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Once: Before Midnight / Golden / Wild Orchid
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Once: Before Midnight / Golden / Wild Orchid (Once Upon A Time Fairytales)

4.07 of 5 stars 4.07  ·  rating details  ·  753 ratings  ·  94 reviews
Read “happily ever after” with this magical eBook collection that includes three enchanting, retold fairy tales.

Journey to faraway fairy tale lands with atmospheric retellings of three beloved tales. Before Midnight revisits Cinderella’s story in France, Golden puts a new spin on Rapunzel’s romance, and Wild Orchid reimagines the Chi...more
ebook, 640 pages
Published February 7th 2012 by Simon Pulse
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These are the best books ever! They were always surprising me with twists in the plots. Can't wait to get the other books by this author.
Oksana  *Bookaholic*
AHHHHH!!!! Just bought it at B&N's!!!! I love this book (or books, I should say, heh heh) and I LOVE THE AUTHOR!!!

P.S. Saving tip, guys. Each of these three books cost 7 bucks on its own. But all three in one book cost 9.99!!! Whoop whoop!!!
I wish I had read these stories when I was younger. I'm sure I would have liked them more then, before I was married with a child on the way. I rolled my eyes so many times while reading this collection.

Before Midnight:
My least favorite. I read these stories out of order. If I had read it first, I might have liked it better. These stories are all very similar, to be honest. By the time I got around to reading this one, I had to force myself to sit long enough to finish it.

My main problem? Not...more
Out of all the fairy tales I have read, including the Brothers Grimm, these have to be some of my favorite retellings of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Mulan. My favorite was Mulan in Wild Orchid, then Cendrillon in Before Midnight, and finally the bald Rapunzel in Golden.

Cendrillon's, french for Cinderella, story is unique when the author wirtes it the original way; the way that the Grimm Brothers and those before them wrote it...her father is alive, but not a part of her life. Dokey writes it her w...more
Jackie(No Bent Spines)

Before Midnight:
Okay so this was a pretty good read. It only took me a day to complete. I thought it was cool the whole wishing thing. The twin princes was a amazing spin on it whole royals thing. Oh, and I loved how only one stepsister was 'evil' and the mother was nice. I like that the glass slipper was kept in it. Annnndddddd.....oh! I love the whole Soulmates thing <3

This was cool. Rapunzel was bald and gave her name to the girl she saved fr...more
I had fun reading all three tales...I am not able to choose a favourite out of these three cause they were each my favourite at the point i was reading them.

Nonetheless, I do wonder what if Cendrillion and Raoul been together instead of getting Prince Pascal (a name rhymes with rascal to me) in the picture and also i dont really understand the part of lock and key in Golden and the cause of the wizard enchantment/curse..where is the wizard anyway...

Putting those points aside, for each tale bein...more
It's not particularly deep or dense, but I like it. There's three stories in here: a retelling of Cinderella (probably my favorite of the three), a retelling of Rapunzel (I did really like the unique spin on this one), and a retelling of Mulan (which does read a bit like a disney fanfic at times, but is still enjoyable in its own way too). The stories themselves are fairly short, without too many twists or surprises. There's a romance in each, of course, as well, but some interesting family dyna...more
Basically, it was The Wild Orchid: A Retelling of "The Ballad of Mulan" that didn't make it for me, because I grew up adoring Hong Kong martial arts dramas and the characters in the retelling are nearly nothing like the Chinese people I know. Also, I could pick at things being incorrectly used (for instance, Li Po hastily correcting himself when he referred to Mulan as "her" instead of "him" in the army camp - in Mandarin Chinese, both terms sound the same, although they are written slightly dif...more
I adored everything about the retelling of these three well known fairy tales. While the Mulan story was not all that different then the one I know, both the Rapunzel and the Cendrillon stories were fresh and interesting takes on the well known tales.

Cendrillon (Cinderella) with bright red hair and green eyes was a nice surprise. It actually took me quiet a few chapters to figure out which fairy tale it actually was. The political intrigue and the father being the main antagonist in the story w...more
Amy Holcomb
I'll admit that these 3 books were no literary masterpiece, however, I liked the fact that they attempted to recreate 3 popular fairy tales to give them a new twist.

Before Midnight: A twist of a tale about Cinderella. She's French and called Cenderillon. She lives in a small cottage with her nurse and never sees her father because he has too much anger in his heart over the fact that her mother died when she was born. Also, a young boy lives with them who was dropped off by her father on the ni...more
♥iDevourBooks♥ ☆Sonic~Obsessed☆
Writing a review on all three stories inside this book.

Before Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella":

Cendrillon first of all is the french name for Cinderella so don't be shocked to hear the name Cendrillon.
So this retelling is quite different from the regular story about Cinderella, but I honestly like this version of Cinderella because the stepmother is actually NICE.
So Cendrillon is, first of all, forbidden by her father to step outside of the house she was born in. So she cannot leave the hou...more
Samantha The Escapist
Just finished Before Midnight so I will write this before I move on to Golden (lies! I already moved onto it on the bus but you didn't hear that from me)

So I felt myself really resisting the charm of Before Midnight, every time it went a few lines too long describing how pretty or mysterious something was I began to dig in my heels against the whole story. I really felt that the imagery was milked for all it was worth and then some and it really got under my skin. Don't get me wrong, I love beau...more
GM Oreiro
(review on "Before Midnight")
"True love never dies" and "Never regret love" were the two obvious themes of this story. Although the story's pretty typical (happily ever after, as usual), something that makes you believe you know what's going to happen next, I was a bit misled by Raoul and Cendrillon's relationship as I read the first chapters of the story. It was like a tricky foreshadowing, not knowing that Cendrillon's love interest would only appear past half of the reading. The story wa...more
Before Midnight, Golden & Wild Orchid all have something in common that I didn't really like: WHY DOES THE STORY HAVE TO END SO QUICKLY.
Yes, the story fits and everything but a little bit more won't hurt.

Let's start with Before Midnight.
First of all, I loved how in Dokey's version Cendrillon's stepsisters treated her fairly well and tremendously amazing once nearing the end, unlike the original Cinderella. And also, I loved how her father didn't just vanish out of nowhere like the origina...more
Michelle Arrow
This book was absolutely amazing! It's been sitting in my bookshelf for I think a year and today I'm like, I think it's time to read this! Now I'm thinking, why didn't I read this sooner? It was soooo good! I think my favourite heroine was Cendrillon, and I loved Before Midnight and Golden the most.

Before Midnight: Cendrillon has been a half-orphan since she was born and when her father suddenly marries a new wife, she finally gets to have two sisters. Once a ball is approaching, "Cinderella" h...more
Rating: 4 emmys
Review: Very surprised at these new versions of old stories. It was insightful and playful and kept you guessing until the end of each tale.
The Fabulous: If you think you know the classic fairy tales, think again. I have been recently enamored with anything that reimagines the classic fairy tales. This book took three of them and put in huge twists. If you love being surprised, you’ll love this book. Think television show “Once Upon a Time”, another favorite.
The Flaws: I want mo...more
I really enjoyed all three stories that were in this collection, but Wild Orchid was my favorite. I had never read a Mulan story before, but loved the way she was portrayed in this version. I thought the relationship with her father was well written and adored her friendship with Li Po.

Before Midnight was next in line for me. I have read a few versions of this tale and was very impressed with this one. The relationship between Cendrillon and her step mother and sisters was different from many o...more
I loved the retelling of the various stories. I've heard the mass-produced versions so many times that, while I still love them, the new descriptions make the other versions seem like summaries of these. The way Dokey tells the stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Mulan brings in whole new perspectives to the Disney version of the stories. If you enjoy happy endings and fairytales, these are definitely great stories to read.
Didn't really think much of the Cinderella re-telling, which is unfortunately the first story in the book, but the other two were much better. I especially liked the delicate Father-Daughter relationship in the Mulan retelling. Of course these sort of books always fall a bit prey to insta-love, but Golden kind of avoided that a bit for at least the main character.
Bridgepointe Tablab
I really enjoyed the retelling of classic fairy tales. I love fairy tales. I like finding new and interesting takes on stories that have been told billions of times. I really liked the story of Rapunzel in this book. It was new and different and most definitely something I would recommend to anyone, young or old, who loves a good fairy tale.
The Once Upon a Time series are retellings of classic fairy tales. Some are very close to actual stories with a few changes (Mulan), while others completely spin the original story on its head (Rapunzel).

Before Midnight recounts the story of Cinderella, only this time her stepmother and stepsisters aren't quite as evil as they were in the original... this time her father is the "bad" figure.

Golden recounts the story of Rapunzel, but what you think you know about Rapunzel is completely wrong......more
I enjoyed this re-telling of three well-known tales - Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Mulan. Each tale had a refreshing twist to start out with. Cinderella's father is still alive, Rapunzel is born and remains completely bald, and Mulan's mother dies in childbirth. A fun read if you enjoy fairy tales.
"Before Midnight" is by far my favorite telling of Cinderella. I've read it at least five times. "Golden" has a wonderful twist to the story. I've always loved the story of Mulan, but "Wild Orchid had my heart racing with anticipation. Cameron Dokey is a wonderful writer.
Before Midnight
I loved the setting and them of this story. It was so different for the stepmother and sisters to NOT be the bad guys, and instead the father was. I really loved it for the characters. The romance part was EXTREMELY rushed. I know it was supposed to be the whole "fairytale-love-at-first-sight" thing, but still. They saw eachother for a MINUTE. And boom, INSTALOVE. 3.5/5
This was my favorite of the three. Such a unique and interesting take on the fairytale. I mean, Rapunzel wa...more
I always enjoy reading retellings of fairy tales, and these in particular made the female characters appear strong and independent, as opposed to groveling and needy, like many of the original fairy tales. Cameron Dokey's style is neat, too, with all of the stories told from the first person and the particular twists she puts on them are pretty fun. The last tale, Wild Orchid, however, didn't seem so much of a retelling of the fairy tale as it was more of a "telling" of the fairy tale. That was...more
I loved how she took one minor character in each book and blew them into a major character changing the story. It is a must read book! I grew with the characters and wanted justice done when they were wronged! I LOVED this book.
I really should have reviewed the three stories in this omnibus individually - but I read them all in a rush, since there's an enormous waiting list at the library and I wanted to get it on to the next patron as soon as I possibly could.

Unfortunately, the flaws in Dokey's writing become more apparent when you read them together, because it's the same flaws in all three.

There's almost no conflict in these. Mulan fits in just fine among the soldiers. Cinderella is friends with her step sister. The...more
These stories were just like I remember from when I was a kid. Unlike most modernized fairy tales, they still sound like fairy tales and follow the plot pace of fairy tales. For this reason, I thought this book was going to suck, because I'm not a kid anymore. But to be honest, I still love fairy tales, and I loved these stories. I particularly like that if you read them and don't like them, it might not say much about you. But if you read them and do like them, you're probably a sweet person. T...more
Esther Davidson
I loved this collection. I read reviews saying that it was basically too elementary and meant for younger readers. I agree, but that isn't a bad thing in my view. It was a really fun, non-stressful read. I definitely recommend it. Especially for a vacation read!
This book is a collection of three of Dokey's fairy tales. I was pretty sure I had read a few of her books, but see full review.
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Cameron Dokey is an American author living in Seattle, Washington. She has a collection of over 50 old sci-fi and horror films. Cameron was born in the Central Valley of California. Cameron grew up reading classical literature and mythology, perhaps due to her father, Richard, being a teacher of Philosophy, Creative Writing, and Western Literature.

Cameron has one husband and three cats, and is th...more
More about Cameron Dokey...
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