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The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life At Rose Red
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The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life At Rose Red

3.58 of 5 stars 3.58  ·  rating details  ·  7,689 ratings  ·  342 reviews
At the turn of the twentieth century, Ellen Rimbauer became the young bride of Seattle industrialist John Rimbauer, and began keeping a remarkable diary. This diary became the secret place where Ellen could confess her fears of the new marriage, her confusion over her emerging sexuality, and the nightmare that her life would become. The diary not only follows the developme ...more
Paperback, 277 pages
Published (first published 2001)
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If ever there was a book that had me enthralled from cover to cover and constantly saying to myself "OMG...WTF" (yes...I'm sorry, my thoughts were quite that profane as I read it and for the sake of some of our viewers I've not spelt out the phrases), this was it. Trying to recall the movie I had watched depicted after Stephen King's version I can't quite place the two together. While I believe the movie was quite scary, reading the diary was far more dark and it wasn't that graphic. Chills were ...more
Dec 19, 2007 Audrey rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: someone that likes lame stories
This was a book that I picked up and started reading essentially because it happened to be right there in front of me. I couldn’t tell you what compelled me to finish it, obviously I had NOTHING better to do and looking back that’s kind of sad.
The only good thing I can say is that the book initial had an idea with potential, but unfortunately that potential was ignored and wasted.
The story went on and on, but never had any points that I found memorial or crucial. If there is a climax it was to
Chanthini Butler
Is this story true? No, Rose Red does not exist.

However...The story was partially based on the story of Sarah Winchester who continued to build her house until she died. Sarah Winchester was very superstitious and that thought the victims that had died at the hand of Winchester rifles would one day come back to haunt her, so the house was build with doors to no where, steps that lead up to ceilings and went no where, in her vain attempt to protect herself.

You can tour this house the Stephen Kin
So, I'll have to admit, first of all, that I really thought Stephen King wrote this. I felt like such a putz when it was pointed out that he did not. At least I can breathe a sigh of relief, because this was not up to King's usual level. Duh!

This diary entry book tells the story of Ellen Rimbauer and her life at the mansion Rose Red. The story actually begins on the day footings are being laid for the mansion's foundation, and then follows Ellen and John Rimbauer on their year long honeymoon aro
Tabby Kat
I really loved this book. I recieved my copy as a surprise gift from my husband and I read it right after I watched the series on TV. The book is very well written and is just like a diary. It complaments the movie very well if you have seen the movie by all means read this companion book.

A mysterious and haunting spirit lurks within the walls of Rose Red, the setting for Stephen King's upcoming ABC miniseries tie-in by the same name. Built on a Native American burial ground in early 20th-centu
As haunted house books go, this one had an interesting premise but I didn't find the story interesting. The biggest problem was the narrator, for me. The diary conceit is always difficult to pull off, perhaps especially when the book's set in the past. Ellen Rimbauer was, for me, an annoying combination of self-conscious historical voice and modern novel habits. For instance, I'm not going to say what a teenaged bride at the turn of the century would or wouldn't possibly know about, she did seem ...more
Bark's Book Nonsense
I skimmed through the first few pages because the prose was overwrought and extremely melodramatic. It reminded me of the sort of thing someone who has never read a romance might write thinking this is the way it's done. Purple prose, fluttering hands, and swooning galore. Blech.

Okay, I'm revising my first impression of this book because last night I zipped through 3/4's of it without taking a break, getting bored, or skimming. I haven't done that in YEARS. Something about this story fascinates
OK, first it needs to be understood that The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer is not a real diary. It was written by Stephen King to hype his Rose Red movie. That's right. It's a gimmick. Now, I'm not necessary opposed to a gimmick if it's well done. (See my review of Heat Wave.) However, King didn't even put any real effort into the writing of this. It felt like King punched this out on his computer in about an hour, then decided to turn it into a diary, so he took what he already wrote, chopped it up i ...more
Dec 08, 2010 J. rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Tweens
This was a lesson in what constitutes progress. Found this on a rainy day in Venice Public Library and decided it might be sort of time-capsule creepy, a mouse-hole view into another era.

If I had had any idea whatsoever that this was in fact a companion novelization to a popular Stephen King miniseries... it would've remained on the shelf. But on this day I needed something to read, and my holds had yet to appear in the arrivals stack. Nothing about cover, flyleaf notes, or interior designations
First I would like to point out that while Stephen King was responsible for the miniseries, which takes place after the events of this book, he is not the author of this book, which becomes quickly apparent as you read. It lacks King's style, and I'm surprised that any fan of his would think this was the case more than five pages in. The actual author (according to wikipedia, and the author's own site) is Ridley Pearson. He's apparently a really real person, with his own list of books on amazon. ...more
Sarah Asp
I got half way through and since reading is a joy to me and something I do for relaxation and fun I could not read any more. It was truly awful. If I run out of toilet paper I know what to reach for. The premise was ridiculous and the long long description of life with her terrible sexually deviant husband was mind numbing. Really I don't have anything good to say about the book except it looked intriguing from the front cover. Good job I got it at goodwill for $1 or I'd have another regret to a ...more
Sabrina Barnett
I went back an re-watched "Rose Red" recently (on VHS no less! Recorded straight from the magic talking box! Remnant of an ABC in whose programming only lawyers existed!), a mini-series remembered fondly by myself and about five other Americans, and decided to read (or, more accurately, listen) to this book. I found myself very pleasantly surprised by this lil' story, a nice spooky tale to enjoy of an evening, particularly for Winchester Mystery House enthusiasts such as myself. Nothing terribly ...more
I thought this was written by Stephen King, and was confused by the odd style. Once I discovered it wasn't by him, I was both annoyed and relieved. This book absorbed my attention but at the same time felt poorly written and Ellen was working my last nerve. Every diary entry began the same way: "Oh my! I simply cannot write about the events of tonight/today/last month/breakfast! But I shall must up the courage and do so for pages and pages!"
Jul 09, 2009 Cheryl rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Cheryl by: Sean
This book really held my attention. I even thought it was real. I was very disappointed when I discovered the truth. The movie is half-baked so if you've seen it, don't let it play a role in your decision to read this book.
Michael Armijo
This diary belongs in everyone's personal library.

It amazes me that this diary was found at an estate sale in the summer of 1998. It is quite revealing of the past. The diary will take you into the mind of a woman who found herself in a torrid relationship with a wealthy man in the early 1900s. She forced herself to love this man. I would definitely give this book a solid B as it is a GOOD form of reading a womans' thoughts almost a century ago. The romantic woman, Ellen, was in the forefront fo
Sheena Jabile
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Alex Telander
You all remember the popular Stephen King mini-series that aired earlier this year on ABC under the auspicious title of Rose Red: the story of a group of “gifted people” who, with the help of Joyce Reardon, venture into the old abandoned mansion known as Rose Red, where within they come in contact with the supernatural, though in no way that has ever been televised before. But what happened to the former occupants of the house? The ghosts that now dwell within, what were their lives like? Well h ...more
Got this book at a library sale because I was in the mood for true!hauntings and/or Victorian spiritualism, and got neither. I was a little disappointed to find out it wasn't a true account, but that didn't ruin the book for me; lots of creepy-haunting books aren't true accounts.

However,I didn't think this book was particularly scary or creepy; it was a fairly run-of-the-mill fictional haunting with some lesbianism thrown in for omgsoshocking!!1!! value.

I didn't think the book felt like a diary
When I last reviewed a book in diary form - Stray - I mentioned, that it's not my favourite type of narrative and here's a very good example of why this is.

Ellen's superficial and self absorbed ramblings are simply annoying. I couldn't stand her and since it's her diary there is no escape. And if you skip pages of details about wardrobe or her feeling sorry for herself because her husband isn't treating her well (a man she only married because of his money and social status, mind you) there just
Lisa James
The book was SO much better than the mini series! The details in the book, & the complete spookiness & shocking details come across as a REAL diary. If it hadn't been written by Stephen King, you'd think it could have been a real experience. This was completely awesome. I love Stephen King anyway, but this little book is quite possibly the least sensationalized & most realistic thing he's ever done. I HIGHLY recommend it as a read. Preferably at night, when you're home alone, & i ...more
Bé Né
Ce livre est une belle trouvaille, tardive certes mais je suis enchantée par cette découverte. Je connaissais bien évidemment la série télé créée par Stephen King qui a connu pas mal de succès, suspense et angoisse sont au rendez-vous.

Ellen Rimbauer nous parle de sa vie avec son mari John Rimbauer, de leur rencontre à la construction de leur manoir : Rose Red où elle va voir sa vie bouleversée par d'étranges phénomènes qui l'amèneront à douter de tout et de tout le monde.

Nous sommes plongés à tr
Petra Donatz
Ein rätselhafter, unberechenbarer Ehemann, ein Haus, von einem düsteren Geheimnis umwittert - und eine junge Frau, die völlig unvorbereitet mit ihren und den sexuellen Obsessionen ihres Mannes konfrontiert wird: Das ist die gefährliche Mixtur, die das Leben der jungen Frau zunehmend zu einem Albtraum macht.
Ganz auf sich allein gestellt, beginnt Ellen, ein Tagebuch zu führen - und ihm vertraut sie alles an.

Meine Meinung

Die Story
Dieses Buch ist die Vorgeschichte zu dem Stephen King Film
Linda Lipko
Written to augment Stephen Kng's series titled Rose Red, throughout the book, I wanted to quit, but was too many pages into it to admit defeat.

I should have shut the book long before I did. This is a fictional diary written by a young women of society, who at the beginning of the 1900's becomes a bride to a wealthy oil industrialist John Rimbauer.

Mysterious and elusive the rumors fly about Rimbauer's insatiable appetite of young women and his visits to seedy areas where he can purchase his pleas
This turned out as a huuuuuge disappointment.
Andrea McFirst
I apologize for my bad English.

A really cute book. At first I did not know if I would take and I would involved in the affair, but page after page I realized I get more and more dreamlike, Gothic and terribly unsettling atmosphere. Some facts I was not involved much due to some very detailed descriptions but I'm glad I read this book / diary.

Elements that I enjoyed:
- The psychological portrait of the various characters.
- The dreamlike atmosphere
- The succession of events
- The way it was describe
No wonder it read like Fiction - it is fiction! LOL Apparently it was written by Stephen King, which also explains why I devoured it in one sitting. He's one of my favourites. I'm now left wondering who wrote the online blog about the subsequent investigation that I read a few months ago. It didn't read like King at all, and was pretty incomplete. A horror of a house, reminiscent of the one in the Flowers in the Attic series.
Tracy Lee
picked up at the thrift store. eh, one of those "it's really a true story... see, we made a website to prove it!" ala Blair Witch Project. Fake diary of woman living in house she thinks is possessed - like many other "diary" books this one doesn't ring true as being someone's private writings nor does the style/language fit the time frame. It goes back to the thrift store for someone else to pick up for 50cents
Good fiction. I am not a Stephen King fan, nor did I ever watch the movie, or series or whatever it was that is somehow connected to this book.

I really found this to be an engrossing, haunting, and disturbing book. The impending dread you feel as the story unfolds grip the reader, and compels you to continue on, when in the movie theater watching a horror flick with one hand over one peek... you just HAVE to find out what is next...

The historical aspect alone is quite interesting,
Donna Zigmont
I've read this book acouple of times and just absolutely loved it.The first time I read it was after the miniseries was on TV.I watched it and really liked it so I borrowed the book from the library.The house itself kind of made me think of the Winchester Mystery House in California.I found that I liked Ellen and I didn't like her at the same time.She had misgivings about marrying John but did so anyway.Then she complained or rather whined about the fact that he stepped out on her with young gir ...more
Jerry (Libri in pantofole)

In nome della scienza, porterò avanti la mia ricerca della verità su Rose red, indipendentemente da dove mi condurrà. Con queste parole della professoressa Joyce Reardon ci addentriamo tra le pagine che conservano i pensieri più segreti di Ellen Rimbauer.
Allora, una piccola premessa, Il diario di Ellen Rimbauer non è altro che una sorta di spin off della serie televisiva Rose Red (2002) scritta da Stephen King e che racconta le avventure di un gruppo di s
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