Being George Washington: The Indespensable Man, As You've Never Seen Him
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Being George Washington: The Indespensable Man, As You've Never Seen Him

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This is the amazing true story of a real-life superhero who wore no cape and possessed no special powers—yet changed the world forever.

His life reads as if it were torn from the pages of an action novel: Bullet holes through his clothing. Horses shot out from under him. Unimaginable hardship. Disease. Spies a...more
ebook, 304 pages
Published November 22nd 2011 by Threshold Editions (first published November 11th 2011)
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Being George Washington has much to like and much to dislike. The historical details about Washington's life were very interesting and kept me coming back to the book. The presentation of history in story format was fairly readable. However, Beck's moralizing was predictable and uninspiring. The Washington presented in this book was such a great man, he deserved much better.

Additionally, the book's layout was incredibly distracting. The flow was broken up by a ridiculous number of inset sections...more
Dennis Coslett
The more I learn about George Washington, the more I realize what a remarkable man he was. More than once, he had power in his hands, and the possibility of gaining more. On each occasion, he gave up that power -- the first time when he resigned his commission as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, the second time when he passed up any opportunity to mold the Presidency to his own tastes while serving on the Constitutional Convention, and the last time at the end of his second term as Pr...more
This is a historic novel and as such needs to be read with a grain of salt. There is a lot of narrative with many quotes - far too many for me to check out. he thing that this book does is take Washington off a pedestal and make him a person like you and me. Washington had many faults and short comings like any of us. He has been scrubbed and cleaned up over the years to make him almost pristine. Pristine, he was not.

He had a temper as a young man, but learned to overcome and control that. He lo...more
This book is a novelization of history. Rather than just sequential action based on facts or at the very least likely facts, we get a lot of fluff and unnecessary interpretations of said facts. The reasoning behind this as stated in the author's note is because Beck doesn't want you to just read about Valley Forge or Yorktown, he wants you to live it. Good intentions, poor execution. And by fluff I mean statements such as: “His chest tightened in frustration. It was becoming a familiar feeling.”...more
Michael Austin
I am giving this book two stars out of respect for the intent of the project. I am a political moderate who has often disagreed with Glenn Beck in the past. But I also recognize that he is a major media force and that, should he ever choose to use his powers for good and not evil, he could make important contributions to American political discourse. I had hoped that this book would be a start in that direction, and, in some ways, it is. In _Being George Washington_, Beck makes a good faith effo...more
If you think this is a history book, you're very wrong! Beck highlights major events in Washington's life, putting the reader into the action in first person, as if you're experiencing that moment yourself: intense battle scenes, excruciating heartbreak upon being betrayed...everything. The book read like an historical action novel, but with Beck's self-help advice added in here and there. The whole premise of this book is to see George Washington more intimately - the youth he was, the young ad...more
I really liked the book and wish I could give it a higher rating but parts of it were inaccurate and the few sections where G. Beck obviously wrote were mostly annoying. The authors take issue of revisionist history but then practice it! George Washington was the man, perhaps the greatest American but this book made it sound as if he was perfect, we all know there is only one perfect person (me) :)
Feb 02, 2012 Karen rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: EVERYONE
Recommended to Karen by: My mother
WE NEED MORE GEORGE WASHINGTONS! The more I read the more I am inspired by this man. LOVE Glenn's perspective. I want to be like George Washington.
Your Go-to-book on George Washington.

This is not even close to being an exhaustive study into the life of George Washington, if you want that read, The Real George Washington.

The reason for this book is to provide highlights and insights into the life and character of The Indispensable Man. What aspects of his character inspire morality and virtue in others? Read this book.

It's not in any particular order, but tries to stay linear. The idea is how did George Washington handle this crisis or t...more
BEING GEORGE WASHINGTON is a book with an identity crisis--a problem exponentially compounded by the fact that it fails to engage readers on any level. Most of the book is written as a poorly-conceived historical novel--the kind of novel you get when you have a dyed-in-the-wool historian writing it instead of a bonafide novelist. In other words, the "novel" lacks focus, the characters are poorly developed, the dialog stinks, etc., etc. Beck intersperses occasional bits of political commentary am...more
Bruce Snell
A biography of George Washington from Glenn Beck - 3.5 stars. This is an interesting history with some fictionalization of conversations to make it more readable. It follows Washington's life from the Revolutionary war, thru his presidency, and on to his death - with flashbacks to his early life so we can see how lessons learned in his youth helped him later in life.

In the end, this is somewhere between a love letter to Washington and a self help book to encourage the reader to be more like Was...more
The content of this book references a better history book, "The Real George Washington." While some of the material in Glenn Beck's book is interesting and not well known to the American public, about a third of the text is given to name-calling and too much emotional manipulation. The book encourages everyone to follow the example of George Washington, which is an admirable thing to do, but the President was not a name-caller. The story also leaves out the facts that Martha Washington (Patsy) c...more
Shellys♥ Journal
I just finished Ron Chernow's bio of Washington, so Glenn's book was a bit repetitive. But, I will say, while Chernow's book was a beast and 960 pages (although thorough and complete), Beck's book will give you the leadership highlights of Washington's life in 250 pages - interspersed with Beck's own observations on these actions.

I liked that it really pulled the highlights of Washington's career - his honor, integrity, commitment to the revolution, perseverance and belief in God. I didn't like...more
Each of Glenn Beck's books are so different, it is hard to believe a same man wrote them. Maybe he relies on ghost writers?

The language was unsophisticated in a bad way - grammatically correct perhaps, but awkward. I also find it off-putting when biographers use the first person to insert their own beliefs, opinions and interpretations into a work supposedly about someone else. Beck does this constantly throughout the book. Apparently, this book is "teaching" us how to be like George Washington...more
I was given this book as a Christmas present. Given my previous encounters with Beck's work, I don't know that I had any high expectations of what I would find. I find that the more I listen to Beck the more I disagree with him.

That being said, there are some things in which we do agree, and one of them is that George Washington really was an indispensable man because he had virtue. Beck's book is an examination of the life of this man and how virtuous thought and action made this man what he re...more
Feb 11, 2012 Jamie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: people who hated history class but love our country
Shelves: military, non-fiction
This book is part-history, part-self-help/motivational, part-adventure. It tends to blur the line a bit between history and non-fiction novel.

The good thing about reading a history book like this is that it is nowhere near as boring as a text book from a history class in grade school or college. It's a quick read, you'll learn some new things, and you'll retain more because it is a chronological narrative (i.e., the connections from one point to another are easily made and kept in your mind).

Though there may be some who object to the style of the book: it is somewhat historical and somewhat Glenn's comments, the gist of the book is unmistakable: George Washington should be revered as the Father of our Country. I'm not exactly a slouch when it comes to history, but I never knew George Washington was quite as responsible as he was for guiding this country through its infancy both militarily, civilly, and congressionally. If there were ever a need for a man of honor and thought, George...more
Larry Head
This was a fantastic book by Glenn. The point being made is relevant and realistic. With some creative writing and intensive research. I loved the idea that we can make out Nation a better place and one more in line with the original vision of the Father of American Freedom. Liberty was a bulwark President Washington's stand against the British. Glenn does not try to hide Washington's faults or warts. In facts, he lovingly points out the failures and faults that Washington himself claimed to str...more
This was a painful book to read, I finally quit about 75% of the way through. Beck synthesizes a narrative that is a terrible combination of inspiration, speculation, political opinion, and religious zeal. The pattern of the book is (1) chronological story sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek political remarks, (2) description of how amazing Washington is compared to his contemporaries, (3) attempt to relate Washington's triumphs to those of our own, (4) and an awe-stricken sense of how much God was o...more
Very insightful book on the life of George Washington and how we can apply the principles he lived by in our everyday lives. Recalling the various roles and situations Washington faces, Glenn Beck gives us a realistic view on Washington's reactions and choices during the pivotal beginnings of our country. Standing up for what is right is not an easy path, but Washington walked this path. Beck's goal is to share these historical incidents and describe how we can live out the same values. I would...more
Rob Wagy
I finished on a trip I took back to Boston. It was a great read. I had a hard time putting it down.
I am not sure if the author had intended the outcome I received.. but it was good.
I say the tale of two men and their intentions. It then challenged me. What am I intential about. and is my intentions set on helping the generations after me? or is my intentions only about my little domain, heaven forbid.
This is how nonfiction should be written! Written with the help of 17 researchers this is a great book relieving the reason why people called Washington "the indispensable man." I read through it like it was fiction. Amazing stories that I constantly said why didn't I know that. Well done and I hope more people write history like that.
Justin and Jennifer
George Washington is a great man to strive to emulate, for many reasons. He of course was imperfect; I have always taken particular joy in the fact that my childrens' ancestor, John Adams, never owned a slave, for example. I thought Mr. Beck's book was a uniquely written perspective on the many stories and legends involving George Washington. This is certainly not a scholarly biography, but is an effort to encourage people to try to emulate Mr. Washington as a hero. George is certainly worthy of...more
Loved this book! I got to see George Washington the man, not George Washington the President! It read more like a novel than a history book and I learned a lot (always a plus). This book piqued my interest so much so that I took my family to visit Mt. Vernon, Washington's beloved home.
Well I learned a lot about George Washington that I didn't know. He truly was the one to be the father of our country. Beck also challenges us to maybe take a leaf from his book and be a better self. It gave me some food for thought and made me want to be a better person.
Glenn is Glenn but he didn't rant too much. Much of Washington's story we should know if we grew up in the 50/60s. If not, this would be recommended. As it is, there was enough new stuff to made it well worth my while to read. "One nation under God."
Most of these stories were not new to me as I have studied the life of Washington, but what a wonderful reminder of a great man. It is written in such a way as to compare our times with his and to help us determine what we can do to be more like him.

I thought this was a great book for those looking for motivation to keep their chin up and persist in the political debate in times where it seems the country is casting off from its moral moorings. A worthy study of who George Washington was, not simply what he achieved.

Note--I would give it five stars if not for all the liberties taken in "imagining" what happened around, with, and to George Washington. That's a personal pet peeve--I think too many people have a hard time separating fact from...more
Michael Carr
An uplifting confirmation of what a great man George Washington really was. Did edge a desire to step outside myself to be a better citizen. A very easy read. I enjoyed this book and the time it took to absorb its message,
Wow that took a pretty long time to read according to this account, but that's not actually the truth. I finished the book in less than a day, having read only 1 page earlier. So I suppose I didn't really start until two weeks after the supposed start date (don't blame me, blame college life!), so don't take that as an indication of how the book is.

Being a fan of the time period and George Washington in general, I found the book very entertaining, albeit a overly preachy. The book is not a norma...more
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Glenn Edward Lee Beck is one of America's leading radio and television personalities. His quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated radio program in America and Glenn Beck, one of the most successful new shows on the Fox News Channel. His unique blend of modern-day storytelling and insightful views on current events allowed him to...more
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