Telling Christina Goodbye
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Telling Christina Goodbye

4.12 of 5 stars 4.12  ·  rating details  ·  2,376 ratings  ·  161 reviews
Trisha Thompson and her best friend Christina are having a great senior year. Trisha and her boyfriend, Cody, are making plans to attend Indiana University together in the fall, while Christina has already received a scholarship to the University of Vermont. Everything would be perfect if only Trisha got along with Christina’s controlling boyfriend Tucker, who is trying to...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published April 9th 2002 by Laurel Leaf (first published April 1st 2002)
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Jan 26, 2009 Courtney is currently reading it
So far there are four main characters Trisha, Christina, Tucker, and Cody. They have all gone out on a double date and got kicked out of a place where they went because Tucker got in a fight. They are on there way home and had a car wreck and Trisha and Tucker are the only ones found right now. Tucker is fine but Trisha is being taken to the hospital.
Sophia Lin
Original Review posted at Bookwyrming Thoughts
Original Rating: 3.5

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I hate commenting about how much the synopsis gives away. I don't find much joy in reading the book when the synopsis gives spoilers away. And I hate giving it a lower rating because of that synopsis. But as much as I want to like this book, I'm gonna have to give it a facepalm. The synopsis practically gave away EVERYTHING. From the synopsis, cover AND title, the bo...more
Elyse Bradley
Genre: Drama/Death/Romance/Mystery

Lurlene McDaniel manages to write an incredibly trite novel about high schooler Trisha, her best friend Christina and their boyfriends Cody and Tucker. One night while driving home, Christina dies in a car accident while Tucker is driving. Cody is put into a coma while Trisha and Cody escape unscathed. The rest of the novel deals with Trisha's grief and attempt to solve one final question about her friends death. I was so bored by this novel I could barely make...more
Zoe Bodie
Lurlene McDaniel's book Telling Christina Goodbye was very intriguing and heartfelt. This book starts out with two best friends in high school having a great senior year so far. The normal college worries and boyfriend issues. Their names are Trisha and Christina. Trisha and her boyfriend, Cody both got into Indiana University and will be going there in the fall. Christina got a scholarship to the University of Vermont but her controlling boyfriend, Tucker is trying to convince her not to go aw...more
Kendall M
I love this book! This is why I gave it five stars; it pulls you in deeper and deeper into the problems of the charcters. Every time I went to put it down I wanted to keep reading. The emotions of the characters toll with your emotions it reall effects you at some points in the story. When I finished reading this book I wanted to read it again, it was that good>
Allie Randall
Genre/Category: dealing with death/coming of age/inner strength
Read for "Lurlene McDaniels" requirement

Summary: Trisha is having a great senior year with her sweet and sensitive boyfriend Cody, and her best friend Christina, except for the intrusive presence of Christina's boyfriend, Tucker. Trisha knows that Christina and Tucker's relationship is verbally abusive and could soon result in physical abuse and despite her best efforts to persuade Christina to dump Tucker, Christina is attached. For...more
Daniel Asay
After a tense basketball game, four high school seniors suffer a car accident that will change their lives forever. Short-tempered driver Tucker and narrator Trisha walk away with minor injuries. But Trisha's boyfriend Cody goes into a coma and suffers brain damage while Tucker's girlfriend Christina dies on sight. So begins a period of coming to terms with the events of that night, with the grief and hardships it brings, and learning to keep living in a world that must go on. Students, friends,...more
Christina Zanakos
It's kind of a more somber subject matter, but I loved this book all through high school and still enjoy reading it today. Telling Christina Goodbye is a tragic description of two girls enjoying their senior year, making plans to go to college and celebrate graduation with their boyfriends. Trisha doesn't like Christina's controlling boyfriend Tucker, but as her best friend, avoids the arguing and lets Christina do what she wants. Tucker has a surprise for Christina, a plan to keep her closer to...more
Nov 21, 2008 Madeline added it Recommends it for: EVERYBODY!!
Recommended to Madeline by: Library
I read this book for the second time, I read it 2 years ago and I remember I was going through so much that it really helped me through everything. I thought it'd be a good book to read again.
Christina and Tucker and Cody and Trisha are out on a date and Tucker hits black ice and slides off the road. Christians dead, Cody is in a coma Trisha has brain damage and Tucker walks away with out a scratch. Trisha can't believe that her best friend is gone forever and her boyfriend is in a coma. She st...more
This book was about a girl named christina who has a full shcolarship to the University of Vermount. Everyone is very happy for her except one person... her controlling boyfriend Tucker. Christina's best friend Trisha advices her to break up with because she is always making Christina very unhappy.For example, one time Tucker was suppose to pick Christina up from school but he wasnt there so a guy asked did she need a ride she hesitated but came around. On home they stopped for some coffee and o...more
Telling Christina Goodbye by Lurlene McDaniel

First Love/Abusive Relationships/Dealing with Loss

***spoiler alert***
The low rating I gave this book is purely based on the fact that this book was way too emotional for me. Lurlene McDaniel writes about tough stuff that teens go through; this particular novel is about loss. Trisha, the main character, loses her best friend Christina in a fatal car accident when they are driving in the car together with their boyfriends. Christina is dead, Trisha's bo...more
This book was hard for me to get into. The characters seemed very flat. This is about Trisha, whose best friend Christina dies in a car wreck. Trisha and her boyfriend Cody are with Christina and her boyfriend Tucker on the way home from a basketball game, when they get in a car accident. Trisha and Cody are both thrown from the car, Trisha only gets scrapes and bruises but Cody is in a coma and suffers severe memory loss. Tucker was driving and is basically uninjured; Christina is throw...more
I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars because I feel like this story has been told in many different forms before. Don't get me wrong this was a GREAT book with big meaning behind it. This books shows you to not take life for granted and cherish the people that surround you because tomorrow or in just a few seconds it could all be gone.

This book is about a high school senior named Trisha Thompson, her boyfriend Cody, her best friend Christina, and Christina's boyfriend Tucker.Tucker is very control...more
I found Lurlene McDaniel's novel very poignant many times throughout the book. McDaniel seems to have a stigma of eye-rolling nonesense, but I believe that in Telling Christina Goodbye she beautifully captures the complexity of emotions during the loss of a loved one. While, yes, the ending of the book did seem a bit too...I don't know the word...well, maybe too good to be true or unlikely. However, I found the ending very satisfying, even if it might not have been the way more supposedly "serio...more
Jordan Rigsby
In Middle school I was apparently masochistic because I read Lurlene McDaniel books like my life depended on it. However if you have ever read her books you know they are all the same; two people fall in love, and then tragedy hits and one of them (or both in one case I believe) dies. There is never a happy ending. For some reason I apparently loved to read books that made me cry once I finished them for hours at a time. Then to make it worse I would then reread them just to relive the experienc...more
Lurlene McDaniel’s books are getting longer and more modern and I’m so happy. Even though this book still has some old things in it, it’s fairly modern and in my time.

Trisha Thompson and her best friend, Christina are in their senior year of high school and they’re getting ready for college and hanging out with friends and their boyfriends. I liked that as Lurlene writes about serious matters, she showed that now all relationships are perfect, namely Tucker and Christina’s. While they’re on the...more
This book was about a girl named Trisha who had a best friend Christina. They are seniors in high school. One day, they went to watch a school game and when coming back, Christina's boyfriend, Tucker lost control of the car. Christina died from this accident, Tucker had a few scar, Trisha was injured and Trisha's boyfriend who was in the car also is in coma. Trisha had to recover herself not only from physical injury but she had to also recover her emotions and feelings towards Christina's death...more
Dec 12, 2007 Toughlove rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: everyone, but mostly people who have lost someone
Telling Christina Goodbye, by Lurlene McDaniel, is a book filled with a lot of emotion, adventure, and frustration. It all starts, when Cody, Tucker, Trisha, and Christina are at the basket ball game. When Cody tries to keep Tucker from getting into a fight, he is Trisha’s boyfriend, and he gets kicked out. They all go running after him. Tucker goes to the car, and the rest of them follow, Tucker and Christina are together. The road is very icy, and Tucker is driving really fast, trying to get...more
The book Telling Christina Goodbye by Lurlene McDaniel is a good book about a girl named Trisha who gets into a very horrible car accident in which her best friend Christina dies. Besides that her boyfriends in a coma, and Christina’s boyfriend, who was driving the car, left with barely a scratch. She did survive the accident, but its hard for her to live each day without her best friend by her side. This fiction story is very interesting. It is definitely a page turner in my book.
The authors pu...more
Lexile: 580L
Tags: young adult,

Book Overview: To me this book was very interesting. This book had me entertained throughout the whole book.The author kept me as a reader interested in reading the text because it had lots of suspense.
Plot summary:
The story starts off with ta group of friends at one of the school football games.One day after one of the games the group of friends decide to go across town to a party. As they arrive to the party the passengers in the front seat get into a minnor...more
Trisha Thompson and her best friend Christina are having a great senior year. Trisha and her boyfriend, Cody, are making plans to attend Indiana University together in the fall, while Christina has already received a scholarship to the University of Vermont. Everything would be perfect if only Trisha got along with Christina’s controlling boyfriend Tucker, who is trying to convince Christina not to go away for college. But suddenly their lives change one night when Tucker is driving the four hom...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I recommend this book, because it's about four teenage high school students that have the worst nightmare of their life but have to manage to move on with life. This book caught my attention cause I've also had a terrible nightmare but still trying to move on with life.
Erika Damerow
This was the very first book to ever make me cry. Not just because it was a sad story but because i dont know what i would do in Trisha's situation. I couldn't deal with my boyfriend losing his memory and losing my best friend. And then remembering that my best friend whom i lost's boyfriend made a stupid mistake/ doing something illegal. I have no idea what i would do in that situation, i've been trying to figure tht out for months now and still have not come up with an answer.THIS IS A MUST RE...more
Taryn Fogle
Christina, Trisha, Trisha's boyfriend Cody and Christina's boyfriend Tucker was all friends and they thought they would go on a doble-date to a basketball game, well Tucker gets in a fight with his guy there and they get kicked out. They all are gonna go home and some guys was messing with him and Tucker trieds to go past them and Tucker hit black ice and wrecked the car, Tucker and Trisha get hurts, while Christina died and Cody is in a coma, when get wakes up from it Trisha goes and sees him a...more
I have finished reading this book and the amazing 240 pages left me with gasps, tears, and eye openers. As always, Lurlene McDaniel leaves you with a tear jerking mystery that teaches teens along the way. It's amazing what some teens would do for love. It can kill you. The suspense is crazy as one night changes many teens lives. One death changes the way people think and makes people start to point fingers as things get intense. But who caused this night to go down hill? Can anyone remember it?...more
*~ spoiler Alert ~*

Telling Christine Good Bye, is by far my favorite book. This is my 6th time reading it and I just love it.

just the fact that the novel makes you think, about how hard it will be when one of your close friend dies and the time for the scars to heal. and you must find the courage to move on with yourlives.

the book makes me sad because Cody lost his memory and doesn't remember his girlfriend Trisha but at the end of the book my favorite part, was when Trisha kept her promise to...more
I read this quite some time ago. I was 15 and now I am 25. I remember I enjoyed this book very much. Lurlene sure knows how to tug at your heart strings. While I find many of her stories sad I also find them to be hopeful and showing how much strength one person can have. She has a way of making you understand and feel emotions as if you were in the book, experiencing it. I must say that is great writing to make you understand and feel as if you know what it is like even when you don't. I highly...more
Cady Hollowell
I loved this book. For anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one, I would strongly recommend reading this. It shows many coping skills, along with teaching the importance of driving safely. I couldn't put it down!
This book is about two best friends, Christina and Trisha, and they both have boyfriends. One day, all four people went to a basketball game and then Tucker, Christina's boyfriend, got into a fight at the basketball game causing them to get kicked out. As they all go home they hit an ice patch on the road, and gets into a wreck. Tucker was the only one wearing a seat belt. Trisha was on crutches, Cody got into a coma for several months, and Christina ends up dying. They all have to find a way li...more
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Lurlene McDaniel (born c. 1948) is an author who has written over 50 young adult books. She is well known for writing about characters struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and organ failure.

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