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Eloise: The Absolutely Essential 50th Anniversary Edition
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Eloise: The Absolutely Essential 50th Anniversary Edition (Eloise)

4.2 of 5 stars 4.20  ·  rating details  ·  15,509 ratings  ·  318 reviews
Here is everything you need to know about"Eloise"

who is celebrating her 50th anniversary though she is still not a day over six. In the front of this book we have printed the original Eloise story & pictures and in the back of it there are sketches and stories by Mr. Hilary Knight (the Artist) and photographs of Miss Kay Thompson when she was young and fabulous and "ra
Hardcover, 84 pages
Published October 25th 2005 by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (first published 1955)
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This book should be titled: "How to be a spoiled little bitch."

I asked my little boy if he's like to read some books the other day, and he brought over this one, asking if I'd read it next.

I'd never read it before, which is fine with me. I like to read him new books. Too much repetition can get wearying to me.

But this book... Seriously. It pissed me off.

I've read bad children's books before. Books with bad stories. Books that were nausiating with sweetness and love. Books that were obviously
I am giving this five stars because Eloise has so much VOICE it is unbelievable and deeply touching--slightly disturbing, slightly heartbreaking; humorous then obnoxious, then endearing. (Knight's illustrations capture all of this perfectly!) I believe there are many interpretations to Eloise's story. For one, it is full of the imaginings of childhood and the delicious freedom of having an entire hotel in which to pursue one's whims. For another, it is the story of a very naughty little girl who ...more
LH Johnson
This book, oh this gloriously wicked and funny book, is one of my greatest pleasures. Kay Thompson was godmother to Liza (Lizaaa!) Minelli and wrote the Eloise series inspired by both the antics of Liza, and the experiences that Thompson herself had as living at the Plaza. And it is glorious.

Eloise is a furiously fabulous creation, full of stubborn humour and eccentric pleasures. And she lives. That’s such a thing for a character in a book of this nature, wrapped in long lines of text and strang
Amy C.
I do not like Eloise. I hesitate to say this about a young child, even a fictional one. But I found this little girl and her life at the Plaza hotel mostly depressing . . . a poor little rich girl, merely endured by most of the adults around her (and not endured at all by her parents -- dad is not mentioned at all, and mom is off jet-setting). I did finish reading it to my 6yo, but it was a trudge. Caro didn't really stay engaged either, though that may have been because of my reading, can't tel ...more
I knew of Eloise. The books and the movies. I'd seen snippets of one of the moviess. And what I saw was all right. Not something I'd want to watch all the time, that's for sure. Well, now I have read the book. And while there are many fans of Eloise in this world, I am sorry but I am not one of them. I can see why so many like her. But she's not for me. I think I could handle a typical 6-year old who has messy/bratty/spoiled tendencies, but part of me doesn't like the illustrations or how the st ...more
I was surprised by the things some commenters didn't like about this classic: Eloise isn't cute, she says "Oh my Lord" too much, her Nanny smokes, her situation with no parents is too sad, she is terribly spoiled. I feel most of this is sort of missing the point - Eloise is a heroic personality with a tremendously strong voice (I mean in the metaphoric English-major way, although also literally true.) And you know, the book is supposed to be funny, so you needn't take it all too seriously. To me ...more
Hilary Manning
People need to calm down with the reviews of this book. Okay, so this story about a six year old isn't the most PC book on the library shelf. There is a mention of an adult having a drink and enjoying a cigar. Oh the humanity! One reviewer with clearly nothing better to do ranted on about Eloise, the "little bitch". If you don't want to 'expose' your child to the silly adventures of a pretend girl in a pretend story then carefully tuck your child away with your old Christmas decorations for safe ...more
Patron complaint: Eloise goes to a museum in Paris and sees a painting of a naked person.

I actually agree with the patron's assertion that the book should be placed in the junior fiction, instead of in picture books--but not because there are cartoon boobs. Mostly I just think the writing is too sophisticated for younger readers. In fact, why not shelve it in the adult section, along with Junie B. Jones, because those books are also hilarious, I think.
Lisa Vegan
Aug 13, 2007 Lisa Vegan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: little girls then everyone else
Charming and witty book about a bright, loquacious, mischievous, imaginative 6 year old girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York. First in the Eloise series and a good one to read first. Really fun to read to little girls and I still enjoy it.
Mar 23, 2010 Judy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Adults who read to kids, also to kids
Eloise is six, she lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York City and she was the #5 bestseller on the adult fiction list in 1956. Eloise's creator, Kay Thompson, was an actress, entertainer, vocal arranger and coach for musicals, who died at 89 years of age. Hilary Knight, who drew Eloise and the illustrations for all the Eloise books is still living and drawing. I don't know of another children's picture book making the adult best seller list except for two more Eloise books in 1957 and 1958. Quite ...more
So, like, I realize that I needed to read this book, right? It's a classic, right? Well. Here I am pissed because I read this book already. Well this is Miss Margaux reporting that she doesn't quite care for Eloise. She's a spoiled brat who needs to learn about punctuation. I'd much prefer Madeline if we're looking at a European-style chickadee.

However. It's an easy reader-ish book with pink and black illustrations that I absolutely adore. I'd recommend this book for the illustrations alone. So
Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
I never read Eloise as a child.
It was probably banned in Alvin.
Eloise is a six year old girl
who lives in the Plaza Hotel
in New York City, with a mostly
absent mom and an indulgent set
of servants to care for her.

There is something
appealing about Eloise, but there
is also something very appaling, too.
Eloise is American, living free,
unrestricted, doing everything she
wants, enjoying her life, with little
care about anything outside her world.
Am I being too judgmental here? After
all, thi
Byron Norsworthy
One giant run-on sentence disguised as a book. Take a deep breath before you start. Six year old Eloise, the daughter of an apparently absent socialite mother, lives at the Plaza hotel in New York City and is raised by Nanny, a frazzled Englishwoman who appears unable to keep up with Eloise's boundless energy and imagination. The book is told from Eloise's perspective and follows a typical day of mischief-making at the Plaza Hotel. Eloise rides the elevator up and down for fun, spies on the hote ...more
Eloise is a precocious little rich girl who lives in a fancy hotel. I got suckered into reading this out loud all in one go by a girl I was baby-sitting years ago, not realizing it was quite a bit longer than the standard picture book. Perhaps I would have liked it better if I had read it as a child myself, although I don't think it would ever have been a favorite. Growing up in poverty (and with moderately strict parents) I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about rich kids and their supposedly ...more
This book was fantastic. I do not remember reading Eloise when I was little. This particular version has a delightful story about the author, Kay Thompson. She was very well known as a dancer, singer, writer and had a show with Andy Williams and his three brothers during her career. It was fascinating to read about her and there was also a piece written by Hilary Knight (a man) who drew the pictures. His artwork is delightful. Eloise was fun to read, quite the precocious little six year old who ...more
Mixed feelings about this, and no idea when I read it. It's sad, and it's funny. Eloise is a brat, and she's resourceful and strong. It does help to know that it was originally not a children's book. (Read Kathryn's review for more info. and join us in the Children's Books group to discuss.)
I frequently wonder if there is any point to having picture book authors who aren't artists. Good illustrations make up for so many weak stories. Eloise, however, scores a point for the other side. The text is as witty and interesting as the illustrations and sometimes even more. I should probably start a shelf for sassy heroines since they seem to be my favorites and Eloise is no different. She is six and lives at the Plaza Hotel. The story follows her adventures in the hotel. The story itself ...more
The version I got included a scrapbook by Marie Brenner that told more about the creation of Eloise and about her popularity and so on. I found the scrapbook fairly interesting.

Somehow, despite that this is a children's classic, I have no memory of ever reading it before. I found Eloise a little bit TOO obnoxious for my rather, she is WAY too obnoxious for my taste. I do feel bad for her since her mother is off traveling and she is left with a nanny and mostly fends for herself (altho
Nov 21, 2008 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
Though dated, this is a fun book. I wouldn't exactly say that it was ideal for modeling good behavior, but we were able to discuss the naughty things she does in the context of "that's not very nice." I could never imagine the life that she had, and it makes me sad that her parents were not part of the story, but all in all, it's just a book. With interesting illustrations, too.

This story was selected as one of the books for the November 2012 - Classic Picture Book Characters reads at the Pictur
Tricia Douglas
Eloise is a very spunky young child growing up with a nanny in a large hotel. Her mother is constantly traveling and obviously her bordom is the cause for many of the problems she gets herself into. The illustrations are perfect. The story shows a wild-haired little girl dancing around and getting in everyone's way. I learned from my Goodreads children's bookclub that this book was originally written as an adult story. The language has definitely been changed and the situations different from th ...more
lola Franco
I loved this as a child, but as a parent, I absolutely detest Eloise. But she is a great voice for kids...
I had never read the Eloise books, but had always heard mention of them in other writings or on "must read" book lists. Finally I got around to transferring it from the public library and was shocked. I just don't get it?? How is this a popular book series?? Eloise is a spoiled, unsupervised, bloody nightmare of six years. The book is much to long, and at times the writing is all over the place. The only redeeming thing I can say about this book is the fabulous illustrations. Hilary Knight did a ...more
Eloise is a mischievous little girl who lives in Plaza Hotel which is located in New York City. She has a wild imagination and is always getting into all sorts of trouble. This book lets children see what's it like to be Eloise. Furthermore, you can also appreciate this book for its comedic value. However, it's downfall is the nanny smoking, no parental control, and Eloise being quite spoiled. Yet, when all is said and done, you can use this book as a learning tool in correcting inappropiate in ...more
This book is so cute! My Mom used to read it to me when I was little and I loved it. Recently we found it and I just read it and laughed out loud at some of Eloise's antics. The picture of her smirking with the caption "Nanny has a mole." ROTFL just some of the stuff she said and did was so ridiculous and cute. My only thing is I wish the drawings of her made her face more like a little girls and less like a pudgy middle aged woman's. It's unsettling. Other than that though, great book and reall ...more
Taylor Torgrimson
Eloise is a vibrant six year old who lives at The Plaza in New York City. She is taken care of by her Nanny while her mother is away working. Throughout the book Eloise tells the reader of her daily routines in The Plaza such as ordering room service, checking the mail, going to the Baroque Room, etc. Eloise does not like to be bored and is often seen doing some of the oddest things such as putting "toe shoes" on her ears or braiding her turtle Skipperdee's ears when he wakes up. Throughout the ...more
My daughter picked this off the shelf and while I'd heard of Eloise I'd never read it. What a terrible story! At first I enjoyed the writing and antics of this six-year-old but the more I read the less amused I became. In addition to all the times she says "for Lord's sake" Eloise's behavior is naughty at best and overall terrorizing. This one won't make a repeat appearance during storytime. It might be a classic for some but there are plenty of other books out there I'd rather read to my kids.
I love Eloise's adventures spirit. Reading the book made me all topsy turvy and dizzy, but in a fun really adventurous way. Just the idea of exploring the Plaza and riding up and down the elevator would have appealed to the child in me. I so wish I would have read this one a long time ago. Even though Eloise is given just about anything she desires, you still feel her loneliness. Lovely lovely book.
Shelby Royalty
This might be my least favorite book that I have ever read. I disliked the character of Eloise, and I disliked the author's writing style. There was really no plot to the story, and it just seemed to ramble on and on about this little spoiled, obnoxious girl. I definitely do not want to read this book again, and it is not one that I will recommend to children in my class.
Michelle McBeth
When reading this book it is important to remember a couple of things. First, it was written in the 1950s. They had a very different view of children's books then. Also, the title says it all: Eloise--A Book For Precocious Grown Ups. This book was not written for little children and I am glad the publishers have made the age range for grades 1-4. I would say it belongs a bit higher even. Perhaps grades 3-5.

I absolutely adore the character of Eloise. I know she comes off as a brat, but she is an
Eloise is a fantastic story of a precocious six year old girl who is lucky enough to live at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. She is untroubled by what others think of her and lives her life with a zest for things that bring her pleasure, such as her pet turtle and room service. My young daughter has loved Eloise since catching a live-action movie on TV a few years back. I think it is her naughty-streak that appeals to her most. Recently, my husband and I spent a night at the Plaza to celebrate ...more
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Kay Thompson (1909–1998) was an American author, composer, musician, actress and singer. She is best remembered as the creator of the Eloise children's books.
More about Kay Thompson...
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