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The Confliction (The Dragoneers Saga, #3)
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The Confliction (The Dragoneers Saga #3)

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  419 ratings  ·  35 reviews
Product Description:

The Confliction - Dragoneer Saga III, is the thrilling conclusion to the "Full Confliction" cycle of Dragoneer Saga books. In this episode, The Dragoneers face the Sarax that were loosed in Book II - Cold Hearted Son of a Witch, as well as the rogue druids of Dou, and something else that no one, not even the remaining Hazeltine Witches expect.

Wild aeria
Kindle Edition, 210 pages
Published December 2011 by M.R. Mathias
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Johnny Nhim
I can strongly identify with the main characters. The dragoneers were the so-called protectors of their world, and the dragons, their ally, although they can also be on the opposing pole. They fight to protect their world from the bad guys, but the bad guys aren't normal human beings, they aren't even the typical wizards and witches. You should read Cold Hearted Son of a Witch before reading this book because the revelation of the Sarax's existence were stated there. As a reader, are given a cha ...more
Bringing the Dragoneers Saga to a satisfying close and leaving the door open to further adventure, M. R. Mathais’ The Confliction is an enjoyable novel, set in a complex and well-imagined world, with the sort of exciting battle scenes that just beg to be seen on a movie screen. Readers should probably start with the earlier books, but, as a reader who very quickly forgets what she’s read before, I can reasonably claim the story will still be interesting without reading them.
As a well-planned sag
This is the last book in this series of The Confliction Cycle of Dragoneers. It's almost like Alien meets The Lord of the Rings. It had a mixture of science fiction and fantasy all rolled up into one. I prefer the fantasy part with the druids and the elves and dragons myself. In this book the Dragoneers, or the Dragoneer Jenka with his dragon Jade finally defeat the alien who has been wrecking havoc on the world since it has escaped from its cocoon. All of the Dragoneers along with witches and K ...more
M Grant
Not as good as the other two in the series, it felt rushed and not as well developed. It could have used 50 more pages, a battle removed and some more story telling being fleshed out, the author seemed to feel that it being the third in the trilogy no further character development was needed... Also, characters seemed to go from extremely wounded to flying into battle with no warning, just suddenly they arrived and were fighting, it was irritating at best.
The 3 books could have been made into on
Thomas Drinkard
All the characters you've come to know are here, with the supporting cast and new actors. Jenka, Zah, Rikky, Lemmy, Aikira; their brilliantly colored dragons and new creatures appear in this, the final Book of the Dragoneer Saga. They face a brutal, climactic battle with alien forces they've never imagined.

I won't spoil the surprises that M.R. Mathias has in store for readers by describing the creatures and events in "The Confliction." I'll let those creations, sparked from his fertile imaginati
Marion Benley
I'm wasn't as blown away as the other reviewers; strange as it may seem. But I'm not disappointed either. I think it's another solid installment but not as dazzling as the other sequels. Maybe it's my subconscious hoping that this series won't end. I have a sense of hollowness - the book leaves a feeling like something hasn't been resolved yet.

The writing is classic Mathias, not outstanding but not mediocre either. It is full of vivid descriptions, lush surroundings and great character dynamics.
Vincent Hawkins
Prepare your favorite tea, coffee or beer and embark on another journey with the dragoneers. I've been waiting for time to read this book, and I loved it! The scenes were exciting, bloody and heart-wrenching. I feel like this book went a few notches up in terms of action and gory scenes. But nothing too disgusting for young adults. The Confliction is an inspiring fantasy, one that many would aspire to write. As for me, I'm more than glad to be just part of the whole adventure, Mr. Mathias has ca ...more
John Barton
Not as I've expected but a truly remarkable way to end this book. The Dragoneers have kept me sane for the last few days that although I almost didn't finish it (lost my Kindle from an office accident), all the time and money spent was well worth it. You will meet the Sarax in this book that is if you haven't read about them in the second book yet. It doesn't really affect the story but for an easier reading experience, go search that book first. In my opinion, Mathias strongest point is writing ...more
James Campbell
First of all, I do not want to give readers the impression that The Confliction is a gloomy, miserable book, although there are certainly many emotionally charged moments in here. Character develops slowly but the whole story flows fast, and romantic relationships are not the mushy types, thanks to M.R. Mathias for that. The conflicts presented in this book are intriguing although the first book was the best of the series. It's obvious that Mathias was influenced by a lot of fantasy authors, but ...more
Come Everyone See A Revival Cesar
This was the third instalment in the Young Adult Fantasy thriller series. The story picks up where it was previously left, with the new King circling his realm upon his Nightshade and the Dragoneers in their castle in the mountain taking turns in guarding the strange ship belonging to the Sarax. When circumstances change dramatically, something sinister, the cause behind the Sarax stirs from its life inside the ship and calls out to somehow cease control over all the druids including Zah. Jenka, ...more
Carla Brink
Another breathtaking ride to the wonderful world of Royal Dragoneer Saga. In this sequel, our favorite dragoneer heroes come face to face with the Sarax. If you've read book two, you know what that's about. These creatures that were introduced in Cold hearted Son of a Witch take their stand to fight our heroes. You can only imagine what ensues in the most crucial battle of the dragoneers. Magic-filled action scenes are exquisitely rendered by the master storyteller, M.R. Mathias. He writes using ...more
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Tanner Moore
This is a complex story. It started in book one and continues here. You must be able to think and engage your mind fully to appreciate this story. This book is jam packed with bad guys and all their wicked powers. It was terrific. I think this is the best one of the series so far. It has so much going on it can get a little confusing trying to keep it all straight but it was fun.

The Dragoneers face a lot of new challenges and start to discover their full power. They have an awesome array of powe
Eric Wolford
Read this series is all I can tell you. The first two books are good and do a nice job of setting up for a big finish in this book. Jenka and his dragoneer friends are in deep trouble. The Sarax have been freed and are now taking over the world. They feed on humans and gain strength every time they do. This in turn will let them "breed". The dragoneers must think fast and come up with a plan.

In the end Jenka and the dragoneers prevail but it was dicey going for a while. The story was fast paced
Tim Stitham
This has been a heck of a fun ride. After reading the final page I was left wanting more. I thought this was it but have now discovered a fourth book. Yay! The story continues. I have become very attached to the Dragoneers.

There is a lot of conflict in this book that is probably why it is named Confliction. I enjoyed all the twists and turns this book took. Hint the big one involves something out of the world. It is a big one. M.R. Mathias is a master at creating stories. They never follow a str
Bettie Campbell
The Ending is a big weird.

I love this story. It does however seem to develop too quickly in some places. This is a minor annoyance that is forgotten when the author gets around to foreshadowing the next book in the series. I could do without the doomed love bits of the story but to be fair there is always a bit of a love story isn't there?
Jason Stone
It is nothing new from other fantasy books out there. We have a hero (Jenka), dragons and magic the combination that is in the majority of fantasy books. That being said I liked it even though it was nothing new.

The story was told well and kept my interest. I liked Jenka and his dragon Jade. They were credible and well written. I was sucked in from the beginning and was interested throughout the whole book. The bad guys could have been a little more evil. They were too tame for my tastes. There
They always say that the third time's a charm, and The Confliction is living proof. Mathias has granted readers a free ticket to accompany our favorite characters one more time on the backs of dragons, so please be prepared to hold on tight. Each turn of the page guarantees a breathtaking step closer to an ending one couldn't possibly even guess. The author has such a way with words that we get reeled in slowly, yet there is no release in sight until the fanatical finish. This portion of the sag ...more
Thomas Oneil
This book is standard fantasy. The Dragoneers fight against evil. Sure there are bumps along the way but still predictable. I would have liked him to change things up some more. He did that in the Wardstone books.
Jenka would not be my first choice in a lead character. He is weak and wishy washy. I prefer the lead character to be a clear leader with heroic qualities. Jenka is not that. He kind of bores me. I wanted him to be stronger and more in charge. To be fair all the Dragoneers are kind of t
Stanely Redding
I wanted less dialogue and more fights. I like a good fight. There were a few of them and the last one was a doozy but I wanted more. The twists were not so subtle either. We had hints of them in book one.
What I did like was the alien space invader. That was wicked cool. I think it was a brilliant addition. The Dragoneers again are kind of fumbly bumbly. Sometimes I am amazed they ever win. But they always find a way. Jenka and Jade always ride to the rescue.

The book was the perfect length and
Ethan Westfield
I just recently discovered M.R. Mathias. I had never heard of him before. That is a shame because I really like his books. I could have been enjoying them for years. But the plus side is I didn’t have to wait for books to come out. Now I will have to wait for the next dragoneer book.

Confliction is a wonderful book that has just about everything in it a lot of fights, dragons, evilness and even a little romance. The dragoneers are starting to pull it together and become good fighters. They are mu
Mike Morales
I thought this book would have more pages. It is not any longer than book two. It is a quite a disappointment that it was not longer. Even though I was disappointed by the length I was not disappointed with the book. Does that make sense? Let me explain.

The book has a really good tempo and held my interest. I knew I would like it because I liked the first two books. The story of Jenka and the dragoneers is one of my favorites. In this book we get the full blown impact of the Sarax. The 2nd book
Mark Ruffell
This is another book in the Dragoneers saga. There was originally only going to be the three but now there is a fourth and many short stories. I am so glad the author did not end it yet. I am not ready to give it up yet.

In this book Jenka has accidently freed the Sarax but comes to find out they are not the worst thing that is happening. The sarax become more powerful and turn into really nasty things that are far worse. Jenka and the dragoneers must come up with a plan to destroy them and save
Joel Mellick
This is a must read if you have read at least book one. I would not recommend reading this before reading The Royal Dragoneers and Cold Hearted Son of a Witch first. These two books set this book up. The dragoneers find themselves outmatched against the Sarax. They will have to use all their skill and wits to stop their reign of terror. But wait in the midst of fighting the Sarax they discover the Sarax can turn into something way worse. Now they are really in the soup. The book is non-stop from ...more
Cyrus Trivin
This has got to be one of the best endings I have ever read. Jenka battles an alien and becomes immersed in Dour magic. He then flies off with the red dragon Crimzon. It was totally rocking. I can’t wait to read the next book.

I liked the fact that there was a little weirdness in the end. It made it that much more fun. Jenka and friends are some of the best characters I have read. Of course I am including the dragons in this too. They are pretty awesome. They each have different powers not just b
Frank Blaine
If I were to write a fantasy, I would, most definitely, choose a dragon theme because it can bring the excitement in a book to a whole new level. Many people will think it's been tried numerous times before and it's unoriginal. But I think nothing quite surpassed dragon fantasy yet. M.R. Mathias is who I want to become if I would be a fantasy author. His imageries and knack of convincing storytelling is admirable. Something that I would really like to have when I finally have the time to sit dow ...more
Aditya /
This book was terrible: The heroes kept leaving their posts for foolish reasons, causing other main characters (and other heroes) to get mangled. They also kept neglecting the weaknesses of their enemies and doing foolish things like "Oh darn, I forgot to bring my weapon to the battle, again!"

The characters were excellent, some of the plot was excellent, but the foolishness really ruined the book for me. I think it needs to have some of these foolish occurances edited to be different.
Loved every minute of these stories! Really felt M.R. Mathias put so much of his heart into this series...A truly heartfelt, amazing collection of stories! Characters were very likeable and complex. Stories well written and full of adventure and twists that surprised me. I highly recommend if only for pure escapeism and terrific entertainment! I truly look forward to reading more of Mr. Mathias books!
Loved every minute of these stories! M.R. Mathias put so much into this series...A truly heartfelt, amazing collection of stories! Characters were very likeable and complex. Stories well written and full of adventure and twists that surprised me. I highly recommend if only for pure escapeism and terrific entertainment! I truly look forward to reading more of Mr. Mathias books!
Chrisann Lamb
not nearly as good as the previous two books, but I'm going to read the fourth to hopefully find some redeeming qualitites
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My grandfather died before I was born, bu
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