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Hunted (Flash Gold Chronicles #2)

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Self-taught tinkerer Kali McAlister is determined to build an airship and escape the frigid Yukon forever. Unfortunately, she’s the heir to the secrets of flash gold, an alchemical energy source that tends to make her a popular target for bandits, gangsters, and pirates.

With the help of her bounty-hunting business partner, Cedar, Kali has outwitted and eluded attackers be...more
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Published August 12th 2011 by Lindsay Buroker, via Smashwords
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I debated a bit before buying these next two books, mostly because they were so short and I wanted a more full length book, but they are getting longer.
We get to know a little bit more about Kali and Cedar in this one. They have fun banter and I just enjoy these two characters. Again, I wished it was longer, but the plot resolves itself and it give the story time to progress a bit before we rejoin Kali and Cedar in the next book as their plans continue.
Megan Hicks
Hunted was a fun follow up to Lindsey Buroker's first Flash Gold novella. My review of her earlier effort sums up my feelings on the series, but I'll reiterate it here: the Flash Gold series is fast and fun. I appreciated getting some of my questions from the first novella answered. Fun dialogue, interesting, likeable characters, and a quick moving plot all make Hunted well worth the money you'd spend on it and the hour or so it takes to read.

A few things, however, could use some polishing. The...more
Mia Darien
Well, apparently I'm now a Lindsay Buroker fan. This is the third story of hers I've read and I really liked them all. The hard part for me is that Buroker is one of those authors that is so good, I find myself feeling entirely inferior in my own writing! Not many authors do that to me, but she does. She's that good.

This is the second novella in her Flash Gold steampunk stories. The first one, Flash Gold, was fantastic and there's not much I can say about this one that wasn't said about the othe...more
Leeland Artra
Review Gist: Quick, fun steampunk/fantasy novella you can read in a few hours. Recommend you buy it.

Hunted is a novella and that is my major issue with it. I enjoy the characters and where the story is going. Yet the short story format caused many things that would have been fun to explore to be skipped.

This is the second novella in the Flash Gold set being created by Lindsey Buroker. In this story Kali and Ceder evolve past being caricatures of Amaranthe and Sicarius from Emperor’s Edge.

The sto...more
Kali's dream of building an airship to sail out of the frigid Yukon is her main ambition but she keeps getting herself in trouble with people who want to steal her 'limited' knowledge of her deceased father's invention. People come out of the woodwork to hunt her down, and this includes her dubious, last lover, Sebastian. Just when things are calming down a bit and she wants to get working on her airship, Sebastian shows up with a job offer. With Cedar, luckily, in tow, the two set off on an adv...more
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Hunted is the second book in Lindsay Buroker's Flash Gold Chronicles. If you like western-themed steampunk, you'll love the Flash Gold Chronicles. Start with the first story, Flash Gold (reviewed here) and just keep right on reading. You'll be glad you did.

Hunted picks right up where Flash Gold left off. So there will be some spoilers for Flash Gold in this review. (It's difficult to review book 2 of a series without sp...more
Hunted is a huge improvement on Flash Gold - while I liked the first installment, the story, pace and, most importantly, the banter and bonds between the main characters really picked up by a mile in the sequel. No sophomore curse here, that's for sure.

The character development for Kali and Cedar is probably the aspect most responsible for my increased enjoyment of the sequel - I feel like our leads have eased into their new partnership (or perhaps the author eased into the writing of these char...more
Patricia Eddy
My only problem with these little novelas is that I finish them too quickly.

Another story of Kali and Cedar and this one was just as good as the first. We get to see more of Cedar's personality in this one, and how he and Kali interact. The action sequences in this book are very well written, and the mystery is short and sweet. I really enjoy the description of the inventions that Kali makes and her thinking behind them. Excellent detail, snappy dialog, and a very enjoyable read.
This felt like it had much more action than the first book - and I really enjoyed that one already - so this was kicking it up a notch!

More of Kali and Cedar, in all the best ways! You even get to see Sebastian (which sucks for me because I really love that name and hate to see it use for a douchebag!). You also get a new, evil genius villain, and this villain is going to be one tough cookie to crack.

Great story; lots of action, lots of steampunk-iness, some romance, and one crazy interesting ba...more
Cathy  Keaton
She does it again—Lindsay does some more awesome! In this sequel to “Flash Gold,” Kali and Cedar are working together and splitting their earnings 50/50, while both striving to achieve very different goals. Kali wants to get out of town in a self-made airship, which she hasn't been able to build yet, and Cedar wants to kill the man he's been tracking since the first story. But, Kali's lovely former fiance strolls into town and shakes things up a bit.

It's fun to finally meet Sebastian, the jerk t...more
Once again, Miss Buroker produces an entertaining tale of adventure and danger in her sequel to 'Flash Gold'. Kali has managed to set up another shop with her new partner, Cedar, and things seem relatively calm for them until Kali's old beau shows up with a business proposition and Cedar gets wind of his long-time nemesis being in town. Of course, mayhem and chaos ensue and the two of them soon become caught up in a deadly situation.

I think one of my favorite aspects of this series is how the c...more
Reena Jacobs
Expect my review September 19, 2011 at Ramblings of an Amateur Writer:

One thing I like about Buroker books is the writing is descriptive in all the right places. The same goes for Hunted. Plus, Hunted was a short and easy read, a trait I'm truly appreciating these days.

This time around, Kali and Cedar work on ironing out their relationship -- both on the business and romantic front. "Does he like or like-like me? But if he's trying to rip me off, perhaps he doesn't like me...more
Douglas Bittinger
Hunted is the second novella in the Flash Gold Chronicles series by Lindsay Buroker. In this story Ms. Buroker continues the adventure begun in Flash Gold with Kali and Cedar, bow business partners as bounty hunters. They’ve left Moose Jaw and are setting out upon a new adventure seeking Cedar’s arch nemesis, both for the bounty and for personal vengeance. This takes them to a mining camp out in the wilds of the Yukon where they encounter Kali’s greatest enemy, and her hero, and find themselves...more
This story continues right where we left off with the two main characters now working together on various enterprises and alkali still working on her dream, an actual flying airship. Gangsters are after her because they want the Flash Gold and we learn that the law is after Cedar, so we have many options for action here. Again with this chapter in the story, Ms Buroker provides us with excellent characterizations and wonderful character chatter. The witty banter between the two main characters p...more
I stumbled upon Lindsay Buroker's work last spring while I was in Iraq and thoroughly enjoyed her novel The Emperor’s Edge and the novella Flash Gold, the novella particularly sticking with me because of the underpinning of steampunk, a bit of action/mystery and tiny twinges of a blooming romance. The story just worked for me with plenty of action and the witty banter of the main character.

Now Ms Buroker has released a second novella in the series, continuing the adventures of the two main chara...more
Jeffrey Poole
Another gem from the a master of American Steampunk!

I had heard that the author was going to write another story in this series. That said, I would encourage purchasers of this novella to also purchase and read Flash Gold first as it will help the reader understand more about the two main characters.

This story picks up a few months after the events of Flash Gold. Kali and Cedar are in a new town and have set up a shop for cliens who might be in need of their unique services. When Kali’s ex comes...more
Hunted by Lindsay Buroker is the second book in the Flash Gold Chronicles. This is another fantastic steampunk book by an author that has mastered the genre. Hunted continues the story of Kali McAlister and Cedar. Cedar is a bounty hunter who has enlisted Kali's skills with invention to help him catch his targets making her a 50/50 partner. Kali dreams of getting enough money to build an airship that will allow her to escape the frozen tundra of the Yukon.

Kali accepted Cedar's offer not only be...more
I loved the first book in this series. Loved it. When I saw that there was a second book starring the lovely, mechanically minded Kali and her mysterious partner Cedar I was all over it. I'm pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed in the least.

Kali is still a mechanical whiz. Cedar is still mysterious. Kali might like Cedar in more than just a business partner sense but she's pretty clueless when it comes to relationships and she doesn't know how to let him know this. Cedar begins to loosen th...more
Beth Hobson
It is a steampunk adventure that is filled with Lindsay Buroker's usual flair and humorous banter. The limited amount of characters in the story ensure that everyone is nice and easy to keep track of, something that is great if you're looking for a concoction that is both enjoyable and relaxing.

The only bad thing about this novella, aside from a few typos, was the fact that it was just way too short. I like knowing that once I've really gotten into a story, that I have at least a few good hours...more
Whitebeard Books
Lindsay Buroker has done it again. I read the teaser, Flash Gold and she planted the hook solidly. Could not wait to read the next episode in this little series. Now I'm left hoping for more of the same. The leading lady in the series is still sought after by all sorts of desperates and it is simply a matter of time before she and the "tree man" hook up. So come on, what happens next Lindsay?
Kali and Cedar are back! Kali, leaving Moose Hallow, now lives in Dawson with her bounty-hunter business partner Cedar. Kali is back to tinkering with gadgets so she can leave the cold-harsh Yukon. Unfortunately, the last man she expects to walk in her shop is the one person she hates the most. Her ex-fiance Sebastian offers her his latest scheme and if she accepts, it may pan out to be a lucrative financial investment. But how can she trust someone like Sebastian - a conniving, con artist who b...more
Again, short but good. I read these after having read most of L.B.'s other works (except Republic, which I just finished as well). It's not as detailed or adventurous as the EE series or Encrypted/Decrypted, but worth the read. I would still buy another installment should another come along, especially since Buroker's writing has improved with time.
Melanie Terry
This is the second novella in The Flash Gold Chronicles. It started off strong, continuing just a few short months after the events of Flash Gold. I immediately felt a strong connection to the characters again and the story picked up steam (no pun intended) very quickly. Add to the great story, a budding chemistry between Kali and Cedar, and you have one hard-to-put-down story.
Susan Bischoff
Feb 28, 2013 Susan Bischoff rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Susan by: Kait Nolan
This second novella of the Flash Gold Chronicles made me even happier than the first! Some stories of this length leave you feeling like it should have been developed into a novel. Like too much was left out. There's something about this, about the quick, vibrant pacing of a straight-forward story that makes it work. And yet, even in this short bit of time, we get a bunch of cool new inventions, character development, relationship development, progression for the series as a whole--!!! Lindsay B...more
I enjoyed the first of Lindsay's Flash Gold series, so got the second one as well. I do intend to read some of her other books, but the TBR pile is great and my reading time is small.

I liked this entry in the series, but maybe a little less. I don't think it's a spoiler, but I'll check that box anyway just in case. I really didn't like to see Kali and Cedar get together. I'd have liked to see their sexual tension and attraction continue on a la Moonlighting. I don't think either of them are the...more
Shelli Castor
Fantastic. Lindsay Buroker has done it again. Glad to get an explanation as to what flash gold actually is and how it's used, and to get some more backstory on both Kali and Cedar--including Cedar's real name! Plus, we got a bit of Kali/Cedar fluff. :D

I also liked Kali's inventions in this novella, including her prototype motorcycle. The spud launcher was also funny. I also liked the design of the machines that were hunting Kali and Cedar.

Plus, Kali frequently saves her own hide, coming up with...more
I picked up the first Flash Gold novella while searching for an entry into the steampunk genre. It didn't take long for me to want to read more about Kali and Cedar as they bounded around the Yukon. The second entry is a short read, 192 pages in ebook form, and continues with a gold rush in Kali's new hometown.

I liked this story a great deal. Cedar's backstory developed along with the relationship between him and Kali but not so quickly that it becomes a cushy romance novel. There is far too mu...more
Kantami Blossom
Jun 14, 2014 Kantami Blossom rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
it's a few months after the events of flashgold and kali & cedar have relocated to a new town and have become business partners
they have managed to outwit & evade their pursuers and are taking on clients to earn cash for the construction of kalis dream airship,
but after kali's ex-fiance comes sauntering into her workshop with the purpose of getting her involved in his latest scheme witch kali reluctantly agrees to.
things go from bad to worse with the discovery of a shady figure stakling...more
Scott Kinkade
My biggest problem with the first book in the series, Flash Gold, was that I felt the big sled race didn't live up to its potential (see the full review elsewhere on this blog). Hunted has no such problem. It's a fast-paced adventure which builds upon Flash Gold in meaningful ways. We get to see Kali and Cedar's relationship grow further, more of Kali's secret heritage is revealed, more newfangled steam-powered contraptions are introduced, and we learn Cedar's real name! This is truly how a sequ...more
Jemima Pett
Such a joy to read a well constructed, funny, beautifully described, imaginative tale.

In the second of the Flash Gold stories, Kali McAlister has now set up her workshop in a larger city in the Yukon,where she is constructing numerous steam-powered projects and now has a business partner. But her old foe and ex-husband shows up. She’s not going to fall for his lies, but it’s a cover for what her partner needs to do... Danger and excitement follow, with Kali extracting herself with her customary...more
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