Saved (The Shadow Vampires, #1)
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Saved (The Shadow Vampires #1)

3.46 of 5 stars 3.46  ·  rating details  ·  668 ratings  ·  77 reviews
Keira and Amanda, twins, move with their family to a new town, and start their senior year at a new high school. But though they are twins, the girls have different fates. Amanda, beautiful, popular, is sought out by everyone. Keira, who has always lived in Amanda’s shadow, is smaller, awkward, different. Even her mother, who is so close to Amanda, doesn’t know what to mak...more
Paperback, 1st Edition
Published June 23rd 2011 by Allegra Skye (first published June 22nd 2011)
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Avid Reader
I am not usually one to over critise for grammer/punctuation/or spelling errors but good God where was the editor for this? Despite the urge I had to send the author a revised version I did manage to finish the book. That being said, I felt the overall plot was great but poorly written. Again where was that editor in question?

The meat and overall plot was fine but I felt like I was reading the FIRST rough draft for the book. A suggestion that should have been made for the overall plot; you are...more
I usually give a book two stars because I did in fact finish it and I guess it deserves that much for not putting it down. Not this time. I always have this hope that it will get better and it didn't. The characters had no depth. How do you create a relationship based on one or two meetings where one or two sentences were spoken? The entire species of shadow vampires and other vampire "tribes" gets thrown out there with no explanations as to their history or origin? Why describe how they feed on...more
Saved, by Allegra Skye, is about 2 girls who are twins named Amanda and Keira. This story takes place at a high school. Keira and Amanda both are in their senior year and are going to graduate soon. The story is told from Keira's point of view. Keira and Amanda both are complete opposites. Amanda is well known, popular, and has a boyfriend. Keira has very little friends and she is shy. But after one night Keira and Amanda take the wrong road and end up in a car crash. Amanda and Keira both go to...more
Ok, so this was one of those: I-desperately-need-something-to-read-and-this-book-is-only-$.99-so- let-me-just-get-it-so-I-can-read-it type things. To be honest I didn't expect it to be very good so I was really, really surprised to find that it was, in fact, very good. Is it my favorite book ever? No. Is it meaningful and memorable and beautifully written? Nope, not really. Am I actually going to read the rest of the series based on the fact that it was engaging, cheap, and has a fairly good sto...more
Henrietta Barrett
Its such a shame because this book had great potential, but as I progressed through it became harder and harder to carry on reading. Alas, I did finally make it to the end, thank god. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend this book to anyone. The editing is appalling! The grammar and punctuation is all over the place, characters names change about and some sentences don't follow on from each other - at one point Keira has already showered, and changes into her sister's pink dress, then she goes to ha...more
Jessica at Book Sake
The idea for the story was good, though the fact that these vampires don’t really feed but still leave marks on the neck confuses me. I gave the book 2 stars because there is possibility here; it just needs to be reworked and needs a lot of editing. I began paying more attention to the misspellings, too many spaces, too many periods, too many parts that didn’t line up with what just happened, etc., and that detracted away from the story for me. The vampire didn’t really show up until the end of...more
Yesterday i read Sworn by Emma Knight. it was a slight disappointment but i was told this book was similar but better. so i read it and it is better.
Keira is an interesting character who feels lost in her new town. Her twin sister Amanda doesn't share that problem. They are so different and they're not close. Keira doesn't really have anyone in her family she's close to. her parents don't really notice Keira, only Amanda.
It seems rather strange that this book is about vampires, almost like the...more
This book started out somewhat interesting, but it quickly degenerated, and by the end was a complete mess. Don't waste your time. Skye obviously needs to learn a lot about writing and crafting a decent story. The last several chapters seem like she didn't even care enough to re-read what she'd written (much less edit it) before publishing. (Like, in the scene where she's getting ready for a dance, she doesn't have anything to wear, then she puts on one of her sister's dresses, then suddenly she...more
I very seldom give less than 4 stars, because I usually love every book I read, even if its not that great, but this book was so " all over the place", and the writer kept contradicting herself, they were fully clothed but she gathered her clothes when she stood up, I felt like some pages were missing or something, it could have been a great story, with a little more tweaking, the concept is a good one...kind of a different take on vampires, but I don't think I will be downloading the second boo...more
I really enjoyed this book cannot wait for the next buying it this week...I really hated the relationship Keira had with her family especially her parents...How can you not feel so alone having a family like that having parents favouring one child over the other...And i love the conneciton, the bond she has with Cooper she was drawn to him from the start...Great read...
Keira and Amanda can't be told apart. They look exactly alike, they're twins of course. Except for their "crowds". Amanda is the girl everybody wants to be and be with. Keira, however, is the shy, "girl in the corner" type of girl. When the family moves to Everstock, Keira and Amanda start their senior year at their new school, things are still the same. Amanda makes even more new friends, and Keira makes friends, but only three. Nora, Amy Lee and Ben all sit at her lunch table which makes Keira...more
Megan Lewis
I could see that Allegra Skye's plans for the book would move many, and she started out with great potential. I took the time to read the book from cover to cover, and it seemed as though the author rushed into it and didn't take the time to slowly develop the perfect story it could have been. As I said, the beginning was great, however, it kept crashing and burning with constant intensity. By the end, it was a complete mess with plot and ideas bouncing off all the walls.

With that said, take som...more
Shadow Vampires aren't very interesting

The thing about this story is, it's really quite interesting. It's a story I would read and devour. But the writing g is very methodical. There isn't very much build up to the action. There is no development of the action. Things just happen. They moved. The twins are different. The twins wreck the car. They find out one of them has powers. The special twin falls in love with a boy she can't. It's all very boring. But the story is NOT BORING. Does that even...more
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First let me say that Saved was a joy to read. Going into this book I did not think I would like it as much as I ended up. Saved was sure full of surprises. The story-line was not based solely on Vampires, you don't even get into knowing about the Shadow Vampires until more towards the end of the book. The story starts out with the main character Keira and her family moving to a new town. Keira has a twin sister but Keira has always fe...more
Bungle Midnight Reads
Keira and Amanda are twin sisters who have moved to Everstock with their parents and have to start their senior year at a new school. But the twins are totally different, Amanda is the popular, beautiful one and Keira lives in her shadow.
At their new school Amanda is quick to make friends and soon becomes one of the it crowd while Keira is left an outsider.If the girls parents like Amanda better than Keira.

Things for the twins take a turn for the worst as there is a terrible car accident. While...more
I liked Saved, it has some definite potential and I may check out the rest of the series. I love the twin element and I loved hating Amanda and Keira's parents, they are awful! If there is one thing this book is full of it's emotion. Allegra Skye does a wonderful job making the reader feel exactly what the characters are feeling, which is something I look for in a good writer. If I'm crying, screaming, or biting my nails while reading it's a job well done. The story could have used a little poli...more
This book has the potential to be great, but as it is now there are a lot of issues.

It almost seems as if the writer was in a pinch to get it out and didn't take the time to actually develop a plot, just kind of threw everything out there. It also has to many conflicting sentences, for example how can one paragraph says she had already showered and her hair was left over her shoulders, then in the next one say shes getting in the shower. Another example is when they say that Keira is wearing a d...more
Melissa Maxwell
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Nicki  Syler
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Saved is the story of Keira, a high school senior adjusting to life in a new town. Burdened with a family who doesn’t understand her, Keira struggles to assimilate to their new life. Amanda, the more popular, glamorous twin, quickly leaves Amanda behind. With no one to truly connect with, Keira feels totally alone. While Keira is trying to adjust, the town is being taken over by an unexplained infection, leaving the patients with puncture wounds on the neck. After Keira and Amanda are involved i...more
Saved wasn't a terrible book as far as genre YA goes, but it definitely read like a first or second time effort. The first thing that struck me right from the start was the over-the-top misery the author subjected the main character to. Granted, we all want to see the underdog triumph over adversity and all, but Keira's existence is an endless pity party where EVERYONE ignores her and EVERYONE doesn't care about her, and her life from the moment she came out of the womb an interminable tale of w...more
Jasmine White

I actually started enjoying this book until the ending. Near the ending, I can care less. I liked the main character Keira because I know how it feels to not be notice. Near the ending, I don't care what happened to Keira because it got boring. It could have 3 or more stars if it wasn't the ending.

What can I say? I am more of romance comedy person. I'm just trying out something new.
Kelly Mckenzie
Although the plot is good, the girl meets vampire parts reminded me too much of the Twilight Saga and not in a good way. The author seemed to get confused throughout her writing. One minute Kiera and Cooper wake up fully clothed the next line Kiera is pulling on her clothes. I also continued to wonder which day things happened as the author seemed to get mixed up with the timeline of events too.
Zee Db
I read this mainly because I thought the author's name was pretty cool, and I was always a sucker for the Sweet Valley twins back in the day, oh yeah, and it was free... All I can say is wow... or rather, HOW? How was this allowed to be published with the sheer number of typos, flat out contradictions and numerous gaping plot holes? I'm shocked and horrified.
Not impressed by this one. The overall plot is ok, but the writing just didn't support it. I felt it was a bit empty. The love story isn't that believable & I'm not really sure how we're supposed to just buy that Keira's in love with him when she doesn't really know anything about Cooper. They barely speak to each other & suddenly she's ready to claim he's it. In some books I've been ok with the "love at first site" bit because the writer made it believable. Not the case here. I also fel...more
Cindy Price
Has promise in the story line, but written horribly. I can look past spelling and grammar mistakes but the actual writing is very immature. It is as if a 5th grader wrote it for a school assignment I would give it zero stars if I could.
Allieson B.
Some Ending

Saved, Book 1 of the Shadow Vampires Series although a good book ended way too short. It could have definitely had a better and longer ending. Allegra Skye, I have to say I am disappointed.
May 25, 2014 Cedar rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: angst
here it is, short and sweet, did the author even read what she was writing? one moment she has all her clothes on, next she is pulling on her clothes? fractured storytelling with contradictory information.
the story line is good. im left wondering whats next but the grammar and spelling is very off putting! I will give it 4 stars but definitely needs editing
Ääh, ei pitäis yrittää lukea näitä ilmaisia kirjoja :D hirveetä höttöä. Twilight-kopio. melkein yhtä hirvee kun se Morgan Ricen kirja...
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