Die Heiratsschwindlerin
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Die Heiratsschwindlerin

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At eighteen, in that first golden Oxford summer, Milly's best friends were Rupert and his American lover Allan. When Rupert suggested that she and Allan should get married, just so that Allan could stay in the country, it all seemed just a bit of fun -- and to make it seem real she dressed up in cheap wedding finery and posed on the steps of the registry office for photogr...more
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Published (first published 1999)
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I am a fan of Sophie Kinsella's books, so when I found out that she was also writing as Wickham, I wanted to take a look. This was my first Wickham book and it was definitely different. Kinsella's books a fun and flighty, romantic comedies with little edge. I've often likened them to modern fairy tales and enjoy them very much. In this book, the very first difference was it was written in the third person with shifting view points as opposed to Kinsella's first person stories. The Wedding Girl t...more
it's really weird to me that like every single negative review of this book focuses on the "agenda" of featuring gay characters that don't all just die of AIDS or repent their sinning ways. people also complain a lot about the "swears". neither one of those things really bothered me. i was more concerned with the fact that it was kind of a crappy book.

the tagline in the blurb says, "it's a problem when saying 'i do' gives you deja vu!" so you can see what is coming. our protagonist, milly, is ge...more
I pulled this off a library shelf on impulse, expecting a light, fun read. Within a chapter, I had a feeling of foreboding. The heroine was flighty, immature, and not terribly bright, her fiance was stubbornly blind, and her mother was atrocious. I hated these people. I'd accidentally gotten myself mired in a brand-name dropping morass of people being shallow.

Fortunately, I was wrong.

Oh, the characters have flaws all right. But it turns out that the author knows what she's doing. People have une...more
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The biggest problem with Madeleine Wickham is that I continue to expect her to be Sophia Kinsella. While the two are technically the same person, each time I dive into a work published under the name Wickham I find myself missing the charm of a Kinsella book. It's become clear to me that Wickham's style is a bit darker than the lighthearted Kinsella I've grown to love. However the complicated plots found in a Wickham book do make for an interesting read and tend to be better than cookie cutter p...more
As I read this book I kept thinking back to a communications class I took in college and Michael Medved. He did a study questioning whether media shaped the future of society with its messages or whether it merely reflected what existed already within society.

I truly believe that Madelaine Wickham thinks that this book is a pretty accurate reflection upon society and the struggles of human relationships in every stage. I don't know if she is accurate but I found myself thinking that I hope she...more
For something I thought was going to be fluffy chick lit, I was pleasantly surprised at how much depth there was to this book. (don't get me wrong; it's not Proust or anything).
Firstly let me say I get annoyed by 'literature snobs' who look down their noses at the 'chick lit' genre. Like in any other literary genre there is well written chick lit (CL!) and badly written CL. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for such a book and I think the reader has to accept the element of predictability. Yes, we...more
link review blog Secrets in Books:


Resenha: Não tem como não se divertir com a escrita de Madeleine Wickham, mais conhecida também pelo pseudônimo de Sophie Kinsella. Antes de tudo, preciso dizer que me sinto extremamente culpada. Por que? Eu nunca havia lido um livro da autora, então podem me condenar bastante. Prometo, a partir de agora, correr contra o tempo perdido para ler todas as suas obras publicadas. A narração em questão revelou ser abrangente em...more
Ella Perkins
This book is about Milly. When she was eighteen she went to Oxford. She got married to this gay man, Allan. She married him so he could stay in the US, or else he would get deported. A few years later Milly met a man, Simon. She loved him very much, but everything was to perfect. When she asked him to marry her she said yes. Then when her wedding happened Alexander, this man who saw her get married before, and the photographer, tried to ruin her wedding. But he wasn’t the one who told Canon Lytt...more
This is a really good read and I'd have given it a five but I didn't care at all for the leading man, Simon. The way he was described he seems to be something of a short, stocky, nasty-tempered and controlling childish brat. This doesn't make me hope that he'll end up with Milly. In fact, I kept waiting for the hero to show up, which isn't good since I guess he was the leading man, but certainly not a hero. And I kept waiting for his conversation with his father, to have some undertanding or at...more
Rezension PiMi:
Milly und Simon wollen heiraten und eigentlich scheint alles wunderbar zu laufen, wenn da nicht diese eine kleine Sache wäre, denn Simon ist nicht Millys erster Ehemann. Milly ist bereits verheiratet, zwar ist das ganze „nur“ eine Scheinehe und ewig lange her, aber geschieden wurde diese Ehe nie. Blöd ist nur, dass Simon von dieser ersten Ehe nichts weiß und so soll es wenn es nach Milly geht auch bleiben. Wäre da nicht dieser Fotograf der Milly erkennt und der alles zu verderben...more
Recently I was explaining to someone my division of chick lit into two distinct parts, older and younger, and how much I prefer the older segment (and yes, I know the phrase "chick lit" is now considered gauche, but there's not good substitute, plus I think the people upset about it were overreacting.) Younger chick lit is more obsessed with boyfriends and the problems are sillier. Older chick lit tends to deal with more real problems. Some people might not think there's a big difference but to...more
Marieanne Fabiano
Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author. Her stories are always funny, fast and light. While I enjoyed this book, I didn't find it wither funny or light! Milly is engaged to Simon and their wedding is in just a few days. The problem is, Milly has a big secret...10 years ago, she married a gay, illegal immigrant (Allan), so that he could have the chance to stay and be with his lover (Rupert). Worse, she never completed her divorce proceedings and days before her real wedding, she is still legally m...more
"It was ok" properly describes my feelings for this book. I was expecting something a little bit lighter in tone but it was a bit of a downer.

There just wasn't much happiness in the book. It was more like one of those depressing indie movies that focuses on how shit relationships can be and at the end, they toss you the slightest glimmer of hope. And then hope you'll be happy with that.

It had potential. It started pretty good and then all of a sudden it got a bit sad and stuff. Just my opinion....more
In The Wedding Girl, Milly Havill is set to marry Simon Pinnacle. Just days before the wedding an event from Milly's past comes back to haunt her. A chance encounter leads to the revelation of secrets from Milly's past. As Milly deals with the repercussions, her friends and family are each forced to confront their own secrets and lives to discover the truth of who they are.

I first read Madeleine Wickham a few years ago. I like Brit Chick Lit, and came across one of her books that I enjoyed. I wa...more
I quite liked this book. It definitely wasn't nearly as good as any of her Kinsella books but it was still good- very different to what I expected it to be like. It started off fairly slow and the writing was really dull and stiff but once I got into it, I really started to enjoy it.

Milly is a likable enough character and I could definitely empathize with her. Simon was a lot harder to like because of how he was portrayed at the beginning but by the end, I thought he was actually a pretty decen...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Is it me or do Wickham's main characters all seem like the same girl with a different name? She's slightly loopy and harbours some secret about herself that the guy is always completely clueless to. I didn't love this book. I didn't hate it. It was just "meh." Plus, there were a few really boring storylines that I didn't care for at all. It's odd that a book can be both predictable and ridiculously far-fetched at the same time, but her books seem to be just that. If you're really itching for som...more
After reading several "heavy" reads, I was looking for something really lighthearted and frivolous. Wow. This book is certainly frivolous, but to the point of stupidity. There was nothing smart, funny or interesting about it. I tried several times to stick with it, figuring it had to get better at some point. I eventually gave up. So, technically, this review is on the first 120 pages because I couldn't force myself to read beyond that. If you're looking for an ounce of intelligence or wit in a...more
A good ol' chick lit. Quite light and entertaining.

But the reason for the all book to be seems a bit far-fetched to me: getting married and not caring about getting a divorce, hmmm... And when another man asks her to marry him, she doesn't seem to be concerned AT ALL that she might be committing bigamy. Seriously? She was just going to marry the guy, close her eyes tightly and act as if she didn't already have a husband...sigh.

Milly's character had potential though, but we didn't really see he...more
Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham. I had an open mind when I started to read this. Milly is a week from getting married but the fact that she's already married is a problem. I found the heroine to be annoying and I got frustrated with her storyline. It was just all too silly. Who thinks that if you close your eyes a marriage will disappear. The other characters kept the book alive. I enjoyed her sister's story and the connection that happened in the end. Overall great novel.
This novel is a classic romance where each of the characters thinks they have their lives, ambitions and even their future all mapped out with no surprises. However before long, their personal secrets start coming out and create havoc in the carefully crafted fabric of one event - i.e the forthcoming wedding of Simon and Milly.

Insecurities, doubts and criticisms start floating to the surface until nothing is quite what it seems. The story isn't predictable like some romantic stories, so I kept r...more
In general, I loke Sophie Kinsella. She is not Hemingway or Proust of course, but I don't think she has this kind of purpose. Her books are always funny, easy reading, nice.
But I didn't love at all the Confessions of a Shopaholic... well, I liked it but I hated the main character. In my opinion, she is a bit dumb, I would like to slap her stupid face!
I preferred the other "Sophie Kinsella" books. The main characters are more serious girl, with funny and nice adventures.
The books by Madeleine Wic...more
I actually loved this one! Wickham is such a hit or miss author with me that I'm never sure what I'm going to think when I pick up one of her books. Wedding Girl was excellent.

Somehow I expected a novel about a beautiful vapid girl getting married. But instead I got a beautiful novel taking about love, marriage, and what happens when we keep secrets from the people we love and from ourselves.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Questa non è Sophie Kinsella ma la gemella cattiva.
Dovevo trovarlo divertente? Non si è capito. Non ho capito nemmeno il senso di questo libro.
Dopo metà libro mi sono sentita costretta ad abbandonarlo (cosa rarissima per me), visto che rischiavo di morire di noia ad ogni pagina.
This was a surprisingly heartfelt quick read. I enjoyed it although things were wrapped up with a neat little bow for virtually all characters involved.

A bit boring in the beginning, because of lack of Sophie Kinsella's usual humor, but in the end, I loved it.
Summer Moore
The types of books that this one would be categorized in have almost taken a repetitive theme; girl is engaged, meets other man, falls in love with other man, wedding canceled. "Wedding Girl"; however, was refreshing in its way of demonstrating different types of love and how each story line overcame its own obstacles. Also, the lead woman stuck with her man.
The plot twists that came along with this book were fairly unexpected and really added onto the story of the relationships between the ch...more
Yuliana  Permata Sari
Harus diakui, buku yang tebalnya tidak sampai 400 halaman ini, sangat 'berisi', karena karakter di dalamnya tidak hanya banyak, tapi setiap karakter punya peperangannya masing-masing. Ayah Milly, Ibunya, Kakaknya, Simon, ayah Simon, Rupert, istri Rupert, Esme, dll.

Walaupun kisah cinta Simon dan Milly tidak terlalu menonjol tapi perjalanan mereka mengenal pasangannya sebelum mereka menikah berjalan begitu dramatis dan menguras emosi.

Bagi saya pribadi, pasangan yang mencuri perhatian saya adalah k...more
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Madeleine Wickham (born 12 December 1969) is a bestselling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. She is best known for writing a popular series of chick-lit novels. The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her...more
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