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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Vol.1
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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Vol.1 (Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, Volume II #1)

4.2 of 5 stars 4.20  ·  rating details  ·  2,171 ratings  ·  172 reviews
Who is behind the mask? COLLECTING: ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN (2011) 1-6
Hardcover, 136 pages
Published February 15th 2012 by Marvel
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I've been a fool! A fool!
How many years did I put off reading this because of some (admittedly) weird loyalty to Peter Parker?
Hmmm. Two. According to the publication date...
I was like that idiot Highlander screaming from the mountaintop, "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!", while Sean Connery (whose role will be played by random Goodreads friends, for the purpose of this review) gently told me that Miles was a good Spider-Man.
Did I listen?
Because it would have been too easy to give up my Hardcor
I can't even begin to describe how many times I teared up while reading this comic. The representation on the page was so amazingly surreal to me to be seeing something beyond the generic superheroes I grew up with (some of whom, I'm quite fond of) was just fantastic.

Miles Morales is ADORABLE. He's got his heart and soul coming out of his eyeballs that are beautifully drawn by illustrator Sara Pichelli. I think this rushed a bit too fast for me and I wish they'd given it the depth and breadth of
This is where we first get to know Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man. As an origin story, it's a little on the nose. Miles gets bit by a spider, a genetic experiment by Norman Osborn. At least Miles gets a different power set: invisibility, an electric touch. Upgrades? Only if he can figure out how to use them. I can see where this is intended to echo Power and Responsibility, Peter's first book in the Ultimate universe. But it just isn't as effective. That isn't to say that I don't like the kid ...more
Lindsey Stock
Miles Morales, the newest Spider-Man, is a delight to read about. Just to be clear: Ultimate comics takes place in a separate universe than Marvel's main titles - Peter Parker is still the Spider-Man in the main universe. So shut up haters!
The new incarnation of Ultimate Spider-Man begins just before the death of Spider-Man story arc, and follows middle-schooler Miles Morales as he gains his spider-like powers. There are so many ways this character could have been screwed up and made to look li
I LOVE THIS COMIC SO MUCH. I was really excited about the concept when I heard of it, like we're rebooting Spiderman to be about an adorable black kid? Are you serious? We can have this, a POC as the solo lead for a title with popular brand recognition???


But at the same time what if it wasn't good? D: I can set those fears at rest now because this is an excellent comic. I really loved Miles Morales! I sympathized with his initial hesitation to become a superhero because wow yes, it would indeed
Jason Stalides
Man, that was excellent. I didn't expect it to be so...excellent. How come no one told me how excellent this book is?

I think a have a new, favorite ongoing. And character!

MU count: 796
Thomas Salerno
Spider-Man is dead. Long live Spider-Man!

I'm not sure what more I can say about this book that hasn't already been said a million times by everyone. It's amazing. My only regret is having put off reading it for so long. I used to be one of those naysayers that didn't agree with the decision to kill off Peter Parker in the Ultimate universe and replace him with some new character. Now I'm a full-blown Miles Morales fan. He is truly a great character. I even dare say he makes a better Spider-Man t
Great, brisk tale of a new Spider-Man with obvious and interesting echoes of the original origin. As always, Bendis' dialogue is so natural it flows like a rich sauce over my meaty brain. Miles is a great replacement for Ultimate Parker - not something that'll make me forget Parker, but sure make it easier to move on.

This story has some neat riddles woven in, trying to fit itself into a larger picture of the Ultimates universe. And while Miles gets a very similar origin story, he ends up with a
This volume of Ultimate Spider-man introduces us to the new Spider-man: Miles Morales. In the same way Bendis took several issues to flush out Peters origin, his origin takes place over 5 issues and he's actually only in his new costume on the final page. But Miles is a new take on a character that's 50 years old, so Bendis needs to take time to readers and give them reasons as to why they should like and care about Miles Morales. Bendis is very good at doing this.

Miles is a half black, half Hi
The Ultimate Marvel Universe just gained a new webslinger. Miles Morales has had a unique day - he is one of three kids to win a lottery for a charter school placement and has been bitten by a geneticaly-altered spider in his uncle's apartment. As he watches the final moments of Peter Parker, Miles feels that he should do something to honor the memory. Defeating the Kangaroo while in a Halloween costume, Miles finds himself brought before Nick Fury. Successfully taking out Electro while in SHIEL ...more
Why I picked it up: That’s a good question. It is on the YALSA challenge list, but I had it marked “not interested” from the beginning. Not sure what prompted me to put it on hold and read it anyway.

Young teen Miles Morales (I don’t recall seeing an age) just won a spot at a boarding school, giving him opportunities his parents are afraid they can’t give him otherwise. When visiting his uncle, something his parents don’t know he does, Miles is bitten by a spider and all of the sudden can do odd
I really wanted to like the new Ultimate Spidey more. I think that Miles has some interesting new powers that I'm sure will come in handy with the foes to come, especially when Bendis fleshes everything out. What left me feeling a little disappointed is the overused cliche melodrama that overwhelms this first volume. It's hard enough trying to adjust to a new school environment with new powers you don't understand without all of the other things that Bendis chose to bog down Miles' life with - c ...more
David Suiter
One of the greatest design aspects of Spider-Man’s full body costume has always been the fact that anyone could be inside that mask. No matter the race, color or creed Spider-Man could be any one of us. For fifty years Spider-Man has been Peter Parker a Caucasian kid from Queens but after he was killed, the mantle and the legend of Spider-Man was passed on to Miles Morales a half-African American, half Latino teenager from Brooklyn.

Miles Morales made his debut in the pages of Marvel Comic’s Ult
Justyn Rampa
This was perfect.

In the wake of Peter Parker's death in the Ultimate universe, young Miles Morales steps up to fill the shoes of the web-slinger. On one level, this book is notable for the diversity it brings. Miles Morales is a young African American boy with a mother and father. His best friend is a young Asian boy named Ganke. In fact, it is very hard to find a single Caucasian character in this book who stays for longer than a couple pages and that is refreshing. Despite how many comics and
Chris Lemmerman
Miles Morales makes his explosive debut as the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe, and it all starts with a bang.

Utimate Spider-Man scribe Brian Bendis brings the same energy to these scripts as he did to over 150 issues of Peter Parker, and this continues to be his best book at Marvel in my opinion.

He introduces us to Miles and establishes all of his supporting cast across this opening arc, and whilst it would probably read very slow in single issues, it shines as a storyline in collected form
SPIDER-MAN is dead.
Peter Parker, the web-slinging, wall-crawling teenager, gave his life to save his Aunt May and girlfriend Mary Jane Watson from the wrath of the insane Green Goblin, and a shocked nation mourns the loss of a true hero.
But this isn’t the conventional Marvel Universe, it’s the world featured in the Ultimate Comics imprint, a more grounded reality where mutants are considered terrorists and the US government runs its own superhero taskforce.
Parker’s death brought to an end more t
This was my entry point to Spider-Man and it was awesome. It's cool how there is a whole new angle where heroes already exist and are prejudiced against or well known. This takes place in the Ultimate Universe so don't get it mixed up with the normal Marvel universe. The protagonist is a young boy called Miles Morales whose family is very poor. He wins a lottery to get a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school and decides to go to his uncle's to celebrate. Miles' father doesn't want him to ...more
I don't really know how to review normal books, never mind comic books, but I thought this was brilliant.
It's basically Miles Morales becoming a superhero, after the death of Peter Parker. Not much else happens. That sort of sounds like I'm putting it down, but I'm not. It's a fantastic start to Miles' story and all the characters were interesting. It was also nice to see some familiar faces (Mr Stark, I'm looking at you). I don't want to say too much because although there aren't really any spo
Count me in the group that didn't want this to be any good. Having enjoyed USM from the start, my thought when this was announced had been: slightly offensive marketing gimmick. I mean, what character death and rebirth isn't, right? However, it turned out okay. The story is definitely not without its issues. The origin feels rushed, and a tad contrived, but it's a carbon copy of Peter's story. So in one sense it's nothing new. In another sense, it's a cool approach to a modern retcon. I like how ...more
Manny Humphrey
I spent a lot of time ignoring Miles Morales. I knew who he was and I'd heard that he was a character worth checking into but he just was not Peter Parker so I didn't give him the time of day.

Clearly, I'm an idiot. Ultimate Peter Parker is my favorite version of my favorite super-hero and after his untimely (and totally bad-ass) passing, I wasn't ready for someone else to swing from his webs but I'm really glad it was Miles and I grew to love him almost instantly.

His entire run was wonderful and
Brian Cambra
I wanted to see what the hype was behind the Miles Morales version of Spider-man. I am really glad I picked this up. It reminded me of what I loved about comics in the 90s. It's glorious.
There was considerable controversy when Miles Morales was revealed to be the next Spider-man however after reading the first issue I find Brian Michael Bendis mentions many important issues that face children in America. Miles is first shown heading to a lottery to attend school; I find that this scene is extremely poignant and moving. Miles' storyline shows complexity when he visits his uncle who apparently has a strained relationship with Miles' father and mother. It was an odd decision to kil ...more
Black Spider-Man?? Why his costume gotta be black?! (OK I know he's mixed-race. Maybe they could give him a black spider sombrero or something. Is he even half Mexican? Is this getting racist? ABORT JOKE)

Haha no for real though why.

Umm other than that, this is cute? Good to see some diversity up in there, he's got an Asian friend even!! I'm glad they found a plausible-ish way to like, completely re-do Spidey's origin story with another dude. And that Spider-Woman is a badass. And Nick Fury exist
Spider-man as a young latino/black kid. Bendis's usual unbelievably snappy dialogue and sensitive pencils by Lisa Pichelli. It feels like a YA novel, but a good one.
Despite the controversy surrounding the identity switch of a Marvel icon (and I had my doubts myself), this was a well done relaunch, and in my opinion much better than the Death of Spider-man collection that proceeded it. The story takes its time to develop young Miles Morales' character, and how he fits into the Ultimate Comics world, before throwing him in to fight the bad guys. And it's a good fit: Miles' natural reaction to not even want his powers makes him a more authentic character for t ...more
Melissa Mcavoy
This new incarnation of spider-man is a rich, satisfying story that pushes the boundary of the franchise into fresh, more racially diverse territory. Half Hispanic, half African-American grade-school kid Miles Morales has a lucky number, 42. On the same day he wins a lottery spot in a Brooklyn charter school with that number he is also bitten by genetically altered super-spider # 42, which has hitched a ride out of Osborne Laboratory in the swag bag of Miles larcenous uncle Aaron, aka. The Prowl ...more
My love for Ultimate Pete Parker is well known and I've held off joining Miles in his new life (despite the glowing reviews and praise) for this reason. Time finally to put that aside.

Very impressive. Hats off to BMB and Sara Pichelli. Miles is a great character, adorable, sweet and far too innocent. They've really managed to retell the origin in what feels like a completely different way. Emotional beats are reversed (see Mile's reaction hanging upside down for the first time cf Pete's the firs

After reading through all the rest of the Ultimate Spider-Man series, seeing some of the buzz here and there, and anticipating his debut, MILES MORALES is here, in the role of the Ultimate Spider-Man!

This volume brings a brand new kid into the role of Spider-Man. Just like (Ultimate) Peter, he was bitten by a spider crafted by Norman Osborne, but unlike Peter, he's gotten a couple of extra powers to go along with.

This origin story brings every bit as much fun, anticipation, and thos
A fun and readable introduction to Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spiderman: an Afrolatino teenager. The book never takes itself too seriously while genuinely exploring grief and the public's relationship to a treasured public figure as well as Miles' relationships with his family and the structural obstacles that define their existence. Miles' peculiar relationship to heroic guilt and the responsibilities entailed by the power to intercede on behalf of others is also explored (though, as in mo ...more
I gave this graphic novel to our six-year-old as a birthday present, then read it to her aloud. It's a new experience for me, reading a comic book aloud. What to do with with the asterisked bits? (Insert swear words as appropriate, I guess.) What to do with all the onomatopoeia? Some of it is ridiculously hard to pronounce. A comicbook readaloud ends up being a dramatic performance.

For an emergent and slightly reluctant reader, though, a graphic novel is a wonderful thing. This is the first book
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A comic book writer and erstwhile artist. He has won critical acclaim (including five Eisner Awards) and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics. For over eight years Bendis’s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.

Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot
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