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Jules, le plus beau bébé du monde
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Jules, le plus beau bébé du monde (Mouse Books)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  3,973 ratings  ·  258 reviews
Lili is convinced that the arrival of her new baby brother is the worst thing that has happened in their house, until Cousin Garland comes to visit.
Paperback, 36 pages
Published August 1st 1998 by L'Ecole des loisirs (first published September 24th 1990)
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Lily is not pleased when her parents bring home her little brother, Julius, and spend so much time cooing over him. But when Lily's cousin criticizes Julius, Lily's big-sisterly instincts kick in.

I dislike any book that involves an older sibling hating a younger sibling (or any sibling hating any sibling, for that matter). The first time I read this book, I was reading it out loud to a child I was babysitting. I almost stopped reading it because I was so disturbed that Lily says she hates Julius
Holly Heuglin
Kevin Henkes, "Julius, the Baby of the World," is a fun-filled adventure, which teaches the lesson of love and acceptance. Lilly has a new baby brother, whom she is extremely jealous of, and will not accept the duty of being big sister. She pushes and shoves him, she calls him names, she screams and makes loud noises to scare him, and of course, does the complete opposite of what her parents tell her to do. She is incredibly over her parents telling him that he is "the baby of the world." Disgus ...more
Initially, Lily is excited upon hearing of the arrival of her baby brother. However, once her parents repeatedly state that the new baby, Julius, will be the "baby of the world," Lily becomes extremely envious and the tale of humorous sibling rivarly ensues. Lily go to mouse extremes in terms of her antics when it comes to her hatred and jealously towards her new baby brother. From warning strangers about the evils of babies to painting evil pictures of her family without Julius and even having ...more
Megan Marvel
I LOVE the humor in this book! I can totally identify with Lilly: rather stubborn, a little sassy, and very devious. As I read this, I thought, "Huh, the author's sense of humor is just like mine! We could totally be friends." Then I saw that it was Kevin Henkes and now I get it: he's from Madison, WI and I'm from Madison, WI, so we're cut from the same cloth! By the by, he was neighbors with my best friend from high school!
Okay, this is just high-quality stuff right here!
In the same vein as "Owen", Kevin Henkes relates a smart story about Lilly, a girl with her own mind (very much so!) who takes something of a disliking to her baby brother shortly after his birth.
The pithy text absolutely oozes with wit and subtle charm, with big laughs reliably coming at every turn of the page. "Julius, the Baby of the World" represents Kevin Henkes near his picture-book best, and I would enthusiastically recommend this story
Julius, Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes (1995)
Genre: Picture book
Format: Book
Plot summary: Lilly is convinced that the arrival of her new baby brother is the worst thing that has happened in their house until Cousin Garland comes to visit.
Considerations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.): No special considerations
Review citation (if available): Sutton, Roger Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books , November 1990, Vol. 44,
I didn't like this book at all. I found myself changing the language while I was reading it aloud to my son. I know it's supposed to be cute and funny that Lilly hates her baby brother at first. In the end, she defends him...blah blah blah. I don't have any appreciation for a book that introduces the concept of hating your sibling. I'm spoiled perhaps because my son loves his baby sister and I certainly don't want to give him any ideas that it is cute or funny to "hate" her or talk about hating ...more
Julius, the Baby of the World is Lilly's new baby brother, and she thinks he is disgusting. Most children will go through some kind of phase when a new sibling is brought home. This book displays lots of negative criticism to siblings at first, but in the end the older sibling takes a stand to protect her younger brother. This realistic story brings sibling together.
Rosa Cline
If you can get over Lilly's bad attitude toward things this is a good book to get for a siblings 'welcoming' a baby sibling. The author does a good job at 'life lessons' and illustrations for his books thus why I still enjoy reading them to my 2 year old granddaughter and my two special needs teen age sons. BUT I rather do not like Lilly's behavior; she's always very bossy and talks back to her parent (of which they just go along with her most of the time). So parents beware of possible children ...more
Lilly loved baby Julius, until he was actually born. Lilly's parents think that Julius is the baby of the world. Lilly thought otherwise and tried to scare Julius and tell him mean stories. Everyone admired Julius's pink nose, black eyes, and sweet white fur. Lilly's mind wasn't going to change about the way she felt towards Julius until her cousin Garland says mean things to her baby brother.

The watercolor illustrations in this book are very descriptive. There are multiple pictures, little and
Anna Summers

Julius, The Baby of the World is a book about sibling rivalry. Lilly feels that she is the center of her parents’ universe until her baby brother, Julius, is born. Lilly soon realizes that it is no fun having a baby brother. When someone else picks on Julius, Lilly discovers that Julius is, indeed, the best baby of the world. The author, Kevin Henkes, is spot on with the theme of this book, sibling rivalry. Jealousy between siblings is a universal theme that most everyone can relate to. I like t
This cute story is about Lilly’s new baby brother. At first, Lilly doesn’t like having him around. She thinks her new brother is disgusting! But she gets used to him after a while and learns to love him. This books reflects the classic siblings rivalry. I think this book is perfect for any child who has recently become the older siblings to a newborn. This humorous story teaches children that experiencing a little jealousy toward the younger sibling is completely normal. Many young readers will ...more
The big sister in this book is absolutely horrendously behaved. She's a monster and her parents are pretty spineless about the whole thing. I very seldom see older siblings who dislike new babies enough to scream that they hate them, along with various other insults. It was really disheartening to see this portrayed in a children's book as normal and acceptable behavior. Yes, Lily realizes by the end that she loves her brother, but the whole rest of the book she's awful! There are far, far bette ...more
very cute! Loved the illustrations.
Julius, the Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes shows us how Lilly reacts to Julius her new baby brother, including her change of attitude.

Lilly thinks her new baby brother Julius is disgusting: if he was a number he would be zero. Julius is the baby of the world said his parents. But Lilly his older sister disagreed. She tells him he's ugly and says she hates him. Lilly spends more time than usual in the uncooperative chair. Though her parents shower her with hugs kisses and all kinds of treats
Eva Leger
This is one of my three favorite Henkes' books so far. It's realistic beyond belief. I can remember being a child and not being thrilled - to say the least - with my little sister. I can remember my older sister not being thrilled with me.
I didn't get - or like, due to the not getting - the 'baby of the world' thing. That seemed out of place but it's only said two or three times maybe so it didn't affect the story for me.
I loved how it took Lilly's cousin saying the same - negative - thing(s) th
Melynda Moore
What: This is a really cute book! In this book, Lilly is going to be a big sister. Before the baby is born, she is excited about it. After the baby is born, her mind changed and it is not so exciting. She does not like her baby brother. She does not understand why everyone thinks that he is so great. Throughout the book, she does what she can to get away from him and is being mean to him. Until there is a party to celebrate her brother and one of her cousins does not think he is so great. This m ...more
Lilly, like many children, finds her baby brother doesn't live up to the pre-birth hype. He steals attention from her is what he does.

And she expresses this the way many children do - she uses her words. People claiming that their children never, ever, EVER use words like "hate" or "ugly" or "disgusting" either don't have four year olds (Lilly's approximate age), have blocked that age from their memory, are lying, are lying to THEMSELVES, or have the sweetest, nicest, most wonderful children in
Brittney Griffith
From the previous "Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse", Lilly is going to be the best big sister anyone has ever seen. She is so excited for baby Julius, until he actually arrives. She becomes jealous about how much attention he is getting from his parents. She gets upset that he has to live in her room with her. I would have rated this book as a 5/5 stars but there are small little captions in the illustrations of Lilly stating she "hates" Julius. But, if used as a read-aloud in the classroom t ...more
Amy Musser
Lilly was a great big sister, until baby Julius was actually born. Now she has to share her room and be quiet. What’s more, everyone oohs and ahhs over him when he gurgles and blows bubbles, but when Lilly does the same, they tell her to mind her manners. Lilly does her best to scare Julius away, but he stays and stays and stays. Her parent’s throw a party to introduce Julius to friends and family and Lilly rolls her eyes as everyone coos over Julius. Then she hears Cousin Garland, “I think his ...more
Christina Taylor
Julius, the Baby of the World is one of the many titles in Henkes’ mouse books. In this story, Lilly’s mother has just given birth to a baby boy upon whom the parents dote. Being forced to share the spot light, Lilly is terribly jealous and does everything in her power to be disagreeable. Thwarting all of her parents’ attempts to win her over, Lilly continues to spite baby Julius until he comes under criticism from Cousin Garland at which point Lilly proves that she understands the significance ...more
Amanda Hicks
A good book got any child to read who is expecting a new sibling and doesn't quite know how to feel about it. Lilly displays typical actions of that of a child who is feeling replaced. She detests her new brother and tries everything in her power to get him to go away. However, when someone else thinks the baby is ugly and unsweet, Lilly has a big problem with it. No one can pick on her brother except her, and that I how she comes to love her new baby brother.
Kenin Henkes always delivers, and this adorable books does it again. Illustrated with his mice, we again get a glimpse into life as a young child when Lily has to deal with getting a baby brother- Julius, Baby of the World. Lily is a vibrant character who features in several other of Henkes' books. I think many kids can see themselves in her, and certain in her trail. For while they are often funny situations, they ring very true to life.
Lilly is excited about her baby brother before he arrives, but once she meets him in person, she can't stand him. Baby Julius' presence brings out the worst behavior in Lilly, but all that changes when she witnesses an extended family member expressing her disgust of Julius. Suddenly, Lilly becomes Julius' defender and the rest is history.

Good realistic kid emotions, good conclusion. Pen and watercolor. PreK-2.
May 29, 2011 Amy rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Amy by: Katrina
Shelves: childrens, reviewed
My niece liked this book and identified with the idea being presented here. I'm sure she would have given this book three stars, which is why I gave it three stars.

That said, I thought Lily was an unpleasant child, whether she was having trouble adjusting to her brother or no. Lily's nastiness and snottiness persisted from beginning to end, and that just got to be a bit much for me. I would probably give this book one-and-a-half stars, but it's been a long time since I've had to adjust to a new
This is a perfect "New baby in the family" book.

Lilly is feeling left out. The New baby is perfect, sweet, talented etc etc.

Lilly does not like that he gets all the attention. SHe calls him names, is mean to him...but what is funny...when someone else says he is ugly and gross...she losses it and defends it...isn't that just like a sibling!

Well, my son says the ending is plausible. I don't think it makes much sense as it seems to magical to me, but then, I've not been in this situation. And my sons never had this trouble that Lilly does.

But I don't much like how unrelenting Lilly's cruelty and 'disgust' is prior to her reformation. It seems beaten to death, especially given how short the whole ending is.

I do like the first line. "Before Julius was born, Lilly was the best big sister in the world." Maybe that's foreshadowing, that
Angelina Perez
Lilly think her new baby brother is disgusting. She wishes he could go away. Nothing she said could change her parent’s minds about Julius. She did mean things to him like scare him pinch him and if he were a number he would be “zero”. Btu when cousin Garland criticizes Julius, Lilly changes her mind and thinks Julius is the baby if the world. This book always reminds me when my younger brother was born. Everyone had their attention on him on the new baby. Children who have a new baby in the fam ...more
Lilly has to deal with the birth of her baby brother. She is not happy about sharing the attention of her parents. SHe finds that she can insult him and react not so pleasantly to little brother but if someone else tries to bother him she jumps to his defense.

A book that deals with a common emotional situation confronting young children. A negative behavior, though not celebrated occurs so children are reassured that their feelings are shared by others.

Reading, narrative, emotional support
This book is cute, the illustrations are charming, the characters are funny, and I really just like Kevin Henkes. But I think that even though my youngest sister is now 10 years old, I just can still relate to Lilly even after all these years. I think it's such a universal thing that no one can bother you and upset you more than your family, but at the same time nobody had better say one bad thing to you about your family or the claws come out. I know it's true in my life and I think Kevin Henke ...more
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Kevin Henkes became an author/illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.
Today he's the author of many award-winning picture books and novels.
More about Kevin Henkes...
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