Archon: The Books of Raziel. Sabrina Benulis
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Archon: The Books of Raziel. Sabrina Benulis (The Books of Raziel #1)

3.14 of 5 stars 3.14  ·  rating details  ·  650 ratings  ·  176 reviews
Angela Mathers is plagued by visions of angels, supernatural creatures who haunt her thoughts by day and seduce her dreams by night. Unlike ordinary humans, Angela is a blood head - a freak, a monster, the possible fulfillment of a terrifying prophecy of overwhelming death and destruction.
Paperback, 385 pages
Published 2012 by HarperCollins (first published December 27th 2011)
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Jan 09, 2014 Max rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Teens to adults
I received the ARC version of this book from a friend who is in the industry and read it while traveling. I haven’t reviewed books up until recently but I’ve been an avid reader for a long time, and I have to say I will give this my best shot.

Maybe this synopsis will help out the other readers of the book as well since it seems they missed a lot of the information that was actually in the book though they said it was not there.

As for the synopsis, this book is about Angela Mathers who is a tro...more
The two things going for Archon are the gorgeous cover and the dark atmospheric feel to the writing especially with respect to the academy setting of the story. Unfortunately, that isn't enough to overcome the fact that the first third of the book is very confusing and that I really couldn't connect with any of the characters.

Archon's protagonist is a Blood head, which has nothing to do with vampires, although that is what came to mind everytime I saw that word, but instead refers to a red-head...more
I am baffled by all the excellent reviews. Are there 2 versions of this book out there and I have the version intended to bewilder and confuse? An angel I am told was male, but later that he/she/it is pregnant? A fairie is an angel? Angela is the Archon but not? She houses Raziel's soul but doesn't? And I still don't know what the Ruin is...! It was a sign when I realized I was two weeks into this book and still only about 60% through it that I was not going to agree with all the positive review...more
Angela Mathers has not had the easiest childhood; she has extreme reactions to vivid dreams and can see angels. For Angela, seeing is believing and she once again takes it to an extreme. She decides to try to kill herself, hoping that she would be able to live in a world with angels-she mistakenly believes angels are only around and with the dead or dying.

In the beginning of the book, the author explains much of the necessary background a reader would need to fully grasp the concepts of this no...more
Both the cover and the description definitely enticed me, but unfortunately this book failed to deliver on that promise. The writing itself was not actually at fault, as what prose there was carefully written, with lush words and interesting word choices. Sadly, there was just not enough of this to pull this book through to be a success. The characters, including many supernatural beings including angels, demons and jinn, were not fully fleshed out to be remotely sympathetic, or even interesting...more
Feb 04, 2012 Mav marked it as avail-both  ·  review of another edition
The book description is all over the place. Either Archon is that big of a mess, or someone at HarperCollins needs to be fired, or has been and this is their revenge.

I'm a sucker for angels though -the constant barrage of bad reviews for Halo is the only thing keeping me from read it- and will probably pick up this book anyway.
Step Into Fiction
Captivating story, fantastic characters with one hell of a heroine.

Review originally posted at Step Into Fiction

Review completed by: Jessica
Dec 01, 2013 Shara marked it as dnf  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: no-longer-own
The premise: ganked from publisher's website: There are some things worse than death . . .

For years, Angela Mathers has been plagued by visions of a supernatural being—an angel with beguiling eyes and magnificent wings who haunts her thoughts and seduces her dreams. Newly freed from a mental institution where she had been locked away for two years, Angela hopes that attending Westwood Academy, the Vatican’s exclusive university, will bring her peace and a semblance of normality.

But Angela isn’t...more
Angels, and demons, and witches oh my! My senses were overwhelmed with “Archon” beginning with the book jacket, making me want to read what was inside. With the first installment in her trilogy, Benulis uses lush descriptions and larger than life characters to tell the story of a battle between Heaven and Hell.

Angela Mathers has led a hard life. Born a twin, she was shunned by her parents because she was a blood head, a feature that according to prophecy will be the dark messiah. Filled with sel...more
Tori [Bottles of Summer]
Sounds like this book will either be awesome, or a hot mess.
Although I read a lot of urban and paranormal fantasy, both YA and adult, the realm of angels was new territory for me. I'm not entirely sure if it is my lack of experience in this sub genre or just this particular book but I found Archon, the first book of The Books of Raziel series, to be completely confusing.

I never felt like I understood the world that Angela and the other characters inhabited. I didn't understand the rules, the prophecy, and even what was actually taking place at times. Whi...more
Nicole About Town
While this book was good, it left me with far more questions than it did answers. I know that it is the first book in a trilogy, so I didn’t expect to have the events in the book all wrapped up in a neat bow by the end. But this book left me with question all throughout the book as opposed to at the end. Let me start by saying that I reviewed this book from an ARC copy provided by the publisher. Because of that I am keeping an open mind and hoping that the finished copy of this book underwent so...more
I hate this book. I tried to push myself to read just in case it got better but no... It didnt. It was worse.

I hate the blond leader of the pop group. She like has to get her priorities straight. She wants to be a demon? Wtf! Seriously. Dont want to be the goood guy? That woman is psycho! And i hate it how she sleeps around so much. She sleeps with Kim 5 nights a week? Seriously? Im surprised shes not pregnant! And dont forget to add how man. Its like woah. Take it easy dude. Seriously. I find i...more
Archon is a book that suffers from a rather unusual problem. The setting outshines the characters. The water drenched crumbling world of Luz is fascinating. You can tell the author has planned it out well and probably has notebooks filled with little details about it that just didn't make the final edit. The concept is interesting as well playing with traditional ideas of the Antichrist or Ruin as she is referred to in this book.

The problem lies with the characters. Their physical presence is e...more
The concept behind this book is the prophesy that someone with red hair will bring the ruin of man, causing all people with red hair to be isolated into carefully monitored groups where they can be watched to see if the prophesied "blood head" is among them.

Actually, this is a pretty little Goth story, very charming in a dark way. The lead character, Angela, was abused by her wealthy parents then disowned by the rest of the family when those overbearing parents died in a fire...then tormented b...more
Sabrina Benulis is a master at worlds. Luz is amazing, it really made me want to be able to drive in and explore, take photos, live there!
but to be honest it was pretty much the only thing keeping me reading (as well as my small obsession with angels).

while Benulis is great at worlds, her characters are left being overshadow, or over looked.
I didnt connect to any of the characters and actually found myself wish Angela would just get it over with, but to be honest she didnt even fell like a real...more
Dark Faerie Tales
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: A wild mix of angels and demons, each player having their own agendas, and the mortal with the power to destroy it all. LOTS of details and subplots to follow making this more political than romance in its presentation.

Opening Sentence: “That’s an incredible painting.”

The Review:

This book turned out to be a hard read for me. There is an obscene amount of back story details and lots of little sub agendas for each character, that the overall s...more
Danielle Wilson
I had high hopes for this book. The cover looked cool. The story blurb sounded interesting (if a little high school-ish). Then I started reading.

Please believe me when I say I don't typically have trouble with reading comprehension. I felt like a complete idiot when reading this book though. I spent so much time feeling confused that I just couldn't get into the story, let alone feel sympathy for ANY of the characters.

The setting of Luz seemed like an awesome place. The crumbling ruins on a sto...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
From the inside cover:

There are some things worse than death…
For years Angela Mathers has been plagued by visions of a supernatural being—an angel with beguiling eyes and magnificent wings who haunts her thoughts and seduces her dreams. Newly freed from a mental institution where she had been locked away for two years, Angela hopes that attending Westwood Academy, the Vatican’s exclusive university, will bring her peace and a semblance of normality.
But Angela isn’t normal. With her stain of da...more
Diletta Brizzi
Dico subito che avevo riposto tante speranze in questo libro, la trama innovativa e la cover mi avevano davvero attirato. Sono state mal riposte? Lascio giudicare a voi perché “L’amore immortale” di Sabrina Benulis mi ha lasciato un grande, grandissimo punto interrogativo stampato in faccia e ora vi spiego.
Parto dalla protagonista, Angela, la ragazza dagli splendidi capelli di fuoco e grandi occhi azzurri, che ha passato un’infanzia terribile coi genitori che non la consideravano e che le riser...more
When I first read Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop, I found myself on shaky ground. I'm an extremely visual reader, creating scenes and characters in my head as I read the words on a page. I picture everything. With the first book in the Black Jewel's Trilogy, however, I had trouble seeing the world the author had created in my mind's eye. I can't explain why, just that it's so. Perhaps it was the way the author jumped right into the story and took off running. It was the same for me with Ar...more
TRAMA: Fin da bambina, Angela Mathers è perseguitata da visioni soprannaturali: affascinanti creature alate popolano i suoi sogni e la ossessionano, senza darle tregua. Tanto da spingerla a tentare il suicidio, più volte e in molti modi diversi, ma sempre senza successo: pare proprio che Angela non possa morire. Quando viene dimessa dall’istituto di igiene mentale dove è in cura, la ragazza si iscrive all’Accademia Westwood di Luz, esclusiva università vaticana, decisa a iniziare una nuova vita....more
Finalmente si respira aria di novità.
Finalmente posso iniziare una recensione senza dover esprimere il mio odio verso le autrici young adults che sfornano libri tutti uguali.
Finalmente inizio una storia senza immaginare nessuno svolgimento né prevedere come andrà a finire: non ho la minima idea dei personaggi che incontrerò...
A dispetto della cover, che - per quanto possa risultare attraente - era fin troppo allineata alle cover dei romanzi (fotocopia) tanto di moda ora, a dispetto del titolo ma...more
Ary89 - Romance e non solo
Questo romanzo, per me, rimarrà sempre un enorme punto interrogativo... Non mi è mai capitato, ma devo ammettere che di questo romanzo mi è rimasto quasi il nulla nella mente... mi ricordo giusto qualche nome per quanto riguarda i personaggi e che tipi di creature paranormali incontriamo durante la lettura...

Primo romanzo di una serie dove il paranormale/fantasy è raccontato in chiave gotica e la storia si svolge in una piccola isola, Luz, una piccola isola isolata da tutto il resto del mondo e...more
Lyn Nicholas
Exciting battle between good and evil, but with WITCHES!

One thing that I've always had a bit of an obsession with is Academies, especially those that have a supernatural element to them. So imagine my excitement when I discovered that ARCHON is in fact about a girl who ends up attends an Academy for the supernatural!

The Archon is a legendary being who is capable of opening the powerful Book of Raziel and holds great power over the supernatural. Once at the Academy, our main character, Angela, lo...more
Tvaleros (SpadesHighReads)
Review posted on SpadesHigh Reads (blog)

Archon: The Books of Raziel by Sabrina Bernulis was a bit of a challenge. Where the first few chapters were very confusing and I was so lost that I couldn't even remember what I read a few pages back. However, I did read on and finish the book, and I can say that at about 130+ pages the story started becoming very interesting. Sabrina Bernulis has a thought-provoking take on angels and it's a side which made myself more drawn to finishing the stor...more
harlequin {Stephanie}
This had so very dark a story. The writing, story & characters stick true to that. If you are not of fan of the goth, morbid or macabre scene you will not enjoy this.

Would not recommend for children. Not even sure why this was sold as a ya. There are a lot of reference to incest, drug use & sex. Parents will find offensive.

Why 3 stars?
In some ways this book was so dazzling I can't even wrap my mind around it. In others it was a crushing disappointment. It just feels unfinished. Plot twis...more
When I first read the synopsis I knew I had to read this book. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down because how curious I was to figure out what was going on in this book. Angela intrigued me by the way she wanted death but couldn't achieve it no matter how hard she tried. From there on I was hooked to figure out why.

I thought all the characters were described so well throughout this book. It was easy for me to imagine them and this made keeping track of the characters easier for m...more
Yvan Argeadi
RECENSIONE: http://atelierdiunalettricecompulsiva...

Cosa fareste voi se fin da bambine un principe azzurro, o un bellissimo e magnetico angelo in questo caso, fosse il centro dei vostri sogni ricorrenti?
Bhè forse, nel primo caso, uscireste di casa ed andreste alla ricerca dell'uomo perfetto, ma nel secondo caso? Per Angela, giovane ragazza senza ormai più né famiglia né amici in vita e senza nulla da perdere, il suicidio per ricongiungersi definitivamente al bellissimo Isfrael, l'angelo dei suo...more
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Sabrina Benulis lives in the rolling mountains of PA with her husband and a spoiled but sweet cockatiel. When she isn't writing, she's watching anime, taking photos of backyard wildlife, and scouring interior design magazines, but not necessarily in that order.

Her second book in The Books of Raziel series, titled Covenant, is scheduled for release in April of 2014.

More about Sabrina Benulis...
Covenant (The Books of Raziel, #2) Untitled (The Books of Raziel, #3) Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Speculative Genre Exercises from Today's Best Writers and Teachers

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