Hit and Run (Lurlene McDaniel)
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Hit and Run (Lurlene McDaniel)

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If no one meant for it to happen, should someone be guilty?Analise: She knows the roads and feels secure riding her bike.Laurie: When asked out by Quin, Laurie is happy. Then his car hits something. Later, Laurie realizes there is a way to get Quin to date her.Quin: Because Quin is athletically gifted, his father expects him to get a scholarship. Nothing is to get in his w...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published June 12th 2007 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
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One day you are sound and safe, a happy high school girl, with a lovely boyfriend standing by your side, few friends (but all good ones) and the next thing you know YOU ARE STRUGGLING FOR YOUR LIFE!
This is a story that involves mystery, thriller, romance, life philosophy all into one..It is a marvelous book!
Basically it shows how people's lives are tightly and closely connected..how one stupid act can lead to destroying many lives. Analise goes to babysit one day, and never comes back home. Jere...more
Miss Kitty
This is a book told by four characters, a la Spoon River Anthology, whose lives intersect on one dark, fateful night. Laurie is excited because high school sexpot Quin asked her out on a date. Quin wants to get into Laurie's pants and has a drinking problem. Jeremy is a carpenter dood (foreshadowing!) in love with Annalise. Annalise has to stay out late babysitting some kids who live on a mountain then takes her bike home instead of asking for a ride. Quin hits her with his car when he's had one...more
Xiao Wen
I like how this book was written in the journal format from different people. In this book, Analise is a very poor girl because she was in an accident and she was in a coma for the whole book, and finally she died. However, Analise's boyfriend, Jeremy, is a very single-minded person because he never think of to leave Analise no matter how she looks like or how bad her situation is. I do not like Laurie because I do not agree with the way she deals with the car accident, she uses this event to th...more
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Kimberly Keck
Maybe I am just not in to this type of novel, but I cannot remember a time when a mere 180 pages have felt quite so long. The basic plot is established pretty much by the title and the first few pages: a girl is hit by a while riding her bike down a mountain road by a boy from her high school who was returning home drunk from a party. The girl is then left in a coma while friends and family of the injured girl attempt to find the person responsible. Other than a couple inane twists (such as one...more
Jana Hooker
Hit and Run is the story of boy who hits and kills a girl on her bike as he is driving intoxicated home from a party with his date. This book is told from the four people involved, the driver, passenger, boyfriend of victim, and even from the coma ridden state of the victim. The story describes the effects of not telling the truth, and deals with loss. I did not like this book. It did not make a significant impact on me. The story was shallow and I do not feel that any of the characters grew. I...more
Sayleht Varela
Have you ever hurt someone you love and wish you'd take everything you did to them that caused them to get hurt? " Hit and Run" is a fiction. My opinion about this book was that it was kind of hard to understand sometimes because it was a 4 point of view book but it had a really good setting and conflict like everything came together so well. The setting of the book was in Highschool, senior year in South Carolina. " Hit and Run" is about Analise Bower getting into a car accident and she has alw...more
Analise is a high school senior who spent the evening babysitting. It was late and she was riding her bicycle home. Quin asks Laurie to a party. They both drink, but Quin says he's ok to drive. On the way home Quin hits a deer. Quin gets out of the car to check but doesn't see anything. Analise was the victim of a hit and run. She isn't found until morning, then rushed to the hospital. She's in a coma and her brain injury doesn't look good. Analise's boyfriend Jeremy is shocked and rushes to the...more
Cyntanella Calloway
This book was awsome. It told of a gurl who wanted to be popular and would do anything to get there. She ended becoming the girlfriend of the most popular boy at school. She had to blackmail him into doing it beacuse they had ran over a girl one night when leaving a party. The boy was so drunk that he thought it was a deer. In the end she couldn't take the guilt when the girl died from the coma and she cofessed on the boy. He ended up getting arrested while the family and friends suffered from t...more
Brittney Hurley
this book was a quick read, I read it in day. McDaniel is my favorite author. in this book it talks about four teens, freshman -senior age. one couple has just got together and everyone knows that they will never work out..while on their way back from a party the two teens hit something which they thought was a deer. Unaware that they have just struck and badly injured a senior girl on her way home from babysitting. when the couple stops the boy tries to cover up that the guardrail is now missin...more
Jeremy and Annelisse are seniors and in love.

Quinn is the MVP Senior ready to take on college and the baseball world.

Laurie is a freshman just trying to make it in HS and live up to her mom's "good ol' days".

When Annelisse is doesn't call home after a night of babysitting have people worried.

What could possible tie these very different people together, and how will it end?
Erin Griffin
This book was by far my favorite. I love the way Lurlene McDaniel wrote this book. The chapters are the thoughts of Quin, Laurie, Analise and Jeremy. Analise is in a coma. She was hit riding her bike through the mountains after baby sitting. They found her the next day her bike was totaled and she was barley breathing. That same night Quin and Laurie were coming home from a party that same night. It was Laurie's first party but she still remainder sober throught the night, Quin on the other hand...more
Dominique Morales
Hit and Run

'Hit and Run' by Lurlene McDaniel is about four teens, Analise, Laurie, Jeremy and Quinn. This is mainly about Quinn and Laurie who were driving on the road and hit what they thought was a deer. Later at school they found out that a girl at their school named Analise was in an accident, it happened in the same exact place they hit a deer. Laurie felt extremely guilty so she threatens Quinn to date her until graduation or she would tell his dad and ruin his entire future for him. I en...more
Hit and run:this book is the most amazing book that will have you crying and loving the characters in the first few pages!
this book is call hit and run because Quin hit a girl named Analise, but didnt tell his girl friend named laurie and she was in the car sleeping and when she woke up it was blood all over him and now she think that he did something,but now shes in the hospital and now shes dieing slowly and her boy friend Jeremy and was rigth by her every step of the way.his girl friend Laurie think that she know what happiend that night at the party she told every what happiend. but analise die on april 28th at...more
this book has suspension, mystery, and keeps you at the edge of your seats. BRILLIANT BOOK!
Analise is babysitting late one night and rides her bike home. Quin and Laurie are coming from a party. Laurie has fallen asleep, but is jolted awake and Quin tells her he hit a deer. It's only later they realize that a person was hit and it was likely them who hit her.

I quite liked this. It is a YA book and it only took a couple of hours to read. The point of view alternates between the four main characters. I didn't like what some of the characters did, but I still liked the book. I will read...more
this book is about a girl who went and babysat a kid oneday and never came home. her parents where going crazy they had no clue where she was. it was past 12 am and still no sign of return. then they called her friends house to see if she was there. no surprise she was not there. then they took out the car and went to look for her as they where driving they saw a bik on the side of the road all messes up and lugs in a bush. they knew it was her but how could they be so sure.they pulled her out e...more
Susan L
this book talks about 4 different teenager and this novel shows how teens can do anything to get popular. a high school girl name Laurie, she was ask to go to a party by a popular guy, quin. they went to the party which involves alcohol and drugs. Laurie blackmails that quin was her boyfriend even though it was lie because she wants to become popular. another guy name Jeremy likes analise. analise didnt return home from babysitting one night and her parent had no clue where she was. they called...more
Deanna Brooks
Laurie cannot believe it has happened. Quin, a very popular senior has asked her, a lowly freshman, on a date to a party. Her mother, who was home-coming queen in her day, is elated that her daughter may follow in her footsteps after all. But after going to the party with Quin, and turning him down for a romp in the back seat of his mother's SUV, the date starts to look like a wash. Her biggest fear is how her mom will react to her lousing up her chance to be popular.

Suddenly, Quin slams on the...more
Sherry Ou Yang
Tenth Grade Summer Assignment:
Hit and Run focuses on Laurie, a freshman at Asheville High, who adores Quin, the talented athlete whom everyone has high expectations. Laurie was in the same car in which Quin was drinking and driving in, resulting in a senior at her school getting injured and fleeing the scene. After Laurie found out the truth, she uses this chance to blackmail Quin into being his girlfriend and increasing her popularity. Even though Laurie gained popularity, she felt guilty for...more
Bethany Venus
The couple Analise is babysitting for comes back late, but Analise decides not to caller anyone for a ride. She feels safe riding her bike home on the road she has ridden so many times. Jeremy, Analise’s boyfriend loves Analise and their future together looks bright. He cannot wait to spend more time with her, but when Analise never arrives home that night, he has to use his woodworking skills for something he never imagined. Laurie is so excited when Quin asks her to go to the dance, but a bad...more
The book I read for March is called Hit and Run. It is written by Lurlene McDaniel. The book is about a few teens that are all tied together by an accedent, even though they don't really know eachother. A girl got hit by a truck, in the truck were two teens, and now everyone wants to know who hit the girl.

The best thing about this book is seeing whats happening from different points of views. I really liked seeing that because I really like learning about different people in the same situation....more
Sandra Stiles
Hit and run is a story told through the voice of four different people. Before I give my review I must say it was an emotional read for me in many ways. Lurlene McDaniels' books are always emotional, but I had several connections to this book. I'll try to be brief. As I read the opening, which were the thoughts of Analise I thought of two people. First was a boyfriend I had in my senior year. He was injured in a motorcycle accident and his parents were told he didn't understand anything going on...more
Hit and Run
Lurlene McDaniel
June 12, 2007
Christian Fiction

In this book Analise a senior in high school was going for a bike ride one night when suddenly she went missing for two days. The cops found her lying on the side of the mountain road. Laurie a freshman got asked out on a date with the coolest senior in her school Quin. Quin took her to a party on top of the mountain, when he tried to convince Laurie to get in the back of his truck she refused and said to take her home. On their way home...more

Hit and Run by: Lurlene McDaniel is an exceptional novel that shows how high school students do anything just to be popular. This novel revolves around 4 people, each having their own perpspectives: Analise, Laurie, Quin, and Jeremy. After a night at the party, Laurie blackmails popular Quin to be her boyfriend to gain popularity as a freshman. But after knowing its all a lie, she feels guilty of covering up a murderous crime.

I thought this book was a fast read with hints of climax that keeps yo

Such a tough story.

One party, a few too many drinks, a chance bike ride, a chance date and leaving the party early. All of these pieces come together to create the perfect setting for a horrible accident.

This story is just heartbreaking. Because you can see how easy it would be. It's told through 4 people - the girl on the date & her date. The girl who is hit and her boyfriend. Through them, you can see all of the pieces of how this perfect storm can create such chaos and devastation.

But, e...more
Jamie Lee
Summer Reading Homework Book #2
One day, a sophomore named Laurie Stark, a ordinary girl gets very excited when popular, athletic Quentin Palmer or Quin for short,a senior, asks her out on a date. While they are on their date, Analise Bower, a senior as well was babysitting. After Analise finished babysitting, she didn't bother asking for a ride since she knows the roads and feels safer on her bike. While riding back home in Quin's mother's SUV, Laurie falls asleep and is suddenly awakened by a c...more
Hailey Rutske
I thought that this book was amazing!!!!!! I want to read it agean. Its about a girl and a boy on a date and then when they were driving Home they hit something and they don't know what it was and the guys parents car and they were very mad that it was smashed. So when they got back home they girls friends mom called and said she want missing and she is way passed her curfew. The mother says 'do u have any idea were she mite be" , "We didn't see her at the party she said " , Well i looked all ar...more
Kenya Liggons
A young girl named Analise does not return back to her home, when she is out babysitting one night. Her parents called around to see if she was with any of her friends, and she wasn't soo they called the police. Her body is found on the side of the road. The parents of this girl tries to go the extra mile to find out who done this. Laurie is deciding whether or not she should confess to what she has done. The story will all come together when you find out.

I gave this book four stars because I...more
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Lurlene McDaniel (born c. 1948) is an author who has written over 50 young adult books. She is well known for writing about characters struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and organ failure.

Other places to find her are...
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Don't Die, My Love Six Months to Live (Dawn Rochelle, #1) Angels Watching Over Me (Angels Trilogy, #1) I'll Be Seeing You Telling Christina Goodbye

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