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Split  (Nick & Derek, #1)
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Split (Nick & Derek #1)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  339 ratings  ·  88 reviews
Quiet and imaginative, Derek O'Reilly spends a lot of time watching a movie in his head. His fiancé Nathan, aka “Mr. Alpha,” wonders why Derek hasn't taken any interest in their wedding planning. Aunt Fran—his spiritual guru—would like to know when her guilt-tripping nephew became some kind of kept boy. One evening, she drops Derek's childhood journal on his lap, forcing h ...more
ebook, 240 pages
Published April 19th 2011 by Bold Strokes Books (first published April 12th 2011)
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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
4 refreshing stars.****Review completed November 3, 2013

Nick's eyes are stunning. Icy blue like the Northern sky.
 photo ea6d82cd-b127-4fcf-a8c7-4159739d9202_zpscdc11dee.jpg

The color purple is meaningful.
 photo 1ed166c2-2b26-4dc8-af78-30ef8941ea2a_zpsfca8e255.jpg

The main protagonists Derek and Nick differ greatly in their characterizations and that's exactly what I found so interesting about them. Derek is a bit shy and pretty quiet. There's a dreamlike quality about his mind and he's often absent-minded and lives in his own little purple world. And then there is Nick. Quick-tempered, angry and a tad dangerous.
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
I always know that I'm loving a book when I start crying for no reason.

Sometimes I'm just so overwhelmed when a book is exceeding my expectations that I get teary-eyed. It is like all of my emotion bubbles out through my eyes (<--- that sounds creepy, right??). I knew when this book started making me cry that it was a winner.

"Split" is unusual. It alternates between past and present, so it is both a coming of age tale and a story about a detached adult, still struggling to find himself. I th
Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*

I read this book weeks ago and I only remember that I loved it, how am I supposed to review this now?

Oh yeah, I know how, go read Baba's review ;)
First off...a big THANK YOU to Cassandra from choosing this book for me to read. This book was nowhere near on my radar. Thank you for putting it there because what a story.

All these emotions I have just stirring from this book. Wow.

I figured I split it down the middle into two parts.

Dear Bump,

I'm thankful for the story you're from. It was such a touching, moving tale, with rich characters that I could almost taste, see, feel and hear them...sometimes even with you.

Though the story is Derek O'R
John "King of the North"
Im saved! After reading a string of not so great books, I was almost ready to give up! It even crossed my mind to try M/F. Can you imagine? The horror! Sorry M/F fans. :) Thank god I decided to read this.

This was so good. I will be reading this again! I want more of the MC's!

My love is red and blue. What is yours? :)
♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
Oh God, my heart was broken

Derek O'Reilly has been in a relationship for the past two years with a man who says all of the right things, does all of the right things and charms almost everyone he meets. Derek's lover, Nathan who Derek's aunt calls Mr. Alpha, looks really good on paper but in actuality Nathan is plastic. He's all shine on the surface but there's nothing about him that goes any deeper. Derek's living with Nathan but he's not really living until one day Derek's aunt comes for a vis
Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
Mar 19, 2015 Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion by: SheReadsALot

I've got to get this off my chest.


I love Boone and that his insistence on being called Maverick. Because Top Gun.
I love Lene. Because of her "baby" with Derek.
I love Johan and how paternal and loving he is.
I love Nico and his wildness and hot temper, but especially because of that dance and the eyeliner.
I even love stern Helga, though I do wonder why she's so hard on Nico and if his wildness drove her to ride him like Seabi
Read this all the way through in one sitting, only switching off the light close to 2AM this morning. Needless to say, I loved it!
Let me explain this little weakness I have...I love geeky, vulnerable heroes. Ones with asthma pumps and a terrible stutter and an equally debilitating crush on the bad boy next door float my boat very nicely thank you. The story is told through Derrick's point of view, flashing back via diary-style letters to his tragic and lonely teenage self.
Derrick's inability t
Kade Boehme
Dear Bump,

I wanted to tell you how much your brother moved me. But that seems dumb. You know that moment after all the storms have blown over and everything is so still, and even the wreckage looks beautiful in the way the sun colors everything -- that's your Brother's story.

Derek, or Red as he is affectionately called, is so beautiful. He has this loud and humorous and fun and loving and broken soul that is so damned ALIVE but he doesn't talk. He doesn't talk cuz he stutters, because he panics,
The Futility of Fighting Fate

Derek O'Rielly's aunt has cancer, and in her process of sorting out their family memories she comes across Derek's childhood journal.

Derek has not thought of that journal or what he wrote in it for years. He is settled in his life now. He's with a man that is beautiful, successful, that wants him (although he's not sure why), so he should be happy. The thing is the moment Derek reads the first entry all the memories of his childhood come flooding back. One memory is
MareTara SLiTsReaD Reviews~Lover of all things MM
SO, to steal the words from this author, cause yes that is what I am doing, this sums up how I felt through 288 pages

“I’m emotionally castrated butting my head against a barbed-wire fence”

My quest for angst literally kicked me in the face with this book.

How utterly depressing….. AND I LOVED IT!!!


I could NOT put this book down. I was a train wreck, a crack addict, I needed my next fix, and I got it every time I swooshed the page to the next one. That euphoria I f
Anyta Sunday

This was a gift from my Secret Santa, and WOW. Can I just say that he/she got my tastes PERFECTLY. This story was so beautiful and poignant and moving and HELL YES! Win, win, win.

GAH! I want to read more by this author. That being said, I don't want to destroy the Happy Ending of this one, so I'm going to skip the sequel to this one and check out another story.

If I had any criticism (minor), it would be I wanted a few more scenes with Red and Blue once they reconnected after 17 years. That,

OMG! i was just surfing and i found this guy and i instantly thought this is the dangerous Nicolai Lund.

“There are things you don’t know
about my son. He’s trouble. It’s best if
you stay away from him.”

“Dunno. They go by the river a lot. So,
anyways, why do you keep asking me
about my brother all the time?”

He’d be fuckin’ crazy not to want you there.
Every day. Every night.” Against my arm,
his heart thumped. “He’d be stupid not to
want to wake up to your wicked green
eyes. Those eyes that make him f
I crawled through this story-not because it was uninteresting, but because I wanted to savor every word. I was afraid if I read too fast, I would miss something. Still, I'm fairly certain I didn't discover everything I could have within this text - this is one of those stories I'll read over and over, uncovering new hidden truths and secrets buried in a seemingly simple thought.

"Derek O'Reilly spends a lot of time watching the movie in his mind." The blurb is spot-in. Told in first/person narra
I don't even know what to say about this book. It was written well, and dealt with a lot of tough situations realistically. That being said I found it extremely depressing right up till the very end. I also am not sure I really feel that the two MC's that end up together were really right for each other. That being said, this book was written beautifully.

I feel in love with Derek though. Him as a little boy and as an adult. My heart broke with him every step of the way. His panic attacks and co
Silvana -SLiTsRead
You know what is bad about these kind of books?!! Is that they are so good; You enjoy them so much, you find yourself starting a book after another and they don't measure up.

I loved this, I highlighted so much of Red's thoughts, I covered most of the book.

NICK, Aunt Frannie, Boone, Kenya, God I loved them all.

Thank you Mare <3 <3

Review To Come!

One of the most special books I've read in this genre this year. Beautifully told, with poignant letters and carefully placed flashbacks, and raw emotion that grabbed me from the pages. The story wrung me out at times but the love story at the heart of it was gorgeous. I loved it and will have to find out what else Mel Bossa is writing ASAP!
This has to be my favourite read for sometime, it's one I was very reluctant to put down and that on finishing I'm eager to re-read for any missed nuance. That said the tone/style of the book is probably not going to be to everyone's taste.

The book alternates between present day Derek and the journal of his eleven year old self, now this premise is one I'd normally avoid not being a fan of flashbacks, but it was very well executed. I never once got the urge to skip sections because between the t
I really loved this book. It had two of the things that make me really enjoy a book: a great story and a story nicely told. This is the story of Derek O'Reilly as it is told when he is 28 years old and in flashbacks of his life as an 11 year old.

At the age of 11 Derek's family life quickly falls apart after his mom suffers a loss. Both of his parents check out of their parenting duties and it is no wonder Derek also learns to disengage in his adult life. He becomes what seems like a spineless g
Edina Rose
Great characters, beautiful sad story with a happy end.
Warning: One of the MC cheats, but he does not cheat on THE ONE.
Absolutely Stunning!

Warning: When you start reading this book, make sure you give yourself plenty of time, because you will not want to put it down.

This is a very touching story that captured me from the beginning. Little Derek broke my heart! He's such a beautiful character, so shy, kind, funny and sensitive. And I felt in love with the Lunds, all of them: Johan, Helga and their three children: Lene, Boone and Nick. Lene, the youngest, is a little bit crazy, reads a lot and has a crush on Dere
5 stars and 5 from me.

This was such a lovely story, and was told from Derek O'Reilly's (yes, Derek really) POV, mainly in flashback and 'letter' form addressed to his stillborn brother 'Bump', whose death had caused his mother to retreat into a depressive shell and his father to work away from home as often as he could during Derek's childhood. Thank God for his Auntie Fran and the Lund children (Nicolai, Boone and Lene) next door, otherwise he would have had really serious problems himself wi
Tami (synchro from BL)
A wonderfully written, but quite melancholy romance.

Derek has not exactly an ideal childhood (view spoiler) and and he is a shy and reserved person, withdrawn and silent.

This is more his story, than a mere romance. The story of his family (his biologi
This was a hard book for me to get through. I loved a lot of it and hated the rest. The story was heartbreaking and beautiful. The ending was perfect, the main characters were people I'd like to know and love and when I finished I wanted more. The concerns I have are there is something about the way it is written that was nagging me thoughout the book. Derek's thoughts were sometimes blocky and a bit stunted, then other times they were brilliant and logical. I think it has a lot to do with
This was so good, but goddamn it was so exhausting. So much emotion. So many flashbacks. It was addicting & I couldn't put it down, but not necessarily because I was in love with it. I was just so invested in the emotion that I couldn't stop. Like a bad hit. Like a bad obsession. And it wore me out. Then I read the blurbs on the sequels, and I just about flipped my lid (see what I did there)? :) What in the ever loving fuck? I stuck with this rollercoaster ride while I could, but I think I'm ...more
M/M Buddy Read Central group read starts 6/1/14

This story didn't work that well for me. After a very slow start, it picked up a bit, but ultimately I found it frustrating. The writing itself was good and there were great secondary characters who became Derek's family when his parents couldn't. I even got teary eyed on occasion as I liked both MC's and found Derek's struggles as a child particularly touching.

Both men have issues that are touched on, but not all of them felt fleshed out. A lot of
This book was heartbreakingly beautiful and poignant. The writing conveyed so much emotional vulnerability that I had to put my reader down a few times, because it touched me to the deepest part of my being. I needed to see a happy ending and it was perfect in every way that matters. Highly recommended!
*.Amaia.* BlackMagicRose
What can I say? I'm a M/M addict :) LOL

First 60% of the book was so sweet and so real at the same time, it was pure perfection. I haven't enjoyed a story as much as this one in a long time, and the best thing is that it kept me hooked from the beginning to the end. The last part of the book, it's not that I didn't like it, I did, but I found the romantic relationship of the two main characters kind of rushed... It would have been so much better if this book had 50 pages more and the build-up in
Erik Orrantia
Slight Spoiler Alert

Overall, I enjoyed the story. I think Derek had a lot of challenges as a child and that he struggled through, as many folks do, to overcome them.

That being said, it had some issues that I struggled with:

1. Though the childhood letters to his deceased baby sibling were an important insight into his child's mind, there were times when I thought "a child wouldn't write this." I wonder why they had to be letters and not simply flashbacks.

2. I thought his crush on his best friend'
Maggie Simms
Mel Bossa is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I read this one after reading In His Secret Life which is going to be one of my favorite books ever. She can write compelling, original romance without it being cheesy.

I usually don't like books that rely on flashbacks because they can be confusing or distracting, but not here. Here they transition perfectly. It was very easy to follow the story.

The only thing that left me wanting is that I wish Nick would have shown earlier in the stor
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I'm on GR as a reader first. I'm here because I'm not on any other social media and because I think as flawed as GR is, it's also a big part of my life. I love to see what other people are reading, I spend a lot of time on here, and though I don't comment much and can seem a little standoffish, it's just me being timid and generally awkward. Please keep in mind that though I read a lot of non-fict ...more
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And what better lover could happiness find?”
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