The Flame of Olympus (Pegasus, #1)
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The Flame of Olympus (Pegasus #1)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  2,136 ratings  ·  262 reviews
A young girl, a winged horse, and a war of epic proportions make for an adventurous start to an exciting new trilogy.

When Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm, Emily’s life changes forever. Suddenly allied with a winged horse she’d always thought was mythical, Emily is thrust into the center of a fierce battle between the Roman...more
Hardcover, 385 pages
Published May 22nd 2012 by Aladdin (first published February 1st 2011)
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Searching my way through the Barnes and noble book shelves, I didn't expect to find Pegasus: The flame of Olympus. I was intrigued by the beautiful cover art and what I read from the inside flap. Another thing that caught my attention was the praise from bestseller Rick Rick Riordian. Now I never been fond of authors giving praises to another author, but for some reason I trusted Rick Riordian's praise because I am such a huge fan of his books series and I love Greek and Roman mythology.

Now str...more
Okay...this is a children's book. It is for people 8 and up. It is not complex. It is not deep. It is not adult fiction. It isn't even YA fiction. It is not as complicated nor as deep as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. It is perfect for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade set.

With that being said, I am an adult and I read it after my 9 year old daughter. I wanted to see what was in it. I don't read many of her books but this one held my attention and I wanted to know what happened. I will read the next...more
Percy Jackson fans will be happy to learn that there's a new set of Olympians in town. Originally published in the UK, Kate O'Hearn's Pegasus trilogy is coming to the US. Released just last month was the first book, THE FLAME OF OLYMPUS.

Written in the third point of view, the narration flips back and forth between Paelen, a thief god, and Emily, a young New Yorker. Paelen attempted to steal Pegasus' bridle during a battle between the Olympians and Nirads and ended up zapped to present time. Emil...more
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I couldn't get into this one. I gave it a good go and it wasn't thrilling enough for me to keep going. There's nothing wrong with the writing, I just wasn't invested in the characters and didn't feel the need to go on to find out what happens next.
I was really excited about this book. Like, really excited. But as I am beginning to realize, Pegasus (or unicorns, as the case may be) does not guarantee a good book. (As a side note, I once was really excited for a book about killer unicorns that turned out to be really lame.)
This book totally killed its potential, let’s see, right about the time I read the sentence starting with a dependent clause. Eye twitch. No, actually, I kinda lost interest with the prologue. Like Ranger’s Apprentice, th...more
I didn't quite enjoy Pegasus.

I thought it was juvenile, inaccurate with its facts about Olympus and the Olympians, and there was way too much action and talking, not enough self-reflection on any of the characters' parts.

If I had to choose one character that I actually liked, it would be Paelen. I quite admired his character development and quirkiness. His character, if not predictable, was cute.

Other than that? Ehh. Joe was an OK character, but the whole CRU thing chasing them? I really wasnt i...more
Apr 20, 2014 Amanda rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Amanda by: Paula
Shelves: fantasy
I borrowed this book from my 9 year old god-brother, who didn't want to read it because it had a *girrrl* as the main character. (Also, I'm borrowing books from a nine year old?)

If you like Percy Jackson, you'll love Pegasus. This one focused solely on Roman mythology. You have your battle of good vs. evil and the heroine who is more than she knows she is/unknown savior.

Nice, enjoyable read. I think I need to go see what else that 9 year old has on his bookshelf....
Good book. Not as good as Percy Jackson but still a nice read. 3.5 stars
Synopsis: "A young girl, a winged horse, and a war of epic proportions make for an adventurous start to an exciting new trilogy.

When Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm, Emily's life changes forever. Suddenly allied with a winged horse she'd always thought was mythical, Emily is thrust into the center of a fierce battle between the Roman gods and a terrifying race of multiarmed stone warriors called the Nirads. Emily must team up with a thief named Paelen, the goddess D
Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus was such an enjoyable book. It honestly felt more like a middle grade than a young adult, even though every label I could find listed it as young adult. I love Greek/Roman mythology so even from the Prologue I was hooked. Kate did a very good job at taking mythology and putting a very interesting twist on it.

I'm sure most of you know at least some Greek/Roman mythology. This book includes a lot of characters from mythology such as Jupiter, Pegasus, Neptune, Hercules...more
Kaitlin (Read. Write. Love.)

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The Story

"It's really you isn't it?" Emily whispered softly as she stroked the soft muzzle. "You're Pegasus, aren't you?"
The stallion...nudged her hand, inviting another stroke. In that one rain-drenched instant, Emily felt her world changing. Forever. (p. 33)

One stormy night Pegasus crashes onto the roof of Emily's apartment in New York City. She soon learns that there is a war going on in Olympus and that the gods are being overthrown by the vicious, monstrou...more
Lynn Worton
When a severely injured Pegasus crashes on to her roof during a storm, 13-year-old Emily Jacobs cannot believe her eyes. Pegasus has been sent on a quest to find Vesta's Flame. Can Emily help Pegasus with his quest in time to save Olympus from destruction?

This is a fantastic book! From the first page, I was swept into the action.
Olympus has been invaded by a virtually indestructible foe. Pegasus has been given a mission to find Vesta's Flame, but things go awry when Paelen accidentally causes Pe...more
I would actually\probably give this book 4.5 stars.

There is a war going on between the Olympians and four armed un-stopable Nirads, back at home Emily is watching the worst storm ever. There is a black-out and she hears loud a sound...

'Emily sucked in her breath when the beam of light revealed a huge crack in the ceiling plaster...'

She thinks it is just the garden shed on the roof fallen over, but when a bolt of lightning reveals the flying stallion of legend (Pegasus hates getting called a hors...more
Melissa Sodano
A great book that leaves me wanting more without any of that cliffhanger nonsense. This story begins when an epic storm hits New York City, putting the city in a state of blackout. Emily, a young girl, is home alone while her police officer father tries to restore the city to its usual state. When a strange lightning strike compels Emily to go to the roof of her building, she discovers Pegasus, injured and immobile in her recently deceased mother's garden. Being a caring child, she wants to help...more
Mandy Chan
This book is fantastic. When a bright beautiful wing stallion crashes to the roof in the middle of the storm who blacks out New York City, 13 years old Emily life's become's a big part of the legend. While Emily toke care of the stallion from olympics, Pegasus from his wound she also called up her classmate Joel to help out because of his be love of studying myths especially Pegasus. On there long journey to save Olympics from the monstrous Narids that is taking over the world after they finish...more
Tara Lechanteur
I really enjoyed reading Pegasus and the flame. It was an interesting take on the Roman myths and I will definitely want to read it again.

I did have a few qualms though. One, that it was far too short and so it seemed like the story was hurried in order to finish within a set amount of time. It made the story far less believable since the friendships became so steadfast so quickly despite the characters having issues.

(view spoiler)...more
Kim McGee
Just when you think that Rick Riordan has all the kids reading his wonderful multiple series involving Greek mythology comes a new author to pick up the classic baton. Pegasus breathes new life into the old myths and anyone who enjoys a good adventure involving mythological beings will whip through this new series faster than you can say take me away to Mercury's sandals. During a violent thunderstorm in New York City young Emily is alone and dealing with her fears when there is a horrific thump...more
Lex (Fastidious Reader)
Nov 19, 2012 Lex (Fastidious Reader) rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Lex (Fastidious Reader) by: JPR™
First of all, I don't know any Roman Olympian named Paelen so this book didn't appeales much to me unlike Percy Jackson's. Uh, I didn't mean to compare it but you know, you just can't help it if you really like that series. >_<

So... the story is pretty unique. And it's because the female MC is human, not a demigod... er... yeah. Then as I've mentioned, Paelen, is the other MC. Anddddd... There's Pegasus too! Pretty cool that he's also included there.

I like the Greek's version rather than t...more
I was a bit disappointed, the book was quite thick and when I opened it the words were a bit big for my taste, but all the same this was a fun read. The book started splat, right in the action (well, the Prologue did. If the whole book started in the action it would be pretty confusing.) This is a fun, sweet book and I love how Joel changes and how defensive he is towards Pegasus and Emily. I personally love how Emily is such a strong, determined character.

One of my favorite characters was Paele...more
Kris Irvin
I LOOOOVED this book. I'm not really a huge fan of Greek mythology, but this book was fantastic and totally sucked me in. I couldn't put it down, wanting to know what was UP with that Pegasus.

I loved Emily. And I loved the reason the Flame weakened - I thought that whole part was so well done. And I loved that Pegasus loves ice cream and Paelan loves chocolate.

It's a little more juvenile of a book - I'm not sure what the recommended age range is, but I would say 4th - 6th grade. After I finish...more
I wasn't all that impressed. It was amusing, I guess, but really predictable. It also annoyed me a bit that just about every character was shocked and just "couldn't believe it!" when they saw Pegasus, and then two sentences later they are willing to put everything on the line to help. Seriously, this was the reaction of EVERY character. Only one character decided the story was too fantastic and she couldn't handle the adventure. The rest took about two seconds to decide nothing but Pegasus matt...more
Pegasus crashes onto Emily's apartment she then tries helping him but Pegasus is too hurt.So she gets Joel to help her since he is always drawing Pegasus.Everyone then finds out about Pegasus.Emily,Joel,and Pegasus have to run away.But first they have to meet Emily's father,on their way they meet Diana and they all have to save Olympus.A government agency captures them and only Paelen can help them escape since he can change sizes and can fit anywhere.My favorite character was Paelen. Joel was a...more
The story: Olympus is at war, under siege by the mindlessly destructive Nirads. This has direct consequences for New York City, where the lightning bolts of the gods have turned into the storm of the century. Even more amazing for Emily is finding, in the wake of the storm, that a horse has crash landed on the roof of her Manhattan apartment--and not just any horse: it's Pegasus, barely escaped from Olympus, sent on a mission by Jupiter himself. But the horse is badly wounded, and the alien-dete...more
I was a bit disappointment in this book. I was really excited about it, because my friend recommended it, but i had trouble enjoying it. It was way too unrealistic, and the characters were just not interesting. The way it was written was also more based around young children, and I should have seen that coming because my friend doesn't read very complicated books. Also the fact that the enemy seems totally indestructible, and manage to kill a bunch of gods. So, like, how does that work? Pegasus...more
Michelle Kelley
Because Percy Jackson is so fantastic, I get a lot of requests from kids for books like it. The Flame of Olympus (book #1 in the Pegasus series) tries hard to set a stage similar to that of Percy Jackson. Olympus and its cast of gods and goddesses (but Roman names this time, not Greek) and assorted other mythological creatures have settled over New York City (sound familiar?), and after a battle between the Olympians and foes called Nirads, an injured Pegasus lands atop an NYC apartment complex...more
If anybody knows me, they know I am a huge fan of mythology. Whether it be Greco-Roman, Norse or even something from China or Japan, I'm fascinated. That's why one would think I would enjoy this book. But unfortunately, I didn't. Maybe it's unfair of me to compare this with Percy Jackson, but it's very hard not to when there are certain parallels: the fact that it's taking place in New York City, the fact that it opens with a lightning storm and something being stolen from Olympus, the fact that...more
This book had an exciting plot, though there are a few flaws. It seems to me that the power of the gods and goddesses in this book are underestimated. Also, there are a few inconsistencies and not even a vague description of Emily or her father's appearance. (Besides clothing.) Emily and Joel's relationship moved too quickly for me! One minute they don't really want to be around each other and the next minute they're best friends!
Despite these flaws, it was a good story. I will read the next!
This is almost like Percy Jackson and the Olympians but the first book does not immediately dip you into the Roman Olympus World. Like a quest before going to Camp Half Blood. I like the story and how it changes from Emily's perspective to Paelen The Magnificent's perspective. It's scary but funny how he can turn into glob or something to get to the others in the CRU prison thingy. I hope people enjoy this book as much as I do.
Brianna Wilshusen
When I began to read this book I was not sure if I would like it very much. I usually have trouble reading juvenile fiction. However, once I began I just couldn't put it down! Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus is very intense and action filled. I have long been fascinated by Greek myths, and though the author used the roman version of these myths, I was entranced. Horses have always been my favorite animal and Pegasus has always been my favorite mythical creature, and reading this book really made e...more
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She started her career in the fashion industry, spending several years working in the showroom of a large accessory firm in New York, then top management at the Calvin Klein corporation and then to Oleg Cassini in Toronto Canada.
From there she moved into film and television and finally into writing books.
More about Kate O'Hearn...
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“It’s really you, isn’t it?” she whispered softly as she stroked the soft muzzle. “You’re Pegasus, aren’t you? I mean the really real Pegasus.” 1 likes
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