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Cold Hearted Son of a Witch (The Dragoneers Saga, #2)
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Cold Hearted Son of a Witch (The Dragoneers Saga #2)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  461 ratings  ·  41 reviews
Zahrellion, Rikky and their dragons embark on a quest to find the special mushrooms Mysterian needs to save Prince Richard from Gravelbone’s poison. Meanwhile, Jenka and his loveable dragon, Jade, escort the King's Rangers back to Kingsmen's Keep. When Jenka and the half-elvish mute, Lemmy, find a map at the Temple of Dou, they follow it and find more trouble than they bar ...more
Paperback, 214 pages
Published September 15th 2011 by Michael Robb Mathias Jr. (first published September 1st 2011)
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I loved this second installment of M. R. Mathias' Dragoneers Saga! If you like high fantasy mixed with a little Sci-Fi, then you will love this book as much as I did! We get to meet 2 more Dragoneers in the story, as well as see the beginning of The Confliction with the introduction of the Sarax creatures who want to devour all life they meet. Jenka has a new rival for Zah's affections, as well as a possible rival for the leadership of the Dragoneers. Rikky's healing powers continue to grow just ...more
Douglas Cook
First paragraph
Jade was winging with all the strength he could summon and Jenka De Swasso was urging him on. They were a half day’s ride by horse outside the wall. They had been chasing stray goblins and trolls away from the road that led from Midwal to Three Forks all day, with Rikky and Silva. For some reason, Rikky and Silva were on the ground, and now Rikky was in trouble. An orc had hold of Silva’s tail, and three trolls were hurling rocks and tree-limbs, trying to pummel Rikky from his sea
Bettie Campbell
A Fantastic Adventure BUT

I absolutely adore the Dragoneers saga thus far. It is a fantastic storyline and I love the characters. I got a bit annoyed with Zah in this one but it only makes me love the author even more. He took a teenage girl and penned her perfectly. But I am finding again as I did in the first book, that I really wish that I had more details or that the book was longer. That is only a small complaint however, as it just lends to the fact that I love the story so much.
Martha Cheves
Cold Hearted Son of a Witch – Dragoneers Saga Book II – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds – Desserts

‘The Crown Prince lay peacefully, as if asleep, inside the currently green-colored magical field. He was afflicted with the Goblin King’s poison, a terrible stuff that had maddened and then slowly corroded from the inside out anyone who’d breathed it. If the stasis failed before an antidote was concocted, he would surely die. Jenka knew Herald
Norma Smith
This is an intelligent fantasy, both stimulating and mesmerizing. But that alone can't describe the whole book. This series has kept me company through the years, and most of the scenes are still clear from my memory. I have read a wide stretch of fantasy books for young and adults, but this still has a hold on me. Cold Hearted Son of a Witch continued the story of Zah, Rikky, Jenka and Jade. The addition of Lemmy made the story more dazzling. Mr. Mathias proved that you don't need to make a 700 ...more
Jake Duffy
The first page got me, and I knew from the start that this is M.R. Mathias as I've known him. I'm glad how easy it is nowadays to discover fictional gems. Gone are the days when I have to travel far, or scour bookstores to look for much-awaited titles in my town. Some parts of the book may feel slow-paced, but I enjoy how it's been used for character development and building momentum. The twists are carefully placed and would ever so often come unexpectedly. Compared to other fantasy books I've ...more
James Campbell
A refreshingly original narrative that is character-driven; which showcases the author's rich imagination. The Dragoneers is one of my favorite series to date. Cold Hearted son of a Witch doesn't fall short as a second installment to the brilliant - The Royal Dragoneers. Just like other books by Mathias, this follows an old style fantasy, but taken to a new height. People who just started with fantasy genre, especially young adults would enjoy this book. Bloody confrontations and warfare are com ...more
Come Everyone See A Revival Cesar
This was the second installment in the Young Adult Fantasy thriller series. The story continues on from where the first book left it, Gravelbone has been defeated but the Prince to the Kingdom had been infected with a horrible affliction, the only solution is to fetch rare mushrooms from a far off distant island. Yet, due to the young age of Jenka's dragon Jade, they cannot hope to attempt such a long distance over the sea. Jenka, now totally inlove with Zah, wants to let her know how he feels ...more
Second in M.R. Matthias’ teen fantasy epic, The Dragoneers Saga, Cold-Hearted son of a witch picks up the story at the close of The Royal Dragoneers . With so many characters and a well-drawn world so thoroughly imagined and described, it’s probably best to start the story with book one. But eager readers, willing to wait to learn who’s who, will jump into book two without difficulty. Pleasingly, all the characters are there, teenagers growing older at a convincing rate, and even young March fro ...more
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Tim Stitham
The dragoneers led by Jenka are back. They are on another adventure this time with some very interesting twists. We also have some new characters that help round it out. I like this book because it was a good length and had plenty of action. I was not overly fond of the addition of space aliens. That through me off. I just want to read about dragons and such.

The book read fast and had a nice pace. It picked up nicely from book one. There was no awkwardness. The characters are all good and the dr
Tanner Moore
This is a well-imagined book with lots of typical fantasy elements. This second book fulfills all the promise of the first book leaving me eager to move on to book three and happy I’ve discovered this series.

But let’s review book two. Continuing the adventures of The Dragoneers M. R. Mathias adds jealousy, longing, and survival to the emotional tie the reader already has with each character. Each character has their own trials that each of them must overcome in order to work as a team like they
Mark Leves
This is a shorter book then the first book in the series. It took me no time at all to read it. I was a little disappointed in the length but I got over it. This book has more depth and the characters are fleshed out more. Zah is featured prominently and it was great seeing her come into her own. She is just beginning to tap her powers. I see there are two more books so far in the series and he plans to write more. That makes me very happy.

Jenka is an interesting guy. He is maturing and making l
Joe Martinez
The story continues from the first book and it's just as exciting as The Royal Dragoneers was. I am not a huge fantasy fan. I like horror fantasy books and that is what I typically read. It's true that I don't have a lot of experience with this type of fantasy book. But I know that I like it. I love these dragons and I love their riders. So maybe my review is more sincere since I am a “newbie” to this type of fantasy novel.

The plot is paced well and the story is action packed. It was very exciti
William Reich
This book and this series as a whole are very imaginative. I think I have a good imagination but I can’t write like this. He sure knows how to describe lands, characters and magic creatures. They really stand out and come to life. I think this is really aimed at the young adult market. But I did enjoy it. I will read the next book but prefer a more mature book.

But if you have kids this would be a good book for them. All kids like dragons and magic. This book has a lot of both of those things. In
Casey Duckett
Dynamite! This book outshines The Royal Dragoneers (book one). The book does a good job transitioning the story. Jenka and the other dragoneers have grown up and become formidable. They are no longer that hapless band of misfits that can’t get it together. Zah and Jenka are exploring their feelings for each other but it is not a “love story”. They are more focused on their tasks and battling evil. I liked reading this book. It did not follow a typical pattern but went off in a whole new directio ...more
Frank Blaine
You have to know that the only time I paused in reading this series was when I caught a bad flu in the winter. I was hospitalized and while recovering at home. I have completely fallen for the characters and their dragons. I love how the author made the characters very likeable amidst their imperfections. You see these people in this generation and you'll probably be enemies with them, but in the book, you get to know them on a deeper level: their drives, their individual conflicts and their per ...more
Joel Mellick
There are dragons, magic and a lot more in this book. If you like to read books in this vein I promise you will not be disappointed. There is everything I want in a book plus some very interesting side trips. I very much like where this story is going.

Jenka is a great main character. He has grown up a lot since book one. He has come into his own so to speak. I think a lot of that has to do with Zahrellion. She has matured him. He can still be impulsive and get himself into sticky situations thou
Cyrus Trivin
It didn’t take me long to read the first book. It was packed with action, suspense and some humor now and then making it a fast good read. When I read this book Cold Hearted Son of a Witch I expected more of the same and I got it. It has everything that the first book had and more. Although this book is short it packs a lot into those pages.

I’ve never been a huge fan of fantasy books but this series is starting to change that. I love reading this series so far. The imagery is phenomenal it make
Mike Morales
Supposedly this is meant to be a transitional book. What does he mean by that? I would assume all the books in a series should be equal. I am not a writer but that is my take on it. I did not like the shortness of the book but I liked the story. It carried over well from the first Royal Dragoneers book. There are so many things happening though it can get confusing.

But there is one big surprise that blew my socks off. I was in no way expecting anything like this. Just think of your regular drago
Nicholas Singleton
The aliens were weird. I can’t say I have ever thought about aliens side by side with dragons. It threw me for a loop. But after a while it worked strangely enough. I was impressed that the author was thinking outside the box. If all his books are like this he has a fan for life in me.

I really am digging on this series. The first book was really good but this one blew that out of the water. I can’t get over how well the author writes. He obviously is immensely talented. How else would he come up
Stephen Miller
This is another compelling story from M.R. Mathias. I really liked book one so this was a no brainer to read. I like the Jenka character and almost all the characters. King Richard seems to be a little snaky to me. But the dragons are great. They all have individual personalities and talents. I think Frost is my favorite. They are all cool but it is the “frostiest”. Lol! I love dragons for sure. I just wish they were real. How cool would that be!

Even though this book was on the shorter side it s
Vincent Hawkins
Another satisfying book from the Dragoneers series. If you think The First Dragoneer is an interesting introduction to the whole saga, wait till you read the succeeding installments. Cold Hearted Son of a Witch doesn't disappoint, even if it's not the most amazing book from the series, it still gives me the chills. The first impression did last this time. I like the mute character Lemmy and the old kickass characters from the first books. Mathias writing is simple but flows fluidly. He loves to ...more
Breana Cliff
The Royal Dragoneers is good. I liked book one a lot and now that I have read book two I am sure I will like the next ones too. The first book was a getting to know the characters book and this book lets them run free. We see more of Zah and a lot more of the dragon Jade. I am glad this book focuses more on the other characters instead of just Jenka. I know Jenka is the main character but I really enjoyed getting to know more of the others better. Obviously you have read book one if you are read ...more
Raymond Bernritter
A very entertaining book

an entertaining book. Well written and fun to read. A good continuation of volume I of the saga. The plot thickens and makes one curious to see what happens in the next book in the series.
As we continue on to the second in The Dragoneers saga, fans will not be disappointed as we take the plunge once again into Mathias' imaginative and wicked mind. Just like the first, readers will find this addition to the series almost impossible to put down. New and exciting characters are introduced and will keep fantasy fans glued to their seats until the explosive ending. And, let's not forget the mighty dragons who seem to take center stage more often than our two-legged heroes. Twists and ...more
M Grant
Eh, it's okay... Decent follow up of the precious book, continues the story in a fairly predictable and fast paced manner, could have been one book, but I enjoyed it well enough. Once again, 99¢ well spent.
Continuing the adventures of The Dragoneers M. R. Mathias adds wisdom, jealousy, longing, and survial to the already emotional tie that the reader has with each character. Each character has their own internal trials that each of them learn to overcome in order to work as the whole they are meant to be. The reader has no choice but to succumb to M. R. Mathias' enchanting tale of heroism. Learning to have faith in one's inner strength will allow you to conquer any situation. I throughly enjoyed l ...more
I was a bit disappointed with this second book to the series. The story never really gets going until very late in the book and then it's over. The action scenes were quick and sudden and I at least had a hard time following what was going on every now and then. Also I would have liked to read more about the prince as his part in the story was very small. But perhaps that comes in the next book.
Sam Atkinson
Although I enjoyed the fast paced action, I found it to be a little too fast and under developed in areas. I felt that the author could have written at a far greater depth concerning plot development. However, as I consider this saga to be aimed at the young adult market I believe that many will enjoy the writing style that 'gets to the point' quickly.
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The jewel you see glowing in the ring in my authors photo isn't really a jewel at all. It is the crystallized tear of a real dragon. In my novel "The Royal Dragoneers" you might find the moment where this wonderfully magical tear drop fell from a green dragons eye and hardened on its way down to land in a mess of troll corpses that the dragon was laying on.

My grandfather died before I was born, bu
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