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Serpent's Kiss (The Beauchamp Family #2)
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Serpent's Kiss (The Beauchamp Family #2)

3.59 of 5 stars 3.59  ·  rating details  ·  4,521 ratings  ·  460 reviews
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Just as things have settled down in the off-the-map Long Island town of North Hampton for the magical Beauchamp family, everything gets turned upside down once more when Freya's twin brother Fryr, or "Freddie" as he's called now, returns from Limbo with shocking news - that it was none other than Freya's fiancé, Killian Gardiner,
Paperback, UK Edition, 384 pages
Published June 12th 2012 by Sphere
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Holy cow! When I gave the first book a scathing review, I really had no intention of continuing further in the series. But then I poke my head into the new releases room at the library...see it sitting there...and because I'm a freak who can't seem to let things go when it comes to books, I think "Hey, it's free! Maybe this one will be better." Well, all I can say is, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Unbelievably, this book was even more insipid and boring than the last. I ...more
Jenny Demonic
First, let me say that it is indeed a strange occurrence for a screen adaptation to be better than the novel. I cannot WAIT for the television series to return and put some sense back into the world of East End.
de la Cruz is a SAD student of Norse mythology. Valkyries as sorority girls? Really? Pixies mixed with "witches" that are gods? I can't even bear to go on with my list of "WTF".
This was a Spring Break read, cover to cover, just to see if anything would finally make sense. Sophomoric writi
This is one of those books you read, and while you are reading it, you enjoy it, but then when its over you don't think about it that much. It was light and fluffy, a welcome break from any stress.

The book started off poorly in my mind - it was all about sex, and the characters sexual relationships. I found myself thinking back to the first book and trying to remember if it was as borderline raunchy. Around the middle of the book, the actual plot began to pick up - but at first I didn't even rea
Howdy YAL
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I feel like I just found out that Santa Claus isn't real and that the Easter Bunny got ran over by a semi.

Yep, that should tell you how disappointed I was with this book. Melissa de la Cruz has published some great books. The Blue Bloods series, for example, just awesome. Grant it, I do understand why people have grown annoyed with them recently, but I do think the last inst
This book is stupid .. Why am I reading it? Update: That was a month of my life I can't get back. The writing is bad, the story is stupid, the characters are flat. There is just about nothing right with this book. I love witches, YA and other assorted smut. But this was just poorly done avengers fan fiction.
After finding "Witches of East End" completely charming and enjoyable, "The Serpent's Kiss" was a complete let down. Highly predictable, filled with filler nonsense that only hinders the book, and under-developed characters just fall into them moments. Greatly disappointing.
The prose was extremely simplistic, especially for adult fiction. The narrator was odd and clunky. The POV changed from character to character each chapter, but the tone did not really alter. Additionally, the narration was often just obnoxious. It sought to tell rather than show, but then what it told was actually undermined by the action. For instance, I did not believe Freddie had power over much of anything.

The action seemed contrived for convenience, not necessarily plot connection. The pi
In this second installment of the Witches of East End we are thrust back into the lives of the Beauchamp women as they navigate their unrestricted life of magic. Faced with the threat of losing one of their loved ones to a small army hell-bent on punishing the person responsible for destroying the bridge to their world, Freya must travel back in time to right a witch wrongfully accused so she will stop haunting Joanne, and Ingrid must navigate the difficult world of falling in love with a mortal ...more
Fryr or Freddie, Freya's twin brother is back. He was locked up in Limbo by the Valkyries because they thought he was responsible for the destruction of the Bofrir bridge but it isn't Freddie who destroyed the bridge. He believes Killian did it and he wants Freya to help him get his revenge. Problem is, Killian is Freya's fiancé. She loves her twin brother as much as she loves Killian. Who will she choose? Brother or lover?

Serpent's Kiss is the second book to the Witches of East End novel. With
Rebecca Gordon
A true witch will never give up and the Beauchamp women prove that in Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa De La Cruz. Joanna and her daughters Freya and Ingrid are enjoying the peace in North Hampton. But peace never lasts long in their world especially when Freddie Frey’s twin brother returns in secret.However Freya’s joy is overshadowed by who Freddie accuses of a serious crime. Freddie says that Killian Freya’s sexy boyfriend is the one who destroyed the bridge. Freya is forced to investigate Killian t ...more
Lynda Tatad
The 2nd book in the Witches of East End series took me a little longer to read than normal (compared to my usual pace), and it was primarily because I had a harder time getting into this story like I did the first. I had a lot of distractions that made it easy to put the book down. I did enjoy it once things got going in the story and things finally started moving along and I was able to finish the book!

If you read the first book: Witches of East End, then you know what happened before. If you h
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What a fun read!

The second book of the Witches of East End series was full of twists and turns that kept me guessing up until the end. Actually, I am still guessing and greatly looking forward to reading the third installment to get my answers.

I like the growth Ingrid undergoes in her personal life in this book. Her scenes with the pixies were always entertaining, as well.

I like that Norman is included more in this book. There are some unresolved issues and feelings there, but he is a great hel
I enjoyed Serpent's Kiss more than I did Witches of East End. I blame trying to separate this series from the TV show. Once I was able to get more involved with this set of Beauchamps, I grew to really like most of them and got immersed in their world. That said, I certainly understand why they added Wendy to the TV show. I really love her character and miss her in the books.

The character development and mythology are what make this series special for me. Also, holy cliffhanger, Batman! I am ser
Mar 15, 2015 Hayden marked it as wishlist  ·  review of another edition
I hate how the UK version is the primary version. I'm not going to read the UK one! Most people aren't -_-'
Jonathan Pongratz
Just finished this book and I think overall that the author kept consistent with her style of writing, which I like. There were a lot of words I didn't quite now and I liked expanding my vocabulary as well as the play on words she had in the novel.

However, I think her characters fall flat in certain ways that really started to aggravate me.

Regardless of whatever happened in the first book, the girls are none the wiser and choose not to question things when something is obviously up.

The author
Lindsay Heller
I don't know what exactly it is about Melissa de la Cruz that I love so much, but I suppose it goes hand in hand with my love of creative YA books. I read her Au Pairs series a while ago followed by 'Angels on Sunset Boulevard' (which I thought was very inventive and wish she would have explored a little more) and like them well enough but it wasn't until last summer that I randomly picked up the 'Blue Bloods' series and became obsessed. Okay, so yes, I'm way to old for this stuff but with her p ...more
I like the concept of three female witches living a reclusive life. But that's where my sympathy for this book ends!

1) Like 50,000 witches were executed in Europe, so why this focus on the "Salem witch trials" in American books? A few people were involved, that's all. I have read several books now, where the heroine is supposed to be a survivor or descendant of this event. Gosh, American authors, read up on history and come up with something else! This recycling is getting extremely boring.

2) A
I know some reviews start off rehashing what the book summary states plus a little extra. I'm not going to do that this time. The book summary perfectly explains what takes place between the covers of this book. What is doesn't express is the hold the story has on you while you're reading it. It's almost as if Melissa herself has placed an enchantment spell on the words she's written.

Oh yeah ... The one thing the book summary didn't mention, that I adored in this book, were the pixies. They are
Freya's twin brother, Freddie has returned from prison. Freddie believes that Freya's beau, Killian is the one that caused Freddie to be sent away. Freya wants so bad to ask Killian if he had anything to do with her brother's punishment but she can't. This in turn has caused Freya to withdraw from Killian.

Then there is Ingrid and Matt. They are finally going out on a date. It is about time. These two move like molasses. In addition, there is some strange happenings in the house. Tyler's mother
I did not enjoy Serpent's Kiss as much as the first book in the series. This book served the purpose of leading in to the next in the series. While I do not wish to give away any of the plot lines, I do feel that there were several characters that could have been utilized in more than the background.
I felt that the tone of Kiss was distinctly more YA than the first book; while I realize that de la Cruz also writes within that genre, I did not expect this book to be so PG-13. I enjoyed reading ab
Kim Strattie
More magic!

I enjoyed SERPENT’S KISS so much I can hardly wait for the follow up to this one, WINDS OF SALEM, which is definitely at the top of my next summer’s reading list.

But as for this book - SERPENT’S KISS - it’s very exciting, really well paced and chock full of the fantasy, romance, rivalries and the paranormal and fascinating forays into (Norse) mythology we’ve come to expect from Melissa de la Cruz. I found myself reading it more than once and each time I read it I couldn’t put it down.
Strange things are still happening in North Hampton, Long Island and the Beauchamp family is right in the middle of it. Although the centuries-old restriction on practicing magic is gone, that doesn't mean everyone is comfortable with it or even believes in it. The Beauchamp family, made of goddesses/witches, is determined to use their magic to help those around them but fate always seems to interrupt their plans.

The family matriarch is Joanna, who can give life back when needed and travel to Li
Copy received from Sphere through Book Geeks

North Hampton is a town in New York state, but it is off the map, not completely part of the rest of the world, although by no means separate from it either. In North Hampton the three Beauchamp witches are trying to live their lives in a quiet way, using their magic to help those around them without interfering too much or being too open about it. But although life appears peaceful and good, stormy times are ahead for the witches. Joanne Beauchamp, th
I have a series of problems with this book, best enumerated in list form:
1. The structure of the plot seems to encourage telling rather than showing. De la Cruz continually has major events happen off-page, seemingly for the sole purpose of telling us about them in paragraphs of exposition a few chapters later. I had to go back and re-read the first few chapters to figure out where the damn pixies came from. Turns out, at the end of one of the first chapters, when Ingrid sees a strange figure in
These books are so silly; it's rather like 'Twilight' for witches. One thing I do really enjoy, though, are the descriptions of food, people, la Cruz has a way with words and does a phenomenal job describing a pie crust, or a lock of red hair. Too bad she doesn't do the same with the plot.
Christina Drew
One of my biggest complaints about the first book in the series was the lack of detailed history. The characters have a back story that has carried into present time and I thought it was important to understand this. Serpent's Kiss did a much better job explaining the character's roots. I love the women in this book, the way each is different and strong in their own way. Overall I found this continuation of the series to be an improvement and I will be reading the next book. I just hope the next ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

So far, I really enjoy this series. So much so, I have now put book 3 on hold!

The Beauchamp women: Joanna & her two daughters Frey & Ingrid have been given permission once again to use their magickal skills.

Joanna stumbles upon a path of wilted/dead flowers which leads her to the grave of her "guardian". The ghost appears & tells Joanna: "Find Me".

Freya is secretly seeking the trident that her brother lost years ago... the sign which shows up on her beloved Killian. She also travels
La Fenice Book
Il bacio della strega è stata una lettura rilassante e distensiva. La copertina è molto carina, la stessa di quella originale e ho apprezzato la delicatezza dei colori.

Impregnata in essa vengono richiamate varie figure mitologiche Norrene e il processo alle Streghe di Salem che fu indetto intorno all'anno 1690. Naturalmente la famiglia Beauchamp già esisteva, ha dovuto subire ingiuste accuse e due impiccagioni .

La storia si infittisce di mitologia, portando in campo le valchirie e strani follett
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Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi-autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.

Her books for adults include the novel Cat’s Meow, the anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like
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