possibly can get, the authors take another giant dump on the pile making it even grosser until it is completely unbearable.

By that, I mean that this book is a humorless, unmitigated series of unfortu
Jul 01, 2012 Elizabeth rated it really liked it
This was fun. Downloaded Season 2 already. Apocalyptic fiction is a guilty pleasure, but hey, it helps me relate to my 14 year old son and his friends really well. I'll never forget the conversation I had with a friend of my son's when he tried to go toe to toe with me on Zombie and end of the world books. He left with a long list and I finally got someone that could discuss my disappointment with World War Z intelligently. Bravo.

Anyhoo, this is enjoyable. Everyone disappears. There are creepy s
Aug 05, 2012 Angela rated it really liked it
I relented and actually BOUGHT (yes, you saw that word correctly) the first season.

I downloaded the first two parts for free a while back and thoroughly enjoyed them. My annoyance at not knowing how the rest of the story pans out finally got to me and I bought the first season last week.

Congratulations Sean Platt and David Wright, you jointly have the honour of being the first downloaded authors to my kindle that I paid for with actual money.

Full review to come.
Jul 24, 2016 Charlton rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
One of those books I didn't know I'd like so much.I mean I'd read the blurb and thought this sounds interesting.But within the first 10 pages it pretty much had me.
Basically it deals with the U.S.,it doesn't mention any other countries.One evening all the humans disappear.With the exception of a scattered few,NY,MO.,LA.,FL.,CA..With only a smattering of people in each state.And the type of people really varies,from a psycho killer to a man just looking for his wife and son.And all these people a
David Fike
Sep 21, 2012 David Fike rated it it was amazing
As much as I hate comparing things to my all time favorite show ('LOST'), this book just in the first episode alone seems to be a perfect mash-up of 'LOST', 'Fringe', 'The Stand', and even a little bit of '24' thrown in for good measure. Simply put: It's AWESOME. I was perusing the Kindle Store this afternoon over my lunch at work trying to find something new to read, and I came across 'Yesterday's Gone'. I wasn't sure how I felt about the serialized nature of the book, but after reading some ve ...more
Gadget Girl
Dec 04, 2013 Gadget Girl rated it it was amazing
This is my very first set of books I have read that are a serial; like you get on TV but are now on your kindle, I had my doubts whether I could actually get into a book with the knowing I may have to wait for the next book to be published.leaving me hanging grinding at the bit to find out what has happened to my favourite characters.

BUT OMG I love it, you guys absolutely drive me mad, its fast paced, well written and the cliff hangers are the most amazing cliff hangers I have ever read.
I adore
This book was awesome, it had so many different elements, so many deeply developed characters but still only one main and biggest mystery plot as in "no one has a clue what's happened to the world and to the people".

There is a serial killer who loves killing slowly but fast is awesome as well, a drunk ass stepfather who's making his stepson life miserable every single day, a reporter who lost his kid and wife, a small boy who is more than special and walked many miles in a company of a dog who s
Apr 13, 2012 Marvin rated it really liked it
Both episodes one and two, which are offered free at Amazon and the author's web site, were pretty good, so I decided to spend the $4.99 for the entire season one of Yesterday's Gone consisting of all six episodes. In case you are confused why I'm saying "season" and "episodes" on Goodreads and not Netflix, it should be noticed that despite the TV vocabulary, Yesterday's Gone is a serial novel that is influenced by TV series like Lost but more so by the serial novels like King's The Green Mile, ...more
Apr 01, 2016 RuthAnn rated it really liked it
Shelves: adulthood
i think I've figured this out. The rapture happened but those left on Earth need to work out their daddy issues before being taken elsewhere. whether it's growing up with an abusive or neglectful dad or being an abusive or neglectful dad, this story is drowning in baggage
Yzabel Ginsberg
(I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

I seldom read serials, and I admit that reading one in the shape of a “novel” of gathered episodes kind of defeats the purpose (all the more since the authors mention their love of cliffhangers at the end), but… nevermind. I was in the mood for post-apocalyptic stuff, anyway.

So far, this first “season” isn’t the most original thing I’ve read when it comes to this theme: most people gone, survivors trying to figure out what h
*** 3.5 Stars ***

I quite enjoyed this audio book. The story is good, the author does a good job in setting the mood, and I am curious about what happens next. Who or what caused the event?
Though whether or not I will listen to the rest depends on how many seasons there are going to be. I'm hoping it's not gonna be a "never ending" story like so many TV shows these days...

The quality of the audio is very good, I like that the different characters have different narrators too, it makes it easier
Brian S. Creek
Jul 07, 2015 Brian S. Creek rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Last year I wrote the first draft to a story that I planned to release in 10 parts. It was planned out much like the TV series I liked watching (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Utopia, Orphan Black). I thought it was a good idea and, although I didn’t look too hard, I couldn’t see anyone else doing it like that at the time.

And then I discovered Sean Platt and David Wright of the Self-Publishing Podcast and found that not only was someone else doing it but that were doing it a lot and they were d
Dec 19, 2012 Grammar*Kitten rated it really liked it
Post-apocalyptic fiction is a big big love and not-so-guilty pleasure of mine. Yesterday's Gone slots nicely into this category. I really enjoyed the concept that Wright and Platt were trying to convey, and the way in which they did so - I downloaded Season 1 all in one go as an Amazon freebie, but I appreciate how the serialisation would have worked for those reading as it was released.

features a whole host of eclectic characters, some of whom I enjoyed more than others. I felt that they recei
Jodi Perkins
Apr 03, 2016 Jodi Perkins marked it as abandoned
I abandoned this collection after starting Episode 2. It's a shame, too, because I was so enraptured when I started the series. Folks in America awaken to discover that 99.9% of the population is gone--can't go wrong with that, right?

But too many characters and bizarre elements spoil the broth--er, story. I threw in the towel last night. Which is rare for me. And sucky, too, because I still want to know what happens. It's just not worth the massive headache to find out.

Maybe if Boracio was remo
Jan 15, 2013 Amy rated it really liked it
Shelves: done
From the first chapter it held me captive. I was sucked into this story! An amazing story about human strength and perseverance. Each chapter is a different character in the story, each person is distinctly different than the last.

Everyone wakes up and the world is as they know it is GONE. Their families, their enemies, everything is gone with out so much as a shutter. Are they still out there? Taken some where? Alive? Dead? No one knows. But people ban together and survive, just as human's hav
Feb 18, 2013 Lin rated it it was ok
Interesting premise, but it seemed a little too much. Not only did the majority of people on the planet inexplicably disappear in one instant, but there are also strange, vicious, oozing, blackened creatures lurking/killing everywhere, a dog with psychic powers, people who predict the future in their dreams, redneck survivalists, a man-child with bizarre abilities, and a raging infection. Take all that, and add in about 20 different "main" characters, in different locations, encountering a varie ...more
Kevin Rockell
Mar 30, 2012 Kevin Rockell rated it really liked it
Surprisingly well written. Post apocolyptic societies may be my favorite genre so I tend to be picky. With the exception of the portrayal of a single character, I am engaged in all characters/plot lines. On occasion, it tries too hard to bring in current pop culture references, but it can be overlooked. The authors release the story in sections (episodes), like a television show. I'm glad I am not waiting and can read the entire second "season" at once as I did the first. I don't know if I'll bu ...more
Apr 24, 2015 Desiree rated it really liked it
I must have downloaded this when it was free or $1? It appeared on my Kindle one day. Good business model. I am totally hooked and REQUIRE the next installment, which is neither free nor $1.

I'm not usually "into" post-apocalyptic stuff, and I usually can't stand reading e-books because of their ATROCIOUS copy editing, but this one got me pretty quickly... great set-up, well-drawn characters (once you wrap your head around how many and the perspective changes), the best parts of horror, thriller,
Jan 07, 2016 Debbie rated it did not like it
Shelves: apocalypse
I could not tell you what this book was about it was that bad. Disappointed. .
Feb 19, 2014 Mike rated it it was ok
Shelves: audiobook
The internet, in all it’s messy democratic glory, has opened up the door for not only the exploration of new formats of storytelling but also to once explore formats of old. The notion of the “serial” is nothing new from Dickens,to radio, to television, to comics it is a long lived means of telling a story. In the 21st century the proliferation of the internet, and particularly its mobility, have opened the floodgates for the serial’s return. Sean Platt and David W. Wright are the founders of Co ...more
YESTERDAY'S GONE (YG)... subtitled: (view spoiler).

OVERALL IMPRESSION: As if two extra-horny 17-year old guys tried to channel Dean Koontz or Stephen King. They succeeded, but only at a surface level. I'd call it Koontz-light. YG Season 1 does have mysterious happenings and rip-roaring action. Just abandon any hope of realistic characters or dialogue -- and bring a towel.

For me, YG was just too juvenile in tone, in spite of the
Liz Cee
Dec 05, 2013 Liz Cee rated it it was amazing
This serial-style series is marketed toward those who enjoy Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Lost, Breaking Bad, and The Stand. Since others have very capably reviewed this book already, I am going to draw some non-spoiler parallels to those books/TV shows to help you decide whether you want to give it a try.

Before that, though, you should know that the first 'season' of four (a season comprises of six books totaling around 450 pages) is on sale for 99 cents at Kobo. Each book or 'episode' is avai
Joe Barlow
Jan 10, 2015 Joe Barlow rated it it was amazing
Sean Platt and David Wright have crafted one of the most gripping serials of the modern age. Adopting the television model, the duo call each new installment of their story an "episode," and they release their collections in "season" bundles. It works ridiculously well, and like the best dramatic TV shows, it makes the experience quite addicting. "I'll read just one more episode," I kept telling myself, over and over.

The story vaguely recalls The Stand and Left Behind (although it's mercifully f
Welcome to part 1 through 6 of apparently 18 parts total of a story. Yeah, see, novels have beginnings, middles, and ends. They don't have 'To Be Continued's. The story was fairly gripping and kept me interested. The plot was moderately fast paced. Some of the characters were interesting enough to make you like them (I hate to say it, but I was kinda rooting for the really bad guy to kick the other really really bad guy's a$$ at one point). Although, the internal dialog of the character Boricio ...more
Jan 15, 2015 Erica rated it it was ok
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kenny Soward
Jun 22, 2016 Kenny Soward rated it liked it
As a serial this is pretty good stuff. It's very different than a standalone novel (or even a three-book series) in that the writers needed to open up a lot of plot threads and head down obscure paths in order to make such a long running arc over several seasons. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, I did have trouble trying to get a handle on what was going on. All I knew was that something bizarre was happening, and it seemed to be happening differently for different people.

The writing w
Oct 21, 2015 Rich rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2015, nook-kindle
I already wrote a detailed review of this book, that apparently Goodreads didn't like, because it failed to save it. I won't spend that much time again reviewing this book, but a few notes.

Years ago I fell in love with a Dean Koontz novel called Strangers. I've never turned pages faster. That is, until the last 1/4 of the book that turned into pure garbage. It was written from several points of view, toggling back and forth between narrators which was to my liking. I've noticed on several occasi
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Sean loves writing books, even more than reading them. He is co-founder of Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints, writes for children under the name Guy Incognito, and has more than his share of nose.

Together with co-authors David Wright and Johnny B. Truant, Sean has written the series Yesterdays Gone, WhiteSpace, ForNevermore, Available Darkness, Dark Crossings, Unicorn Western, The
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