Fall From Grace (Martha's Vineyard, #1)
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Fall From Grace (The Blaine Trilogy #1)

3.51 of 5 stars 3.51  ·  rating details  ·  1,248 ratings  ·  238 reviews
The mysterious, violent death of a prominent New England patriarch exposes a nest of dark family secrets in bestselling author Richard North Patterson’s twentieth compelling novel.

Adam Blaine arrives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard to attend the funeral of his estranged father, Ben Blaine, a famous and charismatic writer who has served as patriarch...more
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published March 20th 2012 by Scribner (first published March 1st 2012)
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I'm a fan of Richard North Patterson, and he can do so much better. Yes, I was drawn into the story and stuck with it until the (not-so-surprising) end, but now that I've finished it, I have the sense that he just mailed it in...and I feel like I need a shower.

This is the story of an estranged son, drawn back to his broken family due to the circumstances surrounding the death of his wealthy father. Was it a result of natural causes? Or was it an accident? Suicide? Murder? Have you read this one...more
Always love a book about a famous author with secrets hidden. Benjamin Blaine is a famous author who mysteriously falls off of cliff to his death. Accident? Suicide? or ... Murder??

His son, Adam Blaine, comes back after throwing away his family ten years earlier, for the funeral of the man that pushed him away. Ben's will comes to light, and reveals a game set in motion by the author himself. Adam has to discover what really happened to his father, before his family loses everything they have.

Richard North Patterson is one of my favorite authors. I loved "Eyes of a Child" and "Final Witness." I felt he had a way of writing courtroom thrillers that kep t me on the edge of my toes. Then he decided to write some political and international based thriller books to talk about his views. It went downhill fast. I almost made a decision not to read him anymore because it was so boring. Mr. Patterson wrote a courtroom book about two years ago, "In the Name of Honor" then I decide that I could...more
Adam Blaine returns home after being estrainged from his father for years. Now he's there for his father's funeral.

Soon after the funeral, Adam learns that his famous novelist father changed his will and excluded his wife and Adam's brother, Teddy, who is gay. Instead, the estate goes to an actress thirty years younger that he (Benjamin). Another chunk of money goes to Jenny Leigh, a struggling writer and former friend of Adam.

Adam had been away in Afghanistan working for the CIA. He's now in th...more
While I do pine for Patterson's legal and political thrillers, this was a decent read all in all. As the title suggests, there is a definite descent from the previous well to do life for this New England family. Patterson does examine the family politics surrounding a murder of the patriarch and this leads to a personal investigation into the ins and outs of all the potential suspects; a bitter ex-wife, a lover, his son's lover, and even an artistic son who was shunned for his sexuality.

Lady Goshawke
May 10, 2012 Lady Goshawke rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Nobody
Unlike most of Richard North Patterson's novels, this book is shallow and trite. There is no depth to the characters or the plot. The 'secrets' are obtuse, there is no smooth transition from one paragraph to the next and no details except the one graphic sex scene.

The entire book reeks of the author needing to quickly publish another best-seller.

It is more than frustrating to read, it is annoying. Anyone with half a brain can deduce early in the pages not only the murderer but also the reasons...more
Feb 23, 2013 Michael rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: seriously?
Shelves: audio, tried-to-read
Yes I'm rating and reviewing without having read. At least without fully completing it. I think i'm justified having read 70% of this to say: No More.

This was my first exposure to R.N. Patterson and I have a hard time believing that had this been his first novel it wouldn't also be his LAST. I'm not done with this author but i am absolutely done with this book.

The setup was a very traditional whodunit mystery; Agatha Christie would be so proud! Death, could it be suicide? Money, old and new. Cel...more
Apr 03, 2012 Kay rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: fiction
Great plot: father dies [murder/accident/suicide?] and estranged son returns home after 10 yr. absence. Father's will names actress girlfriend to inherit almost everything leaving out his wife and oldest son. Returning son is named executor and proceeds to discover the reason of the will, cause of death, and unearth all the family secrets. On top of this it takes place on Martha's Vineyard, one of my favorite places.

So why did it fail for me??? It started out 'great guns' and I thought this is g...more
A Goodreads giveaway win! Adam Blaine returns after 10 years receiving word of his estranged father's death. As executor of the estate, he is torn between executing said will leaving his mother and brother disinherited. Realizing that his death may be the result of murder, he begins to unravel the secrets of everyone involved while reliving the past he had chose to leave behind. The ending unwraps leaving the reader satisfied but wanting a bit more - more so what the future holds for the Blaine...more
Katharine Ott
Richard North Patterson (Ohio Wesleyan University Battling Bishop!) is a seasoned professional who brings psychological intrigue into many of his books. My previous experiences were his political stories, so I enjoyed the different approach of a murder mystery in his latest, "Fall from Grace." Patterson introduces us to the moneyed life on Martha's Vineyard as Adam Blaine arrives after learning that his father Ben has died. Did he jump, was he pushed, or was it an accident? What caused him to cr...more
Jenni Ogden
Richard North Patterson is possibly my favourite thriller writer and I read all his books as soon as they come out. This is quite different from his previous books; not a political thriller, but more of a quiet (relative to his usual stories), relationship novel. It does have a possibly murder in it but it is more about a character than plot. I didn't like it as much as many of his other books, which is probably in part because I read him for a certain type of story. If I try to ignore this and...more
Every so often i need to rip through a nicely paced mystery and RNP is usually pretty reliable. Though i kept the pages turning I found this one disappointing. Its a paint by numbers 'prodigal son returns to solve mysterious death and uncover old family secrets', in which the big reveals come as no great surprise. Similarly the characters are pretty one dimensional, which is funny as there are repeated references to people as archetypes. Also funny that nearly every character has a secret, but e...more
Heavy and burdensome at times. The Fall from Grace is founded on lies, lies and more lies. I thought early on that I had it figured out - never dreaming the real reasons would be darker. Reminiscent of his book "The Spire" perhaps because of the sexual tones. Good book in keeping you guessing, but definitely not a favorite of his and wouldn't recommend it as a first time read of this author. Very little action - all dialogue. I didn't like any of the characters and overall left me with an "ick"...more
Adam Blaine returns from Afghanistan for the funeral of best-selling novelist Ben, the charismatic, but cruelly manipulative father who a decade earlier drove him to leave his home in Martha's Vineyard and abandon his law studies for reasons which are not revealed until the end of this twisting yarn. In a final abuse of power, Ben has made his estranged son executor of the will which disinherits his wife Clarice and Adam's brother Teddie, leaving his estate to the beautiful former actress Carla....more
It is a high profile death with three possibilities: "jumped, fell, or pushed." Ben Blaine is dead but it is as though he still lives, pulling strings, orchestrating lives.

He was a famous writer, living with his wife on Martha's Vineyard. Married for forty years to Clarice, Ben Blaine did what he wanted when he wanted, including having any woman whenever he wanted.

No one in the family had any love for Ben Blaine nor he for them; his brother Jack, was a life long rival; his son, Teddy, was a disa...more
Diane S.
3.5 I first started reading this author many years ago when he wrote mystery suspense. I remember being blown away by Eyes of a Child. He than started writing political novels often with a moral dilemma and I absolutely loved his Protect and Defend. In Fall from Grace he writes about the psychological peeling of a narcissist, the sons who hate him, a murder or suicide and the secrets of a sorely dysfunctional family. Found this novel to be absolutely fascinating.
Liz Wilkins
Adam Blaine returns to his childhood home to bury the father he despised. Here, reunited with his equally relieved and long-suffering family, he becomes aware of the suspicious circumstances surrounding his father’s death. A death that, Adam will soon discover, is born of a long-hidden truth, and a chequered family history that may not be as black and white as he thought.

I am a huge fan of Richard North Patterson – for me, at least so far, his definitive works are Degree of Guilt and the linked...more
I love Richard North Patterson! Usually his books are very wordy and can drag on, but they are worth reading. This one wasn't wordy at all and it didn't drag on. It tells the tale of a family and the father that everyone hated. His ultimate death makes them all come to grips with the hold he had on the family. And they must confront the love and hate they had for him. Very quick and good read!
Stacy Bearse
An outstanding novel woven from the threads of family dysfunction and legal gymnastics, and mixed with a dash of espionage. I had forgotten how meticulously Patterson crafts plots and characters. He's back on my "must read" list.
Charlotta Norby
I listened to the audiobook, which was a fine listening experience, but the book it self was a lot less compelling than I have found most every other book by this author. Usually North Patterson addresses at least one social/political issue in the context of what could otherwise be a "regular mystery." And the author usually does a very thorough job of researching and writing up the issues, and I've enjoyed those other books tremendously. The issues covered have included capital punishment, abor...more
Zzzzzz. Couldn't become interested in the characters at all. Perhaps it was the stilted writing and snail's paced plot.
my favorite kind of read - fast paced, exciting, mystery, murder(?), intrigue, family secrets.
If you are interested in this trilogy, you may elect to first read Book 2, Loss of Innocence to avoid a plot spoiler revealed in Book 1, Fall From Grace. The setting for both is Martha’s Vineyard, however, the stories focus on different families in different generations. The first book was more complicated and mysterious revealing Patterson’s legal background. Both are good summer reading material involving love and sex, sailing, dysfunctional families with secrets, power, greed and even mystery...more
Good book. Quite suspenseful, although I guessed at several of the twists and got them right.

The mysterious, violent death of a prominent New England patriarch exposes a nest of dark family secrets in bestselling author Richard North Patterson’s twentieth compelling novel. Adam Blaine arrives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard to attend the funeral of his estranged father, Ben Blaine, a famous and charismatic writer who has served as patriarch of his clan for many years. A man fond of sailboats,...more
Ray Palen
Author Richard North Patterson began his career penning legal thrillers and living in the shadow of John Grisham. These novels were incredibly readable and solid stories but did not set him apart from the rest of the writers in this crowded genre.

Over the past decade or so, Patterson has reinvented himself by churning out novel after novel each with its’ own unique story and entirely indefinable as far as genre specifications. His latest novel, FALL FROM GRACE, continues this pattern. With this...more
Bill Garrison
Richard North Patterson has always been one of my favorites, and I even enjoyed his political novels even when I didn't agree with the politics. FALL FROM GRACE unfortunately fails on so many levels. But, since Patterson is such a talented author, the book ends up being interesting.

The plot is typical of his earlier novels. Take a bunch of people who are messed up. Create a current crises, and have the answer to that crisis be a tragic event in the past. In this novel, Ben Blaine has died. The r...more
Teresa Beasley
Adam Blaine attends his father’s funeral on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. After arriving Adam learns that is estranged father had secrets. Ben Blaine had a wife and a mistress who convinces him to disinherit his original family. Adam feels that something isn’t right and starts investigating his father’s death.

Did Adam’s father, Ben really fall from a cliff to his death? Or did he have help going over the edge? Adam who has been trained to observe evidence will go full fledge in the search to...more
Kathleen Hagen
Fall From Grace, by Richard North Patterson, a-minus, Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris, produced by Harper Audio, downloaded from audible.com.

Adam Blaine, serving in Afghanistan, receives a call from his mother that he must come home, that his father is dead. Adam left the family seven years previously due to something that happened between himself and his father, something which he won’t reveal to the rest of the family. He had not been home since, and not spoken to his father in seven years. But...more
This is Richard North Patterson at his best. It's a story of highly flawed humans involved in a mysterious death. Was it suicide? Was it murder? There are plenty of reasons and suspects for either one in his latest novel. It's suspenseful, and keeps you wondering who and why until the very end.

The protagonist, Adam Blaine, returns home to Martha's Vineyard after a long absence. Adam does some kind of secret work for the CIA in Afghanistan (never fully explained) and the skills help him to inves...more
I had a hard time getting into this book - the first few chapters I was thinking of ditching it all together but by Chapter 6 I was hooked and intent of figuring out the mystery. I really enjoyed the second 1/2 of the book - I would give 4 stars if not for the slow beginning. Some of the aspects of the mystery I was able to figure out (or at least my suspicions early on bore out) but ultimately I was wrong about the cause of death.

I was left feeling like Adam's position in Afghanistan was not r...more
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Richard North Patterson is the author of fourteen previous bestselling and critically acclaimed novels. Formerly a trial lawyer, Patterson served as the SEC’s liaison to the Watergate special prosecutor and has served on the boards of several Washington advocacy groups dealing with gun violence, political reform, and women’s rights. He lives in San Francisco and on Martha’s Vineyard.
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