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The Loners (Quarantine, #1)
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The Loners (Quarantine #1)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  4,390 ratings  ·  744 reviews
As original as The Hunger Games, set within the walls of a high school exactly like yours.” – Kami Garcia, New York Times best-selling co-author of the Beautiful Creatures novels

It was just another ordinary day at McKinley High—until a massive explosion devastated the school. When loner David Thorpe tried to help his English teacher to safety, the teacher convulsed and di
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published July 10th 2012 by EgmontUSA
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i was very prepared to dislike this book. this is not the same as expecting to dislike it, mind you, i was hoping to like it, but i was bracing myself for it to be bad, because i am a realist. because as much as i love these kinds of books, plenty of them are lackluster and very samey: Trapped,The Way We Fall,No Safety In Numbers, etc.

and this one is not without flaws, but they are the kind of flaws where the sheer fun of the book dwarfs the flaws.

that is the only time i will use a kitten to d
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This. Book. Should. Not. Exist.

The stereotype used in this book is unbelievable. You're a football player? You have to be a douche bag that hates everyone, thinks you're the best of the best and everything is yours and about yourself. And of course your girlfriend is a cheerleading slut of a whore.
If you're pretty? You're a whore who opens up thy legs for everyone, have no rights nor say in anything and must depend on the big strong men to defend/con
A fairly terrible book. I was excited when I first heard about this book, and nearly abused my librarian privileges so I could get it the moment it went into circulation. (I love locked room stories! and stories where people have to fight each other to survive! and gore!). But the more I read, the more my heart sank.

To begin with, the writing is bad and unpolished ("throwing her head back in ecstasy, her lips quivering" -- Jesus Christ, shoot me now). Then we have super drab cutout characters wh
May 17, 2012 Katie_la_geek rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone
Shelves: ebook-arc, favourite, ya
Review also posted on my blog

I think I should just let you all know that this review is going to be terrible. Not because the book was bad but because I am struggling to find anything bad to say about it. Expect this review to be full of gushing because I absolutely LOVED this book.

I thought it was smart, compelling and brave. It dares to go into territory that many YA books will not tread. It is brutal, violent, gruesome, frightening and at times overwhelming. Another thing that separates this
Lelia Taylor
I have such mixed feelings about this book that I hardly know where to begin. The truth is, there is a lot wrong with it but I still kept right on reading, couldn’t make myself stop. What’s up with that?

For one thing, for a post-disaster scenario, which is pretty nearly always completely unrealistic, this one is way out there in left field. Here you have a school full of teens that have been cordoned off from the outside world. So far, so good. Why this has happened is at first a mystery to the
Looking for a light, fluffy read? NOT HERE! This is dark, gritty, violent and terrifying on several levels. One of the most disturbing books I have ever read.

Meet David, your typical high school student who was once the most popular guy is school until his mother's death who lost his way in life. A new year in school with his younger brother, Will, is going to be a year he will never forget. Mid-day finds him witnessing the death of the faculty before his very eyes and a lock-down of the school.
Read-along with the awesome Cas!
I can't remember the last time a book made me so angry. I've had my fair share of disappointingly bad books, but one that left such a bad taste on my mouth and my blood boiling with how offended I was by it? If I ever did read one that had the same effect, I've forgotten about it and I do hope Quarantine: The Loners suffers the same fate. If I could give zero stars to this book, I would. But I refuse to leave this book without a
What to feel about this book... not sure yet. It's still settling in my stomach like a large meal at a greasy spoon. I'm going to go with a very safe 3 star review because I did enjoy this book, despite the occasionally awkward writing, the terrible science, and the annoying moody teenager-ness of a lot of the main characters.

The entire plot centers around a scientific macguffin which, if read into too deeply, will make your brain explode with the inconsistencies of logic. Seriously. To get any
Ok, Quaranteen (as it says on my copy) or Quarantine is a fun, fast-paced read. It's violent, has mature content and requires a LOT of willing suspension of disbelief, but it works as a quick summer read. I can see a lot of my male sophomore students liking the book. The male protagonists are likable, the fight scenes are graphic, and there are a lot of mini-cliffhangers that will keep kids turning pages. Sure there are a lot of lingering questions & arguable plot holes (we'll see what gets ...more
Meg Y
I think it’s safe to say that it’s a major page-turner, filled with suspense and cliffhangers. Despite this, however, I do think that it has some flaws. For example, the book takes place in a high school that is very stereotypical—almost too much so. Before the quarantine began, David was that stereotypical “popular all-star quarterback” that you see when you’re watching a cheesy show about an impractical high school. And, of course, you can’t forget his very popular, “Queen Bee” girlfriend, Hi ...more
Yikes! You know those people who want to TELL you the entire plot of a long and convoluted movie or video game and go on and on, but you just never really understand the story or see the setting or empathize with the characters? Oh, and you want those people to stop talking and go away? That's how I felt for the 400 long pages of this novel.

It reads like a bad movie or illogical video game scenario explained by an inarticulate teen with a penchant for throwing in some jolting figurative language
Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
Originally reviewed on A Reader of Fictions.

I've been through a couple of these kids-trapped-in-a-building-without-adult-supervision books already this year, like This Is Not a Test and Monument 14. In theory, I really like that basic structure, because it leaves a lot of space to do interesting things with social dynamics. Here, it was mostly just a way to isolate kids so they can do really awful things to one another.

When I read Monument 14, one of my issues was that none of the kids are parti
I consider myself fairly good at suspending disbelief in order to connect with a good plot, but Quaranteen: The Loners just didn't get there.

It's the first day of school for David and his freshman brother, Will, at their brand new high school. Soon after they arrive, there is an explosion, and all of the adults die a horrible, graphic death. The school is quickly quarantined by the military.

The school kids almost immediately form gangs, based on the usual high school cliques. There are food and
I just finished reading Quarantine moments ago and OMFG! This book is absolutely amazing. I literally was in love with the book right from Page One. It reminds me so much of Gone by Michael grant which is my favorite series so you'll likely here me compare them.

Let's Start the Review

A. Characters:
There are a lot of characters in Quarantine...A LOT but the main ones who matter are David, Will, Lucy, Sam & Hillary.

David is the lead character and honestly, i felt bad for David in the beginning
Seen at Scott Reads It
If you thought high school was horrible, you're in for a wake up call. As bad as high school was for you, I bet you didn't have it as bad as David and Will. Quarantine is unlike anything I have ever read and it just blew me away. Lex Thomas's debut was an extraordinary vision of what would happen if a high school got quarantined. The scariest thing about Quarantine is that it could actually happen.

Imagine if Divergent and Lord Of The Flies were put in a blender and mixed
For people who are fans of the Hunger Games, Gone, and Lord of the Flies this is the book for you. One day at school was like any other, until an explosion took out half the school. While trying to help his teacher, Davids English teacher dies right in front of him in a pool of blood and guts. The kids have a virus, making them lethal to all adults. And in this school you don't fight for fun, you fight to live. And without your as good as dead, and Will and David are without a gang looking for a ...more
To everything in this book.

I feel like something's wrong with me because so many people enjoyed it.

I just did not feel anything in this book at all.

Theres so many questions about this book that go unanswered, which I guess makes sense because this is a series and maybe the author is leaving it for the next books, but still. It was wholly irritating to me.

Such as:
-how can there be drop offs of supplies from the government, but no contact other than that?
-how can there be so much sex happening
Medeia Sharif
David, once a popular football player, is still grieving the loss of his mother. He’s lost friends and his girlfriend as a result of his plummeting social status. He’s a doting brother, taking care of his brother, Will, who experiences seizures. Both boys are about to go back to school. On their first day there’s an explosion. Hair falls out, people are vomiting up organs, illness spreads rapidly, and soldiers barrage the school shooting at people. The soldiers retreat. If they come too near, th ...more
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Quarantine: The Loners

This book has a nice concept from the back of the book but, when I read the actual story I did not like the way that the writer chose to go. Its not that it is a bad story on the contrary it is actually a very good story.... its just a plot that I have seen done one to many times in the last little while, I very well could be biased because of that.

The writer has done the story in a way that it could have happened in a real person and what they would do if they were some
Yee Ching
I never thought I would enjoy a story written mainly in a male's perspective this much.

It is high school drama.

Except you don't fight to get up the ranks, you kill to survive.

First day of school at McKinley turned out to be the start of a nightmare.

For the students, that is.

For the teachers it's easier, they just die.

And trust me when I say it's easier for them.

When the school exploded into chaos, fear masked the faces of every single member of the school.

Then came the news that their school has
As soon as I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. Quaranteen follows what happens after a regular high school is infected with a disease fatal to all adults and is entirely closed off from the world. That immediately made me consider what would happen with my own school if this were to happen. No adults to calm the chaos. No one to regulate who gets food, medical supplies, little comforts from the outside world.

The book is most chilling in its realism, because although reading abo
Giorgio Ojeda
In the book “The Loners,” the main character David Thorpe tried to help his teacher but she died right in front of him. A year later, all the student have the virus that is deadly to adults. Mckinley High is under military quarantine. Gangs were formed by kids -- the freaks, geeks,nerds, sluts,pretty ones, skaters, and the most powerful gang of all, the Varsity. The Varsity was made up of all the athletes in the school. The pretty ones and the varsity worked and lived together. David and his you ...more
Not to sound harsh, but this felt like the rough draft of something that could have been good given more time. It was just...lacking. First: there was not enough explanation regarding the virus--and while some of that may come in future volumes, there was so little information that it annoyed me. And it annoyed me that none of the characters really seemed to care about an explanation, either. Second: everything happened WAY too quickly, and many times I was left wondering if I missed a transitio ...more
Intensity, insanity & terror reign right from the first sentence, not letting up, until after the last page is turned!
I really didn't like a single thing about the book-the writing, the plot, the characters, nothing. So if you're hoping I will praise something in it, all I can say is 'Move along, nothing to see here' *flaps arms at readers*

I usually take a lot of notes while reading so I can refer to them later to refresh my memory. My notes begin with 'Quarantine: The Losers' which probably sums up my feelings perfectly. Lets start with the characters shall we? The guys are all mean, obnoxious jerks whose only
Senior David Thorpe and his 9th grade brother Will were expecting a normal first day of school at McKinley High. Unfortunately nothing could have been further from the truth. All hell breaks loose soon after students begin arriving at school. Just as David enters his first period classroom a giant explosion rocks the school, black smoke pours down the hallways, and panic breaks out as everyone tries to run for cover. David tries to help up his teacher who has been knocked to the floor by a falli ...more
Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books)

Take every clique from your average High School, throw them together in a desperate life or death situation where they've been quarantined from any adult interaction and you have one hair raising thrill ride. Mix together Mean Girls with The Hunger Games and a little bit of The Stand thrown in and you have the plot of this book.

I've had Quarantine: The Loners since last summer to review. For one reason or another I'd start it and put it down promising myself I'd pick it back up up at anot
Dec 04, 2012 Kevin rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of the Maze Runner, Lord of the Flies
3.5 Stars

I mean high school was bad..but it wasn’t anywhere near this…

This book really wasn’t “bad,”but it wasn’t that great either. This book was truly Lord of the Flies meets the I will explain…

The book takes place at McKinley High School,where brother David and Will are already outcasts due to their social status and tendency to breakout in seizures,respectively. Then all hell breaks loose! Literally an explosion next door, (who puts an experimental lab next to a school? Let’s b
The blurb on the front compares this book to "The Hunger Games" set in an American high school. I surely hope it is not the high school attached to our school. David Thorpe and his younger brother Will have enough to deal with after their mother's death, Will's epilepsy, Will's freshman experience, David's girlfriend dumping him, and David's assault of the football team's qb. Throw in a killer virus carried by a teen who has sneaked into the high school, the military sealing off said high school ...more
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Lex Thomas is the pen name for the writing team of Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies. Their first novel, QUARANTINE: THE LONERS, earned a starred review from Booklist, and Huffington Post Books praised it, saying, "You will not be able to put this book down."

Lex received a BA in Drama and English from the University of Virginia and has worked as an actor, director andwriter. Thomas graduated with a Ba
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