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Girl Meets Boy: Because There Are Two Sides to Every Story
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Girl Meets Boy: Because There Are Two Sides to Every Story

3.03 of 5 stars 3.03  ·  rating details  ·  584 ratings  ·  136 reviews
What do guys and girls really think? Twelve of the most dynamic and engaging YA authors writing today team up for this one-of-a-kind collection of "he said/she said" stories-he tells it from the guy's point of view, she tells it from the girl's. These are stories of love and heartbreak. There's the good-looking jock who falls for a dangerous girl, and the flipside, the tox ...more
Hardcover, 204 pages
Published December 28th 2011 by Chronicle Books (first published December 16th 2011)
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Feb 27, 2012 Tatiana rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Tatiana by: Kirkus
Shelves: short-stories, 2012, ya
As seen on The Readventurer

3.5 stars

I cannot start my review of Girl Meets Boy without commenting on its cover. I mean, seriously, look at it! This photo must be the most awkward I have EVER seen. Even Jim C. Hines probably would not undertake replicating this pose, because in which universe is it comfortable, never mind romantic? This cover would have worked if it were designed to be ironic, but alas, this is not the case. It is meant to be taken seriously.

As you can see from the blurb, the ant
Sarah Rosenberger

This book has a cool, modern cover, but it can't disguise the fact that several of the authors are past their prime, and others are decidedly second-string. Short story collections are usually hit or miss, and this one is no exception. There are some pretty decent stories in here, but there are also some pretty terrible and/or WTF? ones.

Although it's good that it tries to be diverse and inclusive, it does make it feel sort of scattered, especially if you read it in one sitting. On that subje
Charlotte Jones
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this book. It was sweet. That's the best word for it. Sweet, but forgettable. I particularly enjoyed "Want to Meet" by James Howe/ "Meeting for Real" by Ellen Whittlinger, the tale of a young man struggling with his homosexuality and Alex, who he meets online in a chat room. This was the only story with any real character development, and it's just generally a very tender tale. "Launchpad to Neptune" also stood out for me, ith its twist towards the end and choppy pa ...more
I loved how diverse the stories in this novel were! That was probably my favorite aspect. Diversity ROCKS! The writing was also superb. Although I wouldn’t expect any less from this group of authors. The stories were well developed and I wouldn’t call any of them predictable!

I don’t think that the light tone of the cover for this novel worked for these stories at all. I was expecting more romantic stories, and I think that is where my disappointment comes from. I was just expecting… more. I woul
Amanda (Good Choice Reading)
2.5 Stars

Girl Meets Boy sets out to accomplish the telling of a particular story from the point of view of both parties involved. Or at least, that was what I was expecting, and it’s what I was led to believe by the “Introduction” in the beginning of the book. Unfortunately I felt like it only accomplishes this part of the time.

In any given situation, I don’t believe there is ever a time where two people see things the exact same way. We all perceive things our own way, and we perceive each oth
NB- reviewed from an ARC.

3.5 stars? it's so hard to rate short story collections. this one contains 6 stories of male/female relations, each told from two perspectives written by different authors. from the cover, i expected them to be straight up white-bread romances, but i was pleasantly surprised by unexpected elements in the stories and the diversity of the authors and characters.

that said, why was this cover chosen? it's a pretty picture but i think it sells the book short. of course, i ha
Pam Vlieg
I generally love a collection of stories and this one was absolutely stellar. Male and female authors are pitted against one another to tell one story in two parts, one from the feminine side of things and the other from the male. I think James Howe and Ellen Wittlinger should write their story together in a full length novel *hint hint nudge nudge*.

The stories hint at how misconceptions are formed in relationships especially in the teen years. How one can say one thing and mean something comple
Dec 04, 2011 Tori rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Tori by: Received as an ARC
Ate this one up just like candy. Excellent collection of Boy/Girl stories. Each story is told from each person's perspective. I loved it because each person in the relationship knows the TRUTH....but we see both truths. The characters are all people you might know. It is a great read, get for your teen collections.
Girl Meets Boy is an anthology of stories told from both a male and female perspective. Surprisingly though, I’ve only heard of one of the authors involved. Regardless, I absolutely loved the concept and was excited about the possibilities.

I have to start by saying that I expected a lot more romance than I got but I did enjoy the majority of the stories. One in particular stands out for me and that was the story featuring gay characters which I thought was very cleverly written. In fact, not on
I think it's an interesting way to write a story --- 2 people, each writing one character's side of the story. All of the stories are relatively short, so it's like one short instance out of two people's lives, but you come at it from two different viewpoints. And, depending on the people, it can seem like two completely different occurrences.

I thought all of the authors did a good job of collaborating on the stories. Although I liked some stories more than others, I found all of them interestin
Hannah (In The Best Worlds)
I love the idea behind this collection. Two authors - a male/female team - pair up to tell both sides of the same story - brilliant. While I don't think that reading this particularly sheds light on the mysterious gap between the sexes, it's an interesting look at all the different ways you can look at a relationship. I do think there is something in not knowing the other side - more room for the imagination, you know... but, sometimes you really do wonder what is going on in the other person's ...more
LaQuita (Just Us Girls)
I had the opportunity to read Girl meets Boy. I thought it was very interesting to read two view points of the same event by both main characters. I think I first loved this idea when reading Bella's view in Twilight and then reading Edward's view in Midnight Sun.

It was great to see each view point written by a different author and not just by the same because not everyone thinks the same and even if you were the same sex and were at the same event/situation you would still see things different
May 02, 2012 Amber added it
Amber Randol
Short Story

This book has 12 short stories, and 6 main themes. Each specific story is written in two different point of views, one from a guy's and one from a girl's. Most of the stories involved references to sex, which I wasn't expecting, but they're not detailed at all. The stories include a gay boy that meets someone online, and finds out it's a girl he's been talking to instead of a guy, but she only did it for her brother. Another ones involves a guy that reunites with his old c
Boy, I read several reviews that were quite scathing of this book, and I think reviewers brought their own expectations to it, instead of letting the book come to them.

I really liked the nontraditional stories here. Where else could you read about a real boy named "John Smith" and a pipsqueak of a Native martial arts student, a Muslim boy living in the middle of rural Iowa and a transgendered young person trying to reconnect with the past? All of these stories are quirky, and that's what I loved
I like books that compile short stories by different authors because it's nice to get a little taste of something and then move on to the next something. I really like the concept of this book where two authors tell the story of two sides of a relationship.

For the most part it worked, though I wonder if it wouldn't have been stronger if there were more consultation between the paired authors. If I understand it correctly, the second author wrote a response to the first author's story. The last
I see lots of GR readers felt the parallel stories should be mirror negatives of each other. But think about it, the beauty of differences in the sexes is that the other may not be thinking about the same issue at all though in the same place and time.

I thought each story as warp and weft, making a whole cloth to be worn by the reader.

Sure, loved some, liked some. But that is the nature of story collections, even if they are by the same author. But the boys or girls I will remember are Wanda's h
Anzu The Great Destroyer
LOVE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT by Chris Crutcher - 1 star

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE by Kelly Milner Halls - 1 star

FALLING DOWN TO SEE THE MOON by Joseph Bruchac - 1 stars

MOONING OVER BROKEN STARS by Cynthia Leitich Smith - 1 star

WANT TO MEET by James Howe - 1.5 stars

NO CLUE, AKA SEAN by Rita Williams-Garcia - -1 star

SEAN + RAFFINA by Terry Trueman - -1 star

MOUTHS OF THE GANGES by Terry Davis - 0.5 star

MARS AT NIGHT by Rebecca Fjelland Davis - 0.5 star

LAUNCHPAD TO NEPTUNE by Sara Ryan and Randy Powell -
I feel kind of sad to hate on this book... I really like the concept a lot and there is a lot of potential here. The thing is, each story is SO FAST and gets into the nitty gritty before you can blink that, as a reader, it made me feel a little cheap and easy. Like making out with someone you don't know. You know? I'm just not that kind of girl (anymore...ha ha), I need a little more time to get to know the characters to care what they've got going one. I think I would have really loved it if th ...more
An interesting concept with intriguing pairs of authors. Each pair teamed up to write the opposing viewpoint in a story about a boy falling in love with a girl falling in love with a boy. No one has your typical romance in these short experiments, but then again, who does? Religion, race, gender, sexuality, and height all play a part. Though written by masters of their craft, these stories are not for all audiences. Older teens and adults will enjoy them the most.
Girl Meets Boy: Because There Are Two Sides To Every Story edited by Kelly Milner Halls is a YA anthology centered around the theme of relationships. The authors featured in the anthology paired up and each took on one side of a relationship. There are six different relationships in the anthology.

Read the rest of my review here
Eh... lately anthologies aren't really my thing. And I read this on a turbulence filled flight squished into a seat between the window and a very nice, but larger lady who was taking up the entire armrest and part of my ribcage as well. Bad mood + bad flight + lack of personal space = enjoyed this book much less than I expected to.

C'est la vie.
I'm rating the whole collection because of one excellent story - Mouths of the Ganges by Terry Davis. Otherwise, it was an interesting but not exceptional collection of paired stories, one from the guy's side and one from the girl's side.
Miss Martelo
While I enjoyed some of these stories, this book was definitely not what I was expecting. Some other reviewers commented on the cover and I agree that the cover portrays a more romantic book than what this actually is. The stories are pretty contemporary and the content is much too mature for the majority of my 8th grade students who are still learning about the world, themselves, and the diversity of others around them. The stories deal with content that I don't think my students are ready to h ...more
While I enjoyed some of these stories, this book was definitely not what I was expecting. Some other reviewers commented on the cover and I agree that the cover portrays a more romantic book than what this actually is. The stories are pretty contemporary and the content is much too mature for the majority of my 8th grade students who are still learning about the world, themselves, and the diversity of others around them. The stories deal with content that I don't think my students are ready to h ...more
Haley Mathiot
The cover and summary were misleading for this book. I expected stories that were related to different interesting meetings and occurrences, screwy relationships, typical teen drama.

Instead I got a very strange and rather awkward mix of sex-addicts, homosexuals, transgender, and native Americans.

I'm not saying I don't like those stories, I'm just saying I wasn't expecting it.

The above reasons are not why I didn't like the stories: those are just facts about the characters. The stories themselves
I won this book in a giveaway and then got a copy for review from Chronicle books.

I was very excited to read this because it sounded so interesting...two sides to the same story. A boys and a girls view. Aren't there always two sides to every story?

The book has 6 stories in it or 12, depending on how you look at, all with two sides...Ha! So one male and one female author. And some great authors at that.

I have to say that the stories were rather interesting to read. They each dealt with something

The back of the book describes this as a "collection of he said/she said stories" but I was disappointed in that regard. Instead these are stories about the differences between guys and girls ways of thinking but I was expecting each story to be about one situation/conflict told from the perspective of the guy and girl. Those sort of stories would have been more appealing in my opinion. The stories also did not seem to mesh well with the other half of the story, let alone the stories inclu
I was so excited when I first found out about Girl Meets Boy. The title immediately drew me in because it clearly was going to be about relationships. Collaborating authors telling stories from alternating perspectives. Another plus in my book. And yes, a cover that I really like.

Each story was unique in its own way telling the stories of girls and boys as they build new relationships, reveal crushes, reveal secrets and allow others to see who they really are. Just as in life, not all of the ch
Jasmine Rose
I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into Girl Meets Boy. I found the concept really intriguing, but was very surprised when I discovered how small it was. I’m very skeptical about short stories, I’ll admit it, but overall I’d say I enjoyed Girl Meets Boy and it’s actually encouraged me to give short stories and anthologies more of a chance.

I won’t do this story by story or anything since that would take forever, but I will say that some stories were very surfacey while others were so deep
Alice (The Reader Room)
The premise of this anthology is what attracted it to me. I love the idea of reading different perspectives on the same event and I think this is why I love dual narration novels so much. I found it really interesting seeing into the minds of both the characters in the partner stories. Unfortunately, despite loving the premise and enjoying some of the stories, I expected more than was delivered.

From the cover, the book seems like it is going to be light-hearted and fun and to be honest, cutesy.
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Kelly Milner Halls specializes in high interest, well researched nonfiction for young readers. Her books include TALES OF THE CRYPTIDS, SAVING THE BAGHDAD ZOO, IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH and ALIEN INVESTIGATION. But she is also an avid YA fan and loves realistic fiction including GIRL MEETS BOY, the anthology she edited for Chronicle (January 2012). Her first short story is in that anthology. She hope ...more
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Tales of the Cryptids: Mysterious Creatures That May or May Not Exist Saving the Baghdad Zoo: A True Story of Hope and Heroes In Search of Sasquatch Albino Animals Mysteries of the Mummy Kids

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