Want to Go Private?
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Want to Go Private?

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Abby and Luke chat online. They've never met. But they are going to. Soon.

Abby is starting high school--it should be exciting, so why doesn't she care? Everyone tells her to "make an effort," but why can't she just be herself? Abby quickly feels like she's losing a grip on her once-happy life. The only thing she cares about anymore is talking to Luke, a guy she met online,...more
Kindle Edition, 341 pages
Published October 1st 2011 by Scholastic Press (first published August 1st 2011)
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I know what this book is supposed to do, and I understand that the topic is difficult, but... This was just a bit too over the top for me.

I have a lot of online friends, and I've met quite a few weirdos and creeps in my day but the things Abby does for Luke are just... Everything happens way too fast, and she just does whatever Luke tells her to do. I know she's completely in love with him, but even if I did have feelings for him, I wouldn't take off my clothes after talking to a guy for only a...more
3 and a half stars

It's a bit hard for me to write a review on this, in a way. I do think that the message is important and that teens should definitely be wary and super careful when it comes to communicating with strangers on the internet.

However, to begin with I think this idea could've been written sooo much better. It was an idea I haven't seen in Y.A so I was intrigued by it. They made it a bit after school special for my taste. After reading "But I love him" by Amanda Grace, this falls fla...more
Melissa (YA Book Shelf)
Wow - one of the scariest contemporary YA novels I've read in a long time. BlueSkyBoi made my blood boil whenever he said anything to Abby because he's just so manipulative and disturbing. Also, while it's easy for an adult or teen to say that they wouldn't fall for the things he says, I really believe that it's easy for young people to get caught up in the way Abby does. They've all been told not to talk to strangers, but the people they meet online don't feel like strangers anymore, and in the...more
Want to Go Private is a realistic and powerful look into the reality of teens and the temptation of "meeting" new people online. Being from a generation where AIM was new and exciting, it was very tempting to talk to random people, esp. those who would tell you that you were pretty and showed an interest in you that people in your everyday life might not show you. Abby feel a victim to that in this novel, and I think this book is not only powerful but necessary in a time where social networking...more
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It is not my habit to negatively review books, as I can generally find value in anything I read, but I have to be honest, I hated this book and I don't know how it got published.

If you are looking to read this book because you think there's a mystery to solve, or intrigue surrounding the disappearance of the main character, back away now, because this is not the book for you.

If you want to read a poorly written after-school special, well then, this is the book for you.

I really thought I was goin...more

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Abby and her best friend, Faith, are beginning high school. Faith has been encouraging Abby to be more outgoing, positive, and maybe more stylish as well. Abby just wants to be herself, and feels nothing but nerves at the thought of dealing with high school - because surely, it's going to be just as terrible as middle school.

Shortly after school begins, Abby feels as if Faith is leaving her behind. Her parents want her to be perfect; A...more
I have to say I haven't read many (zero really) books on internet predators. It's obvious that's what the book is about from just the cover. What did shock me was how young our main character Abby was, 14!
She is a freshman in high-school. Yes, some parts were cheesy, but on the whole, this is a pretty important read.

Spoilers coming up:
Abby is lonely and confused. She is a normal and smart 9th grade girl. She makes some incredibly stupid decisions, ie., giving "luke" her address, telling him her...more
I hated this book, I hated it. I hated. Yeah, I can see the significance of it, but I was just creeped out and disgusted with it. It did a great job of opening my eyes to something that I thought was foolish and that no person would ever do and showed me that it really does happen. I just couldn't even finish it. I could not feel anything for the main character, it just makes me want to shout out, "ewww, you're stupid. Don't do it. Why would you meet him?" The character actually seemed like she...more
BAYA Librarian
The first quarter of the book is narrated by freshman Abby, who is school-smart, but feels like she does not fit in with her fashion-obsessed mother and sister, absent father, and best friend who is starting to make new friends in high school. When she meets "27-year old" "Luke" online, her self-esteem goes up as Luke showers her with compliments and attention. They soon go to private chatrooms where Luke convinces her to have web-camera sex with him. He sends her a secret cell phone and they en...more
I started this book and couldn't stop--I read it straight through. This is the story of
Abby, who is having trouble adjusting to high school, especially since she doesn't see
very much of her best friend anymore. They don't have classes together and Faith is
getting into new activities, like school plays, that Abby is just not into. So she
relies more and more on her online friends at a teen targeted chat site. Especially
Luke. He compliments her, he agrees with her, he's THERE for her when no one el...more
so I'm a bit behind on reviews, but on the brighter side of things I've reached my reading goal which although sad and pathetic compared to karen and greg was not insignificant. meaning I am a success, and this book here deserves credit for being part of my success being a book that I read. congrats book you are helpful.

The book is actually really quite well written, but clearly a propaganda piece, it reads like a giant well written scare tactic screaming THE INTERNET IS FOR SERIOUS! okay that...more
Hannah (The Irish Banana Review)
As soon as I got finished reading this book, I texted a friend and said, “If I could put one book into the hands of every 13 year old, this is that book.”

Want to Go Private? is a powerful, moving, and emotional rollercoaster of a book that is not only horrifically accurate, but gracefully written. Sarah Darer Littman pulls no punches as she describes how easy it really is for a predatory to worm their way into your home.

Abby is the typical American teenager. She feels awkward, out of sorts, and...more
First Impression: Yes, I did pick up this book because of the summary and because of how important this type of knowledge is. I am so glad that this is actually a "young adult" novel and I found it in the teenage section. Of course it is crammed between other novels with ideas of 'boyfriends' and 'love' and 'friends' and the reality of being a teenager. But in the midst of these tales, there is the little fragile hope a teenager has. To grow up and have a typical, easy-going, spectacular life. A...more
Kai Patterson
This book was really uncomfortable to read at time but really adorable at other parts. I understand the message of the book, don't run off with anyone from the Internet. This book could have been a lot better. I predicted what was going to happen just after reading the cover. "Don't judge a book by its cover" well I did and I was right. I read this book until 2:30am to see what was going to happen. So it was interesting but it seems to be another cliche about child predators. This book=ehh okay
This book is a doozy. It's almost too life like for me to like it, but for the same reason it's why I appreciate it.

In the first part, even though I knew this book was about online predators, I couldn't help but start to like Luke. I honestly started bawling as the book went on. How could someone enjoy preying on innocent children? And just watching everyone's life crumble because of this one man's horrible actions made feel like I'd been punched in the stomach.

Even though it's "just a book" it...more
A horrific and brutally honest portrayal of a girl falling victim to an internet predator.

This book was scary. What’s even more scary is this happens in real life.

We never had talks about internet predators at my school, but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t aware of it. When we finally got a computer I was a sophomore in high school and my parents put out computer in the family room where they could watch me from the kitchen. I, being a teenager, thought they were just being paranoid. Looking bac...more
Donna (Jaevenstar)
Wow! So, when we last chatted with Sarah Darer Littman she gave us a brief synopsis of Want to Go Private and I knew I was very interested in reading it just on what little she hinted at. I was so glad when a review copy arrived in the mail from Scholastic!

As you can tell from the synopsis, it is a very intense cautionary tale. The main character’s life is completely turned upside down by a simple “So, what u wearing?” from a random internet chat user named BlueSkyBoi (aka Luke). From there, Abb...more
This was a dark book. It really shoves you up into the real world of online predators. Even though I'm already very careful, I definitely will be even more now on the internet. Which is a good thing, although overall this book is very teenish. What I mean is that the characters are childish and not too developed, plot line rather thin since you know what is going to happen, and filled with unimportant romance.

First off, I seriously need to get it out of my system how UNSUPPORTIVE her family and...more
This has to be one of the scariest books I've read all year. It literally causes me pain to think of the people who this has actually happened to. Ms. Littman has a way of making things seem so real, making you feel every emotion. Happiness, annoyance, anger, disappointment, and utter despair. And, most importantly, hope. Hope for the future.

Though I rate this book 4.5 stars, it made me sick to my stomach. To the point where I actually had to put the book down and try to breathe again.

You know...more
Christina (Reading Thru The Night)
This is Such A Horrific Book and it has #nightmare written all over it. If this was a movie I would be watching it with my hands covering my eyes, peeking through for broken images. Since all of the visualizations were in my head and I couldn't visualize a pair of hands to cover up the horrid pictures, I spent most of the book biting my bottom lip.

Hands down I would not want to be a kid in today's technological era. Nor would I want to be a parent when there are so many ways for predators to rea...more
This is what happens to girls who think they're not important and think they're lonely. There's at least one person you can talk to.

Personally, this book should be shoved into the hands of all teenagers because they don't realise how much danger they are in.

This book is about insecurity and you should think about the consequences before you post things on the net or who you talk to.

Moral of the story ;

- Don't talk to strangers on the internet
- Don't send nude photos,
- Don't accept to meet some
A friend of mine let me borrow an arc that he got of this a while ago. I'm not going to say too much because I don't want to spoil it, but I thought it was an enjoyable read. The main reason I didn't really like it was because at times I really couldn't connect to the book. It wasn't because of Abby's situation or anything, it was more like there was just something about it that felt a little off to me. I think, in the end, I felt like I was too old to connect with Abby, even though I'm 17.
Savannah (Books With Bite)
Another book I decided to pick up from my tbr pile because I remember how emotional it would be. Other bloggers that have read it, said it was good and truthful. After I read it, I have to say that they were right.

Plot: This is about a girl who meets a guy in a chatroom. He manipulates her and gets her to meet him. She goes missing for days. Now and days the internet is a very scary place. People would chat and meet up and who knows…you could end dead in a alley somewhere. This is that plot. Tha...more
Greta C.
why can't I seem to pick a relaxing book?

this book is hard to read, for two reasons. one: the actual details of the sexual predator scenes, while less graphic than game of thrones, is still really hard to read. two: the first-person teen narrators are teen narrators, and even though I'm sure that's appealing to teens, it's painful for those of us in our thirties (not just for this book, but for all books using an adolescent narrator.)

kudos to Littman for writing a HARD book that will certainly n...more
Page (One Book At A Time)
This was an interesting read for me in many ways. As a parent, I wanted to read this for my own benefit on recognizing the signs that this type of behavior might be happening to my own child. But, I was also curious how this might happen in today's society. You always hear about what not to do on the internet, but how does it really apply?

My first thought was that this book feels a little dated. I really honestly wondered if chat room like this really occur today. I remember chatting like this w...more
Today’s teens spend a lot of their free time online, and they are taught early on by teachers and parents about Internet safety and the threat of online predators. They are educated to only interact with kids they know and to not give out personal information. Why then are predators still able to lure some Internet savvy kids who have been taught to know better? Want to Go Private is the chilling story of fourteen-year -old Abby Johnston who falls victim to one such predator. This gripping cauti...more
Alyssa hoffmaster
All I can say is WOW. Want to go Private is such an intense and heavy read; I couldn’t stop reading the tragic story that Sarah has created.
Want to go Private is about a girl who meets a boy online, on a website where her and her best friend like to go on and hang out with each other, Then one day she meets a boy and they start talking in private chats.

In the few months that she’s talking with Luke, her home life gets more frustrating; her best friend is making friends with another girl. She fe...more
Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)
I completely connected with the main character of Want to go Private? Abby is such a smart girl, and doesn't have the confidence or the popularity. She is pretty and smart, but she doesn't see herself that way. I have always had self esteem problems and I saw so much of myself in her. So when a guy, online starts telling her she is beautiful and worth it, she listens. I can see how easy it would be to fall into this trap. I mean, we all know about online predators, and that we can't give out ou...more
Patricia (Patricia's Particularity)
Want To Go Private? is the perfect PSA for internet safety, not just for teens but for everyone! Sarah Darer Littman has superbly combined the realities of teen emotions and the dangers that lurk just behind the computer screen.

Abby is a very smart girl - she's a straight A student and follows the rules to a 't'. In an attempt to share her fears of being a new freshman in High School and all the changes that she knows are on the horizon, Abby visits a virtual Teen world. There she meets Luke. L...more
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Sarah Darer Littman is the award-winning author of CONFESSIONS OF A CLOSET CATHOLIC, PURGE, LIFE, AFTER and the upcoming WANT TO GO PRIVATE? In addition to writing for teens, she is a columnist for Hearst Newspapers (CT) and for the website CTNewsJunkie.com. She lives in Connecticut with her family and three exceptionally cute dogs, in a house that never seems to have enough bookshelves.

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