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The Mage's Daughter (Nine Kingdoms, #2)
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The Mage's Daughter (Nine Kingdoms #2)

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  2,752 ratings  ·  198 reviews
In the kingdom of Neroche, nightmarish creatures have been unleashed as weapons in a war of evil. Morgan the mercenary, daughter of a treacherous black mage, must fight against them-as well as for her very life. Miach of Neroche would risk his own life to save Morgan's, but he must do so at the peril of the realm, forcing dangerous choices in the deadliest of quests.

Paperback, 384 pages
Published January 2nd 2008 by Berkley Trade
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In this second book, Morgan goes from a strong-willed, very capable sword-bearing girl to a conflicted weak-willed girl relying on others to lead her. I wasn't happy with how weak she was. She may have started the book physically close to death, but I don't think her character should have taken so long to bounce back emotionally. I hope in book three she regains her backbone and becomes a beautiful, strong-willed, elven princess instead of one racked by indecision and doubt.
What started out as a fluffy fantasy romance with a fierce, stubborn, sword-wielding heroine turned into a soggy romance with a blubbering, weak-kneed heroine. I lost count of the number of times that Morgan blinked away hot tears or realized her cheeks were wet, or dissolved into uncontrollable weeping, or felt like weeping but managed not to. She was a completely different person from the first book. I can understand that she had some difficult changes to become used to, but I would have expec ...more
I had forgotten how into the first book in the Nine Kingdoms series I was until I got five pages into this second volume and instantly remembered. Oh, right. This story totally rocks. The first volume, Star of the Morning, ends in utter chaos. Nothing is resolved, everyone's in peril, and I remember closing the book in disbelief at the audacity of ending a book in such a way when the sequel would not be out for another year. I wasn't too upset, of course, because the book had been so dang enjoy ...more
I'm really loving this series. The only reason this book doesn't get 4 stars like the last one is that I felt that Morgan became a little too needy. I understand this was a life changing experience for her, but her constant crying and weeping was a bit too much. This one also needed a bit more adventure in it to balance out the romance. It seemed like there were things that were repeated over and over as well. I do love the main characters of this series and enjoyed watching as they fell deeper ...more
Jacob Proffitt
Warning: this includes spoilers for book one without hiding them under a tag. Proceed at your own risk.

So I was right about Morgan needing to make a huge adjustment. Like most second books in a proposed trilogy, this book had a lot of place holding. Progress is made on the central plotline, but a lot of things need to happen before our heroes are ready to move on to the big leagues. It doesn't help that the ending of the first book left Morgan so shattered. Indeed, it's more than halfway through
Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms)
Apr 07, 2013 Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) by: Selena Hyon
I love this series. It's hard to review books in a series because soon it's the characters and the story entirely that has kind of taken over my mind. This is definitely a romance that I would consider a love story rather than the torrid romances that I often think of when someone refers to a book in that genre. Other than the world this takes place in is complex and might be difficult for a young teen to follow, there is nothing in it that is inappropriate. Personally I found it kind of refresh ...more
In Book 2 of the Nine Kingdoms, Neroche is still under siege by nightmarish creatures and Miach feels no closer to finding a worthy combatant against the unknown magic. Meanwhile Morgan is back on her home island of Melksham on a long road to recovery after nearly escaping death. Miach's responsibilities as archmage keep him at Tor Neroche but not without his constant sensing of Morgan's presence. However when she's finally well enough to stand on her own two feet, Morgan flees to her second hom ...more
I couldn't finish it! Book annoyed me so badly I couldn't see the point. The main character, besides for being poisoned managed to get slapped with the stick of stupidity. Maybe I'm not in the mood to read this right now. Best as a Sunday on the couch read where you can finish it in a day, but to draw it out over several days is just painful.
This story contains more romance than anything else, but it's a very sweet romance. There's no sex, no teenage backbiting and grudge-holding, and it's refreshingly free of the "which hot, perfect guy should I choose?" trend that is so annoyingly popular these days. Miach and Morgan's relationship is based on love, trust, and teamwork. It's so nice to be able to read about a functioning, adult relationship.

This book doesn't fall into the trap many middle books fall into: we're given a lot of new
Ronda  Tutt
Captivating but disappointing.

I totally couldn't put this book down however I was disappointed that the story leaves you with no ending and in order to find out the climax of the story or even understand the plot that has begun you have to buy all the books in the series. I usually do not mind buying series but usually each book in a series ends one plot or part of a plot leaving the reader with some satisfaction of an happy ever after but this series leaves the reader in a "What?" State as thei
I enjoyed this book as much as the first. The characters are very likable and it is an easy read. A lot of times in fantasy novels I wish there would be more romance; well this book has plenty of that. I often felt it was more of a romance than a fantasy. I did enjoy that the characters really got to know each other, and were not kept apart for the majority of the story. However, it is nice in a story to have that tension of not knowing if they would be together or not and the book was lacking s ...more
The Window Seat
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
There were tears.

I don't think there was one chapter where a sob wasn't held back, released, choked back, or tears silently streaked down Morgans face. But Morgan wasn't the only one, there were tears all around, which may have been why it was easier to bear this emotional onslaught.

I really enjoyed this. Though it was more romance than anything else and a (long) bridge between books. I love the world Kurland created and I absolutely love Morgan as a character, especially in the first book. And
Blodeuedd Finland
I am sure I would have enjoyed this one much more if I had read it 3,5 years ago after book 1. Now..SIGH.

Now I was confused, no idea who these people were, what they were doing, why I should care about them. It was like I had started the series with book 2.

Read book 1 again? HA, as if. I have a LOT of books, no way I am gonna re-read a book when it might just be that book 2 actually is boring.
The was a good follow-up to Star of the Morning. Kurland is an exceptional writer of dialogue and the interaction between the characters is excellent. I also really like the world build she has created - simple, uncomplicated. Magic consists of "schools" or "styles" similar to martial arts.

Overall, this series is a good fantasy series with such a light sprinkling of romance that is makes for a great read. And while there is indeed a strong romance influence, it is nicely woven into the rest of
No, no, no! You don't just let a story fizzle. You don't dump your momentum down a well with so much repetition. This is their wooing:
"I love you." "How could you love me?" " We'll talk about this later."
"I love you. I want… we'll talk about it later."
"I love you. I want to m… we'll talk about it in 20 pages."

Interesting people who can't seem to hold a conversation! Inconsistencies left and right. Stupid battles in which the game plan is this: "I really shouldn't be doing this by myself. Oh, we
This book and the first one were SO good I could barely stop reading to feed my kids =)! I haven't been so involved in books in a while and it was so nice. I love a good fantasy romance and these were excellent and clean too amazingly enough! Pretty much everyone I know on goodreads will love these so do read them! I just can't wait to read the last one!
Rashika (is tired)
And this is officially the last book I read in the year 2013.
*wipes tears from eye*
a good year comes to an end with a damned good book.
Boyana Todorova
I really enjoyed the first book. I started the series with some reservation as I read that it was more of a romance than a fantasy story. While the romantic elements indeed shined through, I was nevertheless immersed into a very magical world. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and the witty comments, as well as the various characters. This second book, however is a bit monotonous and the storyline is somewhat lacking. I also found Morgan to have become too weepy and Miach just too much like ...more
Melissa Jacobson
I liked this book but not as much as the previous one. Morgan went from being a hardened, sarcastic woman to a love-sick, swooning girl. Now i have nothing against morgan being in love but the way she was written makes me feel like miach was a bad match for her. Love should have strengthened her, not made her weaker. I honestly wanted her to stay with weger. He didn't turn her into a bowl of fluff. But that aside I loved the plot and I am Going to read the next book but I hope that morgan will h ...more
Again, Lynn Kurland has spun a masterpiece. I have been interested in trying something by her that goes into more depth than her romance novels. I do love those as well, but following one specific storyline through numerous volumes is a pleasant experience.

I am very glad to have found this series and am flying through them because she is an incredibly addictive author to read!

I also still stand by my statement that I would, without hesitation, allow my 10 year old read anything by Ms Kurland be
Very pleasantly surprised! Was a bit annoyed with the predictability of the 1st one and almost didn't read this one. I'm glad I did. While the heroine did a pretty serious 180 degree character change, the reasons are believable- and I think I like her better for it. Still tough, but realizing that she can't hold up the world on her shoulders and survive better on her own makes her much more endearing to me. I get that other people think she's just sappy now, but I think her character is more rou ...more
2.5 Stars

While I had some misgivings after reading The Star of the Morning, I decided to still read The Mage's Daughter. I hoped the world would be more flushed out, and I hoped the romance wouldn't get so much in the way of the plot....not to mention the book was sitting on my counter. In some ways my hopes were realized. Almost the first third of the book Miach and Morgan do not spend much time together, so while they think about each other the plot actually progresses. With Kurland flushing o
This is a "romance fantasy," where the book has a strong romance in a fantasy setting. However, this book's focus is almost purely on the romance. Very little forward momentum happens on the action/fantasy side of things. So, romance fans, remember this review is for those readers primarily interested in the fantasy side of things.

Morgan was poisoned at the end of the last book and spends most of this book recovering her strength. Scene after scene in this book is Morgan learning shocking things
Our fierce, independent shieldmaiden, Morgan, returns, just narrowly escaping a deadly visit from the evil mage, Lothar. Morgan, always the resilient one, shows a more emotional side as she struggles to come to terms with her true identity and her feelings surrounding a certain archmage. Meanwhile, this certain archmage, Miach, has decided to put his heart before duty, which means protecting Morgan from the darkness ahead of her, no matter the cost to his personal life. Fortunately, Morgan is no ...more
Today's post is on The Mage's Daughter by Lynn Kurland. It is 378 pages and it is published by Berkley Sensation. Ms Kurland is normally a romance author, to warn any real romance readers this is not a romance there is a love story and it is important to the main story but the main characters just share kisses in this book and only hand holding in the first one that is all, but this is the second in her fantasy series. The first one is 'Star of the Morning' by the same publisher. There will be s ...more
Barbara Simeles
What started out as a cute love story in the first book turned into a disgustingly sappy yawnfest in this one. Miach and Morgan are reduced to lovesick fools, who are endlessly trying to sacrifice themselves for the other. If I were one of the other characters, I'd surely be puking from all the goggly eyes and clingy love scenes these two create. There are somewhat interesting things going on with the plot and the main characters are growing in power and skill, but their personalities just suck. ...more
I loved this book and the entire trilogy. It is full of twists and character developments. I love the fantasy world in which they live with magic and sword fights and relationships. The different character interactions make me smile. This 2nd book focuses on the romance between Morgan and Miach. It is a very sweet romance that includes some kissing and hugs but kept wholesome full of emotion and showing their love through acts of serving one another. I love how it develops and what each gives to ...more
Alisa Hedden
Lynn has brought about another book in the ongoing tales of the 9 kingdoms. While this book can work as a stand-alone, I strongly recommend that you read Star of the Morning, first. After all, history and family events make more sense if you have the background first. Should probably warn you, though, you might want to set aside a section of your bookshelves just for Lynn’s books. I have to.
On receiving this book, I was eagerly looking forward to my next foray into the 9 kingdoms and was not d
I had to read this book because the first one really sucked me into the world of Nine Kingdoms. Kurland does seem to get off on a slow start with her books, but more than makes up for it later with the intricate but understandable tale she weaves. She does tend to give us information about past mages and lineages that we don't seem to understand but it wasn't as much as the Lord of the Rings series and I dealt with it just fine as a character usually explains.

As for our characters, Morgan disapp
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Lynn began her writing career at the tender age of five with a series of illustrated novellas entitled Clinton’s Troubles in which the compelling hero found himself in all sorts of . . . well, trouble. She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination (poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders) was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it. After returning to the mainlan ...more
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“What is wrong with the [tale of] Two Swords?" he asked, even more surprised. "Don't you care for it?"
"There is too bloody much romance in it," she said curtly.
Ah, well, here was the crux of it, apparently. "Don't you like romance?" he ventured.
She looked as though she were trying to decide if she should weep or, as he had earlier predicted, stick him with whatever blade she could lay her, hand on. "I don't know," she said briskly.
"I see," he said, though he didn't. He wished, absently, that he'd had at least one sister. He was very well versed in what constituted courtly behavior and appropriate formal wooing practices, thanks to his father's insistence on many such lectures delivered by a dour man whose only acquaintance with women had likely come from reading about them in a book, but he had absolutely no idea how to proceed with a woman whose first instinct when faced with something that made her uncomfortable was to draw her sword.
"I'll stop provoking you, but I will have the answer to a question. Why do you think most men woo?"
"Because they have no sword skill and need something with which to occupy their time?”
“He walked down the passageway with her and cursed silently. Obviously, he'd grossly overestimated his appeal. Perhaps he should have taken her at her word at Gobhann when she reminded him that she had no use for mages. Perhaps he should have realized sooner that she - ...had reached behind his back and taken his hand.” 6 likes
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