Kristy's Big Day (The Baby-Sitters Club, #6)
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Kristy's Big Day (The Baby-Sitters Club #6)

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The megahit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Following a brand-new prequel in April 2010, the original BSC titles are back with a new look.

Kristy's mom is getting married, and FOURTEEN little kids are coming to the wedding! Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, and Kristy think they can handle it -- but that's before they spend a week cha...more
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Published October 1st 2011 by Scholastic, Inc. (first published January 1st 1987)
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5th grade, I was a total BabySitters Club addict. I think I read them until I was in 9th grade or something embarrassing. Anyway, THIS particular one was one of my absolute favorites, and I read it a bazillion times. It's the one where Kristy's mom marries Watson, or whatever the hell his name is. See the beatuiful yellow dress?!?!? And the babysitters had all the kids over at once and had to do games and stuff with them. It was like the girls were running their own day camp! One time I took thi...more
dear god, i was OBSESSED with this book when i was a kid. it's all because of the babysitters taking care of fourteen kids for a week. i was really into how they split the kids up by age, & made little color-coded shaped name tags, & each group had age-appropriate activities...everything that appealed to me about this book was what appealed to me about the american girl catalogue. i like things that are organized & logical & collection-oriented. it's hard to explain.

of course, t...more
This was the first Baby-sitters Club book I read. I remember I bought it at the school book fair and got hooked on the series. After that, I would ride my bike (a lavender Mountain bike) a few blocks to Waldenbooks on Main Street at the beginning of each month to see if there were any new books out (my other favorite series was The Fabulous Five by Ann M. Martin, and books by Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine). The juvenile section was at the back of the store, so I'd always park my bike and come...more
Rachel Brand
This book is evidence that the original BSC books are far superior to the ghostwritten ones. For example - there is no official format in this book! I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. I reread Claudia Kishi, Middle School Drop-Out the other day and found myself skipping the babysitting chapters because I wasn't interested in the subplot. This was a really cute, fun book and I'm glad I chose to reread it. Definitely a keeper. 9/10
My very first one. I won it in my third grade class (not sure what for - reading?), loved it, went back and started at #1, and the rest is history! : )
Elesa Hagberg
Oh, how I loved these books when I was a kid.
Laura Hughes
In the final week before her mother’s wedding wedding, Kristy and the rest of the club hold a 9-to-5 day care for the children of her visiting relatives. Kristy deals with lingering misgivings about her impending life changes, and serves as a bridesmaid in the wedding.
The five-day day care takes up most of the book, and provides an interesting and unusual structure with plenty of baby-sitting content and organizational planning (I love organizational planning!)

Lingering Question: The week of rel...more
Sakura Yue Michaelis
Alright, I have loooove these books when I was younger, so that's why I decided to buy the 6 first books of the series. I understand why I love them when I was younger, now they are a little childish to me (and here is speaking the girl who loves to read children's books). Maybe because the baby-sitters are too immature for my taste (as they should be, I mean, they are just 12-years-old!), but I can't help thinking, when I read Kristry's PoV, that she is too annoying, from Mary Anne's PoV, that...more
Well, there was a lot of contrived stuff in this one . . . what I LIKED was the cool system the babysitters who had to watch fourteen kids for a week figured out to keep the kids busy, fed, and happy, but I didn't like how ridiculous the concept was to force a wedding and a messy relocation into the plot. (I'm not saying it couldn't have been justified; I'm saying it wasn't.) The babysitters had to shift their understanding of babysitting to care for so many kids--like being camp counselors inst...more
Alison Looney
So I was hanging out at my favorite coffee shop yesterday while Dan was getting a haircut. There was a delay at the barber shop and I finished the book I brought with me and needed something new to read. Someone had left a copy of this Babysitters Club book and I thought, what the heck, it's been 15 years since I've read one of these - I'll give it a shot.

I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be like watching clips from one of your favorite childhood cartoons on YouTube, when you realiz...more
This one is so utterly ridiculous, it's good. Basically, Kristy's mum & Watson Brewer decide to get married, and give themselves a week to plan and hold the wedding, because Kristy's house has been sold and they need to move out in a week, and let's face it, adults simply can NOT live together before they're married. Also, getting married at a registry office and then holding a reception a few months later is not a feasible option.

So, yeah. This book is ridiculous, but fabulous. The BSC ear...more
1. The kids have valid concerns that don't really get addressed.
2. $1.60 per hour per child is INSANE (in this new crazy edition where Kristy wants a big-screen TV instead of a VCR, but they left in the film cameras and the developing place).
3. Emma is a little shit. Karen is a littler shit because maybe nobody told her she doesn't need to be afraid of those things.
5. Seriously, what the actual fuck. Also, Kristy likes flowers and dre...more
Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading!! Great stories about friendship and life lessons. The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.

I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends. Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.

The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.

Awesome books that girls will love! And the...more
Reread for #BSC #bookaday

As I've been rereading the BSC books, it has been a quite different experience as an adult vs. when I was a kid. I'm noticing things I never noticed as a middle schooler (book shout outs, grammar mentions, etc.), but this is the first one where I really felt like a teacher reading it. I remember reading this book and being completely flabbergasted at the idea of watching SO many kids all at once. The SO many ended up being 14. I now make a living where I am in control of...more
Katie Fitzgerald
Dubious set-up aside, however, this book still holds up pretty well. The focus is mainly on the challenge of babysitting a large group all at once, and my enjoyment of the book during this reading, and in the past, came from that plot, not from the surrounding wedding details. The mock wedding at the end of the book is ten times more interesting than Watson marrying Kristy's mom, and that's what I choose to remember.

Read my full review on my blog:
Oh, Baby-Sitter's Club. Kristy's Big Day is the sixth BSC book in which Kristy's mom marries Watson. I hadn't realized that this happened so early in the series. Kristy isn't my favorite of the girls, I was always such a girly-girl that her tomboyishness bugged me when I was young. However, Kristy was rather girly in this one, getting excited about being a bridesmaid and wearing heels for the first time. In fact, she didn't really seem Kristy-like in this one.
I reread this book just now while babysitting, at least 20 years since I first read it as a kid. I was obsessed with The Babysitters Club books when I was young and the countless books in the series (along with The Boxcar Children) were probably my first chapter books that spurred on my love of reading. It was surprisingly how much I remembered about each character in the hour or so it took to reread it now, haha. Blast from the past!
Idea Smith
Another great Kristy book! The president and founder of the Baby-Sitters Club manages to entertain every time. This book depicts the first major project that the Baby-Sitters Club undertakes - to manage fourteen kids (including two babies) during a wedding. A whole lot of new characters are smoothly thrown in, their inter-relationships explored and several funny incidents told in this one novel. A great book!
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Delicious Strawberry
Kristy has been living in a single-parent household for a long time since dear old Dad abandoned the family, and Kristin had a hard time getting used to her mom dating. This book is part about how Kristin deals with the changes in her life, but she sees that some changes can be very positive, especially given that her stepfather-to-be is actually a nice guy who treats her mom well.
Ruby Scarlett
Aw so nice. I loved how they had to take care of 14 kids for a week and got them all organised with colour tags and groups and had all the information about them and organised all sorts of activities. The plot with Kristy getting ready for her mother and Watson's wedding was really well-handled too I thought. The thirteen-year-old in me wishes she were part of that group.
Kristy was my favorite character though for the life of me I cannot fathom why. I think I did not like her so much as I wanted to be like her. Her personality was such a polar opposite from my own that, during the preteen years when nothing about myself seemed right, her disposition was something to strive for. The "Big Day" here is the second wedding for Kristy's mother.
Courtney Temple
I ran across this as an ebook, and I had to download it to revisit the BSC. I think I read the entire series growing up, but this one was always my favorite. Love!
I think the story went on better than the last ones... and it was because of the countdown :P All the girls were in the same place so we didn't have to be wondering about what else was happening while Kristy prepared for HER big day. And Karen is always fun to read about ;)
my name is kayla and i'm 8…this is the first baby sitters club book i've read!!!!!!!I absolutely love the book. I love the book because kristy and the baby sitters club will get $200 each for baby sitting 14 kids.Check that book on my list!!!!√√√√√√√
Sarah B
I think AMM would be greatly pleased to know that The Summer Before did a lot to change my opinion of Kristy Thomas. I've never cared for Krist, but now I find myself empathizing with her a lot more than I did over 20 years ago.
See really, I just wanted Kristy's dress. Oh gosh it's so pretty! I went through a month-long yellow phase after reading this. It's not really my colour, alas. I think I liked the actual book too..?
I remember loving this as a kid. Now not so much. Kristy and the bsc have to babysit for 14 kids before her moms impromptu wedding. This is a short book that is a landmark in the series.
I loved the BSC series when I was younger and even more glad that I held on to them all these years so my children would be able to enjoy them as well. I would recommend for tween girls.
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Ann gets the ideas for her books from many different places. Some are based on personal experiences, while others are based on childhood me...more
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