Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures
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Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures

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Sir Hereward. Knight, artillerist, swordsman. Mercenary for hire. Ill-starred lover.

Mister Fitz. Puppet, sorcerer, loremaster. Practitioner of arcane arts now mostly and thankfully forgotten. Former nursemaid to Hereward.

Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz. Agents of the Council of the Treaty for the Safety of the World, charged with the location and removal of listed extra-dimen...more
Kindle Edition, 79 pages
Published (first published August 22nd 2011)
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Kat  Hooper
Originally posted at Fantasy Literature:

When I think of Garth Nix I think of excellent fantasy literature for children, but Nix writes for adults, too. Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures is a collection of three previously published stories about a knight and artillerist named Sir Hereward and a magically animated puppet called Mr. Fitz. The duo works for the Council for the Saftey of the World and they’ve taken a vow to hunt down and extermina...more
This is the flavor that I wish Confusion of Princes had been. I love Nix's exploration of flawed heroes much more than his exploration of flawed systems. The best reason to read this book is to watch Nix write to as adults -- not in the sense of fevered flesh, but as a person who understands that there is no perfect answer, and even the heroes have a huge body count.

In these three stories, Sir Hereward, and his companion/tutor/nanny/animated puppet/sidekick Mister Fitz travel the world to search...more
I love Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz. To be fair, I only read 2/3rds of this novel because the middle story, "Beyond the Sea Gate of the Scholar Pirates of Sarskoe", I had already read. In fact, middle story was my introduction to the world of these two traveling characters.

And it was through researching that review, that I first encountered the idea that there were more than one story about our lovely pair. I ran off eagerly to find the prequel of "Sir Hereward and Mr. Fitz Go To War Again", and...more

Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures
Garth Nix


I first ran across Garth Nix in a public library, in the shape of his Abhorsen series. I thought it was great, and was surprised to find that other people already knew about it. In any case, when I bought a new Nook, I ended up with a 'free' credit to spend, and I looked around for some cheap reads. This book was one of them.

I liked the stories. The characters are engaging, the setup is straightforward, and t

These may be some of my favorite short fiction works. They're wonderfully wrought short adventure stories with each tale being a fully formed exciting adventure that somehow manages to cram in delightful world building and interesting conflicts without become ponderous. Garth Nix walks that razors edge between mysteries, exposition and swashbuckling adventure that make his world come to vibrant life and catch your breath.
I first learned about Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz when reading a short story collection called Rogues, in which they appeared. I was so taken with the characters and by the author's inventiveness that I just had to read more in the form of this book which contains three great short stories. I would classify them as fantasy/adventure tales for mature readers, with them being both gritty and humorous. I never knew what to expect from one page to the next, which I can't say about every book I pick...more
Caleb Wilson
The perfect blend of humor, action, and deadpan horror. These are the best three stories I've ever read following in the mode of Fritz Leiber, and my only complaint is that there are so few of them. I would dearly love to read a novel about Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz, or, failing that, even one more story...
Dec 31, 2013 Joyce added it
A pastiche, but one that shows how skilled Nix has become at turning his hand to almost any fantasy concept. When first we meet Sir Hereward and Mr Fitz, they seem like itinerant soldiers-of-fortune straight out of _The Three Musketeers_; but it is not long before we begin to suspect Things of not being What They Seem. For one thing, Mr Fitz is a puppet animated by some kind of magic. For another, it quickly becomes apparent that our hapless twosome knows a lot more about the local deities encou...more
A great original setting and premise, by a very skilled writer. (I loved the Sabriel series, and this has much of the same tone, although both setting and premise are very different.)

Garth Nix seems to like to have guns in his settings, rather than going for the old sword-and-sorcery (not that swords are missing here - this is basically late-Renaissance technology, with wheel-lock pistols). Sir Hereward is an artillerist, and several things go satisfactorily boom.

The rather creepy and precise so...more
Jay Daze
Fabulous adult sword and sorcery from an author who, for me, sadly turned his writing to a younger demographic after his Abhorsen series. I love the fact that Hereward and Fitz are not nice in the pursuit of their mission. A lot of people die because of their actions, but in the end it doesn't matter because they are pretty damn ruthless. That hard edge is what makes this gritty-ish sword and sorcery and not noble high fantasy.

Nix's short stories have been hit or miss for me in the past. At his...more

One doesn't have to know anything about Sir Hereward or Mister Fitz to read these three strange tales, but there is no doubt any reader who picks up this book will immediately seek out more.

Hereward and Fitz are two singular characters, with a background that sounds complicated and dangerous. They interact with the world as if they aren't really part of it, yet seem to be getting into endless scrapes and involvements in it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the three tales in the book, without any previou...more
Fantasy Literature
When I think of Garth Nix I think of excellent fantasy literature for children, but Nix writes for adults, too. Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures is a collection of three previously published stories about a knight and artillerist named Sir Hereward and a magically animated puppet called Mr. Fitz. The duo works for the Council for the Saftey of the World and they’ve taken a vow to hunt down and exterminate the supernatural beings who are on a proscribed list of evil godlets. Sir Her...more
This was first time reading anything by Nix. Even though the stores are quick little shorts, rather than a hashed out novel, I found them interesting. The characters are believable. It now makes sense why I have heard good things about his YA novels.
As for myself, I wanted to fall in love, because I love the plot descriptions of other books he has written, but the writing never clicked for me. There were times I felt like I was reading a wordy high fantasy and I caught myself skipping a couple o...more
Alex Murphy
This was a great little set of stories about two god killers. Sir Hereward a knight who loves a good romp and Mr. Fitz a living puppet go from land to land seeking out gods who are on a list of evil doers and using archaic knowledge, and an ancient pledge these two have three stories that make you want Garth Nix to write more about this world.

This story made me think that it would make an amazing anime series, and it would be one that I would totally watch. Unless they make the living puppet re...more
A gentleman adventurer and an animate puppet who happens to be a powerful sorcerer have adventures as they search for and remove from the world evil gods. These are fine adventures with lots of swashbuckling action, terrifyingly eldritch creatures, and a little implicit sex---all related in a pokerfaced tone perfectly suited to the not entirely earnest premise. Think of Mister Fitz as a centuries old dark Pinocchio. The stories are:
Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz go to war again,
Beyond the sea gate...more
Fun stuff. Too bad there wasn't more of it.
Katharine is a judge for the Aurealis Awards. This review is the personal opinion of Katharine herself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any judging panel, the judging coordinator or the Aurealis Awards management team.

To be safe, I won't be recording my review here until after the AA are over.

It if had been longer, I think I would have enjoyed it more. It seemed a little dull without the chance to build up to what happened, and basically seemed like it was still a work in progre...more
Sacramento Public Library
Sir Hereward is a swordsman, a mercenary, an artillery expert, and a bit of a ladies man. Mister Fitz, former nursemaid to Hereford, is a sorcerer, a loremaster, and a Living Puppet. Together they hunt down and destroy rogue gods.

Best-selling children’s and young adult author Garth Nix has written three adult fantasy stories featuring Hereford and Fitz, collected together for the first time in this book. I hope to see more adult fantasy from this author. --Dave
This is a collection of three short stories by Garth Nix. I will read anything by Garth Nix, although I have yet to find anything I love as much as the Abhorsen chronicles.

I quite enjoyed these three stories, which manage to both be a little lighthearted (giant, seven foot tall attacking starfish) and melancholy. Mostly, I wish that there were more than three stories.

Recommended to anyone who has enjoyed Garth Nix.
This isn't an entire book, rather 2 novellas and a short story. I think that Nix is better at the long form than the story. The world is interesting as are the character but it has the feeling of the start of something more substantial instead of a stand alone tale.

Lots of blood and a little sex - this is not a kids story.
Really two novellas and a short story, but Nix does a great job of world-building in few words. Sir Hereward, a kind of knight errant, and Mister Fitz, a sentient puppet, are travelers in search of adventure, but also driven by a mission to right very specific wrongs. Would love to see more of this universe.
Taylor Davis
Absolutely loved this novella. It has that typical Garth Nix style I had grown to love after reading The Old Kingdom trilogy, but this novella is written in a slightly more Victorian fashion. Great story, unique characters, and a captivating (albeit short) plot. Mr. Nix, turn this into a full-length work!
I love Garth Nix's brain!
Dan Mazur
Great little story for those with a taste of fantasy that is not traditional. I picked this book up on a whim and found myself quickly engrossed in it. Stylish, fun, and even a little creepy, this book was a very fun read that satisfies one's appetite for light fantasy.
Vincent Ripley
This is a short story dream, but an avid readers nightmare. I need to plunder more pages for the brain.
Three wee stories for the adult market with top notch imagination and storytelling. Would love to see a full book of adventures.....
LOVED IT - was so thrilled to stumble across this short story collection and it was wonderful, my only criticism was that the middle story lost it's way slightly but all in all really wonderful.
Three tiny, pleasant stories about a knight and a sorcerous puppet. The author needs more room to effect his magic than this, but I enjoyed the diversion.
I really liked these stories - great characters and a fascinating world. I just wish Nix would write more!
I am LOVING all the Hereward and Fitz stories. Hope there are more to come!
the things I would give for novels set in this universe!!!!
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Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing 'Hail the Conquering Hero Comes' or possibly 'Roll Out the Barrel'. Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra (the federal capital) and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat-up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver-Reed typewriter.

More about Garth Nix...
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