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The Marriage Bed (Guilty, #3)
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The Marriage Bed (Guilty #3)

3.5  ·  Rating Details ·  2,542 Ratings  ·  200 Reviews
Everyone in society knows that the marriage of Lord and Lady Hammond is an unhappy one. Everyone knows they have barely spoken to one another in over nine years. But what no-one in society knows are the reasons why ...

Lady Viola Courtland was a romantic and impulsive young girl when she fell instantly in love with the handsome and dashing Viscount Hammond. Unbeknownst to V
Mass Market Paperback, 374 pages
Published June 28th 2005 by Avon (first published 2005)
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One month. One month. ONE fucking MONTH.

Her tears and hurt had been met with no understanding, only his biting, sarcastic wit. Her closed bedroom door had not made him realize the error of his ways. There had been no admission of guilt, no words of love, and no apologies. Instead, he waited a month for her to relent, and when she hadn't, he walked out on her without a second thought.

But, of course, he's the victim -- having to put up with her tears and having to sleep alone and all.

"I waited a m
5 stars – Historical Romance

I really disliked John and his arrogant, selfish, horndog, cheating, unrepentant, emotionally aloof, clueless, callous ways (up until about the last 100 pages or so that is) and the feminist in me totally sympathized and sided with headstrong, spirited Viola, but I was still completely engrossed in their story and wanted so much for them to reconcile and achieve love and happiness together. The Marriage Bed is full of drama and emotional tug of war and at times wasn’t
Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness

This book was absolutley fantatsic ! From its tear-jerk worthiness to its downright hilarity,if one excluded the romance and the lust factor that is,well then this book defiantly had it all ! ♥

Honestly speaking,i don't think i could have picked a better book than The marriage bed to have fulfilled my need for a good angsty Historical novel.

Even after reading the books summary and a few reviews from my fellow GR mates.i was still kinna reluctant to actually pick it up and go ahead reading,thin
This was a badly written book.
So,eeew to the cheating.
But to be frank? It did not bother me as much as it should.
On the other hand, there are times when fiction crosses the lines and becomes pure fantasy. How? We can have unreasonable and we can have pure imposible.
This book had a lot of the impossible. Also, when I finished it, I was more confused then while reading it, because it seem that nothing was really resolved and the feelings of the characters never got to me. I never understood them a
What do i say i just cannot rate this book,i have read many cheating books,i read them cause i wanna see how characters they accept their mistakes and redeem themselves but here the hero i really wanted him dead,he is irredeemable in my eyes,even when Viola is ready to make effort and be a good wife wants faithfulness from his that also he says he does'nt knows whether he can be faithful,i just could'nt see the reason why Viola was still with him,even when his last mistress comes with their baby ...more
Lucy Herondale

Ah, shit! I'm not strong enough for this shit.

John was a hypocrite, selfish, cheating, callous, unfeeling asshole and I would have never taken him back if I were Viola.

I can't believe the pain and humiliation he put his wife through. And to make everything worse, he thought he was a freaking saint and that it was Viola's fault their marriage was in shambles.

No! Just no! Hell to the no!

And that little twist in the end? That would have been the fucking end of everything. How dare he? HOW DARE HE?

This one is hard to rate. I'm going to go with a 3 since I thought it flowed well and was an interesting character study and probably a more realistic look at marriage between aristocrats at the time.

Did I enjoy it? Nope. It's not a light and fluffy type of romance nor is it an old school romance where you love to hate the hero and get drawn into the 'oh, no he didn't' factor either. The hero was just a man. He did happen to be good looking and titled, but he wasn't extraordinary in the way you
May 17, 2008 Daisiemae rated it really liked it
Shelves: historical
I didn't know what to expect when I started this book. Having read both positive and negative reviews on it, I figured I would either love it, or hate it.
With this book there is no in between. Either you will get on the Hero's side and root for him and Viola, or you won't.
Yes, the hero is a rogue. Yes, he hurt his wife by his indiscressions. But, she overeacted to the situtation at first. It wasn't an uncommon occurance for men to have mistresses. He gave her up to be faithful to Viola when th
Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
Jun 16, 2016 Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads) rated it really liked it
Shelves: hero-alphahole, h-feisty-sassy-spirited, angst-fest, he-loves-lusts-pursues-ow, he-doesnt-deserve-forgiveness, grovel_xplnation_suffrng-lame, him-tortured-past-emo-scarred, historical-rom, h-with-spine-n-spirit, ending-sudden-easy-or-things-unsaid, h-i-like-or-admire, marriage-on-rocks, he-actually-cheats, kids-with-other-ppl, new-to-me-author-i-liked, sowed-ur-wild-oats-hmmm, parts-left-me-cold-or-disturbed, h-h-battle-of-wills, give-me-a-baby, hero-only-lover, woos-bfrenz-weds-fr-decptive-reasns, h-manipulated-vulnerable, hero-laidback-easy-going-charmer, enjoyed-the-writing, loving-stepparents-or-to-be, hero-not-celibate-in-separation, manhoe-or-oversexed, hero-cold-unemotional, he-is-a-self-serving-jerk, hero-sarcastic-mocking, he-has-a-gf-fiancee-mistress, h-wealthier-than-him, h-cold-or-uptight-or-bitter, h-h-separated-estranged, poetry-lit-quotes, loved-u-long-or-unrequited, hate-u-love-u, humiliation-degradation-maltreated, ow-felt-bad-fr-her, double-standards-much, by-love-redeemed, didnot-feel-the-love, hero-calm-controlled, ow-2-or-more, love-at-first-sight_instalove, he-as-the-louse, tear-jerker, hero-most-selfish, u-deserve-better-girl, he-hurts-or-rejects-her-in-past, loving-family_frenz, rubbernecking, ily-but-doesnt-mean-it, married-fr-years-but-no-love, but-for-the-last-chapter-or-2, hero-dishonest, ending-ruined-book-fr-me, hero-cruel-heartless, good-but-petpeeve-or-sthing-lacking, hero-still-a-partial-ass, unsure-howto-rate-this-one, second-chances, he-in-financial-difficulty_ruin, h-selfrighteous-unforgivng, hero-adulterous-immoral, broke-my-heart, chick-magnet, she-loves-him-more, friendly-ex
I read this book in the way of rubbernecking. It has some very mixed reviews, which I read–spoilers and all. Wading in, knowing and prepared for what a jerk the H was, I actually enjoyed the story a lot. I felt the h’s heartbreaking angst and also her bracing pride as she lives through her husband’s continuous and prolific womanizing right in front of her and the ton, and I liked the h a lot. This H was as unfeeling, unrepentant and blasé as they come. He feels the h has to fall in line when he ...more
Lady Wesley
Mar 16, 2013 Lady Wesley rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: amz-rev
I enjoyed this story, as I have done virtually all of Laura Lee Guhrke's titles.

The story is quite simple. A young Viola falls madly in love with Lord John Hammond and marries him soon after meeting him. He has professed his love for her (apparently only when she asked him, "Do you love me?"), but in reality he married her primarily to get the money he needed to restore his estates, which had been run to ruin by his irresponsible father. For a few months they are supremely happy, but then Viola
Feb 17, 2009 Laura rated it did not like it
No, no, NO.
Oh God No.
I did give it a chance, read some, then skimmed. To me, the heroine was completely unreasonable and I couldn't stand her. I guess I've read too many regency novels and Viola is supposed to be a young naive miss, but even in the most romantic novels the hero has had mistresses. And I thought it was common knowledge that a piece of jewelry is the customary gift that ends a mistress' contract. On every single page, the hero says things about how "we" hurt the marriage, when I w
Oct 28, 2016 Viri rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Odié al protagonista. Nada más que decir. No le había puesto calificación porque como que quise borrarlo de mi memoria pero fue malo MAL PLAN.
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
Jan 09, 2009 Shannon (Giraffe Days) rated it really liked it
I really enjoyed Guhrke's Girl Bachelor series of historical romances - set in the late Victorian period, which makes a nice change - so I've been keeping an eye out for some of her other books. This is actually the third in another series, but I didn't know that when I started reading it and frankly it doesn't make any difference.

Eight years ago, Viola, the beautiful young sister of a Duke, married the man she fell in love with at first sight, Lord Hammond. After the first blissful months, her
Jan 12, 2011 Gemma rated it did not like it
Shelves: did-not-finish
Both characters drove me so nuts I wanted to beat my head against a wall.
Not planning to read this. Hero is a massive cheater.
Jun 04, 2013 Aspoon rated it did not like it
First something positive, I loved the fact the author brought back some of my favorite characters...Anthony Duke of Tremore and Daphne his duchess. I wonder how life continued for them.

Now for the negative, I know this is just a book, however having been where Viola has been, it was just depressing reading about how her husband treated her. And it's such a shame that women in that era had to endure that. But she had a damn good idea about going to American and starting a new life and I think she
Aug 13, 2012 Heather rated it did not like it
Unlike most of the other reviews, I disliked this book because of the leading lady, Viola. I agree that the hero was not the best, but when you consider the time period of the book I believe his actions are realistic & forgivable given what happens in the story. I admit I would have liked it the hero apologized for hurting Viola, but I did feel that his character evolved & that he made amends in his own way. If the story took place in modern times my reaction would be quite different. Vi ...more
I read this book a few years ago and always felt that I should have liked it more than a 3 star rating, so I gave it another try to see if I would have gotten that WOW factor that I missed the first time. While I did feel that it deserved a higher rating than when I read it the first time, I still saw the same problems that bugged me before.

The biggest problem for me is that I didn’t buy that the hero fell in love with the heroine in the end. I just didn’t see it. I don’t know why he fell in lov
May 19, 2010 Crista rated it it was amazing
Okay, so this book is about an unfaithful husband and a broken marriage. If either of these topics are off limits to you..pass this book up. If you're like me, the premise was a bit intriguing.

I love books that are about second chances. The idea that no matter how "messed up" a person or a situation is...there can be healing and restoration. This book taps into that premise.

John Hammond and his wife Viola have been estranged for many years. Living separate lives, both have consummed themselves
Sep 13, 2012 *MariaA* rated it did not like it
Shelves: cheat-jerks
the only reason why i am giving this 1 star is because such unfaithful husbands are not my for my sensibilities and then the mistress's baby in the end, i felt empathetic towards viola's character.
All in all it was a well written book but there should have been more written towards viola's feelings changing.
Aug 05, 2009 Karen rated it really liked it
John Hammond is guilty of cheating on his wife. He didn't do it once, he did it again and again. Now he needs an heir. That should have been a simple matter to take care of. He already had the wife. Now all he needed to do was to convince the wife to do her duty and produce the heir. Not an easy prospect when said wife wouldn't spend more than five minutes in his presence, never mind their marriage bed.

Viola Hammond has spent the last 9 years avoiding her husband. She loved him with all the pas
Kaycee ❤️
I don’t know how to start my review. I cannot believe it took me so long to actually read Ms. Guhrke’s books. Although I’m not really into Adultery-theme-book. It was so good. I loved it. All of it. I can finally say that Laura Lee Guhrke is now officially one of my favorite’s historical romance writers.

Viola has been in love with Lord John Hammond since the first time she saw him. And she was the happiest woman when he married her. For six months, everything was great between them. They enjoyed
Dec 28, 2009 Tina rated it liked it
I hate to say this but I was totally on John's side during my reading of this book. I know, I should be very sympathetic to Viola because, after all, she was the 'wronged' wife. However, I found her absolute unwillingness to even admit any culpability in the deterioration of her marriage to be really frustrating.

At least he understood why she was upset and hurt and he was willing to take his share of the blame. And to me, this was why he was a much more effective and sympathetic character. I ha
Despierto amor y odio como pocos. Amor porque la historia es tremendamente amena; y odio porque al protagonista es para encerrarlo en una mazmorra, no me convenció nada al final y no creo que quiera a nadie. Es su actitud después del punto de inflexión lo que no tiene disculpa. Por una parte le daría cuatro estrellas y por la otra dos, así que se queda con un punto intermedio.
Jul 09, 2013 Lorka rated it did not like it
I love other books by this author, but this particular book... I thought the lady was a real witch and the guy was a cheater. Hard to relax and fall in love with the book when they are not likeable characters.
Brenda (b)
Yes, he married Viola for her money and he had mistresses. But, I felt both of them were to blame for their bad marriage. I enjoyed watching the journey John takes as he comes to grips with his past mistakes.
Jan 27, 2016 Tia rated it liked it
Ugh, the hero was such a douchebag. It made me dislike the novel.
Shari Kay
Jun 15, 2016 Shari Kay marked it as skip-it
Is this suppose to be romance? Seriously, is it?
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From the publication of her very first historical romance, Laura Lee Guhrke has received numerous honors and critical acclaim for her novels and her writing style. She has been honored with the most prestigious award of romance fiction, the Romance Writers of America Rita Award, and she has received additional awards from Romantic Times and All About Romance. Romantic Times has proclaimed her, “On ...more
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