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Voices (Inspector Erlendur #5)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  5,126 ratings  ·  372 reviews
The Christmas rush is at its peak in a grand Reykjavík hotel when Inspector Erlendur is called in to investigate a murder. The hotel Santa has been stabbed to death, and Erlendur and his fellow detectives find no shortage of suspects between the hotel staff and the international travelers staying for the holidays. As Christmas Day approaches, Erlendur must deal with his di...more
ebook, 320 pages
Published September 2nd 2008 by Minotaur Books (first published 2002)
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Ahmed Elshnawy
روايه جميله جدا اسلوبها راقى واعجبنى
واعجبنى اكثر القصص الثلاث عن علاقه افراد العائله ببعضهم عرض المؤلف ثلاث قصص مؤلمه جدا عن علاقه الأبناء بالأباء ونسجها بصوره عبقريه فى روايه واحده وهذا اكثر شىء عجبنى

انصح الجميع بقرأتها فهى اكثر من مجرد روايه بوليسيه او تتحدث عن جريمه ما

الشىء الوحيد الذى قد يؤخذ عليها من وجهه نظرى انها مليئه بجو من الأحباط والأسى ...ولكن هذا ايضا اعجبنى :)
Feb 04, 2014 Eric rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Icelandic crime fiction
I added this book to my to-read shelf after reading this article, 'The top 10 crime novels in translation.' And to that, after finishing it, I say good call, Guardian!

This was an intriguing tale of the murder of a hotel doorman who dressed as Santa Clause for hotel holiday events, and was found, in the basement room of the hotel where he squatted, wearing the top half of his Santa costume and nothing but a condom on his bottom half. It had a likable, if tortured, protagonist in Detective Erlund...more
I find it curious that a small (300,000-some population) can produce so many good writers. There are at least that many people within a one-mile radius of where I live, and all we ever manage to produce falls neatly under the heading of jack-shit.

It is Christmas, and the doorman of a ritzy Reykjavik hotel is found dead in a sexually interesting position while wearing a Santa Claus outfit, or at least part of one. After playing Santa for an upcoming Christmas party, he was to have been fired and...more
Richard Reviles Censorship Always in All Ways
Rating: A frosty, grim, depressed 3* of five

Dear Goddess, can Iceland really be this bleak?! This is one of the grimmest, saddest, most joy-sapping books I've ever read. And I quite simply couldn't put it down. I was vacuumed into the book's slipstream as soon as I read the first page...who uses the word "fracas" to describe a murder investigation?...and it kept me flipping pages until 2:40a EST.

But no way in Hell do I want to make a trip to Reykjavik now! It would be too gruesome, seeing all th...more
David Fuller
ICELANDIC literature hasn't been known for its murders since the days of the sagas, but thanks to Arnaldur Indridason, that's about to change.

Indridason, a former journalist, has made his living with eight detective stories and two thrillers, all set in Iceland.

He won the Nordic Crime Novel Glass Key Award for Tainted Blood and for its sequel, Silence of the Grave, which also won the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award.

His Reykjavík mysteries feature blunt police detective Erlendur Svei...more
Nov 22, 2008 Sarah rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of noir mysteries and exotic locations
I am a big fan of Indridason. He's very noir and one gets the feeling that the sun never shines in Iceland. Maybe it doesn't. I've never been there but that's also why I read Indridason's books. I love reading books that are set in places I ahve never been to or time periods I haven't libed in.

Something that intrgues me about Indridason's books is that people I know who have been to Iceland tell me that the people are very nice and friendly but in Indridason's books, people are really pretty rud...more
I suppose I should finish this ... or at least skim the end to see who done it.... it is a bit 'meh', though... not nearly as good as the first two. And even those had at least a slight scent of 'stretching for effect'.

One senses that the author is aware of not wanting to offend or make mistakes.

Obviously, the bitter fruits (from the reader's perspective) of financial and 'literary' success... from the author's perspective.

Having found the 'who', I've lowered my rating. The answer is....

BIG SPO...more
Nancy Oakes
This may be Indridason's best yet...it is simply outstanding. I thought the last one (Silence of the Grave) was excellent, but I liked this one even more. It is one of the darkest mysteries I've ever encountered and the time flew by as I was reading. I couldn't put it down. Most highly recommended -- for serious mystery readers and those who enjoy Scandinavian mysteries and haven't yet discovered this author. You may wish to read them in order, however.

Voices begins with the discovery of a dead...more
You don't pick up an Indridason book for its sunny faith in humankind; these books set in Iceland are as noire as Scandinavian Noire can possibly be. And Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson is as pathetic as he is brilliant.

This book has a particularly troubling cast of characters revolving around the death of a hotel Santa who was once a famous choirboy. Does this past have anything to do with his death and the horribly compromised position in which he is found? And what about the odd record collector...more
Jessica Howard
Erlendur, typically morose and lonely, spends this book worrying about his daughter Eva Lind, contemplating the potential of a new relationship, avoiding the Christmas invitations of his co-workers, and trying to solve the brutal stabbing of a hotel Santa. Drugs, sex, abuse, and choirboys all play a part in the crime, and in the life of Erlendur. A solid, quick read, intriguing in its glimpse into the tiny-ness of Icelandic society, something which amazes me in all of Indridason's books. Erlendu...more
During the run-up to Christmas, Erlendur and his team are called in to investigate the murder of a doorman, who was found in his Santa costume, at a large Rejkjavik hotel. This was another exceptional crime novel by Arnaldur Indriðason. Very dark and introspective, the plot focuses on family relationships and secrets. The characters were all memorable, the Icelandic setting fascinating, and there was even a tiny bit of the absurd to lighten the tone occasionally.
Güzel yazılmış bir polisiye kitaptı. Olayı çok iyi bağlamış yazar. Serinin geri kalanlarını d merakla bekliyorum. Sonuna kadar katilinin kim olduğunu tahmin edemedim o yüzden de başarılı buldum
Yasmen El-Shaa'rawy
أول قصة بوليسية أقراها ويكون التركيز على مشاعر أبطالها ودوافعهم النفسية أكتر من مجرد تتبع لأدلة في مسرح الجريمة و تحليلها.

على أد ما كان فضولي بيزيد لمعرفة القاتل، وطريقة الوصول ليه بسرعة، على أد ما كنت بقرأ ببطء لاستيعاب مشاعر و تجارب كل شخصية مهما كانت فرعية.

ملاحظات عامة أثارت فضولي خلال الرواية:
# الاسماء في أيسلاند غريبة شويتين.
# الرواية أثارت فضولي للقراية أكتر عن طباع الشعب الأيسلاندي. الشعب اللي أعمال الدعارة والمخدرات والأفلام الإباحية بالنسبة له أعمال مشينة يعاقب عليها القانون زي ما ظهر ف...more
Toni Osborne
The third book in the Reykjavik Murder Mysteries series

In a well known Reykjavik hotel, the doorman "Santa stand-in" is found stabbed to death and left in a compromising position. Detectives Erlendur and Sigurdur Oli discover that the late doorman was in fact a former child-prodigy choirboy well known for his recordings that are now collector's items. Could this be the reason he was murdered? As the Icelandic detectives delve into the homicide, they piece together the fragments of the deceased's...more
Apr 14, 2009 dannymac rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: mystery fans and people curious about Iceland
Read this after reading Silence of the Grave, a superior mystery. This one was good but I can't really say Arnaldur was at the top of his game here. It has all the elements pertinent to a good mystery but it just wasn't as complex as the previous book. However, I do find the protagonist Erlunder to be complex in the vein of Ian Rankin's Rebus. I get the impression that Erlunder physical appearance resembles that of the American TV character Columbo but their operating processes are completely di...more
Maria João Fernandes
Em Reiquejavique, na época de Natal, um porteiro é esfaqueado até à morte na cave do hotel onde trabalhava há mais de 20 anos. A sua casa e cena do crime não podiam contrastar mais com o ambiente festivo e a indiferença dos clientes e funcionários do hotel não podia ser maior. Afinal de contas, é Natal!

Erlendur é um investigador e tem como objetivo descobrir o assassino. Sem disposição para aderir à animação que o rodeia, instala-se no hotel e tenta desvendar a vida da vítima deste caso peculiar...more
Bleak and dark. What you expect from Indridason. We join Reykjavik's detectives trio a few days before Christmas when an employee, who played Santa Claus, of a big hotel is found murdered with his pants down. Not a lot of fuzzy feelings in this dark tale of family, betrayal, stolen childhood and survivor's guilt. Still, there is a little light there at the end. Tiny but there.
Paul Patterson
For many people Christmas is the most depressing time of year. Arnaldur Indridason's Voices goes a long way in unravelling the mystery of why the most festive holiday can be one of the most dreary.

The central crime couldn't have revealed Christmas' darker side better than with the death of Santa Claus, Gulli Erigilsson, a.k.a. the doorman at a prestigious Reykjavik hotel. Guilli's present circumstances were bleak, he lived in a storage closet in a unlit basement of the hotel. Recently he had be...more
Der Portier eines Nobelhotels der isländischen Hauptstadt wird tot in seiner kleinen Kammer aufgefunden. Er trägt das Weihnachtsmannkostüm, mit dem er der Star für die Kinder für die Weihnachtsfeier der Kinder der Hotelangestellten sein hätte sollen, bloß die Hose ist runtergelassen und über seinem Penis findet man ein Kondom mit Speichelspuren. Der Eigenbrötler der scheinbar weder Freunde noch Feinde hatte wurde brutal erstochen. Was ist hier bloß passiert? Langsam tastet sich die Reykjaviker P...more
"The main course every Christmas was a Swedish-style leg of pork, which she kept outside on the balcony to marinate for twelve days, and tended it just as carefully as if it had been the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes" (25).
“Erlendur thought about his own father who did nothing but teach him good manners and show him affection. The single demand he made was to behave well and treat other people kindly. His father had never tried to turn him into anything he was not. Erlendur thought about the f...more
Tanja Berg
This story is as dark, cold and grim as a Scandinavian winter. In a room in the basement of a hotel the door man who was to play Santa Claus at a children's party is found stabbed through the heart. He, Gudlaugur, lived there by himself, in the sparesely decorated room. No family and no friends. On the walls is a poster of Shirley Temple as the "little princess". Turns out Gudlaugur had one thing in common with her: he too was a child star. A choir boy with an exceptional voice. But we all know...more
Indridason, Arnaldur. VOICES. ****. It’s Christmas season in Iceland, and the festivities are all underway. At the best hotel in Reykjavik, a maid is sent down to get the man playing Santa Claus so he can entertain the children in the salon. When she gets to his room, she finds that Santa has been stabbed to death and is in a compromising position that makes it look as if he has just been with a prostitute. Inspector Erlender Sveinsson is called in to investigate the murder, along with his usual...more
Mary Gilligan-Nolan
Still following this series, this one sees the usual characters of Erlendur and Co. being called to a hotel in the capital, days before Christmas, where in the basement of the hotel, the doorman, hotel Santa and general handyman, is found murdered in his cramped little room. He is wearing the Santa suit he is about to play the role in to the children of the staff and visitors of the hotel. The police are at a loss to why this man has been murdered, as most people in the hotel (staff wise), claim...more
Am0o0n Turki
قبل بضعة أيام من الميلاد ، يتم العثور على غودلاوغور ، وهو حارس فندق في ريكيافيك يؤدي أحياناً دور سانتا ، مطعوناً حتّى الموت في غرفة الفندق الذي يعمل فيه ، وهو في وضع شائن ، وسرعان مايتبين أن لدى الموظفين والنزلاء شيئاً يخفونه . ولكن أكثّر الأسرار غموضاً دٌفن مع الضحية ..... ( من الكتاب )

&& أحب القصص البوليسية خاص من هَذا الكاتب الكبير القادم من أيسلندا ... المحقق إرلينور دائماً يكون وقت الأعياد كئيب ، وفي الفندق الأكثر شعبية في فندق جراند ايسلندا ريكيافيك ، يعثرون على ضحية طعن بطريقة وح...more
Il secondo giallo islandese che leggo, dopo La signora in verde. Mi è piaciuto meno dell’altro. Le tre stelle gliele ho date non per la trama gialla, inconsistente e debole, ma per l’approfondimento psicologico dei dolorosi rapporti parentali che legano alcuni dei protagonisti tra loro. In primis quelli tra l’agente investigativo Erlendur e sua figlia Eva Lind, un rapporto profondo ma la contempo disastrato e distruttivo per entrambi, lui vittima di un’infanzia difficilissima a causa della scomp...more
Voices, by Icelandic author Arnulder Indridason, is a good, gritty, thriller/mystery that takes place during the Christmas season is Inspector Erlunder Sveinsson and his colleagues, Elinborg and Sigurdur Oli, are called to one of the largest hotels in Reykjavik as it is filling with international tourists come to celebrate the holiday in Iceland. The recently-fired doorman of twenty years, Gudlaurgur "Gulli" Egilsson, has been found in the basement room of the hotel where he had lived since he s...more
Apr 26, 2008 rabbitprincess rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of Scandinavian crime fiction, mystery buffs looking for new, great work
Recommended to rabbitprincess by: myself
Shelves: bibliotheque, 2008
Arnaldur Indridason is one of my favourite mystery authors. His writing is elegant and fluid, even in translation, and his plots are always intriguing.

This mystery is no different. A man dressed as Santa Claus is found murdered in the basement of the hotel where he works as a doorman. The hotel staff don't seem to know him very well, and they don't seem to care much, either. Erlendur discovers that the victim was once a very famous boy soprano with a beautiful voice, a boy who could probably hav...more
Arnaldur Indridason’s third ‘Icelandic Thriller’ finds his Inspector Erlendur in a plush Reykjavík hotel five days before Christmas trying to puzzle out yet another gruesome murder—the brutal stabbing of the hotel handyman cum Santa Claus—that seems to have its roots in the past. Indridason’s previous efforts (the multi-award winning Jar City and Silence of the Grave) practiced such hindsight to rather compelling effect: rather than celebrate in the killers’ capture, we empathize with their moti...more
Le Père Noël a été assassiné dans son cagibi, au fin fond d'un hôtel islandais, la veille de Noël. Un préservatif pend lamentablement de son pénis. Bref, pas une image pour les enfants.

Erlendur, Elinborg et toute leur équipe mènent alors l'enquête. Erlendur prend une chambre à l'hôtel, semblant peu pressé d'être chez lui le jour de Noël, tout en tentant d'aider sa fille Eva Lind se battre contre son désir de drogue.

Pendant son séjour sur place, Erlendur rencontre Henry Wapshott, un Américain ven...more
Jennifer (JC-S)
‘Who appointed you the conscience of the world?’

Just days before Christmas, Gudlauger Egilsson, Reykjavik hotel doorman, handyman and occasional Santa Claus is found stabbed to death in his room in the hotel basement. Detective Erlundur , and his team of Óli and Elínborg are called in to investigate.

It seems that Gudlauger , a long-term hotel employee, was largely invisible to his co-workers. And none of the staff seem very keen to assist the police. Erlendur takes a room at the hotel, partly to...more
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Arnaldur was born in Reykjavík on 28 January 1961, the son of writer Indriði G. Þorsteinsson. He graduated with a degree in history from the University of Iceland in 1996. He worked as a journalist for the newspaper Morgunblaðið from 1981 to 1982, and later as a freelance writer. From 1986 to 2001, he was a film critic for Morgunblaðið.

His first book, Synir duftsins (Sons of Dust) came out in 1997...more
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