99 Coffins: A Historical Vampire Tale (Vampires, #2)
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99 Coffins: A Historical Vampire Tale (Laura Caxton / Vampires #2)

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Laura Caxton vowed never to face them again. The horror of what the vampires did is too close, the wounds too fresh. But when Jameson Arkeley, broken and barely recognizable, comes to her with an unfathomable discovery, her resolve crumbles.

In Gettysburg a tomb has been discovered. Cemeteries are nothing new for this town, legendary for its role in the Civil War’s bloodie...more
Kindle Edition, 399 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2007)
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These books are amazingly gruesome and the vampires are just plain evil. 99 Coffins developed slower than 13 Bullets but was still very enjoyable. The historical portion of the book was amazing. I loved reading about the use of vampires to help win the revolution. There was an unexpected twist in the end that I just didn't see coming.

Can't wait to start book 3 of the series, Vampire Zero: A Gruesome Vampire Tale

This Series must be read in order as each book picks right up where the previous boo...more
Mike (the Paladin)
I originally had a three star rating on this book, but I finally upped it to four. While it has some specific failings it's still an interesting book and I think it should get a "low 4". I finished it up last night and went to bed thinking I'd give it a 3...but now I realize I do plan to continue the series and I was interested in the book from first to last.

So what's good? This is an in your face vampire book. They aren't traditional vamps but neither are they "sad, romantic...sparkly vampires"...more
Jenna Watt
this book was easy to read and was fun. The story was original. Vampires from the past are brought back in the future and not only can they cause tremendous harm they also dont know their way around anything modern. they cant open a push bar door. Unfortuately this is set in Gettysburg and many things around there are the same as they were and they know their way around.

the chapters set in the Civil War started to be usless information that the reader doesnt always need to know, but in the end...more
C.V. Hunt
Wow! In two books David Wellington has joined the ranks with my favorite authors. The back and forth of every other chapter kept me captivated. Two stories being told between the past and the present, and merging into one was spectacular. I’ve never been one for history, but it flowed with the story seamlessly and never tripped me up.

I kept myself from reading the synopsis off of the backs of the remaining books when I started this series, and I am glad that I did. The twist was (literarily) a...more
Jun 19, 2008 Jamie rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Comic Book Lovers
Recommended to Jamie by: Men's Health Magazine
This was a bit of a let down. If you are a comic book fan, you could probably enjoy this read. However, I felt this book moved too slowly and seemed too predicatable. My biggest issue is that in the world in which this story exists, vampires are routine occurences to the public at large, subject of TV movies, no more and no less. This author managed de-fang his vampires and wiped away the mystique that has lingered over these mythical figures ever since Bram Stoker first wrote of Dracula. If you...more
Cindy (eclecticfirefly)
Fans of Twilight, beware.....these are NOT your sparkly vampires. David Wellington has created a very animalistic vampire. They don't have 2 dainty, although dangerous vangs, they have several rows of triangular, pointed teeth very similar to a shark's teeth. They are much faster and stronger than humans, and they retain almost no human emotions. They can regenerate from wounds almost instantly. The only thing that kills them is to destroy their heart.

There is a surprise ending! Well - unless yo...more
I just finished this last night. It was nice to see vampires portrayed as monsters and not the typical over-sexualized velvet capers that you usually see. It was a quick read and pretty fun if you like to read about creepy crawlies.
Very interesting plot, is all I can safely say. This is a twist on vampires than I have ever read before. I give it a 4 stars because I was never bored reading it.
Les Chroniques Aléatoires
Quand j’ai lu le résumé la première fois, je me suis dit "Alors là oui, ça va vraiment le faire !!". Bon j’avoue qu’en même temps ça fait assez froid dans le dos de se dire que la pauvre Laura va devoir faire face à 99 vampires surentraînés presque toute seule. Pas franchement le top quand on veut prendre un peu de repos et surtout qu’on s’en est sortis vraiment de justesse quelques mois plus tôt contre même pas 10% de l’armée ennemie actuelle.

Rien n’a été simple pour Laura, elle a perdu celle q...more
Deserving of 3.5 stars, honestly. (When oh when will GoodReads enable half stars?) the main character Laura was less irritating than in the first book so that right there propelled this baby that extra half star for me. I'm still incredibly tired of her stupid miscalculations and oversights. As a supposed heroine I want her to grow smarter faster and be someone I can really root for instead of feeling sorry for her for being thrust into a position she can't handle. To whit: "She had screwed up,...more
This book is the sequel to 13 Bullets; however, it is not a typical sequel. This book alternates between the present and flashbacks to the Civil War.

99 Coffins begins on an archeological site related to the Battle of Gettysburg. A group of college students are excavating a weapons cache that they and the university believe to be completely unimportant. What they discover under the cache is another room containing 99 coffins from the Civil War era.

The narration jumps between journals, corresponde...more
I got halfway through this book before I took it back to the library. David Wellington's writing really didn't grab me from the start, but I kept going hoping that it would eventually suck me in (no pun intended). It really didn't. I also couldn't help thinking about his vampires as a sort of rip off. I mean, he did have some new ideas as far as how long they live, but the teeth they had reminded me of the vampires in 30 Days of Night, as well as how they fed.

I read that his books were original...more
I didn't realize that there was a book before this, but I read it anyway. I thought it was a great book about vampires. It was definitely was different then the other vampire books I've read. The vampires in this book were not glamorized in any way. No love story, no werewolves, no getting stronger the older the vampire, etc. In this book, the vampires become weaker the older they get. They need more blood in order to function. They also have rows of fangs, not just the incisors. Anyway this sto...more
Noe Crockett
I have to say. I don't generally think of myself as a fan of action/suspense novels, but apparently, when combined with the vampire genre I am. I was hesitant to start this series because it just didn't seem like my cup of tea, but once I start these books I find it impossible to put them down. I hear there is a third installment in the works and I am frothing at the bit.

This book picks up a year after the first one ends. Laura Caxton is called to Gettysburg where a cavern holding 99 coffins wit...more
99 COFFINS is an interesting mix of modern the procedural/semi-crime fiction genre spinkled liberally with a refreshing historical take on the vampire. Author David Wellington does a really fantastic job setting up the entire basis for the book in a few short chapters both in the modern world of the main protagonists and in the Civil War era in the historical parallel narrative that runs throughout the book. The characters are interesting, if somewhat bland, but the entire plot is imaginative if...more
Madeline Knight-Dixon
13 Bullets is the first in the series, which sets up the lore nicely. And by that I mean these are monsters, not romanticized or sexual objects. They have pointed ears, rows of teeth, red eyes, completely pale skin, they are inhuman in every way imaginable. Their smart, but only use that sense in order to play with victims before (literally) tearing them limb from limb. There’s no love story here. It’s violent, and terrifying.

In this sequel there’s a lot of historical elements. It’s set in Getty...more
From ReadingWithMo: http://www.readingwithmo.com/2011/07/...

Laura Caxton just wanted to get back to being a state trooper after her intense vampire battle alongside US Marshal Jameson Arkeley. But when a tomb filled with 100 vampire coffins is discovered under the Gettysburg Battlefied, Laura is drawn into what is sure to become an all out vampire war.

99 Coffins is the second book in the Laura Caxton series. Just like with the first novel, 13 Bullets, you will not find any hunky vampires involve...more
I'm really a fan of David Wellington. I like what he does with the horror archetypes that he works with, enough so that I'd be willing to read the werewolf book Frostbite if it ever comes out in print.

13 Bullets was a good vampire story, especially as it made the vampires out to be complete badasses. They aren't sissies like in Underworld: these guys are legitimately scary.

While 99 Coffins was a good book, I don't feel as though it lived up to its predecessor. It was more action-based, which is...more
In this tale we meet up with Laura Caxton once again. This time she is the lead investigator in a case where 99 vampires are discovered in an archeological dig at Gettysburg. Things should be fine - the hearts are not in the vampires' bodies, but she quickly realizes there is one vampire missing. [return][return]She takes the lead and reaches out to Jameson Arkeley (her "mentor") for assistance but soon realizes she is on her own this time.[return][return]I really enjoyed the parts of the book t...more
Clark Hallman
99 Coffins is a very creative and original story. An archeological dig by a local college in Gettysburg unearths 99 coffins in an underground ammunition bunker on the famous battle field. Actually there were 99 intact coffins and one destroyed coffin. Of course the 99 coffins contained vampires with their hearts missing. State Trooper Laura Caxton, the famous vampire hunter, and her disabled mentor, Jameson Arkeley, were called in to help figure out what was going on. It turns out the destroyed...more
Jeff Jellets

A Bloodthirstily Fantastic Sequel to 13 Bullets!

David Wellington’s second book, featuring Pennsylvania State Trooper (and apprentice vampire killer) Laura Caxton, is as bloody good as his first outing, and one of the best horror serials to come along in quite some time. Set in historic Gettysburg, trouble begins after a local archeological dig unearths a cavern full of caskets – a vampiric legion hidden away since the Civil War. It’s not long before the denizens of crypt awaken, and Wellington w...more
Jim Barton
I enjoyed the originality of 13 Bullets and had been waiting to savor this sequel. I am sorely disappointed. There is a real lack of depth to the characters - I don't feel I really know Laura Caxton or her former-mentor Arkeley, even though I followed them in 13 Bullets. And other characters seem like two-dimensional cutouts arranged in the scenery.

I didn't find the Civil War flashbacks at all compelling. They took me out of the present-day story without adding much that wasn't already known or...more
In the second installment of Wellington's Vampire series, we get to see a lot more of Laura Caxton and a lot less of Arkley which, in my own opinion, is a pretty good thing.

Caxton gets called in to help Arkley out when a bunch of civil war history students end up digging open a cavern containing 99 coffins, each with a vampire inside. After investigating, Caxton figures the scene is safe enough since the hearts have been removed from the vampires and don't appear to be anywhere in the cave itsel...more
In Gettysburg there is a cemetery. In it lie 100 coffins. 99 of the coffins hold vampires, who are missing their hearts. One coffin is smashed, broken and empty.

Who was in that coffin? Does he have the 99 hearts? If those hearts were put back in the 99 bodies that would make an army of vampires.

How did they lie there undisturbed for 150 years?

Laura Caxton has to figure all that out and save Gettysburg from a mass invasion of the undead.

Laura works for the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Her l...more
The big difference between this and 13 Bullets is the lack of visceral urgency to the story. The plot moves very fluidly and makes sense, but it doesn't have that sense of doom that Bullets has.

Wellington still paints a beautiful tale of man vs. vampire. The glaring problem of the last novel - the obvious serialization - is now gone, now replaced with a secondary story told through Civil War era communications. They break up the narrative at awkward points on more than one occasion and are hard...more
Wellington is a brilliant action/horror writer. Reading his work is like reading a good movie. The characters are quickly and believable drawn, the twists and turns are fast and furious and his novels have an edginess often strived for but not often attained by Hollywood. This novel is no exception. It's a real page-turner with an exciting premise. The action unfolds with a certain sense of irony given its location and the ending is comnpetely satsifying even though it clearly sets up another bo...more
#2 Vampires trilogy

*Gruesome Alert - This is in the Horror Genre, NOT Paranormal*

State Trooper Laura Caxton returns in the continuing trilogy. This time retired U.S. Marshall Arkeley, a lifelong vampire hunter, discovers a college professor in Gettysburg, PA has unearthed a Civil War-era site -- 99 coffins, with one destroyed and empty.

With Arkeley too permanently injured after the vampire fight in "13 Bullets", book 1, this vampire battle is on her shoulders. And what a fight it is!

Gruesome, fa...more
Thanks to my library having, for some explicable reason , not bought book 1 in this series, I'm reading this without having read the first instalment! (Thanks ebay!)
It doesn't really suffer for this, there are references back to book 1, but nothing that vital to the plot is missing & spoilers are subtle, so when book 1 arrives it's still going to be readable :)
I liked the fresh take on vampires here, (not a Twilight 'fresh' thank goodness), horrific, barely functional, rotting cadavers unab...more
Once again, Laura Caxton is faced with the unenviable task of hunting an drilling vampires. The twist, this time, is that not only is she the lead on the case, but there are one hundred vampires who have been sleeping since the Civil War. With pieces of history tied into the plot, Wellington, tells a story that is refreshingly different from the other vampire novels that are currently popular.

I picked this book up because I enjoyed the first in the series and thought it was time for a new vampir...more
I’ll start of by saying that I really should have read 13 Bullets before reading this book. While you can read it as a stand alone, you really will feel like you’re missing out on part of the story as frequent references are made through out. That aside, this was a pretty good vampire thriller. The pace is fast and the action is literally nonstop. Wellington does for vampires what he also did for zombies, giving them a twist that makes them different from other vampire books but no less frighten...more
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David Wellington is a contemporary American horror author, best known for his Zombie trilogy as well as his Vampire series and Werewolf series. His books have been translated into eleven langauges and are a global phenomenon.

His career began in 2004 when he started serializing his horror fiction online, posting short chapters of a novel three times a week on a friend’s blog. Response to the projec...more
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