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Finding My Escape
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Finding My Escape

4.31  ·  Rating Details ·  59 Ratings  ·  29 Reviews
Hannah Jordan's life is shattered when she walks in on the double homicide of her parents. Transplanted from Atlanta to a small town in East Tennessee, she finds her solace in running the beautiful mountain trails behind her aunt’s house. Until she begins dreaming of the mysterious, but handsome Josh, that is.
As Hannah is tortured by memories of the night her parents died
Published August 13th 2011 by Smashwords
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Hannelore Moore
May 25, 2013 Hannelore Moore rated it really liked it
I would would like to give this 4.5 stars but the site won't allow that, I guess...

Finding My Escape is a fast read and very well-paced, without a lot of extraneous narrative. YA readers will identify with the protagonist, Hannah, who faces her fears even though she is unsure and scared. There is good, clear writing throughout, and I love the repeated motif of "beep beep beep"! Maybe my favorite part was when Hannah realized her feelings for another character midway through -- her excitement and
Hannah Jordan, a teenage girl, sees her parents murdered in her home when she is back from her friend, Matt's home. Then, someone hits her in the head and she goes unconscious. Hannah is in trauma and she tries to forget the incidents that happened to her parents. But, all she gets is nightmares with her dead parents. Hannah goes and lives with her aunt, and soon starts school there. Her best friend, Matt, also joins her in this new school to give support to Hannah.

While she deals with her real
Cassie McCown
Aug 30, 2011 Cassie McCown rated it it was amazing
Finding My Escape
By: Fran Veal
ISBN: 2940011464119
Published August 13, 2011
Available Format: ebook

My Rating: ★★★★★

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Jordan stumbles upon something no person should ever have to face—the murder of her parents. When Hannah awakes after having tripped and hit her head, she cannot remember exactly what happened that fateful evening, other than walking into her dark home and hearing her mother's pleas for her to run away. She knows the murder was much more than a simple home in
J.J. DiBenedetto
Jun 19, 2013 J.J. DiBenedetto rated it it was amazing
Fran Veal's "Finding My Escape" is the story of Hannah Jordan. She's a high-school senior who comes home one night to the worst nightmare imaginable - the murder of her parents, in progress. In the chaos, she's knocked unconscious and she wakes up two weeks later, in the hospital, with very little recollection of what happened to her, or what she saw. Hannah goes to live with her aunt in a small town in Tennessee, where she tries to piece her life back together, and she struggles to cope with th ...more
Helena Karlsson
Apr 09, 2014 Helena Karlsson rated it it was amazing
When Hannah wakes up in hospital she is forced to pick up life after having walked in on the most horrible of crime scenes: the murder of her parents. The police believe it is an ordinary burglary gone wrong but Hannah knows about the Box – and the dangerous secret her parents kept. What she does not know is what the secret is and just how dangerous.
Moving in with her aunt and lucky enough to have a good friend in Matt, a senior in high school, Hannah has to cope with her loss and the suspicion
Becket Morgan
Feb 20, 2012 Becket Morgan rated it it was amazing
Shelves: own, ya-fiction, e-book
Hannah has just survived a most harrowing experience - walking in to witness the death of her parents at the hand of an intruder. Waking in the hospital, she finds that only parts of her memory of the horrific incident remain intact. Moving out of state to live with her Aunt, Hannah is relieved when her very best friend gets permission to live with them to support her through their final year of high school. With his support, she begins to piece together what has happened, only to find that what ...more
John Hundley
Jul 19, 2014 John Hundley rated it really liked it
I came across this book when it was chosen as the Book of the Month in the Goodread’s Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Readers, Writers and Reviewers group, so I was provided a free copy by the author. It was good enough that I rushed to purchase the sequel on my own.
Finding My Escape is a faced-paced and well-written first novel for author Fran Veal. Hannah is strong, likeable, and easy to root for as a main character, and the relationship triangle between her, the “real-life” Matt, an
Tricia Kristufek
Jan 18, 2012 Tricia Kristufek rated it really liked it
Shelves: reviews, recommended
Beep. Beep. Beep

Hannah's life starts falling apart when she walks in on the double homicide of her parents. Taken in by her aunt, Hannah suppresses the memories of that night, chasing them from her mind as she runs the mountain trails. But, even though she just wants to forget, her mind won't let her.

She begins dreaming of a place, another dimension. And then there's Josh, the really handsome boy in her dreams. Josh shows her how to navigate her dreams and protects her from the Others. Encouragi
Jun 07, 2012 mountainmama rated it it was amazing
Hannah walks in on the murder of her parents, and a blow to the head wipes out most of her memory of the event. Forced to move from her hometown to live with her aunt, she struggles to cope with her new life. Running seems to help, and when she stops to rest, she meets Josh, who introduces her to an alternate reality. Then her friend Matt talks his parents into allowing him to move in with Hannah and her aunt so they can attend the new school together. Add in the deranged killer who is still loo ...more
Jun 16, 2013 Cana rated it it was amazing
I have literally just finished this book, fran gifted it to me for me to review. I am sitting here absolutely bamboozled. I read a lot, I review a lot but although I have given 5 stars to authors before, I can safely say, this is the best book I have read in a while. That is not to say the others weren't as good. This one however, has blown my mind.
The writing was fantastic, thorough and so well written.
The story, well, it is unusual for me to not guess the ending but I can safely say this didn'
Jocelyn Sanchez
May 25, 2013 Jocelyn Sanchez rated it it was amazing
Shelves: review-books
Hannah Jordan's life all changed when she walks in and sees her parents getting murdered. Hannah tries to get forget what happened but instead all she gets are nightmares. She needed to get away so she goes to live with her aunt and starts school there as well. Her best friend, Matt, joins her on her quest to give Hannah support.
Not only is Hannah not safe in real life, but in her dreams as well. She starts to have dreams about a beautiful boy named Josh. As she tries to find out more about Jos
Feb 22, 2012 Mer rated it it was amazing
I thought I had this plot figured out many times, but the twists and turns kept me doubting myself. This was really a great story about a girl who's parents were both murdered and she has some memories she needs to recall. As the reader, we think we have that all figured out, but trust me, you don't!! I had a really hard time putting this book down because it was fast paced and I just had to know what was going to happen next. I will say that the ending left me wondering what would happen next f ...more
Sep 01, 2011 Vanessa rated it it was amazing
One word I could only muster after reading Fran Veal’s Finding My Escape, ‘Brilliant!’. Reading this book was a whole new intriguing experience; it was like watching a young adult version of ‘The Bourne Identity’, only with added romance and puzzling twists. Plus, I loved how the cover art quite precisely goes along with the story inside.

Overall, I thought this series (yes, it has a sequel!) deserve to be in someone’s must-read list, including mine. The ending will definitely give you a complete
Sep 24, 2011 Libby rated it really liked it
Very nice first novel written by a childhood friend. It is classified as young adult but I found the story very engaging and interesting. From the very first chapter I was waiting to find out what was going to happen next. I'm not a huge fantasy fan so I enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story more than the fantasy aspect but the fantasy wasn't distracting to me. Nor was the fantasy so extreme that I couldn't buy into the concept. I know the author is working on a sequel and I'm looking forward ...more
Brian Bigelow
Jun 08, 2013 Brian Bigelow rated it really liked it
This story has more than enough to keep a thriller reader going in my opinion. It kept this reader interested and normally I don't go much for YA stories. I personally couldn't put it down, I just had to find out what happened later on. Will say at the end there is a very good, unexpected twist and now I'm looking forward to reading book two. That's also something I normally won't do since I don't care much for any series usually. The author has definitely succeeded in hooking this reader.
Star Shyne Brite (Stargirl)
May 27, 2012 Star Shyne Brite (Stargirl) rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2012
woah! My mind was blown! YOU MUST READ THIS!!! There's this one part where they watch a movie... I can't tell you what it was, but then at the end of teh book, I was like "hey! it connected!" SO AMAZING!
David Torres
Jul 07, 2014 David Torres rated it really liked it
The book starts by dropping a plot bomb. Her parents were murdered and she wakes up in the hospital. I was hooked, but then my interest started slipping away until Josh shows up.

I'm sick, so I won't be able to write a complete detailed review like I always do. But I will get to the main points.

Hannah is devastated by her parent's murder. And she behaves like any regular teen would in that situation, and that made the book believable. THe problem is, she has problems sorting out her feelings. A
Dale Ibitz
Jan 22, 2012 Dale Ibitz rated it it was ok
17-year-old Hannah has suffered, and survived, a horrific trauma; a home invasion in which her parents were murdered. All that's left to Hannah are menmories, some scrap books, and a mysterious box. Hannah goes to live with her aunt in Tennessee, while her best guy-friend is moving to North Carolina. Now Hannah is suffering from life-like dreams where a hot, angelic guy likes her...except that these dreams appear to be following her into the daylight. And her nightmare follows her to Tennessee.

Rosemary Cantrell
This is a young adult paranormal mystery. There were a lot of good elements to the book, although I had trouble with the paranormal aspects of the book.

A young girl comes upon the murder in progress of her parents as she returns home, and is nearly killed herself. Most of the rest of the book is her moving to live with her aunt, trying to move on in a new school, having her best friend, a boy, move in to be with her. She knows her parents were involved in secret stuff for the government and know
Edwin Stark
Jan 09, 2012 Edwin Stark rated it it was amazing
Imagine my apathy while I was about to read and review another work of YA fiction. Troubled teenager unexpectedly cast into an unusual situation? Yawn! Another Paranormal Genre novel? Seems that everyone out there thinks they can write in that genre; I got thousands of'em in my TBR pile.
As I was dragging myself to pick a copy of "Finding my Escape" and start reading it, an inner voice said: "Hey, tackle this book! It starts a bit gruesome, I give it that… You know, as a writer, you are also eage
Rabid Readers Reviews
May 03, 2014 Rabid Readers Reviews rated it it was amazing
The author, Fran Veal, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

“Finding my Escape” has the feeling of an author that carefully considered all elements. The main character, Hannah, witnesses a great trauma and she spends the first part of the book numb. Instead of skipping this transition, which would be the easy route, Veal eases Hannah into her new life in Tennessee. Hannah is a very authentic feeling teen but readers have the knowledge, despite the fact that she can’t remember a
Bella Doerres
Apr 18, 2014 Bella Doerres rated it it was amazing
Finding My Escape
By Fran Veal

Hannah comes home to find a home invasion in process. Tripping over her father’s dead body she screams and then remembers nothing. When she wakes in the hospital her Aunt is there and she learns both her parents have been killed. Now she lives with her aunt and life is full of grief and fear until she meets the boy in the meadow. Once she meets him things begin to change for Hannah and she feels more alive. He is someone that listens, someone that cares, and someone
She’s the girl who lost her parents. She’s the victim of a horrifying crime. She feels like everyone’s staring at her in school. And she’s trying to pick up the pieces of her life.

Author Fran Veal creates a very believable wounded protagonist in the narrator of her young adult novel, Finding my Escape. Hannah’s voice is bright and convincing, without that inner whine of so many first-person teen-girl novels. Descriptions are crisp and clear with appropriate analogies. Hints of fantasy appear per
Sharon Stevenson
Jul 08, 2014 Sharon Stevenson rated it it was amazing
'Finding My Escape' is the story of teenager Hannah as she goes to live with her aunt after her parents are killed in a home invasion she walked in on and is trying hard not to remember. She begins having some strange dreams and starts trying to figure out why her parents were killed.

I got engrossed in this story very quickly and could not put the book down. It was a good mix of YA paranormal romance and suspenseful mystery/thriller. There's plenty of emotional turmoil for Hannah to go through w
Jan 17, 2015 Karen rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Wow I was so surprised by all the twists and turns in this book. I bought this book a while back but it had been buried on my kindle when I was just looking for something different to read this cover caught my eye so I decided to start reading. I am so glad I did as I really enjoyed it. Even though the ending surprised me and left me hanging. The author does a great job of involving you in this story and making you feel like you are part of what is going on. Can't wait to get grab book 2 and see ...more
Pamela Foreman
May 24, 2013 Pamela Foreman rated it it was amazing
There are a few words to sum up this book: fantastic, well-written, exciting, eerie, enticing and suspenseful. Okay, that's more than a few words, but I will say -- I LOVE THIS BOOK! Fran Veal does a great job of telling a story and keeping the reader engaged, entertained and captivated. When I began this book, it didn't take me long before I couldn't stop reading it. I couldn't put it down! I never expected the various turn of events and the end, well, oh my! I can't wait to read Fran's next bo ...more
May 19, 2013 Lauren rated it it was amazing
Wow. Im not quite sure where to start on this review. Hannah walks in on her parents being murdered. She moves in with her Aunt and starts dreaming of a place called Valeria. In this place she meets Josh who trys to help her, but ends up falling in love with her. But in the real world she finds herself falling in love with her best friend Matt. Through this entire story you flip between two realities, that you can't piece together until the end. Once the author reveals the truth you are blown aw ...more
Sue Perry
Jul 26, 2014 Sue Perry rated it really liked it
I really enjoyed this blend of elements, the realistic teen characters thrown into otherworldly, Avatar-esque fantasy and horrific crime. It is not easy to pull off such a combination and have it all work - but here the potentially disparate story elements meld and flow. The characters and dialogue were genuine and likeable. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Lori Foroozandeh
Sep 08, 2013 Lori Foroozandeh rated it it was amazing
I thought this was an "AWESOME" book! It had me from the beginning because I'm always into a murder mystery. The romance and suspense wasn't bad either:) Looking forward to a sequel!
Jasmine rated it it was amazing
Feb 05, 2015
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Fran Veal fell in love with books and stories as a child. In grade school she wrote and designed her own comic book, which she hand-drew and distributed to her friends. She graduated to writing fiction stories in Junior High (without pictures, for which her audience was grateful), and continued writing on into her adult years.

"There is nothing like escaping into a book for a while, where for those
More about Fran Veal...

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