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Game Changers (Game Changers, #1)
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Game Changers (Game Changers #1)

4.19 of 5 stars 4.19  ·  rating details  ·  700 ratings  ·  129 reviews
Mike Lupica delivers a New York Times bestselling middle grade series!

Ben McBain is every football team's dream player. He's a jack-of-all-trades guy that can handle almost any position. When the game is on the line, Ben's number is the one being called for the final play. But Ben wants to be the starting quarterback and the one thing standing in his way is the coach's son
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published May 8th 2012 by Scholastic Press (first published May 1st 2012)
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Ben Lehman
Game Changers is one of many books I have read by Mike Lupica. This is the first book in the series Game Changers. Ben McBain has wanted to be the quarterback more than anything and every year he always gets beat out by another kid because of his size. This year is no different because the quarterback is going to be the coach's son Shawn. The coach doesn’t see how much his son doesn't to want to be quarterback. Even though Ben doesn’t get his spot he still has a good attitude and even helps Shaw ...more
Mason Zimmerer
This is one of the best books i have read this year. It might even be the best book i have read my whole life. I like how it talks about being a good team member and willing to do anything to win. I liked it because it talks about real life sports. It doesnt try to make things up. It also kept me wanting to read more because you never know what is going to happen till it does. I would tell all the sports readers to for sure read this book.
Shelley Daugherty
Ben has wanted nothing more than to be the quarterback and every year he is always overlook because of his size. This year is no exception because the quarterback position goes to none other than the coach's son Shawn. But the problem is, the coach can't seem to see how much his son doesn't seem to fit the bill for quarterback. He fumbles plays and has a major attitude problem when it comes to dealing with lose or just his other teammates in general. After having a talk with the coach about why ...more
I picked this one up because it's almost summer, and I'm sure to have more than a few readers visit the library who LOVE sports books. This is a good one, I think. I know very little about football, so I let the descriptions of the football games roll through my brain and figured out whether what I was reading was good or bad for the characters through context. I enjoyed the characters and the dialogue, and the conflict was interesting enough to keep me reading. My only hesitation is that the 11 ...more
Game Changers review

I have started reading the book called Game changers by Mike Lupica. The main character "Ben" has been dreaming about being the quarterback for his school football team. He tried out for the position every year but he never got the chance. This year when Ben tried out again, but a kid called Shawn o Brien was the quarterback. Ben decided to go on with his life and try and be the best player of any position on his team, even though he couldn’t be the position he wanted to be.
Andrew Reynolds
Imagine it is crunch time in a big game and you’re down to the final seconds. You have this adrenaline running through your veins. You have the ball in your hands and you want to make the big play. This is one of the best feelings for athletes. After reading Game Changers, you feel that adrenaline in your body.

If you engage yourself in this book, you will find yourself in the end zone when you’re finished. Basically what I’m saying is once you start reading you will not stop. I play three sports
I came very close to stopping this book, but I didn't have another one in the car at the time. Talk about stereotypical: nice boy who's a little smaller than others, a former NFL quarterback who wants his son to be a quarterback (but of course, the son doesn't want to be the quarterback but is afraid to tell his dad), a group of boys who are friends--but, wait, there is one girl who is smarter than they are--the team has to come from behind to win.... Yup, that pretty much describes this book. A ...more
Mateo Morris
In the book by Mike Lupica Game Changers. Ben McBain is the main character of the story, and he loves playing sports his favorite is football though plays all position besides the one he wants to play the most out of all of them is the quarterback.
My opinion on the book and it's story is entertaining and enjoyable to read for elementary kids and 6th and 7th grade kids as well. I liked the book though, but it failed to keep my attention because there was no "omg" moments in the story.
The connecti
Imagine you are the most skilled player on your football team in every position. Your best position though is quarterback and your skill in that position is truly stunning. When you are a stunning quarterback, you feel as if nothing is in your way. Except for the Coach's son. The book Game Changers by Mike Lupica is about this situation. Ben McBain is the stunning player, but Shawn O'Brien, the coach's son, is taking the place as quarterback because of his dad. Shawn's dad was a back-up quarter ...more
Game Changers, by Mike Lupica, is a great book for people that love Football.

Ben McBain is a boy that loves playing QB. But when he tried out for QB with his team, his coach won't put Ben in the starting QB position. Instead the coach puts his own son to play, even though everyone on his team thinks that Ben should play QB.

Finally their first game of the season starts. Brian, the QB and the coach's son, throws many great passes to give them the lead in the first three quarters. In the fourth qu
Gabriel Garcia

"Game Changers", by Mike Lupica, is a inspiring book, about friendship, and being true teammate. I also believe the book was not only readable, but enjoyable, because it has a sense of familiarity in most sports book, which is why you read them. I also always enjoy a book that is in first perspective, because it lets you experience it first hand. For example, when Ben, and Shawn are fighting, I get to experience the fight, just like if I was in the argument between the two boys. This book was j
Zach Howe
Game Changers by Mike Lupica Realistic Fiction # of pages 207

Characters–Ben McBain- a 11 year old boy, is in football was a running-back then the Quarterback, short, black hair, really likes football. Shawn O’Brien- The QB at the start then receiver, tall, black hair. Setting- McBain field where Ben and his friends talk about stuff and play football. theme- all ways try your hardest. plot-1. shawn gets to be quarterback 2. Ben’s team loses their first two games. 3. Ben gets to be quarterback for
Allen Sorlisyaghoub
The reason why I choose this book is because my dad is a huge football fan but I'm not so I wanted to read a little about something i wasn't familiar with.The story is about a kid Ben who tries out for the football team but loses the position to the coaches son Shawn because he is too short/small. Ben is a way better quarterback than Shawn the only reason Shawn is quarterback is because his dad is the coach of the team. Ben still doesn't give up on his team he tries to help Shawn so they can win ...more
Jennifer Margulis
My 10-year-old son and I just finished this book. We enjoyed it. The Core Four are heartwarming friends, the way Ben handles himself as he struggles to be a good teammate is impressive, and Shawn's inconsistencies (oscillating between the Good Shawn and the Bad Shawn) kept us on edge. The book is not very realistic though. These 11-year-old kids are more mature than any 11-year-olds I've ever met (having been one myself, and having both a 14-year-old and a 12-year-old), and their world--and the ...more
This book is a great book about a boy named Ben, his friends, and his hero Doug Flutie. Ben is obviously the best quarterback trying out for the team but he there is a few big problem, Ben is to short and with the coach being an NFL quarterback, his son usually always plays as a quarterback. But there is one problem with him to, he doesn’t want to play quarterback.Ben knows that either he needs to help shawn get better to walk in his father’s footsteps, or he needs to be put in. It is also very ...more
Jamie Gordon
Game Changers is a book about a kid named Ben McBain, who strives for being the quarterback on his local football team. Unfortunately, his coaches son, Shawn, is made quarterback, thought the pressure on him to do well makes him not so well of a teammate. When Ben tries to reach out to Shawn, trying to save their season, but after all seems well, one of the coaches decisions causes a rift between the team. In my opinion, I think this was an okay book, but I'm sure anyone who really loves footbal ...more
Ethan R
You know when an author has you hooked when he has play-by-play descriptions. Mike Lupica is one of my favorite authors because of the way he can describe. The book, Game Changers, is about a boy named Ben McBain who plays football. Though, Ben wants to be a quarterback but the coach’s son is the quarterback so he has to settle for back-up. Ben is determined and doesn’t want to settle for back up so he practices to get better. Even though he is small and doesn’t have the arm to be a quarterback, ...more
I think this book is awesome. I am a freshman almost done with the book and I am trying to finish it as fast as I can. It is about a kid named Ben who loves football. He is a really good quarterback, but he is really short. Also the coach was a quarterback in the NFL and wants his son to be a quarterback too, and his son is a pretty tall and strong kid. Ben is really smart when it comes to making decisions in the game. He really wants to be quarterback and he is better than Shawn, the coaches so ...more
Justin Kingsley
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I recommend Gamechangers by Mike Lupica to sports’ fans of all ages. This book was a little easy for my reading level so it is about a 4-7 grade level. Gamechangers is the first book of Mike Lupica’s new Gamechangers series. This book is about a boy named Ben who loves to play quarterback. But, he is very short, and the quarterback on his team is the coach’s son. So, the coach won’t let Ben play quarterback even though he is better. Shawn, the coach’s son, is not very good at playing quarterback ...more
Ms. Yingling
Ben McBain is a good, driven middle school football player, who is probably better than the quarterback on his Pop Warner team. However, Ben is also on the small side, and the quarterback on his team is also the coach's son. Shawn O'Brien is hard on himself when he does poorly, and Ben tries to make friends with him in order to help him, and therefore the team. This works for a while. Ben visits Shawn's house, where Coach O'Brien ( a former pro football player) has installed a turf field in the ...more
Sally Kruger
He may only be eleven years old, playing in a Pop Warner league, but Ben knows exactly what he wants. He knows he was born to be a quarterback. Encouraged by his parents and inspired by old Doug Flutie films, Ben realizes he may be one of the smallest on his team, but with hard work and determination he aims to be the leader.

Ben gives his all during tryouts and makes an incredible pass he is sure will earn him the position of his dreams. Unfortunately, the coach's eyes are elsewhere so he doesn'
If you have a son in the 7-11 year old range, you should really get this book for him when it comes out. If you have a girl that age, in third to sixth grade, she might enjoy it just as much. It is so wholesome and so chock full of old fashioned, wonderful values, it is worth the read for the parents too! It has the feeling of “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver”. What a wonderfully simple time it was when those shows were on the air. The example they set, even if a bit unrealistic, was ...more
Karen Ball
Ben knew in his heart that he had all the skills needed to be a quarterback, not just the arm. More than that, he knew he had the ability to do the one thing that was supposed to count the most in sports:
The ability to make a play.

Ben absolutely loves playing football, and he's really, really good at it. But he's never been tapped to play quarterback because he's always been the smallest player on the team. He knows he'll never get a shot this year either, because the new coach is a retired NFL
Sandra Stiles
As a middle school teacher I consider it my job not only to teach my subject, but also to instill in every child that crosses my path, the belief that he or she can reach for their dreams. Often times I see kids letting their dreams go for their parent's dream. This is the story of "Game Changers". Eleven year old Ben McBain loves football. He is good. his dream is to be the quarterback. Unfortunately all anyone ever sees is his size.
Shawn O'Brien was the quarter back and the coaches son. What
Kay Mcgriff
Game Changers starts a new series by Mike Lupica, one that sports fans will enjoy. Several of my seventh grade students saw me reading it and have been clamoring to get their hands on it. I'm glad I can tell them that this story doesn't end with championship football game and that they can follow Ben and his friends right into basketball season.

I enjoyed this story, but I might have enjoyed it more if it hadn't seemed quite so comfortable and familiar. Ben McBain is small for his age, but he has
Tommy W
Game Changers was a really good book. It is about a boy name Ben and his 3 friends Sam, Coop, and Lily. Ben, Sam, and Coop are trying out to make there school football team. Sense Lily is a girl she doesn't play football but she is still there friend. Ben loves playing QB but he is to small to play that position. The coach for there team played in the NFL and his son, Shawn is also on the team. Shawn's dad played QB in the NFL and he wants his son to be just as good as he was. Shawn ends up pla ...more
I'd come across Heat, one of Mike Lupica's earlier novels purely by chance. I'm not much of a sports fan but the story of this young boy and his older brother trying to get by after the death of their father was about much more than just baseball. Somehow, Lupica wove in the problems facing a young illegal immigrant - the fear, the need to hide and the desire to fit in - into the story of this amazing athlete who has a chance to bring his little league team to victory as long as he isn't outed a ...more
Jonas Harper
Jonas Harper

Oct 22,2013

Game Changers by Mike Lupica

Main Characters

- Ben McLain a hard worker, who loves to play football

-Shawn O'Brien the coaches son, and is the starting quarterback on the team

- Matt O'Brien Shawn's father

Summary of the Plot

Matt O'Brien the best football player to every come out of Rockwell High school becoming a star quarterback at Maryland college. He is the coach for Ben and Shawn football team, and wanted his son Shawn O' Brien to follow his footsteps by being the sta
Ricky Ko
I choose this book because my friend recommend this book to me.Game Changers is one of the best books I have read during this whole year. It is very inspiring to others and it can tell us not to give up on our dreams. Ben's dream is to become a quarter back for a football team. But there is a problem, Ben is very short for his age, but that is not going to stop him. When his town is holding tryouts for football, Ben is determined to win the part for quarter back. But there is one huge challenge ...more
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