Caderno de Soluções
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Caderno de Soluções

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Caderno de Soluções começou por ser um simples guia para ensinar competências cognitivas essenciais. No entanto, rapidamente se tornou um bestseller adulto, graças à poderosa eficácia dos métodos de resolução de problemas de Ken Watanabe.

As ferramentas presentes neste livro surgem da experiência do autor enquanto consultor de topo da McKinsey. Contudo, não necessita de tir...more
Paperback, 1st edition, 124 pages
Published August 2011 by Casa das Letras (first published 2009)
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Rizky Januar
This book is about how to solve problems in our daily lives. The contents are quite simple, short, and well presented.
You'll find this book interesting because we always face problems everyday and we have to overcome them. After reading it, you'll think that you are already using the methods presented in the book. But, you may be using them unconsciously and in unstructured ways. This book explains these problem solving methods with three interesting case studies. In each case study, you'll fin...more
Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing AMAZING !

Simply an utter brilliance !

Problem-Solving 101 is a must-read book written by a Japanese author. Ken Watanabe used to work as a business consultant at Mckinsey & Company, but then he shifted to the education field, specifically that of children. The book was written for kids but it turned to be an international bestseller especially for business!

The book...more
Aussie Andry
Ada 4 jenis tipe manusia. Yakni : Si Pengeluh, Si Pengkritik, Si Pemimpi, Si Reaksi Cepat, dan Si Pemecah Masalah. Di buku ini terdapat berbagai contoh masalah yang diulas mengenai bagaimana kita memecahkan berdasarkan cara yang tepat. Adalah analisa dan cermati akar penyebabnya. Buku ini memotivasi kita supaya menjadi Si Pemecah Masalah.
Adih Respati
This Ken Watanabe (not the actor. This one is younger and has more hair on his head!) once worked for McKinsey Consultant, and decided to resign to venture on writing a book on basic problem solving guide for children as his contribution following the announcement of the Ministry of Education that Japan education was to shift from memorization-focused to problem-solving-focused. The result was a best-seller not only for children market, but all demographic reach (originally released in Japan two...more
Rama Adeyasa
Hlm. 55: “Manusia memiliki kekuatan yang berbeda-beda. Kamu bisa menyelesaikan lebih banyak hal dengan berkolaborasi dengan orang lain yang meiliki kekuatan yang mungkin tidak kamu miliki.

Membaca buku ini, menguras energy juga! Tapi bukunya bagus. Memberikan kita pencerahan untuk memandang akar suatu masalah –apapun itu—dengan lebih jernih. Nah, apa yang kau pilih:
 Pohon logika. Kalau yang ini masih ingat sih…
 Pohon ya/tidak. Ih, yang mana sih?
 REncana desain pemecahan masalah. Wawawa… Persoa...more
Diah Didi
Baguuuus! Meskipun ilustrasinya anak-anak, ga berarti ini buat anak-anak aja. Sangat bisa dipakai untuk orang dewasa, baik untuk penyelesaian masalah sederhana, hingga yang rumit, apapun latar belakang orang tersebut. Penggunaan anak-anak sebagai tokohnya berikut kasus/masalah yg mereka hadapi dilakukan untuk menunjukkan betapa sederhana sebetulnya cara-cara ini. Yang harus kita lakukan hanya berpikir, berencana dan bertindak!
Bagian favorit saya John, yang punya target membeli komputer Apple bek...more
Shawn Buckle
I am glad this book exists. Many, especially the youthful cohort, could really benefit from it. Watanbe presents three basic problems or goals and shows how to rightfully solution them using thought-out, processed thinking. He shows how to use tools like logic trees, pro/con analysis, four quadrant matrix, hypothesis pyramids to diagnose problems in an easy-to-understand way (the book is written for kids, mind you). While the problems are geared towards those in which kids would face, it shows h...more
Carol Littlejohn
First published in Japan in 2007, the author provides practical tips for problem solving. He introduces the Mushroom Lovers, a band that needs to find an audience; John the Octopus wants to become a famous animator and director; Kiwi wants to improve her soccer game. The illustrations by Alan Sanders are a bit childlike, but the approach is fun and useful for all ages.
Publishing One
Anda sedang dihadapkan pada permasalahan dan berusaha mencari solusi atas permasalahan Anda itu? Ketika Anda berusaha memahami teknik-teknik pemecahan masalah di buku-buku mengenai pemecahan masalah, Anda justru semakin dipusingkan dengan kerumitan teori pemecahan masalah dan penjelasannya? Sehingga akhirnya Anda menyerah dan membiarkan permasalahan Anda tanpa solusi. Jika demikian, saya sarankan Anda membaca Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book For Smart People.
Berawal sebagai buku untuk pelajar...more
Ali Garawi
Very interesting book indeed!

Simply this book gives you tool sets that helps you to make decisions accurately and with confidence.

I liked this book a lot. The moment i finished it i decided to read it again. I read it twice and i'm planing to read it once more. Very useful book it is very easy to read and it does not matter how thick the person who is reading it HE WILL GET IT and HE WILL DIGEST THE INFORMATION JUST FINE.

The book goes in 128 pages and it has three chapters. each chapter has a p...more
A nice, short read. Describes the use of a few thinking tools that can be helpful in our daily lives and at work, packaged in a form of cute children stories. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations.

The tools described includes:
1. Logic tree and yes/no tree: a visual tool for identifying all potential causes of a problem
2. Problem-solving design plan: a method that includes clarifying the issues you are trying to solve, stating your hypotheses, and listing the actions required to prove or dispr...more
yusuf habibi
problem solving 101, sebelumnya buku ini ditulis untuk segment anak anak jepang, panduan bagi mereka untuk berpikir kritis dan sistematis dalam menghadapi masalah. Namun buku ini menjadi laris dikalangan orang dewasa karena ulasan pemecahan masalahnya lebih efektif dan sederhana

first impressions saat saya melihat buku ini "buku ini buat anak anak" tapi saat saya mulai membacanya,isinya sangat kompleks, simple dan sangat bermanfaat. dibuku ini dijelaskan perincian masalah dengan step by step dan...more
buku simpel untuk orang cerdas!

Anak pemecah masalah mencapai tujuan lebih baik dan lebih cepat dibandingkan anak-anak yang lain.

Ken Watanabe mengajak kita mengingat kembali untuk bertindak positif dan menelaah kembali masalah berikut rencana-rencana yang kita buat agar mencapai hasil atau penyelesaian maksimal.

Isi nya pun sungguh sederhana, dituturkan dengan baik dengan contoh dan analogi yang menarik, yang tak jauh dari pengalaman sehari-hari. Didukung dengan soal cerita ringan, gambar ilustras...more
Loved this little book!

The book is written for schoolchildren, so a very easy read. And as it envolves making your dreams come true AND models/tools/techniques to do so (topics I both love) it's one happy read. It makes me want to create mindmaps and diagrams right away. I also like how Watanabe combines structured and lateral thinking to come up with ideas to overcome challenges.

But most importantly it's a reminder that we are all able to accomplish our dreams and overcome challenges. It's a...more
My opinion: A book that every 10-15 year old should read.

The problem solving tools are covered in a simple manner, written beautifully and makes for a brilliant read.

The tool boxes (as the author calls them) that are covered in the book are:
1. Logic Tree
2. Yes/No Tree
3. Problem-solving Design Plan
4. Hypothesis Pyramid
5. Pros and Cons; Criteria and Evaluation

All are explained in the context of various stories, and make for interesting reading.

Cons: The ability to analyse a problem correctly by a...more
Nura Yusof
In my work, we're already using these methods. However, what Watanabe has done are 2 things; 1) give clarity as to why the steps are necessary and 2) he has shortened the steps.

We go through our lives not knowing why we do things and we tend to take a really long route in order to get things done.

At work, we're required to adhere to certain protocols because "that's how things are done around here", which is not really a good reason why we should adhere to them in the first place. Or it could j...more
My father asked me years ago to obtain a copy of this book once it was translated from the original Japanese. Although written for middle-schoolers, the book was tremendously successful in Japan among members of the business community.

I can see why. It is almost like an abridged version of an MBA! I loved this book and feel it should be required reading in every school. The author does what most business authors avoid; he simplifies complicated lessons for all to understand. Sure, it generalizes...more
Douglas Koehne
A simple book on a complex topic. Problem solving can be as easy or difficult as one makes it, and Watanabe takes the reader through a number of different case studies to show how simple organizational and investigation skills can be used to provide a path to answers. The book was originally written for adolescents in Japan, but because of its straightforward simplicity, it gained a larger audience and popularity. I use most of the simple techniques in my architectural practice either designing...more
Tim Condit
It's a combination of Japanese cute and three different approaches to problem solving. I don't feel like his target audience, but the author says it's a big hit with adults.

There are three problem solving techniques illustrated with the help of a school rock band called The Mushroom Lovers, an Octopus who's trying to buy a computer to run a web design business, and a girl named Kiwi who wants to find a soccer school.

Mixing the rigor of problem solving techniques with the whimsy of the protagonis...more
Shahriar Rana
Steve Jobs emphasized "the only way to do great work is to love what you do" but he did not show any specific way to find out your loved job and thats where this book comes handy.Very insightful yet simple .
a small solution for a big problem.

Sebuah buku karya "Ken Watanabe" yang dibuat untuk mengajarkan anak2 belajar memecahkan sebuah permasalahan. Melalu buku ini, Ken menuntun dengan baik si pembacanya, dari awal hingga beberapa contoh kasus yang menarik yang sangant mudah dicerna diikuti dengan ilustrasi dan diagram yang sangat sederhana, tidak berbelit-belit, hingga dapat menggorganisir akar permaslahannya kemudian bagaimana memecahkan masalah tersebut.

Uniknya dari buku ini, awalnya dibuat untuk...more
Türkçe' ye yakınlarda çevrildi. bilim teknik dergisinde görüp aldım, günübirlik bir kitap ama sayfaları ve tasarımı o kadar güzel ki, içeriğinim çocuksuluğu da eklenince, eğitici bir çizgi film izlemiş gibi oluyorsunuz. 7 liralık bu kitabı bir cumartesi öğleden sonranızda okumanızı öneririm :-) kısacık hemen bitiyor zaten :-)
Written at a junior high level, this would be a great introduction to intentional, strategic problem solving, though I can't imagine myself reading this when I was in junior high. I can imagine starting it but not reading the whole thing and certainly not implementing its teaching.

Such books help a lot when you apply what you read and this book in my opinion focuses on writing down your problems in a good way so you can decide the solutions you have clearly seen. it gives some nice hints and tips about solving problem with daily-life examples which make it applicable and not hard-to-get things.

The idea of "problem-solving kid" is charming and would help kids\people a lot . The design was nice and the language was simple yet effective.

One thing I like the much is the ident...more
Turangga S
If you only could read one book this year, make sure it's Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book for Smart People. Improve our analytical thinking in a small bite.
Buku ini bagus banget. Problem solving adalah sebuah mindset. Buku ini menjelaskan dengan cerita sehingga mudah dimengerti, diingat, dan menginspirasi kita.
Faz jus ao seu título original: Problem Solving 101. Elementar, muito introdutório, com abordagens simples de ferramentas como as árvores lógicas, árvores de decisão e pirâmide de hipóteses e ainda sobre o oesboço de planos para resolução de problemas. Apenas uma leitura interessante mas que, pelo menos para mim, nada trouxe de substancialmente novo.

Lamenta-se a *péssima* primeira edição portuguesa, sendo a editora Casa das Letras responsável por um trabalho pouco cuidado e com gralhas quase inf...more
Bonar Fitriarman
Mungkin saja kita pernah mengalami kesulitan dalam memcahkan suatu masalah dan mendapatkan sebuah solusi yg benar-benar kita perlukan dan yg paling tepat untuk mengatasi masalah itu.

Buku ini menjelaskan dengan cara yg sangat mudah dipahami karena pada dasarnya Target Audience adalah anak-anak, maka orang dewasa dapat dengan mudah menangkapnya. Melalui cara yg sederhanan dalam menguraikan masalah, kemudian membuat langkah yg tepat setelah masalah itu benar-benar terurai.

Sangat berguna untuk membu...more
Rana Fathiya Kusuma
Seperti judul bukunya, it's basically simple things, and I personally knew few friends yang cara berpikirnya persis kayak yg Mr. Watanabe jelasin (kayaknya mereka pun belom pernah baca buku ini :p) dan, YEP, bisa dibilang mereka smart dalam menghadapi masalah mereka, and they reached their goals :) Just like Mr. Watanabe said in this book, pola pikir problem solving itu didapat dari latihan dan pengalaman. Semakin sering, cara berfikir dan step-step yg dijelasin di buku ini would come off in you...more
This book was a super quick read. It is clearly aimed at children (something they make clear at the beginning) and to someone who is already reasonably logical and a "list person" it was a little on the rudimentary side. Stepping outside of my head for a moment, it is a great primer on problem solving and thinking logically. It is especially interesting how in all of the "case studies" the subjects end up going through a re-frame, where they get to challenge their assumptions and correct them ba...more
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