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Struck (Struck #1)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  5,966 ratings  ·  708 reviews
Mia Price is a lightning addict. She’s survived countless strikes, but her craving to connect to the energy in storms endangers her life and the lives of those around her.

Los Angeles, where lightning rarely strikes, is one of the few places Mia feels safe from her addiction. But when an earthquake devastates the city, her haven is transformed into a minefield of chaos and...more
Hardcover, 373 pages
Published May 8th 2012 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR (first published April 26th 2012)
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Apr 03, 2011 Jennifer added it  ·  (Review from the author)
Yes, I surely did read my own book, only about a thousand times. And I still love it, so that must mean it's pretty good. Of course, I'm a little biased. ;)
Emily May

Presenting Struck in several simple and cliche-ridden steps:

1) Heroine lands herself in trouble.

2) The new boy comes rushing to heroine's rescue. He apparently looks like "a European underwear model" with "tortured blue eyes".

If you google "tortured blue eyes", this is what you get...

Something tells me that this isn't what the author had in mind.

3) Heroine and new boy are inexplicably drawn to one another. Heroine also inexplicably feels like she should avoid the bad guys... oh, this one's a rea...more
Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
My name is Mia Price, and I'm a human lightning rod.

After an incredibly promising start and a lot of excitement on my part, the second half of Struck really fell flat and completely failed to impress me.

On the surface, Struck is pretty original: a girl who gets hit by lightning over and over again is doing her best to keep her family alive and sane after a huge natural disaster, while being pulled in two different directions by religious fanatics and their opposers. Both groups are convinced t...more
2.5 stars

I’m not entirely sure if I read the full description for this book, but as soon as I saw the words lightning addict, I knew I would have to give it a try. It’s not a concept you see every day (or at all, even) and I was eager to meet this lightning addict myself.

Mia Price, unfortunately, was a bit of a disappointment.

It doesn’t take much to intrigue or convince me these days, and once I decided a book with a lightning addict for a main character would be completely exciting, I set my...more
Wendy Darling
Well, there sure was a lot more fire and brimstone than I expected. Review to come.
The short version of this review would go something like this:

Such a fabulous premise wasted on clichéd writing, a daft story and stupid insta-love romance.

Here’s the long version:

Mia is addicted to lightning. She’s survived countless strikes, her entire body (apart from her face, obviously) is covered in veiny scars and despite the danger and the fact that she has (unintentionally) hurt people because of it, she still craves lightning more than anything. Living in LA – a place where lightning r...more
Terry Brooks
This month I am giving a Shout-Out to Jennifer Bosworth, a former Maui Writers School graduate, who has an exciting YA book called STRUCK coming out from Farrar Straus Giroux this coming May. I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy. The premise is wonderful. Mia Price is a teen girl who has been struck by lightning - repeatedly. Enough so that she is addicted to the experience. Even her body has been altered as a result. She lives in an LA in which a combination of earthquakes and stor...more
Amanda (Good Choice Reading)
Sigh. With all of the author vs reviewer drama lately, I do not like the idea of being the first person to have anything remotely negative to say about a book, but I guess someone has to be the first, right? Here goes.

Pros: World-building, lack of typical YA love triangle, unique premise, insightful.

Cons: Insta-love, semi-weak character development.

Going in to Struck, I had some concerns that the religious aspect would be too much for me. Coming from a non-believer, I’m not sure how someone of...more
I thought this book had a pretty cool concept, and the story had potential. But I didn't really care for it, and I can't really put my finger on why. I really struggled to get through it and had a hard time focusing because it was kind of dull.

And I was left with so many, many questions. I still don't really understand what the REAL significance with the spark is and of those who have or had it. And I don't really understand why Jeremy wanted Mia to stay away from the Seekers (view spoiler)...more
(a similar version of this review can be found here at Into the Hall of Books:

"My name is Mia Price, and I am a lightning addict." p. 2, ARC

My initial reaction when I finished this book was WHOA. I sat down on my bed to start Struck and stayed right there until I finished it. Interested initially in the cover, of course, I quickly found that the concept of the story was just something that I had never read before. Jennifer Bosworth gets points for an ori...more
4 stars

I'm still going with my initial analysis: Mia Price, you a bad bitch.

I am relieved to have come across Mia Price. There need to be more Mia Price's in the world of YA. What I liked most about her was that her pessimistic, sarcastic personality was constant through the entire book, she didn't change for the love interest and that was refreshing.

In the face of imminent death (and she basically knew from word "go" she was a goner) she never shrivled into a sobbing wad of typical YA dribble,...more
Toe-curling, adrenaline-pumping, non-stop action. Bosworth has created a novel that will indeed make you ache to be STRUCK
This book just did not ever click with me in a positive way. I guess I'll just write a list of things that bugged me. It will be good to vent about it before I have to write an official, less annoyed review.

1. The writing. Sometimes, good writing can push a mediocre book over the edge to a five star review for me. If the writing is un-noticeable, I am not mad that it isn't better written. THIS book -- I was reading the plethora of cliche, boring similes out loud to my co-workers in the break roo...more
Amy (Turn the Page)
Review originally posted at Mostly Reading YA

Post Apocalyptic YA certainly seems to be becoming more and more popular and Struck definitely sounded a little bit different, with a synopsis that promised a lightning-addicted protagonist and two religious cults fighting for power, following an earthquake that devastates L.A.

Though nothing about the writing really captured me, Struck is easy-going. It also has, as I’ve mentioned, quite an intriguing concept, so it was a shame that nothing about the...more
Wendy Higgins
I'm fascinated, but freaked-out by cult stuff. So, naturally I was fascinated and freaked-out while reading STRUCK. But on top of that it has a very cool and unique sic-fi element that puts it over the top. Jay Asher's blurb calls this "Cinematic" and he's right. I could definitely see this as a movie. Lots of action and vivid characters. A fun read!

Lightening addict Mia has been holding her family together since the earthquake that hit LA. Food, medicine and help are scarce, many people have become homeless and have resorted to stealing to get by. With little help from the rest of the world, two factions - the Followers led by a man calling himself the Prophet and the Seekers have taken over LA and they both want Mia and the power she yields.

-Mia was the typical YA heroine - she was a loner, nobody understood her, she had a rubbis...more
Struck wasn't what I expected. Something about that blurb just made me think that this novel was going to head in a different direction than it actually did. While this did bother me somewhat at first, I quickly got over it. Despite my misconceptions, Struck turned out to be a fantastic novel with fast-paced action, a fantastic main character, great writing and a completely engrossing plot that made me desperate for more.

Mia has been struck by lightening hundreds of times in her life -and shes'...more
Mary (BookHounds)
If you grew up in LA like I did, you fear earthquakes, well, not so much fear them as accept them as a fact of life. You know one is going to hit sometime, you just don't know when. Lightening strikes are much less of a concern since near the beach, the storms are at a minimum. Mia and her family are forced to move from Lake Havasu to Venice Beach when she creates a stir by harming a man during a lightening strike. Her biggest issue is that she craves the strikes li...more
May 08, 2012 Katie added it
Shelves: arcs, for-review
I loved Struck. Loved it to pieces. It's exciting and thrilling and it's one of those straightforward epic adventures that flows and develops so wonderfully that I was never, ever bored.

The ONLY iffy thing I can say about this book is that the religion was pretty uncomfortable at first. JUST AT FIRST. I don't really pay attention to religions. I believe in God, sure, but I don't pray or go to church or anything like that. I was somewhat worried that the religion aspect of this book would complet...more
Stuck is an intriguingly unique tale, focusing on a post-disaster Los Angeles as people with dark aspirations of power take advantage of chaos and vulnerability and use them as the stepping stones in their ascension to greatness. Based on that premise alone we’re immediately ready to throw our weight behind anyone who opposes the man who proclaims himself the voice of God, and luckily for us, we’re given a heroine who’s beyond strong on levels both human and superhuman and who stands her ground...more
Struck is a highly unique book that is sure to stand out in 2012. I was so excited about this one! There are so many of these end-of-the-world books out there at the moment that they sometimes start to blend into each other but Struck is very different and certainly has a unique feel to it. Even the cover is striking and the description makes it sound very intense!

I didn't love this one but I did really like it. Mia Price is a lightning addict- not something you hear about everyday! The place wh...more
Jetches  (My Not So Vacant Shelf)
Well this was something new. I loved the twist on a post apocalyptic world because technically its only L.A that is experiencing the kind of dramatic life changing event that starts off the novel. Mia Price has been struck by lighting…multiple times. And its changed her in many ways. Without giving away too much I will tell you that Mia has emotions and energy rumbling around inside of her that she isn’t always able to control. And when she finally realizes that her and her brother need to go ba...more
I have read many YA books, some with old concepts, some are utterly unique and Struck falls into that second category. A striking debut of author Jennifer Bosworth with an explosive fast paced plot, Struck is something that takes you to edge of excitement and leaves you screaming.

A World Falling Apart

“My name is Mia Price and I’m a lighting addict”

Mia is a lightning addict. Being struck by lightning so many times, she has developed sudden energy runs through her and some sort supernatural sixt...more
I received a free digital copy through Net Galley.

I was completely amazed by and in love with Struck from page one! I was first intrigued by Mia and her self-proclaimed addiction to being struck by lightning. That's crazy, but I had to know more about her! Then the setting completely captivated me. It's Los Angeles 4 weeks after the next major earthquake. The city is in ruin, there's looting, tons of homeless people, not enough food, water or medicine to go around. But most interesting of all is...more

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth is one of those books that had such an intense and crazy storyline that I was left dumbstruck (see what I did there?) after the finish of Struck.

I mean, Struck had everything. It had apocalypses and crazies and cults and cute boys and people getting struck by lightning and it was just seriously such a wild ride of a book.

I loved the protagonist, Mia Price. She is such a badass. I loved her loyalty and d...more
Patricia BookExhibitionism
Read review here.

Letter to my Future Self:

Dear Patricia,

you seldomly like Young Adult novels because the protagonists are boring and annoying. This is why I loved Struck. The heroine was so not annoying or boring. She was brilliant, and she made the novel shine.

I am not sure about the rating. It wasn't the plot or romance that I loved so much after all, even though both weren't bad or anything like that, but the protagonist. It was that the first few pages made me absolutely excited about the re...more
Carrie Ardoin
Mia Price is trying to keep her family afloat after an earthquake destroyed Los Angeles, where she lives with her younger brother and mom. Her mother has been struggling with severe PTSD and is basically checked out from their lives. If this is not stressful enough, Mia has been struck by lightning so many times that she is addicted to it...her body craves it and she can feel the heat and electricity burning inside of her.

So Mia and her brother go back to school for the first time since the quak...more

Struck turned out to be an okay read, but nothing like I was expecting. I think I was expecting a girl with kick-ass lightning powers who would go all fireball on anyone who would stand in her way, but instead a lot of this book turned out to be about the end of the world prophecies and religion ( which was a little on the preachy side) the 7th seal and cults.
I'm a very religious person but for some reason I don't think God should be involved in books to this extent.
Still, I did enjoy...more
Victoria Scott
A spectacular book!!! Loved the characters, the plot, the not-your-typical romance, and the ending. When I started STRUCK, I was looking for something different....and I got it. Though this is Bosworth's debut book, it reads like she's been doing this for decades. Give this one a try; you won't be disappointed!

PS - I have to give a shout out in regards to the tarot cards. Such a cool inclusion. Also, feel like I need to run out and buy a deck immediately. :)
SO good!
Has the PLEASURE of reading it a couple of weeks ago and I have to say: I AM STRUCK.
Will be looking out for more from Jennifer Bosworth for sure!
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Jennifer Bosworth lives in Los Angeles, California, where lightning hardly ever strikes, but when it does she takes cover. Learn more about her at
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