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Les enfants du capitaine Grant
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Les enfants du capitaine Grant (Extraordinary Voyages #5)

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  5,595 ratings  ·  89 reviews
Alertés par le message que le capitaine Grant a jeté à la mer et qu’ils ont trouvé par hasard, Lord et Lady Glenarvan décident d’aider Mary et Robert Grant à retrouver leur père, naufragé sur une île dont seule la latitude est connue (37e degré). Ils seront aidés dans leur mission par le géographe Paganel. Leur quête les fera croiser au large de l’Amérique du Sud, puis les ...more
Hardcover, 542 pages
Published 2006 by Éditions Atlas (first published 1867)
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Isaac Dunaevsky, Overture to "The Children of Captain Grant" movie

Lord Glenarvan, his new-wed wife, McNabb and Paganel agreed to go ahead
And sail on board the "Duncan" yacht, to help the kids of captain Grant to find their missing Dad.
This quest lead them around the Globe in search of Scottish sailor.
They risked their lives so many times, yet kept their will and valor

They knew "Britannia" shipwrecked at 37th parallel
I'll admit, the movie was/is one of my all-time childhood (and lets face it, adulthood too) favorites. So, I went into this book with certain expectations. Most were met, and it was engaging, exciting, and a very entertaining read. And about 3/4 of it (or more) had nothing in common with the movie, so I did not know exactly what was going to happen as I read it.

My major complaints are few, and really not that major. Some of the slang was unknown to me; the verbiage was at times difficult to get
I hate to do this, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to give my beloved Jules Verne a mere 2 stars for this book. I have been huge fan of "The Mysterious Island" since I was probably 10 or 12, and when I found out this book was a prequel to "The Mysterious Island" I thought "why have I never heard of this book??!!". Well, now I know why. Not every book every successful author writes is worthwhile.

The premise of "Captain Grant's Children" (also published under "In Search of the Castaways") is a m
Otro que ya está en la bolsa de leídos del maestro Jules Verne. Este en particular es un libro de 3.5/5 puntos, pero lo califiqué con 3 ya que ponerle 4 sería demasiado.

Todo comienza con el hallazgo de un mensaje en un botella. Comienzo esperanzador, sabiendo a lo que nos tiene acostumbrados Jules, y es por esto que las primeras páginas dan la impresión de que estamos delante de una aventura inolvidable. Nada mas lejos de la realidad, lamentablemente. Así es que, luego de armar el escenario de l
Eugeny Pessotski
This book made my childhood.
Lydia Presley
Another romping adventure by Jules Verne. This was a new book to me and I love it with a book immediately starts out with a great people, objects and an incredible mission. Not just a note in a bottle, the bottle is found in a shark! Immediately I was sucked in.

There was fantastic adventures through Patagonia and Australia and New Zealand. Brushes with bandits, cannibals and the tribal people. In all of his writing, Verne comes off as respectful and full of admiration for the natives of the land
Ricordo che ci rimasi male quando capii che, pur essendo leggibile a se stante, questo romanzo era l'ultimo di una trilogia. Tra l'altro, non ho mai letto il secondo, ovvero "L'Isola Misteriosa". In se stesso comunque è molto scorrevole, come Ventimila Leghe Sotto i Mari, ma ricordo che mi prese meno.
The Children of Captain Grant by Jules Verne

I am starting a Jules Verne Youth Therapy season

This is an exercise in time travel more than a review, so there’s our spoiler alert- although I will not reveal any plot secrets, I may distance myself from the subject so much, and you will not recognize it.

Now that I have lost the only potential reader I might have had, let me think about a book I have read thirty five years ago. Just thinking about it, could rejuvenate me and you, if there’s any reader
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Tādi kā Verns un Dikenss tomēr māk uzrakstīt grāmatu, ieinteresējot cilvēku arī ar lietām, ar kurām citi nemāk ieinteresēt. Tā, piemēram, šajā grāmatā vismaz 70% ir vēsture + ģeogrāfija, bet piedzīvojumi tikai savi 30%, toties salikts kopā tā, ka ir interesanti lasīt. Šitie stāsti nenoveco.
Ja godīgi, tad tā pat kā seriālā How I Met Your Mother - nebūtu Bārnija, nebūtu seriāla - te - nebūtu Paganela, nebūtu piedzīvojumu :D
Ashley Tetzlaff
The story is interesting. But it is stretched out just a little long... and can start to get boring.

A Captain Grant is missing, so a rich newlywed couple go on their honeymoon in search of him... with his kids along, of course (hence, the title).
Nepagāja ne 2 gadi, kad grāmata ir beidzot izlasīta :D Pa vidam gan vēl 3 grāmatas tika izlasītas.
Priekš manis nedaudz par daudz bija Paganela vēstures fakti, kas lasīšanu iebremzēja, bet kopumā patika un aizrāva šie mežonīgie piedzīvojumi.
This is a wonderful adventure story. The character Jacques Paganel is an exceedingly hilarious character. Jules Verne does a wonderful job describing the various locales in this adventure. You almost feel like you have been to these places yourself.
i've spent half of my reading time(including course books) reading the jules vern's novels in my childhood. he is a legend. very few people know about him.

oh captain grant! what a book!
The 2/3 of the book was fine not a lot of colonialism or racism. The walk through the Argentinian Pampa was quite free of the isms. The walk/ride through Australia's state of Victoria was okay until well.... the very bad encounter with native people presented like animals. That was the beginning of a very quick slope towards hard racism and colonialism, it got worst as the searching party was marooned in New Zealand. But... the main characters are well written, especially the French explorer and ...more
Vivian Yonkey
Definitely Jules Verne and definitely quite a read!! The reader must understand from the beginning the age in which it was written and NOT expect political correctness in reference to the native peoples of Patagonia, Australia, and New Zealand - it can be rather harsh and jarring on modern sensibilities. That out of the way, it is quite an adventure encompassing the Southern Hemisphere!! Granted it can be melodramatic and a chuckle given here and there on the stretches of believability, but it i ...more
Captain Grant, Twenty Thousand Leagues, and Mysterious Island are often called "The Great Trilogy" of Jules Verne, and I have to agree: these are extraordinary books, and I loved them when I was a kid. This is the first book of the "trilogy"; unlike the other two, it contains no science fiction and futuristic elements. It presents adventures on sea and land of a team of explorers searching for a missing crew. Since they don't know where to search for the castaways, they must cover a lot of sea a ...more
Amazing and vivid descriptions of the places travelled. I felt like I've been to Patagonia, Australia and New Zealand and saw all the nature peculiarities of the countries with my own eyes. The archaic language used in the book was nevertheless comprehensive and I liked the feeling of being a Lady from 19th century. I imagined people speaking like this nowadays and it made me smile and definitely detach from the real world full of real problems. Very romantic, heroic and adventurous book would b ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Книга, наконец, прочитана. Я, как и ожидалось, пустила свою скупую слезу в конце, погрустив о завершении бесконечного путешествия.
Чтение длилось достаточно долгое для меня время, наверное, около месяца. А по большей части всё потому, что я оказалась слишком любопытной и всё-таки начиталась рецензий. Многие называли её скучной и совершенно неинтересной по сравнению с тем же "Таинственный островом", к которому она якобы подводит. Начала я, правда, бодро и оптимистично: книга читается очень легко и
Two pressing reasons for reading this book: 1) You read Mysterious Island, by the same author, and found out that this book has a tie in to that novel. 2) You watched the live action Disney film based on the same book numerous times as a child, and loved it.

Two pressing reasons to vacillate as you go about the process of actually reading this book: 1) The book is out-of-print … ish. Yes, there is a publisher who publishes it, but if my copy is any indication, then they basically wait for an orde
Aside from every chapter having a weird V. IV Verne inserted somewhere in the middle of a sentence and an occasional WORD capitalized, this Kindle version of the book wasn't too bad.

I did enjoy this much more than I enjoyed 20,000 leagues under the sea. There were more characters that were much more interesting. Paganel himself could have probably entertained me in a book of his own.

This couple on a cruise find a message in a bottle. It is incomplete, but from what they can tell a captain and
I read this one out order after descovering that it was part of a series by Verne, starting with "20,000 Leagues". However, one would never know that the first two books are ever connected until reading the third book, in which characters from both of the previous novels come together.

Also, there is a Disney movie, with the girl form "Parent Trap" with the same (or really similar) title, that I saw when I was young and I could recognize the scenes pretty well. though, of course, the book goes in
Joaquin Garza
No es el mejor Verne. De eso que no quepa duda. Me percaté cuando comencé a leer el libro y después de un 30% de avance, me sentí desesperado por cierta lentitud y una estructura que parece idéntica en cada uno de los lugares que pasa la expedición de Lord Glenarvan para hallar al náufrago Grant:

La expedición llega a un lugar. Se hacen planes. Se comienza bien la expedición. Paganel y el Mayor McNabbs intercambian bromas y el mayor siempre termina haciendo un tonto del geógrafo. Sobreviene un de
Xinlai Chen
The story happened in 1864. Scotland Ji cruise ship "Duncan" nominative Linafan Jazz get help drift bottle two years ago and maritime distress missing Scotland navigator Harry Grant issued in an accidental opportunity, he asked the British government to send ships to find. But the British government to the people of Scotland have been discriminated against, refused the request of jazz.
Sir Gerry Bernard Van was very angry, so he decided to organize a small rescue team, by Gerry Bernard Van and hi
Armands Osītis
“Kapteiņa Granta bērni” ir franču autora Žila Verna piedzīvojumu romāns, kurš tika sarakstīts 19. gadsimta otrajā pusē, precīzāk, 1867.-1868. gados. Romāns sastāv no trijām daļām, kurās galvenie varoņi (lords un lēdija Glenerveni, majors Maknabss, Žaks Paganells, Mērija un Roberts Granti, kā arī citi) apceļo pasauli caur Patagoniju (Dienvidamerika), Jaunzēlandi un Austrāliju, stingri pieturotes pie 37 grādu platuma paralēles.
Notikumi Romānā norisinās 19. gadsimta vidū, par notikuma vietu kļūst
It's a long story, I'll give you that. But it's the kind of story that keeps you on your toes page after page. The action is incredibly (scientifically) accurate, the characters are realistic for an 19th century novel (not so much for today's standards) and it's overall a very witty detective story.

I'm not a fan of long descriptive passages in novels (usually I skip right past them), and granted that this book has some, they actually come in handy later on! Descriptions matter in this book (not
Die Kinder des Kapitän Grant(Teil 1) von Jules Verne beginnt mit der Auffindung einer Flaschenpost in den Sprachen Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch, die aber unvollsändig ist. Sie besagt etwas von einem Schiffsunglück des Kapitän Grant. Gefunden wurde sie von Lord Glenarvan. Gemeinsam mit seiner Frau, den beiden Kindern des verschollenen Kapitäns Mary und Robert Grant und einer treuen Crew macht er sich auf, um den Mann wieder zu finden. Auf der Reise gesellt sich noch ein Geograph der Gesellsc ...more
Als die "Duncan" von ihrer Probefahrt heimkehrte, brachte Lord Glenarvan einen aufsehenerregenden Fund mit: eine Flasche, gefunden im Bauch eines Hais, mit dem Hilferuf des Kapitäns Grant. Um die Schiffbrüchigen zu retten, macht sich der Lord mit den Kindern des Kapitäns auf die Suche. Eine abenteuerliche Weltreise beginnt, deren Erfolg alles andere als sicher ist.

Ich kenne das Buch von Jules Verne nicht, aber das Hörspiel macht irgendwie den Eindruck eines "Best off" des Buches. Die Geschichte
Yiming li
This is a fascinating story, I admire Verne's literary skills and a wealth of knowledge when you read this novel if you in-depth in which you are excited or anxious for their every move.Them how brave and helpful ... a shark belly of drift bottles so that they embarked on this arduous road of adventure, transposition think about it, if you have experienced this situation? You will not refuse: "Hey, this is the old thing, stationery sea eroded, maybe people have died, we also why the hard opinion ...more
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Jules Gabriel Verne was a French author who pioneered the genre of science-fiction. He is best known for his novels "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1864), "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" (1870), and "Around the World in Eighty Days" (1873).

Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of spa
More about Jules Verne...
Around the World in Eighty Days Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Extraordinary Voyages, #6) Journey to the Center of the Earth (Extraordinary Voyages, #3) The Mysterious Island  From the Earth to the Moon (Extraordinary Voyages, #4)

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