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Jag väljer livet

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Redan när Sandra föddes var hennes mamma psykiskt sjuk.När Sandra växer upp glider mamman allt djupare in i sin sjukdom och dessutom alkoholmissbruk. Hon pantsätter Sandras saker för att ha råd med vin och cigaretter. Det är Sandra som så gott hon kan ansvarar för hushållet, medan hennes mamma låser in sig i sitt rum och eldar upp brev och pratar med sig själv. Ofta finns...more
Published (first published 1984)
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On May 28 1996, Sabine Dardenne was kidnapped by Marc Dutroux. At age twelve she is pulled from her bike on the way to school and into a van, she is then driven to an unknown location and locked up in a basement for 80 days where she is subjected to abuse you wish you could never imagine.
She wasn't his first victim and she wouldn't be his last, though the ones before her weren't as lucky as they were to survive.

I'm sure it took her a great deal to write this and reveal the things that she was so...more
I didn't care for this book at all. It didn't tell you really anything about what happened to her while being held captive. Yes we know she was kept in a cellar, we know she was taken, we know she was used for sex but no details were given at all.
We know nothing of why or how long this married couple engaged in this type of behavior. What they did for a living, how they dealt with having kids and family life while still kidnapping and murdering other childeren. We're never told how many people...more
*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•*
I can't imagine the fear this woman felt as a twelve year old at the hands of this monster. I'm always so paranoid about this type of thing that I don't like to let my kids play outside without me. I have only allowed my oldest child to play outside without me two times, and each time I was so worried that all I did was go in and out of the house checking on her.
Pedophiles should be locked up for life! They can not change, so in my opinion there should be a special prison made just for them and...more
Sabine Dardenne was kidnapped when she was 12 and held for 80 days by a pedophile who had been previously convicted, but released for good behavior.

Most heartbreaking are excerpts from letters he allowed her to write to her family. (They were never delivered, of course, and proved to be valuable evidence in the trial.) The man who took her had her completely convinced that her parents knew where she was and what was happening to her, but couldn't or wouldn't pay a ransom that would release her....more
Jennifer (JC-S)
‘I’m getting out of here.’

On 28 May 1996, Sabine Dardenne was 12 years old: the age she is in the photograph she is photographed holding on the front cover of this book. On this day, Sabine was kidnapped by a notorious paedophile, a Belgian named Marc Dutroux. Sabine was taken from her bicycle as she was cycling to school, shoved into a van and then imprisoned in a small concrete cell where she was drugged, starved and raped until her rescue on 15 August 1996.

The photographs on the cover provide...more
lucie parenkyuma
Jul 28, 2012 lucie parenkyuma added it  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: everyone
No ratings, as I don't feel this is the right book to rate.

This book is about the true horrific story of a very young girl, Sabrina Dardenne who is abducted by none other than the Belgian Marc Dutroux, a conspicuous pedophile who also committed a series of other crimes.

It is heartbreaking to read the story from Sabrina's point of view, as she was still an innocent kid back then. The way she (a kid) believes the kidnapper is her savior proves a pedophile will do anything to convince the little gi...more
Good story from a survivor of the Dutroux Affair that shook the whole of Europe. Marc Detroux tortured in his basement few young girls. Sabine Dardenne, Dutroux's last victim, tells very uplifting story depsite the fact she survived horror which lasted 80 days.
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Delphine C
I don't want to rate this book.
I read it a 2 years ago. I found it in a second hand book shop. I live in Belgium. I grew up with the little picture of Julie & Mélissa on some people's windows. The story of all of those girls is common knowledge where I live and a reminder to not trust unknow people. When I was 10 or 11, the trial of Marc Dutroux was all over the papers. I remember reading about it everyday. She went to school where some friends went to. By reading this, I was expecting thos...more
I can not believe people like this even exist on this earth. This man has got to be one of the sickest I have ever read about. What he put these poor children through. His wife is a sick as he is if you ask me. She knew he was doing this had children with him anyway?? How could she put her own children in this mans grasp. I did not read anything in this book about how he treated his own, but I can not imagine he left them alone. Not as sick as he is. Sabine must have been a really strong girl to...more
Written by one of the two survivors of the 'Monster of Belgium', Marc Dutroux, I Choose To Live is an unsettling, upsetting but genuinley interesting account of what happened to Sabine Dardenne in her 80 days incarcerated in a hideout built into a cellar.

To say that this book is not very well written, jumps from one place to the next and doesn't flow particularly well seems unfair, given what the author has been through, but I must be honest.

Whilst being very interesting, and I recommend you re...more
Wow what a horrific story. I had thought it was a totally different book and realised that I hadn't heard about this poor girls ordeal. The book takes you through the kidnap and how she survived her captive hell and what happened when she was finally released.

Certainly a horrific story but with all the sexual details pretty much kept out, some of these books go into graphic detail but this one keeps mostly to her survival without all the details but with enough in it so you know or rather can im...more
Jenny Hilborne
I Choose To Live is a true story of 12 year-old Sabine Dardenne's ordeal after being kidnapped by a notorious pedophile. How she survived such a horrific time at such young age is inspirational. Her courage, her calm and her letters to her mother are most likely what helped to save her sanity, while her captor lied to her and brainwashed her into believing her parents didn't care.

Her freedom came quite by chance, when she asked her captor for a friend to keep her company in her cramped, filthy c...more
More like i choose to be rich...

What an exciting story this could of been, but she kept all the good bits out (i know you read the book for those bits), and she just sounded very vague and disinterested in her own story. I read it all in one sitting, and i had to force myself to finish it since it was only a little book.
a story that makes you say to yourself what if that was me.a long journey of a 12 year old who was kidnapped tells her story in sad and positive way
written from a v good point of view. no horrific descriptions.
Eva Leger
May 11, 2009 Eva Leger rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Love
Recommended to Eva by: found on bookmooch
This is a good book and I wish I could rate it a little higher. There are lots of things going into the rating and I do have a few small complaints about the book as a whole. Dardenne comes off as very honest and likable to say the least. That's something I admire because it would have to be fairly easy to distance yourself from writing like this, in my opinion anyway. She also put in a few minor details that I would have felt easier to leave out of public knowledge, seeing another (deceased) vi...more
E' una storia vera, un fatto di cronaca che uscì sui giornali e alla tv, ma che io proprio non mi ricordavo perché quando tutto ciò successe, nel 1996, ero ancora troppo piccola per capire certe cose. Poi però quando in libreria ho visto questo libro ne sono rimasta attratta e mi è venuta la curiosità di saperne di più a causa del titolo: "Avevo 12 anni, ho preso la bici e sono partita per andare a scuola". Come frase in realtà è molto innocua, ma ho subito capito che c'era di più del significat...more
Kerry Connelly
I am unsure how to rate this book.
Sabines's story about being a survivor of the 'monster of belgium' is an interesting read as it is written from her perspective. Not too many details are given about the abuse she suffered, although a fair amount of detail is given in describing the room/cellar she was kept in for 80days which was clearly a traumatising environment.

I enojyed the added letters she wrote to her mother and family, and understand why there were many paragraphs kept out (as describin...more
Serge Léonard

Scopophilie malsaine? Pas avec ce livre. L’auteur nous relate son passé avec beaucoup de pudeur en excluant délibérément tous actes sexuels, qui pourtant avait lieu tous les jours. Nous nous retrouvons alors dans la tête d’une jeune fille de douze ans qui est manipulée par un monstre. Le criminel réussit à se faire voir comme un héros aux yeux de l’adolescente pour, de cette manière, arriver à abuser d’elle plus facilement. Vivant dans une très petite pièc...more
`Ik ben een van de weinigen die het geluk hebben gehad te ontsnappen aan een dergelijke moordenaar. Het vertellen van dit verhaal is voor mij een noodzaak en als ik al de moed heb om deze hellegang te reconstrueren, dan is het vooral opdat rechters geen pedofielen meer vrijlaten halverwege hun gevangenisstraf wegens 'goed gedrag', en zonder enige waarschuwing.'
Sabine Dardenne is twaalf jaar oud als ze door een man en zijn handlanger van haar fiets wordt gesleurd, in een busje wordt gedrogeerd en...more
What a heart-wrenching story about a survivor of a serial killer, kidnapper and rapist. While you are reading this thankful that she didn't die at the hands of a monster, you are sorry that this would even happen to anyone. While the book does tell you what happened to Dardenne during the days of captivity, it does so in a way that is compelling without being heavy. It is a short book too and would recommend it to readers of A Stolen Life.

When I researched the back-story I was struck by the fail...more
Quite a hectic story, although one without any gruesome details. She is a strong woman who has lived and survived a truly frightening experience. I scares me that there are people like Dutroux out there in the world. More scary is that he had a wife who knew all about what he was doing to these poor girls, yet she still had his children. How messed up is that? Anyway, since I am a fan of these sorts of themes in my fictional books, it was good to read a true account.
Erg indrukwekkend verhaal van Sabine, die bijna 3 maanden vastzat in de kelder van Marc Dutroux. Het verhaal behandelt met name de psychologishe martelingen die ze doormaakte, evenals het verwerkingsproces en de rechtszaak tegen Dutroux en zijn handlangers. Sabine toont zich erg sterk, en vertelt haar verhaal op een manier die duidelijk niet bedoeld is om medelijden op te wekken, maar om te waarschuwen tegen dit soort mensen en waar zij toe in staat zijn.
Feb 27, 2009 Abby marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Looks interesting. With the title, I can only think of the story about the guy who gets shot in a robbery. He's taken to the hospital where all the nurses look at him like he's not going to make it. He is concerned about this. One nurse leans over and yells over the chaos of the emergency room, "Is there anything you're allergic to?" He gasps "Yes!", and everyone hushes up to hear that important info. He takes a deep breath and shouts, "Bullets!".

Everyone laughs in the ER, and the tension is br...more
Sheena  at Hot Eats and Cool Reads
3.5 stars. The horror that Sabine went through when she was kidnapped is just unimaginable. In this book she held back alot of details, so you can't even imagine how much worse it actually was. I'm not really sure how these sexual predators here in the US and across seas, get released so easily only to re-offend again. Sabine describes her living conditions, which is no more than a hole of a space hidden in the basement, and that there was sexual abuse. It's so sad how Marc Dutroux, her kidnappe...more
This is not a 'literary' account of what happened - it isn't even a well built narrative (as some reviewers pointed out, she rambles a bit, going forth and back). But that serves the point even better: this is a real account, the editing does not make anyone wonder if the account has been stretched or glossed or explored. It shows her real feelings, and they are still painful and, by her rambling, even a bit confusing.

Not telling us the most horrible details shows her own strength and determina...more
This isn't a lengthy book, so I managed to read it in one day. It is not particularly well written, but I admire the author's strength in actually writing it, in the first place. I also appreciate the candid way in which she chooses to express herself about her captor. She doesn't mask the venom, and why should she?
There are parts of her ordeal that she refuses to write about in any detail (the sexual abuse) and whilst this is somewhat frustrating as a reader, it is totally understandable.
This book is about a girl who gets kidnapped at age twelve as she was going to school on her bicycle. Her name was Sabine Dardenne and she lived in Europe. When she went to school alone on her bicycle, one of Europe's most notorious paedophiles kidnapped her. Her pictures appeared everywhere when her parents tried to look for her through many resources they used. This book shows many situations that can happen throughout the world. I'm pretty sure this book was a non-fiction book when the author...more
Aug 07, 2007 LeGrand rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: people who like biographies
This book tells the story of a girl who was kidnapped and kept in hiding. If my memory serves me correctly, she is from Vienna. She states she wrote this book for all those who were not willing to stop looking at her in public or for those who could not resist the urge to ask her about her ordeal. Her intent was that this would be the final word about what she experienced and that she would like the chance to live a nice, quiet and normal life. That being said, she really does go into great deta...more
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