A Dança dos Dragões (As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo, #9)
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A Dança dos Dragões (A Song of Ice and Fire #5 part 1/2)

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O Norte jaz devastado e num completo vazio de poder. A Patrulha da Noite, abalada pelas perdas sofridas para lá da Muralha e com uma grande falta de homens, está nas mãos de Jon Snow, que tenta afirmar-se no comando tomando decisões difíceis respeitantes ao autoritário Rei Stannis, aos selvagens e aos próprios homens que comanda. Para lá da Muralha, a viagem de Bran prosse...more
Paperback, 571 pages
Published September 9th 2011 by Saída de Emergência
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With only five months between my reading of A Feast for Crows and this, I dread to imagine how confused readers would be who'd been forced to wait the full five years between publications. I was confused as hell. I can see why George R.R. Martin thought he had to split books four and five this way - geographically - but I'm not convinced. This time the book focuses on the viewpoints that A Feast for Crows had ignored - concentrating on Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys, Bran and Reek (view spoiler)...more
Ivana S.

Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Davos... They're back!!! Yes!

It is soo good to know where they ended up after A Storm of Swords. I missed Jaime, but I didn't have much time to think about that because of so many new events. I mean, ''Griff'' and his son? Oh, that was so interesting! That changes everything and I can't wait to see what happens next.

This part of series was very intense, which made it almost impossible to put down. Even when I had to take a break from reading, A Dance with Dragons was in...more

Iako je reč tek o prvom delu Plesa, prosto moram da kažem par reči.
Kad vidim koliko visoku ocenu ovaj nastavak ima, pitam se da li su ostali čitaoci subjektivni ili sam ja imala prevelika očekivanja, jer moram da priznam da sam ja poprilično razočarana ovim delom. Tačno se vidi da je pauza ostavila traga na kvalitet pisanja. Po meni, Martin je previše proširio priču i razvukao je, da sve pomalo gubi smisao.
Sa izuzetkom Džonovih i Brenovih poglavlja (posebno Brenovih kojih opet ima malo), i s vre...more
İlk kitap da fazla yorum yapamayacağım. İngilizcesini okusam 5 verebilirim ama çeviri çok kötü.
Pierwsza część piątego tomu Pieśni Lodu i Ognia za mną (polskie wydanie jak zwykle podzielono na dwie części)i jak zwykle Martin stanął na wysokości zadania. Chociaż od czasu gdy czytałem poprzednią część minęło ładnych parę lat (i niestety sporo wątków zdążyłem pozapominać) to ponownie zostałem pochłonięty przez barwny świat Westeros i Wolnych Miast, zwłaszcza, że w "Tańcu ze Smokami" mogłem śledzić poczynania dwóch moich ulubionych postaci - Tyriona i Jona.

Jedynym co można książce zarzucić to...more
Jul 05, 2013 Joana rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: mine
Foram precisos quase dois anos após o livro ter sido editado para ter coragem para pegar em A Dança dos Dragões. Se estou arrependida? Por um lado sim, o livro é fantástico, está recheado das minhas personagens preferidas e apesar de não me lembrar de muita coisa posso dizer que tive saudades. Por outro lado não estou arrependida de ter esperado. O livro anterior tinha-me deixado um sabor amargo na boca, cheguei a ficar triste, desapontada e chateada com o autor por não me dar aquilo que queria...more
Rachael Hewison
I feel slightly sorry for this book. I've read all of the Game of Thrones series in one go and now I'm on the fifth (or sixth depending on how you count them) I'm a little exhausted. It's so intense and there are so many characters and plotlines that it has become increasingly difficult to follow. Nevertheless it's still enjoyable, it's still addictive and this one returns to many of the readers favourite characters.
This book concentrates on characters such as Jon, Danenerys and Tyrion and also...more
"On iki kez öleceksin evlat, her seferinde canın yanacak... ama gerçek ölümün geldiğinde tekrar yaşayacaksın. İkinci hayat daha basit ve daha tatlıdır, derler." [Haggon, s. 9]

Serinin bir önceki romanı olan Kargaların Ziyafeti 'nde birçok POV karakterden mahrum kalan okur, burada ilk üç romandaki karakteriyle yeniden kavuşuyor. Tabi ki okur için bu bir mutluluk bence. Kargaların Ziyafeti her ne kadar temel POV karakterlerinden mahrum kalsa da [ki çoğu zaman sıkıcı da olabiliyor sürekli Cercei, J...more
I enjoyed this book; it was the easiest to read, probably because all the good story lines that were missing in A Feast for Crows are back - Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion. But on top of these there are more new people, more new places. I've kinda given up trying to keep track of the people in the newer ones because the cast list is getting a bit unwieldy. And quite a major new thread has been introduced into this already incredibly complex series, one with no fore-shadowing whatsoever: it's just suddenl...more
I appear to be out of step with the majority over A Feast for Crows and I think I am going to be again here.

It was fairly marginal but I think I enjoyed A Feast for Crows more. I think that is because more seems to happen in Feast because we are paralleling the action of that earlier book. Essentially this book details the events which happen to a different set of characters (mainly Jon, Jaime, Daenerys and Tyrion) over the same time frame as the events detailed in Feast. That feeing of lack of...more
Like A FEAST OF CROWS, A DANCE WITH DRAGONS: DREAMS AND DUST, is a slow moving and exceptionally detailed story. Let's face it, Martin is in no hurry to tell his masterwork, so there's not a great deal of action or incident here. Instead, he concentrates on bringing his world to vivid life, through the sights and sounds, the smells and tastes. There are more descriptions of food and places than the average world-hopping food critic could hope to write.

Having come into it straight off the back of...more
Era talvez o livro mais aguardado do ano ou não fosse ele o volume que os fãs de George R. R. Martin esperam e desesperam à cinco longos anos. A primeira parte rapidamente foi traduzida e publicada para nossa felicidade, tendo valido até um post no blogue do autor.
Apesar de ser uma das "sortudas" que só esperou um ano pois só acabei os livros anteriores desta saga em Janeiro deste ano (ou então uma das "pobres" que não sabia o que andava a perder) estava ansiosa para saber o que acontecerá às re...more
Livro maravilhoso!
Uma organização excelente, tanto de personagens como do tempo/espaço geográfico. Grandes surpresas, não muitas respostas a certas questões e novas personagens!
Esta é a primeira parte e eu espero muito sinceramente que a segunda seja tão boa ou melhor do que esta.
Os POV's estão muito bons, com destaque para os do Tyrion, Jon e Bran(principalmente este, que para mim é das partes mais misteriosas da saga) e também para o da Melisandre, que é uma das minhas personagens favoritas!...more
Kate Neilan
A Dance with Dragons 1 is my latest conquest in the series A Song of Fire and Ice by George R R Martin, the fantasy epic that has taken the UK by storm, due to the popularity of the TV series Game of Thrones. In the past, I’ve been quite snooty about popular fantasy but from the first chapter of the first book, I was won over by the unusually political machinations of the characters as they plot their ways through a landscape fraught with danger and intrigue.

We’re a long way into an intricately...more
Meh... I have LOVED this series but "A dance with dragons 1: dreams and dust" feels like a filler of anything.

It's nice to catch up with characters that I missed in no 4 but considering the layout of this book it should have been a part of the fourth book and not the fifth. For this to be the start to "a dance with dragons" makes little sense to me. Mainly it feels like it's trying to tie up some loose ends and 'position' the players in the Game of thrones.... However - as mentioned - it comes...more
Patricia Rodrigues
Finalmente George Martin decidiu dar o “Dance with Dragons” por concluído (já andava a escrever o livro há 5 anos) e pouco tivemos de esperar para ter a 1ª parte do livro em português =)

Neste livro, vem na sequência do 3º livro original (A Tormenta de Espada e A Glória dos Traidores), sendo portanto paralela ao livro anterior (O Festim dos Corvos e O Mar de Ferro). Apesar de no início estar um pouco baralhada na história (afinal de contas já li a Glória dos Traidores algures no início de 2009),...more
Kay Donald
Mostly dust! This is Feast For Crows told from the point of view of all the other characters not mentioned in FFC. Once again there is no sense if story tying together and I'll be honest and say I read half of this and got fed up with it. I have the novel that is the other half but I don't think I'll bother. Part of my ennui may have come from the knowledge that after so many years even these novels don't finish things off and he has more in the pipeline... Eventually. I don't expect everything...more
Daniel Simon
Reading this straight of the bat after A Feast for Crows made this book a lot easier to follow (it's going to be hard after this one till The Winds of Winter come out to remember everything).

Martin apologizes with saying that not much story actually happen with this book, but I'd rather look at it as learning and understanding the characters more in this volume than in last volumes. I think in this series a lot of people are disappointed that its not all blood shed and tears after the epic and e...more
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Neste volume regressam as personagens que tanto amamos, mas nenhuma está a salvo num enredo que se adensa e com tantas reviravoltas!

A Dança dos Dragões enquadra-se num espaço temporal paralelo aos volumes anteriores (O Festim dos Corvos e O Mar de Ferro), o que por vezes pode ser confuso. Por vezes senti-me algo frustrada por querer saber o que acontecerá a seguir mas compreendo a necessidade de abordar todos estes acontecimentos que não fo...more
Rebecca Haslam
This book was far better than the last, and certainly of a more readable length. Since the majority of the developments that occur in this and the following book have yet to make their way to screen, I am curious to see how the transfer will be made. I managed to finish this book in under 2 days, and such is a testament to Martin's writing - there are certainly very few authors who can write such large volumes and have a reader devour them so quickly. For the time being, there's one more to go..
Very well written, as usual. Far too crass, as usual (a lot of this helps to make the whole thing realistic, but a lot of it is overkill; if Martin is half as crass in real life as he is in these books he's not a man I would appreciate). And, as usual, far too long. Did anything happen? Something must have happened, considering it's 600 pages long. But the impression I get is of an author who is indulging himself, rather than writing efficiently. In fact, the length of the book makes me question...more
I enjoyed Feast for Crows a lot more than others seemed to, but this book I found to be a slog. I'm about half-way through part 2 now and it's a bit less of a slog than this was, thankfully.

I reread books 1, 2 and 3 before reading Feast, then went straight into this one. I was a bit bewildered with the time line. For instance, how come (view spoiler)...more
Cristina Delgado
Depois de dois volumes (edição portuguesa) em que a ação foi um pouco mais "parada", GRRM voltou a surpreender e a agarrar-me completamente a esta Dança de Dragões e já juntou mais algumas questões e suspeitas/suposições à lista que tenho vindo a formular. Se alguns acontecimentos eram um tanto ou quanto previsíveis, tendo em conta o rumo das diversas personagens, outros conseguiram apanhar-me completamente de surpresa e, apesar de ter já a segunda parte desta "dança" a olhar para mim, sei que n...more
I'm not reviewing the first part but I will say that so far this is striking me as the weakest entry in the series, leaving the back end of the novel to pick up a lot of slack. With Martin's other books one always has an overwhelming sense that things are building towards something important (and in every one of these books the payoff is immense) whereas right now, at the halfway point, I get a sense of characters being written to kill time and fill space so that they can be in the right place f...more
Dou quatro estrelas pois falta alguma acção ao livro. Contudo, e como é importante relembrar, este não passa de uma metade de um livro no original, pelo que fará sentido que assim seja. Como sempre, George Martin não desilude. Apanhamos uma (mais uma) grande bomba neste livro, e tal como os represeiros estão ligados numa rede infinita entre si, todas as histórias parecem fluir para um final grandioso, para algo capaz de nos arrebatar do sítio onde estamos. Mal posso esperar por saber mais pormen...more
Sarah (TotalTeenFiction)
This book was what I was expecting from A Feast for Crows (which I didn't enjoy) and I was happy to be reunited with Daenerys, Tyrion, Bran and Jon Snow at last. The plot had its gripping moments, but overall I was left slightly disappointed. Daenerys didn't seem to do a lot in this book, and the other characters seemed to wander around a lot and not achieve anything. It was enjoyable because of the writing, which as always is epic and gripping, but the series seems to be losing momentum which i...more
Rick Brindle
Right, the positive stuff. Dreams and Dust is better than the preceding novel, which was dire.
Unfortunately, George R Martin's underlying issues remains. He is a great writer, although having said that, nobody, but nobody can utterly bury the pace like he can. Just when you think something exciting is about to happen, he launches into yet more endless tales about families, banners and the sudden appearance of yet another character. And after dragging myself this far through the story, it's depre...more
Tyrion muss fliehen und es verschlägt ihn auf ein Schiff in Richtung Meereen bzw. Quarth. Sein Ziel: Daenerys. Diese wiederum hat mit anderen Widrigkeiten zu kämpfen. Hunger, Not und Intrigen. Und Jon Schnee findet sich in seiner Rolle als Lord Kommandant der Nachtwache immer mehr zurecht.
Doch das Spiel um die Throne wird immer undurchsichtiger und die Eifersucht der einzelnen Häuser kostet Leben und bringt einem an den Rand der Verzweiflung.

Das ist ein begeisterter Fan der Reihe bin, braucht ni...more
Kyle Reid
An improvement on A Feast for Crows, but still struggling to reach the heights of the first 3 books. Martin is still insisting on introducing new characters this late on in proceedings (whilst characters we actually give a toss about spend large amounts of time travelling, not doing very much or being absent from proceedings) and yes, winter is still coming.

At this rate I'm worried if things will be brought to a satisfactory close. I can always re-read the first three though.
Overall, I enjoyed the story and the style. I did find the reading process slightly wearisome this time. A bit too many points of view to my liking, and I felt like the characters weren't really.. DOING or accomplishing that much. Then again, I'm not much of a Daenerys fan anyway and she's a prominent character in this book. Was happy to read about Tyrion again, though. I've heard the second part of this book makes up for the slow pace in the first half.
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George R. R. Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey. His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin. He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten.

Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School. He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies,...more
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