It Takes a Witch (A Wishcraft Mystery #1)
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It Takes a Witch (A Wishcraft Mystery #1)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  2,393 ratings  ·  317 reviews
Darcy Merriweather has just discovered she hails from a long line of Wishcrafters-witches with the power to cast spells by making a wish. She's come to Enchanted Village to learn her trade but finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation...
ebook, 320 pages
Published January 1st 2012 by New American Library
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Why read: ARC tour review

What impressed me: It Takes a Witch takes a fabulous new look at witches. Instead of being able to do spells off all kinds, its witches are specialized through their hereditary lines. The most interesting line in Enchanted Village is Wishcrafters, those who make peoples wishes comes true. Main character Darcy being a Wishcrafter and having to grant any statement that begins with "I wish" makes for huge possibilities for the future of this series. This novel has a double...more
I was so excited to receive this book in the mail! The "Uncorrected Proofs" got me extremely excited! It made me feel like I was finally coming into my own as a book blogger! I really, really, really wanted to like this book, especially with the nice note left by the author. Unfortunately, I could not convince myself.

Where do I start? When I started reading this book, my husband asked what I thought of it. I told him that it was obvious it was the author's first book. It needed a lot of work. Th...more
Originally posted on my blog:
Received as part of a book tour

An enchanting beginning to a fun, cute series! When sisters Darcy and Harper are told that they are witches (Wishcrafters to be exact), their world is turned upside down – and they are slightly relieved. Darcy is still recovering from a brutal divorce and Harper has just been released from jail (her attempts at activism tend to get her in trouble).
They arrive into the quaint little town of Enchanted Villag...more
Erin (Paperback Stash) ~*Series Addict*~
This book was incredibly cute/fun/light. Perfect if you're in the mood for a cozy or something amusing. It takes the witch theme and does something completely different with it. Rather than just the urban characters, the entire small town, 'Enchanted Village', is charming. Special touches are even added to each business name such as Spellbound books. People who are into a lot of magic and different elements surrounding that may be disappointed, though. To me the witch style is a bit weak that th...more
This book should have had a disclaimer on the cover: Do not start reading before bed. It may keep you up all night. And it did, too. Once I began the book I couldn't put it down and yes I was up until 3ish this morning. I cannot complain. The book is very good. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I've been dragging my feet all day long. Yes, I'm tired but I got to read a really book.

Darcy and Harper are new to Enchanted Village and to the Craft. They go about their daily life slowly adjusting to...more
Heather Blake's It Takes a Witch is an utterly bewitching and compulsive read. Time stood still while I was reading the book and it was only when I finished the book that I noticed it was long after midnight. On a weekday. However, It Takes a Witch is well worth sacrificing one's beauty sleep for! Heather Blake did an outstanding job creating a good plot, a charming community with big secrets, loveable characters and cute familiars. I enjoyed discovering the different crafts and the secret craft...more
Jeannie and Louis Rigod
It is very rare for me to feel a debut of a new mystery series deserves a five star rating, but, in "It Takes a Witch" by Heather Blake, it easily deserved the rating.

We are introduced to two sisters that have just found out they are 'Wishcrafters' meaning Witches that can grant wishes. Of course there are rules and they must be learned and adhered to. The elder sister, Darcy Merriweather, loves her new found skills and is so excited to move to The Enchanted Village in Salem, MA. The younger sis...more
Laura (Kyahgirl)
3.25/5; 3 stars; B

I've never read anything by this author so didn't know what to expect. This mystery books falls into the 'cozy mystery' category which is something I'm not always in the mood for. In this case, I was. Darcy Merriweather was a great character as the 'lead' in this story; smart, kind-hearted, curious, humble and funny in a self-deprecating way. I enjoyed her and the other characters in the town.

Colleen Marlo was the narrator for this story. She did a pretty good job. Her accent...more
This new mystery series introduces us to Darcy and Harper Merriweather. They have come to Salem, Massachusetts and the Enchanted Village to help their Aunt Ve in the family business. You see, they come from a long line of witches, specifically Wishcrafters, they can make wishes come true. The news of their history is quite a surprise but they are going to embrace it and learn all about it with the help of Aunt Ve. The first thing they learn is that the village is inhabited by witches and mortals...more
 PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
What a magical read! This is the first book I have read by this author and I look forward to reading the next book in this cozy series. “It Takes A Witch” was a great read.

Darcy & Harper Merriweather move into the Enchanted Village to live with their aunt Ve after their father passes away. They soon discover that they are witches also known as “Crafters”. Their mother who passed away years prior was one as well and their father was a mortal. They have the ability to grant people wishes with...more
Between the Covers
REVIEWED by Chris for Between the Covers blog:

I am always looking to try new types of books. I, like everyone, have my favorite genres and authors, and there are a few genres that I just never really give a thought to. The mystery genre is one of them. So when the opportunity to review a new paranormal mystery novel called It Takes a Wish by Heather Blake came about, I couldn’t refuse. My desire to expand my reading tastes won out, and I was willing to try something that I wasn’t that versed in....more
This was a bit slow going at first and then it picked up and then it was slow again and then it picked up again. Hence, the three stars instead of my usual five :-)

I was also a bit confused at times about the rules of "the craft." Let me explain... Darcy and her sister Harper have just found out that they are wishcrafters. This means if someone wishes something, they can grant that wish... except for in certain situations (which I had a hard time keeping track of). They have just moved in with t...more
This is the third series I've tried by Heather Blake/Webber. I really enjoy the Lucy Valentine stories she writes under the name Heather Webber. But this one...

The premise is fine, I guess. But the world-building is extremely weak, poorly developed, badly explained, and implemented unreasonably. The protagonist is almost painfully stupid for much of the book, which was too long.

The "crafter" concept just didn't work for me. "Lawcrafter"? Seriously? I'm pretty good at suspending disbelief, but t...more
This a cute new cozy series by Heather Blake aka Heather Webber. The set up is the Enchanted Village a tourist town in Salem, MA where practically everybody that owns a shop is a witch crafter of some sort. Darcy and her sister Harper have just learned that they are Wishcrafters with the ability to grant wishes. The mystery begins with a murder of course. There is an eventual love interest, but that isn't the focus of the book. If you are looking for something light and cute then you might like...more
I thought this book was absolutely super cute. The idea of combining the fantasy genre of magic and witches with the murder mystery genre is brilliant. Neither of the two very different genres ever overtook the story, nor was the magic kitschy.
The setting of the village was adorable; a feel good little place the reader can easily escape to.
The characters are believable and possess depth, although they are designed to be a bit stereotypical.
I have to include a sentence or two about the author's w...more
I enjoy all of Heather Webber/Blake's books, and have been looking forward to this new series. It Takes A Witch did not disappoint!

Darcy & Harper Merriwether grew up in Ohio not knowing they were witches, Wishcrafters to be specific. Upon the death of their father, their Aunt Ve told them of their heritage and abilities, inviting them to move to Enchanted Village to learn their craft. The Village is filled with witches with various powers, living alongside mortals in a town offering all kind...more
Angela Lynn Holland
Why I read this book: I enjoy reading cozy mysteries and am doing two cozy challenges. I also read this book with a friend and we enjoy reading cozies together.

What I liked: Easy to read, fun characters. I liked learning about each "craft" the different people have. The character development is good. I like that is does not give away too many clues of the mystery and just when you think you have it solved there is a twist and you find out you did not have the right person.

What I didn't like: I...more
Darcy and her sister, Harper, have just learned that they are WishCrafters. That means that they can grant the wishes of others, actually, they have to grant them as long as they are not malicious. This can come in handy, in the business they are involved in with their aunt, Ve. In this business they help find things for people or provide serves to help people out. Generally, this is non-magical help, but every now and then... In this town of witches and mortals, Darcy is still trying to figure...more
A cute entry into the murder mystery field, the book revolves around a small community of real witches (Crafters) hiding in plain sight as a touristy-themed Enchanted Village in Salem, MA. Darcy and her sister are newcomers to the community, only finding out of their Craft from their aut Ve after their father dies. Of course, much hi-jinks ensue due to Darcy's newness to her Wishcraft, granting wishes that are truly wished from the heart. Since the murder victim is helpfully disposed of right at...more
Diana Leigh
I bought this book a year ago, and I'm sorry it took so long to read it. Great stuff! The blurb doesn't say much about the story, so I'll fill you in...

Recently divorced Darcy Merriweather and her younger sister Harper have just moved to Enchanted Village in Salem, Massachusetts, after the death of their father. Their Aunt Ve let them in on a little family secret - they're both Wishcrafters. They inherited the power to grant wishes from their mother who died many years ago, but their father didn...more
This one just wasn't very magical for me or maybe there really wasn't enough magic. Not sure which. For a book about magic, Darcy doesn't really use any magic to solve the crimes, the magic is more of an afterthought or a reason for why she can't be with the guy to which she is obviously attracted.
There is a huge cast of characters which, for me, slowed the flow of the story quite a bit. Each time someone would make a comment or show up, I'd have to stop and think who is this person, what do the...more
Nice light "cozy mystery" with just enough paranormal to give it spice.

After loosing her father and divorcing her husband, Darcy and her sister Harper pack up and move across the country to Salem, Massachusetts to help their aunt with her cottage business "As You Wish". The bulk of the business is personal concierge services, but Aunt Ve throws in a genuine wish granting every once in a while. After all, Aunt Ve is a witch, specifically a Wishcrafter. And despite loosing their mother so early, D...more
This was a cute book, and I'm giving it a higher rating than I otherwise might, as it is the first in a series (and it seems authors often have a hard time starting series).

I found several pros and a couple of cons with regard to this book. On the positive side, I found the characters generally likeable (although I never really did warm to the sister). The romance is well handled, particularly when it comes to niche mysteries. Too often in the first in a niche mystery series, the "romance" star...more
Having adored Heather Webber's Lucy Valentine series, I knew It Takes a Witch under her new pen name Heather Blake would have a lot to live up to. (I'm actually am so enamored with the Lucy Valentine books that I don't want to read book three which, as it stands now, is the last book in the series.) I am pleased to report that It Takes a Witch held its own.

Whereas the Lucy Valentine books dabble in the paranormal, It Takes a Witch is fully paranormal because it centers around a community of Craf...more
It was ok. A good start to the series.
The whole craft is a little bit confusing and its weird that Aunt Ve is not helping her nieces with their magic. I like Darcy as a character, two years divorced and still not over it, which is mentioned a lot in the beginning. Maybe its the first book in the series thats why it feels it need more development. And the epilogue kind of ending was weird for me. Still, I like the premise and I like the flow of the story so will probably read the next book.
While the initial premise is a novel spin on the usual magic/witchcraft idea, the implementation left a *lot* to be desired.

The rules which govern the magic are inane at best. The characterization is inconsistent. ((view spoiler)...more
What a fun book this is. I was very surprised, that I would enjoy this story has much as I did. Paranormal genre books, are usually books I don't read to often. But I am so glad that I read this one. I loved many of the characters through out the book. The story was very interesting, and I was totally surprised, by who the killer was until the very end when it was reveled. The ending was very interesting. Looking forward to reading more of the books in this series.
Roxanne Rhoads
I am in love with this new series.

What a wonderful addition to the cozy mystery genre, I love the touch of the paranormal added in.

Heather Blake has created a wonderful new spin on witches in Salem that is both lighthearted and serious. An all around wonderful read to get lost in.

I love mysteries like this because yes- we're dealing with murder- aren't we always? Yet the book and characters are light not all dark, dreary and scary like many paranormal and urban fantasy books are.

Darcy and her si...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Laura Agnella
What a fun story! We begin in Salem, Mass (appropriately) where Darcy and Harper have just moved in with their aunt Ve. Their parents are both deceased and they have just learned that they are wishcrafters, witches who can grant wishes as long as the intentions are true. They discover that there are many types of witches in the enchanted village but that it is quite difficult to tell who is a witch and who is a mortal. There are also a lot of rules and Darcy, our main character, is having some t...more
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Also writes as Heather Webber

Heather Blake grew up in a suburb of Boston, and enjoys going “home” in her novels. As a young mother, she tried her hand at writing novels and hasn’t looked back. Currently, Heather lives in the Cincinnati area, and is currently hard at work on her next novel.

15 Things You May Not Know About Me
1) I am completely, hopelessly addicted to Dr Pepper.
2) Three of my favorit...more
More about Heather Blake...
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“He does manage the bookstore, which is currently my favorite place on earth." Her eyes glazed over. "All those books. If I married him, I could probably work there the rest of my life. Nothing would make me happier."

"What about love?" Ve asked.

"Oh," Harper said solemnly. "I love books.”
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