Dead Sexy (Garnet Lacey, #2)
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Dead Sexy (Garnet Lacey #2)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  1,711 ratings  ·  91 reviews
Garnet Lacey should've known she'd never get away with murder. Especially when the people on whom she'd unleashed her inner goddess, Lilith, were Vatican witch hunters. And it's not like she doesn't have other things to worry about, like not letting her vampire boyfriend know that her vampire ex is stowing his coffin in her basement.
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published 2007 by Headline Review
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Lissa Smith
It is an intelligent and fast paced paranormal novel with some fun but quirky characters. The story line is fast-paced and can stand alone though references to the previous novel are referenced. I could feel right along with Garnet. It was easy too understand why she couldn’t let Daniel go, as much as she loved Sebastian. It’s also understandable the attraction with Gabriel being human with a Wicca connection.

Who will she truly wind up with????
This is the second book in the Garnet Lacey series & continues the story from a few months after the last book ended. Now that Garnet & Sebastian have managed to avoid the Vatican witch hunters life should be back to normal but that all changes when an FBI agent turns up at the store to question Garnet. He wants to question her about the murders of 6 Vatican witch hunters the year before. Garnet panics and realising that she is the prime suspect she tries to hide her identity. The fact t...more
The Flooze
I do not dislike this series. But I don't adore it. Still, it has its fun moments, its sexy interludes, and many interesting ideas at its foundation.

This time around Garnet must deal with the FBI breathing down her neck, while following a querulous crow around town and coping with Sebastian's jealousy of Parrish. It's never a dull moment for this Wiccan.

There are laughs to be had and bittersweet moments to treasure, but Hallaway's characters still don't feel fully realized to me. Something abou...more
Nov 27, 2008 Elizabeth marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Magic is not for the gutless. And I, Garnet Lacey, have become a seriously powerful witch.
Let’s just hope I can stomach what’s coming...I should’ve known I’d never get away with murder.

Especially when the people I accidentally unleashed the dark Goddess Lilith on were Vatican witch hunters. Besides, I’ve had other things to worry about. I really don’t want my vampire boyfriend to find out my vampire ex is stowing his coffin in my basement...

Meanwhile, pesky frat boy zombies are popping up every...more
Diane ~Firefly~
I really want to like this series, but Garnet is making it difficult. What a bunch of stupid decisions she made.

What I enjoyed:
* Sebastian. Still not sure why he loves Garnet though.
* Benjamin, the attack ghost.
* Barney, the cat who is allergic to magic.
* Dominguez. Basically the guys are great and the women aren't.

What could have been better:
* Garnet. Seriously, who in their right mind thinks it's a good idea to put a love charm on the FBI agent who is investigating you? Especially when you alr...more
Mailis Viiand
I suppose its meant to be a romance book, because i cant imagine it being a mystery or anything else.
Hallaway draws the people like little stick-figures without faces dancing around aimlessly.
FBI guy Dominguez is like hundred FBI guys before him, supposedly hard-ass and intriguing, but in the end just boring and unbelievable.
Half the text consist of educating us non-wiccans of the beliefs, symbols, ideas, like your reading a self-help for pagans book.
Mixed in are zombies, vatican killers , oh...more
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Bella (Bella's Wonderworld)
Tate Hallaways"Beiss noch einmal mit Gefühl" ist der zweite Teil einer eher humorvollen und paranormalen Fantasyreihe. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Hexe Garnet Lacey die von der mächtigen Göttin Lilith beherrscht wird. Seit Garnet jedoch mit dem Vampir Sebastian von Traum einen Kampf bewältigen musste fällt ihr die Kontrolle immer leichter.

Garnets Ex-Vampirlover Parrish hat sich mit seinem Sarg in ihrem Keller eingemietet, was jedoch ihr neuer Vampirfreund Sebastian auf keinen Fall erfahren darf, da...more
This is the follow-up to Tall Dark and Dead, and as with the previous book in the series, Dead Sexy is about magic shop owner Garnet, who has an uncomfortable relationship with the goddess Lilith - said goddess inhabits Garnet's body and has a nasty tendency to take over at times, the most important of these being at the beginning of Tall, Dark and Dead when a group of Vatican-sponsored assassins had killed the rest of her coven.

This time around, Garnet is still trying to deal with the aftermath...more
Like the series, but after two books I'm still not that convinced of a Garnet/Sebastian relationship. I just keep feeling that we are being told that these two are in love and not really shown they are. It seems this whole book they keep getting in arguments or not talking or taking a break. Where as Garnet has amazing chemistry and more romance with the cop and her ex.

I'm not so sure I'm a big fan of the Izzy friendship anymore either. She said some pretty hurtful things to Garnet and compared...more
What can I say about this book? Well...the action is better than in the first one, but I swear for the life of me I can't believe how much action Garnet gets. I get the fact that she is the main character but my goodness does every man with more than one line of dialog have to be into her? It just seems unreal that every cute guy is confessing his love or extreme like for her. Also, I can't believe she is so slutty! She seems to not mind cheating on Sebastian nor thinking inappropriate thoughts...more
Garnet Lacey may have duped the Vatican hunters… but now a new threat - the FBI is on her doorstep, trying to solve the case of 6 dead priests…

And this is the continuing love story between Garnet and Sebastian… He knows/feels that she still holds strong feelings for Parrish… and puts them on a ‘time out’… although he assures her that he loves her… but then every time she gets into trouble, he’s right there to bail her out… Her feelings for Parrish are mixed between her attraction for him, for h...more
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The second book in the series is really interesting but there is a lot going on, almost too much. With the FBI, zombies and relationship issues, Garnet really had to stay on her toes.

I thought the FBI story would have been enough for this book, the zombies were a side thought. The resolution for their story seemed quick and a bit of a throwaway.

The relationship with Sebastian has it's ups and downs, I kind of prefer her ex Parish. I feel m...more
Janice (Janicu)
A fun read. An entertaining narrative, some romance, zombies, friends and magic. If you read book 1, this was close to the same level as that for me. Actually, maybe better because in book 1 I kept feeling exasperated at how impulsive Garnet would act over a man. Here were less cases of me saying "Garnet don't be an impulsive idiot" as I read this. Also some relationship developments which made the series move forward nicely for me. I liked the secondary characters in this, especially Garnet's f...more
Why did I think I would like this one when I clearly didn't like the first one? What I have learned is not to finish the series after all...if there is a third book. I will probably not pick up a Hallaway book again unless someone convinces me that it will be completely opposite of what I read. It's not like Hallaway can't write. It just seemed that this story was going no where. This book was about 2 different things: FBI finally finding her and the zombies that appear everywhere. They didn't h...more
Loved it. I can picture this in the same universe as the Southern Vampire series, but pre "coming out of the coffin" stage. I loved the witch aspects of the main character the most, and the supporting cast feel real to me. I've all but forced this series on my mom....
In this book, Garnet's past catches up to her in the form of a sexy FBI agent. Sebastian gets upset at Garnet as she turns towards her ex-lover Parish for help instead of him.

While trying to evade the feds, come up with a good cover story, keep Lilith from killing anyone, and make up with Sebastian, Garnet also has to do battle with a Voodoo priestess who is making zombies and spreading them all over town in order to collect their pay checks.

I really enjoyed the wrap up of this book. I wish th...more
I stumbled on these books browsing in the bookstore and the synopses made me laugh. The characters seem real enough and the storyline is interesting enough to keep me reading. I loved the character flaws & quirks and hard a hard time putting this one down when it was time to move on.
This is the second book of the series and I still enjoyed the characters enough to struggle with putting the book down when it was time to do other things. Tate Hallaway instills a silly sense of humor into her c...more
May 31, 2009 Theresa rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Theresa by: Corrine Kenner
This is the second book in the series (Tall, Dark and Dead was the first) and Garnet is trying her best to develop her relationship with Sebastian Von Traum. But the others in her life – like her vampire, ex-boyfriend, Daniel Parrish, and an FBI investigator looking for the killer of the Vatican agents back in Minneapolis are causing problems.

And, then there are the zombies that keep popping up around Madison.

Oh, yeah, and she still needs to keep the Goddess Lilith suppressed.

Once again, another...more
Better than Tall, Dark, and Dead, but it still left me scratching my head. Why-oh-why does every man in the world have a "get in free" pass to Garnet's lady parts? You can't claim to be a feminist when you rely on men to save the day, or use your hootenanny to get out of trouble.
Sebastian still irks me. Could he be any more of a one-dimensional character? And I either missed something, or the author just decided Sebastian should be in love with Garnet for absolutely no reason.
I wish Parrish was...more
This is the second book about Garnet, and it is just as entertaining as the first book was.

This isn't great literature by any means, and I found it dragged just a little in around the middle with the secondary college zombies plot line, but overall this is a perfect summer beach or deck read.

Garnet is a likeable, spunky heroine who handles the many problems the Goddess drops on her with humour and creativity. And her relationship with Sebastian is both romantic and sexy.

If you like light easy re...more
Kathy Hiester
This is another story about supernaturals and of course I loved it. Garnet Lacey is a bookstore manager/witch who accidentally unleashed the dark goddess Lilith who uses Garnet's body in order to kill Vatican assassins. She also has other things to worry about-like pesky frat boy zombies, a gorgeous FBI agent hot on her trail, love spells gone wrong, and keeping her vampire boyfriend a safe distance from her vampire ex-boyfriend. Teh story was great and since I love vamps so much it fell right...more
This is a fun series. There are, of course, the occasional typos and grammatical errors, but the narrative is more cohesive and focused than many of the books in this genre. And sometimes, despite the fanciful covers, they get unexpectedly dark--in a good way. This is a 5-book series, which is also refreshing as you don't have to wait year-to-year for a new book, forgetting what happened in books you read 5 years in the past. I plan to read the remaining three books of the series this summer.
The second Garnet Lacey book was quirky and funny as usual. Garnet as a character seems to walk the line between being funny and kind of ditzy/stupid. She spends this book having her past sins or the sins of "Lillith" come back to haunt her. She get's investigated by the FBI, casts an intense love spell and becomes the target of some killer Zombies. All this while trying to have some closure with her ex Parish and work out the relationship with her current boyfriend Sebastian.
The back cover blurb from Booklist said that fans of Charlaine Harris would like this book, but it's really for the Katie MacAlister crowd. Fast paced with lots of casual references to the supernatural (whereas Harris slowly introduces you to different supernatural elements instead of dunking you into the deep end with everything).

Fun read! Made *lots* of references to the first book, which I hadn't read, so I think things would have made more sense if I read that one first.
A fun romp - I didn't read the first book in this series, but the first chapter of this one gave far too many spoilers for me to want to pick that one up. On its own, this one was quite amusing, but the back cover lead me to believe that the plot was one thing, when it turned out that the "cover plot" was really just what happened in the first book. Oh well. Still a lot of fun to read and it made the wait before boarding the plane fly by.
This book had an interesting title and cover so I picked it up and it is really different then any other book that I have read. About Wicka, vampires, zombies, and that. With a funny twist. Excited to read it.

This book was pretty good. The only thing was the pages int he book were screwed up so I missed out on about 30 pages in the last 2 chapters. I am trying to decide it I want to read the first one, but I am sure some day I will.
Although this is the second book in this series, it should be part 2 of the first book. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the new storyline was the majority of the story. I felt a little lost through the first part of the book because it had been a while since I read the first one and I kept thinking, "Have I already read this?"
Laura Cowan
Light reading, written and edited better than the first but still below par in my eyes. There is similar story quality with the first book in the series and the story is the best part going here. If you like the genre, it's not a bad book, it's fine weekend or vacation reading but nothing to sing high praise upon.
Dead sexy is book number 2 in the Garnet Lacey series...

This book honestly bored me to bits - I struggled through it.

It wasn't as exciting as the 1st and just seemed to drag on.

That said though, I do have Book number 3 and will read it.

Hopefully its better then this one.
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A Scorpio with a Leo Rising, Tate Hallaway is an amateur astrologer and practicing Witch. Tate has been a fan of vampire fiction since she first read Poppy Z. Brite in high school. Her first short fiction acceptance was to a vampire ‘zine called Nocturnal Ecstasy Vampire Coven. Tate lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with three black cats.

This author also writes science fiction under the name Lyda Mor...more
More about Tate Hallaway...
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