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Clockwise (Clockwise #1)

3.88 of 5 stars 3.88  ·  rating details  ·  2,208 ratings  ·  310 reviews
A teen time traveler accidentally takes her secret crush back in time. Awkward.

Boy watching with her best friend would be enough excitement for fifteen year old Casey Donavan. She doesn't even mind life at the bottom of the Cambridge High social ladder, if only she didn't have this other much bigger problem. Unscheduled trips to the nineteenth century!

When Casey gets talke
Kindle Edition, 288 pages
Published (first published September 19th 2011)
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Alot of this book I didn't like, parts I downright hated, but I'm giving it four stars anyway. Why? Because past the terrible start and cliched insecure/obsessive main character (stuff no guy wants to read about), there's actually a great, serious time travel story here. I just wish I could excise the first part of the book from my head, but since I can't I won't mention any of it and pretend I never read any of it either, except to say the beginning of this book is really, really bad - but stic ...more
Casey first time traveled at nine years old. She has no control over it but stress seems to induce the "trip" what she and her best friend call traveling. Casey always travels back to 1860 in the exact same location as she is in the present. She can be stuck there anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks but when she comes back not a single second has passed. She returns exactly the same except completely exhausted with dark rings around her eyes. Anything she is touching at the time also travel ...more
I have to admit I've encountered more than a few indie/self-published pieces throughout my exploration of the ebook market. And, let's not lie, 75-80% of those have been less than spectacular, and have featured characters, plots, and writing I have either struggled with or given up on entirely. After DFNing my latest indie novel, I have to admit I was slightly skeptical when I first started Clockwise.

And while I do admit Clockwise has its fair share of typical YAness and stereotypes, (jock boy
Medeia Sharif
Casey Donovan is a time traveler. She doesn’t skip a second in the present, but she spends days in the past. Only her best friend, Lucinda, knows that when Casey returns to the present with raccoon-like circles under her eyes she’s been “tripping”. Casey’s time loop always brings her to the same place: a forest in the Boston area in the 1800’s. Casey masquerades as a boy, since it wasn't common for women to travel alone at the time. This isn’t hard to do when she’s tall and gangly. Nearby is a f ...more

CLOCKWISE was kindly provided to me by the author Elle Strauss in exchange for my honest review.

15 year-old Casey Donovan is your typical shy, awkward teen with a crush on the popular school jock that doesn’t seem to notice her. She also has a very big secret which no-one but her best-friend is aware of – she is a time traveler who without knowing how transports back in time to the 1800’s.

Time stands still in the present when Casey time travels but she is able
Clockwise is a charming, lighthearted read about time travel, which is a genre I've come to enjoy after reading Gier's Ruby Red trilogy.

I don't get the impression that the author has done much in-depth historical research for this story, but I like the characters and the romantic storyline, and, like a bag of popcorn I can't stop eating, I just wanted to read-read-read until I was done!

One thing that bothered me was the abrupt jumps in time - like moving ahead several hours in narrative, not a t
I was in the mood for a quick, fun read, and this book gave me just that - something quick and fun. I found myself enjoying this book, but disappointedly, not as much as I was hoping.

Did I think this book was cheesy and cliche? Yes, but I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, and that's not why I was disappointed. It's kind of hard to explain, but I didn't really connect with the characters as much as I waned to. I found Casey to be a bit grating on my nerves, but she does grow on me a bit later. An
Reviewed at Speculating on SpecFic for the CLOCKWISE blog tour - including a GIVEAWAY of Watched by Cindy Hogan!

Clockwise is a whirlwind of fun that I enjoyed a lot. Casey is a wonderfully quirky character - a sarcastic, funny girl cursed with the ability to spontaneously time-travel to 1860, and forced to take anyone who she is touching at the time with her! The premise of the book is great, and it gets better with the introduction of the Wilson family - the wonderful caring people Casey stays
They say not to judge a book by its cover. But the outside of Elle Strauss' Clockwise is gorgeous and the inside is just as good!

The story is about Casey, a girl with all the usual problems: untameable hair, a crush on a boy who won't even look her way. Oh, and the slight problem of timetravelling back to the 1800s.

What's neat about Clockwise is the development of both worlds, past and present. Unlike most timetravel novels, Casey has a set course for her "travels": her hometown, two hundred y
I gotta say I had no idea what this book was going to be like. You know about time travel novels. Sometimes they can be very complex. And honestly, after the things I've been reading lately, I was in a mellow reading mode. I was not disappointed! This is not a confusing time travel novel. Casey travels back to the same place every time she travels back. She's got it down to a science. She even has a stash of clothes and a few other items that make life easier for her, or so she thinks. There isn ...more
Morgan: Read, Eat, Dream

Let’s get real. When I picked up Clockwise I thought it would cute, but I worried it would be a little too young for my taste. However, I was excited to read it because it was different from all of the books I have read recently. This book turned out to be better than I imagined, and surprisingly, it wasn’t too juvenile. The biggest reason it didn’t feel too young was because of the main character, Casey. She is o
This is a young adult time travel book, with a hot guy thrown in. Only the great part is that it's not really time travel, it's more like the heroine is living two lives, one in the present and one in the 1860s in I think, Massachusetts. I loved that she could bring things to the past and make her own stash, with things like prairie dresses and tampons. Additionally, there is no messing with the space-time continuum because she has already lived this life in the past.

I love it anytime a literary
“But I couldn’t be so lucky to just faint. It was happening. Oh no. Not here. Please, not in front of Nate Mackenzie.”
Casey Donovan was just like any other unpopular high school girl. She could even be considered a wall flower. But little did anyone else know, besides her best friend Lucinda, about her special “gift.” And it was this special gift that was taking over right now…she was headed back into the 19th century and to top it off, in front of her biggest crush and Senior hottie, Nate Macke
This was a fun story. I loved reading a book about a modern girl who has to deal with constant time travel to the 1800s! Books about time travel intrigue me and this one eventually drew me in. I say eventually, because I really would only rate the first half 2 stars. I found both of the main characters to be shallow and unlikeable. All Casey seemed to care about was how she looked or how her love interest looked. Worse yet, she was whiny. Her love interest was a real jerk in the beginning and he ...more
Mandy (I read Indie) Anderson
Casey loves hanging out with her best friend watching the jocks during their practices and taking the occasional trip. Time tripping actually. Starting when she was nine years old Casey is transported back in time to the 1800’s . Having to learn how to survive while back in time is what has kept Casey alive. And while she may be gone for days or weeks at a time, only mere seconds pass in the present once she returns.

But one night, as a dare hottie Nate asks Casey to dance at the school fall danc
One of the books that really fascinate me is Clockwise. Written by Elle Strauss this book is perfect for anybody who likes action, adventure, and romance. It takes place in Cambridge, Massachusetts 2012, but it also takes place in the 19th century. Casey Donovan is a girl with a not so normal life. She has a list of flaws about her. They are: crazy hair the color of burnt toast, a crush on Nate Mackenzie (the captain of every sports team in the school), extreme height, and one more thing: the a ...more
Who wouldn’t like a story about time travel, especially if you are a young adult living the day to day issues that are so much a part of growing up. Clockwise by Elle Strauss is an engaging read, light and actually a fun experience for all ages! Young Casey travels back into the nineteenth century, and really handles the situation well-especially when you realize she has no control over when she will ‘pop’ back or forward, but at least she returns to the exact moment she left! (Whew, I can imagi ...more
I love time travel books and as soon as I heard of this one (and saw it free on amazon!) I knew I had to read it. The cover shouts FUN so I was curious to see if it was just a fun light read or had serious moments. It actually had both. It was a fun read but there was lots of serious things going on as well. Casey travels to 1860 which is right before the Civil War. There's lots of unrest and it's not a very safe time for people. Luckily Casey has been time traveling for a long time and is prepa ...more
*Thank you to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.
4.5 stars
Brief Summery: Casey is a time traveler. She travels again and again to the year 1860, never knowing how long she'll be stuck in the past or the troubles she might encounter while there. When she returns to her present time, though, it's always as though no time as transpired at all. When she accidentally takes Nate, the boy she has a crush on, to the past with her, Casey suddenly has a whole other set o
I heard about Clockwise on Susan Kaye Quinn's blog, and I was very happy for the heads up. It is a fun story about a high school sophomore who travels through time. The unique thing is that Casey doesn't get to choose when she gets yanked back and forth between now and the 1860s. No time passes while she's gone, and only her best friend knows about her trips because she accidentally came along on one of them (that's what happens if you happen to touch a traveler when they're on their way out).

Nancy Pennick
Casey Donovan time travels. The why is never completely explained but I'm hoping it will be in a later book. The traveling doesn't mess up her present day life because she always returns at the exact moment she left. When she's gone, she may stay for days or weeks, she never knows. When she returns, she has to deal with all the high school drama and never knows when she may trip again, as she calls it.
She has the usual problems--body image, hair and not part of the popular crowd. That doesn't s
Miriam Joy
I wanted to like this book. It had redeeming features, like an interesting plot and a concept that while not unique, was at least fresh. I also hate leaving negative reviews, because I know it's sad for the authors, but I hate leaving low ratings WITHOUT an explanation even more, and I don't like not-rating books unless I have a reason not to. So I'm writing this, even though it's brief and not very detailed.

The book was pretty short, which is why it made its way to the top of my to-read list, b
The first thing you need to know about this book is that Casey, the heroine, doesn't look anything like the girl on the cover. The heroine has crazy curly hair that drives her crazy and comprises a significant portion of her self-doubt about her appearance. She's tall and gangly, and more than a little awkward. (view spoiler)

I love a book about time travel, and the rules surrounding how it's done here are both simple and consistent.
Darlene Jones
I never read YA. (Actually that's a little lie. I've read Skinnybones and the Wrinkle Queen more than once because it is so well written. and now I have to add another YA to my favorites list. Clockwise is an intelligent and well written YA novel. Ms. Strauss has captured the essense of the age well. So nice to read about "normal" teens (as I know them as an educator) rather than the stereotype we so often see protrayed. Well done!
Clockwise was such a cute and delightful read. Casey, our main character, gets transported to the past in 1860 and she can't control when she goes back. This was definitely an interesting time period and I was surprised at the plot since I was just expecting this whole book to be a fluffy romance about a girl getting a popular cute guy to notice her. Wrong! The book also explores the prejudice against certain people and the way of life back in the past!

I liked the parts of the story when Casey g
This is one of the most enticing novels i have ever read. The journey of love, jealousy, heartbreak, fights, confusion between Casey and Nate is so enthralling that one forgets about the present. Although this story is shorter than your normal one's it gives you all the details that you have no questions left. Now for all those adventure fans out there i recommend you to read this book and i assure you won't be left disappointed!
Ah yes, the good ‘ole days of high school. The adrenaline rush between football games, the energy radiating from the cheerleaders, the never-ending rush from hallway to hallway between class transitions, the mediocrity of school cafeteria lunch, and time travel. Wait, scratch that last part.

Clockwise is the story of Casey Donovan, a high schooler who has the ability to time travel. The downside is that she can’t control it, so it happens whenever it wants to. This little disclaimer is the whole
Suzy Wilson
Disclaimer: I received an eARC of CLOCKWISE in return for an honest review - thank you NetGalley and ESB Publishing.

Casey Donovan is a plain, skinny, frizzy-haired recluse .. Or is she? Maybe she's a headstrong, beautiful, stunningly coiffed, willowy enigma ... Because, apparently it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Perhaps I am too old to care about Whiney teen protagonists with obsessive traits and cookie-cutter families - a philandering Dad who wants to come home once the excitement wears of
Laurie Lasher
I flowed right through this novel, both because it was written from the viewpoint of the main character and because it was fast paced and because there was always something happening. I just had to keep going! Good thing I was reading it on a vacation because I couldn't put the book down. I just love time travel stories, anyway, and this one was well thought out and different from most of the others I have read. The main character would always travel back in time to the same time period when "it ...more
This book was mostly what I expected: really sweet. When I first started reading, I was a little taken aback. While Casey and Lucinda's honest curiousity and obsession with good-looking guys was in some ways refreshing, it was in other ways uncomfortable--kind of objectifying.

But as I continued reading, I found myself mostly quite taken with the characters, plot, and subplots. Strauss created very likable characters (although I will admit that this wasn't as true of villains--like Jessica, a ver
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I write mixed genre Romance, most recently The Minstrel Series.

I also write fun, lower YA fiction (time-travel and fantasy) as ELLE Strauss. I divide my time between BC, Canada and Dresden, Germany and enjoy drinking coffee and eating chocolate in both places.
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