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The Capture (Animorphs, #6)
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The Capture (Animorphs #6)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  3,661 ratings  ·  63 reviews
It was really bad when Jake found out his older brother was one of them. It was even worse when Tobias stayed in his morph too long. But nothing compares to the horror the Animorphs are about to face. Nothing.
Jake and the other Animorphs have a feeling they know where the Yeerks' new base is located. And they've found out how to get in - how many people will really notice
Mass Market Paperback, 154 pages
Published February 1997 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published January 1st 1997)
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Janelle Dazzlepants
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Nemo (the Moonlight Library)
Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!

In Animorphs Book #6: The Capture, Jake and the Animorphs find out that the Yeerks are taking over a local hospital in the hopes of infesting the future President of the United States. They decide to shut the operation (pun HA HA) down but in doing so, Jake gets infested with a Yeerk and becomes a Controller.

Jake doesn’t actually get infested until well past the half-way mark. The Yeerk who infests him is pretty damned stupid and/or arrogant and thinks he
Julie Decker
The Animorphs need to investigate a hospital that appears to be involved in yet another plot of the Yeerks, so they morph roaches to spy on a meeting and find out what's up. Visser Three visits in human morph to announce that the governor of their state is going to be coming to the hospital for minor surgery, and that they plan to infest the governor at that time. The group goes to the hospital in housefly morphs and attempts to cause a hiccup that will prevent the governor's infestation, but th ...more
Alan Gilfoy
"Great on emotional and tactical grounds"

This one really highlighted how not wanting to harm Tom limits the Animorphs' actions. The whole book had a great blend of emotional rollercoasters and strategic information on the war.

I remember the governor is important later in the series, but that it's Madame Governor, and this one was mentioned as male. Maybe this one did get elected President, or at least gave up the governorship in the attempt. Also, I feel it's additional evidence that the Animorp
Jake - 1
Visser Three - 0

Narrator: Jake

Here we see Jake's character depth. And my respect for him is now higher than ever.

The Animorphs had started to discover that they aren't just fighting for humanity. Some of them had personal reasons now. Marco, who was at first very against this whole business of saving the earth, had discovered that his mom's Visser One. And then Jake, has a brother who was taken in by the Yeerks as a controller.

Jake had a lot of sacrifices in this part. First, he turned i
The Capture strays away from the usual pattern the previous books have taken. The story focuses on Jake's character, his brother Tom and the Yeerk which has been controlling his brother. The Animorphs discover (view spoiler) ...more
I've read a lot of Jake books and so far this is my favorite book. My favorite characters-
1 Jake. 2 Ax. Tie 3. Tobias and Rachel. 4 Cassie. In this book the team goes into the new hotel for The Sharing where they try to deactivate the yeerk pool where they get noticed by some Controllers not Tom though. They see Tom outside the hotel with Visser Three and Visser Three predicts that the cockroaches ( the team's morph ) are Andalite bandits so he gets out bug spray. ( he HAD to have bug spray) bu
2.5/5 Children's books these days are too tame. Seriously, the Animorphs series dealt with some ridiculously twisted concepts.

This one was not really one of my favourites as a kid. It's not really one of my favourites now either, but for slightly different reasons. There were some things that just didn't make sense. Like when the Yeerk uses Jake's morphing ability to morph into an ant to try to escape, what happens to the Yeerk? Does it shrink too? Does it become part of the ant's brain in some
This book is about Jake, an animorph trying to live his life. His brother was infected with a parasite, a Yeerk, a ‘superior’ race that wanted to take over the Earth. His brother, Tom, had meetings occasionally where the Yeerks would share news and act as if they were just boy and girl scouts getting together for a meeting. In reality, this was there time to feed the Yeerks, every one of them had to be exposed to rays every three days in order to stay alive. So Jake sneaks into the enemy territo ...more
This book is in Jake's point of view again, restarting the cycle of character perspectives for each book. I thought I remembered reading a book in Ax's point of view, but for now it seems they're sticking with the human Animorphs.

(view spoiler)
This was an interesting book. It made the enemies more personal, and...not. They are utterly, utterly alien, and completely evil to boot. I had been hoping that this book was going to make them more sympathetic, more complicated.

It didn't. Not even a little. Yeah, ok, they feel fear too. Whoop-de-doo. By the time the fear comes around you just want the jerk slug to shrivel up and die. You don't get any sort of sympathy for it. Maybe they will in the future, maybe not.

Maybe imposing a huge mora
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book was from Jake's point of view. The Yeerks have set up at a local hospital where patients that check in, check out with an infestation. An influential governor is set to go under the knife for a quiet and unpublicized surgery. The governor will soon be running for President. And so, the Animorphs must stop the infestation.

They morph flies in order to be able to do this, and all pretty much goes to plan. They infiltrate the hosptial without people freaking out too much. They find the min
Finally . . . HAHAHA! Jake gets captured by the Yeerks! That one is AWESOME! It's great how this book will go where you think it won't . . . whenever something terrible happens in a kids' book, you start to respect the author and realize none of your favorites are safe just because this is kiddie lit. . . .

Notable moments and inconsistencies:

This book contains an inconsistency; Jake's narration refers to Chapman as "the most important Controller we know," but considering in the previous book the
Jennifer Rayment
Jake's Review: This book is the most boring of the series so far, because there wasn't any exciting stuff in it. They did way to much talking and not enough fighting. I would have changed the story so when a Morph thought talked to a human the human could actually thought talk back to the morph. My favorite character is Ax because he is like the last living Andalite and that is pretty cool. I kinda feel sad for Marco because he doesn't have a Mom because she died (Mom's note: What is this a Disn ...more
The book starts out with truly gross morphing sequences (yuck, roaches and flies!). I have to give it to Applegrant: their morphing descriptions are disgusting. I know it gets repetitive after ten books or so, but to their credit they manage to keep the sequences well written. And kudos for quoting old movies! The old version of The Fly was significantly scarier than the new one, though; reminded me of a creepy, non-comedic "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". It's nice to have some stuff that kids won't ...more
Oh, gross, the one with the roaches and the flies, and the Yeerk in Jake's head. That's really the most interesting thing about this book: getting a glimpse of the Yeerks from the inside, in a way. Jake learning all about the Yeerk as he dies. It's one good way, along with having an Andalite on the team, to have them learn about the enemy, another good way for them to learn what to do. And something like this was bound to happen sooner or later, and sooner or later it'd have to be dealt with.

Lianne (The Towering Pile) Lavoie
When the Animorphs discover a Yeerk plot being run out of a local hospital, they make a plan to get in there and destroy a Yeerk pool. But, as always, something goes wrong, and while the plan overall goes pretty well, Jake comes out of it with a Yeerk in his head!

A lot of the rest of the book is just Jake listening to the Yeerk in his head, while the other Animorphs guard him in an attempt to starve out the Yeerk. Since this one is told from Jake's perspective, it gives a really interesting insi
***The following may contain spoilers from previous books as well as the current book***

This was one of my favorites of the series when I was a kid. Re-reading it, I found it to be pretty good and liked it better than some of the others. In this one, the Animorphs are trying to find a way to sneak into a meeting at "The Sharing" to figure out what is going on with a local hospital. Once they learn that the hospital has been compromised by Controllers, the gang has to figure out a way to stop the
Out of all the Animorphs, Jake is probably the one I feel the most sorry for. It isn't quite evident yet, but because of all the responsibility he has as being leader of the group, he is forced to grow up way too fast.

All the insect morphs they went through were rather comical. It's funny reading about all the problems they had and everything they went through to morph and demorph now. It would be a lot harder to do a lot of that stuff now 15 years later because of all the increased surveillanc
It's the sixth story about Animorphs. It's time for Jake to tell their story...

In one mission to stop Yeerk' attempt to control and conquer human, Jake got infiltrate by Yeerk. Not a common Yeerk, but Yeerk who usually control Jake's brother, Tom.

This Yeerk got promoted and had been promised to get new body, a governor.

Animorphs didn't know anything about it, but luckily they got Ax. Ax, the only free Andalite on earth, realize that Jake had been infiltrate. (To know who is Ax, you must read An
The books started becoming a little darker with the release of this one, and I remember I also became really hooked on these as a kid right about that time. Re-reading this as an adult is still satisfying, and I'll readily admit that the Yeerk in Jake's head is still creepy as heck.
This book is about Jake against the Yeerks(bugs). Yeerks are bugs that take control of a body by going in it. Jake and his friends all have the power the to defeat the Yeerks. There's a high level yeerk called Visser 3. Visser 3 was the one that killed the prince and Jake wants to avenge the prince. Jake sneaked in to the enemy's base, but got taken over by a Yeerk. In the end Jake got saved by his friends and took the yeerk out of Jake's brain.
I can connect this to the first book because it sho
I loved how neatly everything worked out in this book but I wish there was more of the suspense. Compared the the last book, I didn't feel as moved even though there was some secondary character development.
Jul 29, 2011 Bonesy added it
This is yet another essential read in Animorphs because it marks yet another major plot point: Jake gets turned into a controller. For some reason this seems like a storyline that could have been saved for later; it seems to happen earlier than expected in the series. However, this way we can now fully understand what it is like to be taken over by a Yeerk. It happens very suddenly in the story so you're not even really expected it when it happens. This also further develops how prepared the cha ...more
Kasih Elia LG
Aku baca buku ini dulu di Perpustakaan SMP Xaverius 1, almamaterku.
Dan seiring halaman demi halaman yang kubaca, ingatanku samar=samar. Tapi, aku masih tetap bertanya, "Sehabis ini apa lagi ya? Hm....." atau mungkin, "Ohh iya begini nih, terus gimana ya dulu pas aku baca..."

Apapun itu, buku ini tetap sekeren dulu. Walaupun baru sekarang--mungkin karena aku sudah lebih tua dari ketika pertama kubaca buku ini atau memang demikian adanya--aku menyadari betapa sederhana bahasa yang digunakan dalam b
This one is pretty interesting; it's the first book where we get to see inside a Yeerk's mind. Unfortunately, it's a bit ho-hum. It doesn't reach the level of depth that Cassie's encounter with a Yeerk had, and the first 1/3 of the book seems like filler added so they could slap a new animal on the cover.

However, Jake's relationship with Tom evolves, allowing the reader to become emotionally invested in future Jake books.

Decent, could've been better.
Maria M. Elmvang
A children's book, and not even a classic. Yet, I still contemplated whether to give it a 3 or a 4 because I'm quite fond of this series. Unfortunately, this one is the only one I own, but my host brother used to have all of them, and I liked reading them while staying with them. Partly because I enjoyed the books (4 kids learn how to morph into other animals in order to save the world from the alien Yeeks), but mostly because of the bond it put between us :)
Wow can't believe it's been thirteen years since I last read this book. Also good timing because looking at the title page it appears that my sister gave me this book the Christmas of 1998. Times flies. Anyway I'm Trying to finish up my Goodreads book challenge for the year so I pulled out this quick childhood read to reread. Still good and Jake's still my favorite character.
A short comment for every book of the series until I get a chance to re-read them. All three of my sons and I loved this series and read every single book - I even bought every single book (most, but not all, used; some through school book sales). I'm excited to re-read them to see how the five main characters develop and to watch all the different transformations again.
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Applegate was born in Michigan in 1956. Since then she has lived in Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, and after living in Pelago, Italy for a year, she has moved back to Southern California. She has an eleven year old son named Jake Mates, although she says the Animorph leader is not named after him. In 2003 she and her husband, Michael Grant, her co-author on many p ...more
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