Fake Mustache
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Fake Mustache

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Award-winning author Tom Angleberger flexes his comic muscle in this hairy adventure story with twists at every turn.

Regular kid Lenny Flem Jr. is the only one standing between his evil-genius best friend—Casper, a master of disguise and hypnosis—and world domination. It all begins when Casper spends money from his granny on a spectacularly convincing fake mustache, the He...more
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published April 1st 2012 by Amulet Books
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Hilarious and bizarre. I laughed every single page. Tom Angleberger manages to combine several random elements--fake mustaches, child TV stars, clowns, and elections-- into an enjoyable story about fighting for what's right. I can't wait to share this with my students.
Tom Franklin
First, let me say I love Tom Angleberger's Origami Yoda books. The two written thus far are so good that I continue to recommend them to people today.

Second, let me say that Fake Mustache is not an Origami Yoda book. Not even close.

The Origami Yoda books are written from multiple perspectives and feature a sympathetic main character who is trying to figure out whether a perplexing friend is psychic or channeling a fictitious movie character or just plain crazy. The characters are unique but hav...more
Monica Edinger
Yesterday a package of ARCs from Abrams arrived at my home, among them Tom Angleberger's forthcomingFake Mustache and, needing a light read before bed, I decided to give it a try. Next thing I knew a couple of hours had passed and I'd gulped down the whole delightful confection. It isn't out till April so I hope this isn't a dreadful tease, but I thought Origami Yoda fans as well as others looking for good and funny middle grade books might like to know what they have in store.

So wacky this is (...more
I said it about Laini Taylor. I said it about Jeff Kinney. Heck, I even said it about J.K. Rowling and now, my friends, I’m saying it about Tom Angleberger: I was into him before it was cool. Seriously, a show of hands, how many of you out there can say that you read his first middle grade novel The Qwikpick Adventure Society written under the pen name of Sam Riddleberger? See, that’s what I though. I did and it was hilarious, thank you very much. The kind of thing you read and love and wish mor...more
Cameron G.
I recently finished the book Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger. This book is about a boy (named Casper) who buys a very expensive fake mustache and changes his identity on a quest to take over the world. Lenny Flem junior must go under cover and team up with some amazing friends including Jodie O Rodeo and her wonder horse. Lenny also has plenty of gags and gadgets from the Hairsprinkle Novelty Company. He has an amazing adventure full of laughs and suspence as he tries to take down the evil Casp...more
Barb Middleton
This nonstop fountain of funny lines, kooky characters, and over-the-top plot had me laughing so much people around me kept asking what was so funny. Lenny Jr. goes to buy a special mustache his best friend Casper desperately wants; The Heidelberg Handlebar #7. When Casper dons the mustache he finds that he has specials powers and can talk anyone into whatever he wants. He quickly takes over the world and it is up to Lenny to stop him with the help of television star Jodie O'Rodeo. They race thr...more
Tom Angleberger, the award-winning author of the popular Origami Yoda series, does not disappoint in Fake Mustache. His humorous, fast-paced storytelling and casual writing style are sure to appeal to the middle-grade reader.

Lenny Flem Jr. is just an average, slightly nerdy, 7th grade boy. He spends his days at school and his evenings in front of the TV watching old reruns of, once popular, pre-teen sensation Jodie O’Rodeo starring in The Jodie O’Rodeo Showdeo. It isn’t until Lenny’s best friend...more
Tom Angleberger is the author of the wildly popular "The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda" and "Darth Paper Strikes Back", neither of which I read. But I was curious about this guy's writing, so I dived in. This book is hilarious and will appeal to boys and girls alike. The premise is a novelty company sells a 12 year old boy a very expensive, and very possessed, mustache. He becomes an instant master criminal, robbing banks and planning world domination. His best friend teams up with a former c...more
Barbara Maguire
Review written with my 4th and 5th graders:

Jodie O"Rodeo (a purple haired cowgirl), a horse named Soymilk, a sticky hand that saves the day and a hypnotizing mustache from an evil sort of French guy. A 13 year old kid with a fake mustache that can hypnotize school librarians into robbing banks. Fake mustaches are more powerful than the average mind might think. This story is hilarious, funny, disturbing, unusual, extra detailed and disgusting.

Our favorite (or least favorite) quote from the story...more
Mr. Kohlhagen
Lenny Felm. Jr, is a regular kid with a crazy best friend! Lenny and his best friend (caspure) go to Sven’s prank shop. since caspure comes from a hippy family he gets a lot of money for his b-day and allowance, to get him self whatever he wants. For his b-day this year he got 500$ to get whatever he wants. at the prank shop he gets what he really wanted the Handlebar novelty mustache #7 and a pack of sticky gum to make it stick on his face. caspure. lenny just got a cheap sticky hand. He also w...more
Based on an ARC but I can't wait to see his art and how it rolls with this bizarre angle of a story... Pun fully intended... Though it is very anti mustache... And as a mustached man this upsets me horribly... Horribly I say... 100 pages in and it's another winner... Plus it features a cameo by ninja fighting school librarians... Realistic fiction at its best ;)
3.5 stars
It's hard not to compare this to Angleberger's "Origami Yoda" books, which are exceptionally clever and funny. I found this one enjoyable, but not as clever and funny as the "Origami Yoda"s.

BY Tom Angleberger


The mustache makes Casper evil first he steals banks then he brainwashes every body to think he is good. Lenny try to stop his best friend from becoming president and taking over the world. Lenny trys to tell the police that his friend is a phony but, he has them all brainwashed.This is a realistic fiction book. My thoughts on the book are that it is a fun book to read it is super funny.

This book is about a boy Lenny and his best friend Cas...more
Michael Scotto
This book is laugh-out-loud, crack-a-rib hilarious. A must-read for your young goofball. (Or your grown one, in my case.)
A rollicking good time. What's not to love in a book about a fantastic fake mustache that threatens to take over the world?
As Willy Wonka says, "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." Enjoy!
Jen V
First read May 13th, 2012
Listened to audio September 19th, 2012
Reread book September 23rd, 2012
Jul 25, 2013 Marcie added it
Recommended to Marcie by: Elizabeth Bird
p.9 "He was rattling off Questions like a bag of microwave popcorn."
I have a fake nose, but a real mustache.

Ok book!
I really want to live in hairsprinkle now!
You know from the cover, the subtitle (or, how Jodie O'Rodeo and her wonder horse (and some nerdy kid) saved the U.S. presidential election from a mad genius criminal mastermind), the end pages and the title page that this book will make you snicker - at least.

Lenny Junior (the nerdy kid) begins the his story with a warning. "Don't ever buy a fake mustache as Sven's Fair Price Store." He goes on to explain that is an awesome place for fake noses or thumbs or fake laughter machines, but not must...more
As posted on Outside of the Dog:

I love Tom Angleberger. The man is a complete loon, and I’d be scared to know what goes on inside his head, but I love him. He has a way of capturing the adolescent voice, with all its oddity and normality, its wonders and squeakiness. One of his latest ventures into the land of pre-teen boys is Fake Mustache, or How Jodie O’Rodeo and Her Wonder Horse (and Some Nerdy Kid) Saved the U.S. Presidential Election From a Mad Genius Criminal Mastermind. Yes, that is the...more
Ms. Yingling
Friends Lenny and Casper get into their fair share of trouble in the town of Hairsprinkle, but when Casper uses his money to buy a nice suit and Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven mustache and use this get up to rob the local bank, Lenny has to stop him, especially when Casper frames Lenny for the robbery. The power of the mustache is soon so great Casper has gathered a fortune large enough for him to buy the company that produced the mustache (as well as other fun novelty gimmicks) and to run fo...more
Tom Angleberger is a genius at his craft: this book is young-reader gold.

The heroes of Fake Mustache are Lenny Flem, Jr., an ordinary - if slightly short and nerdy - 7th grader, and Jodie O'Rodeo, who used to star in her own TV show. It is the story of a saved election, a strained friendship, and a too-powerful mustache.

It is fun, funny, fascinating, fast-paced, AND has incredibly short chapters (exactly 64 of them) that chunk the story in a natural and highly accessible way. I could imagine che...more
When Casper gets 400 dollars from his aunt for his birthday, he goes with his friend Lenny to Sven’s Fair Price Store to buy the Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven (a mustache that can lead to the fate of the country), and Chauncey’s to buy a-man-about-town suit for the upcoming presidential election. That same night, a bank was robbed by a short man wearing a man-about-town suit that has a mustache. Then, the night after that, the Federal Gold Reserve gets robbed by the same man! Who’s the hoodl...more
The Heidelberg Handlebar #7 mustache is ready to take over the world. Be ready to laugh, because this book is 100% ridiculous.

From the author that brought us Origami Yoda comes a hilarious story about how Lenny Flem Jr. is stuck saving the world after his best friend Casper buys an evil mustache. Lenny can’t do it alone and luckily Jodie O’Rodeo is there to help him (along with her darling horse Soymilk.) Lenny and Jodie take turns telling the story so boys and girls will both love this story,...more
The first big draw of this book was because I was sent a free fake tache with the book. I'm not usually a sucker for gimmicks but getting a free tasche with a book called Fake Mustache is darn cool. I don;t usual y read what I'd call mid-grade books because I think it might be unfair that I'm judging a book aimed at a younger audience with higher ages groups but it looked so interesting I gave it a go all the same. Fake Mustache is from the same guy who brought us the Orgami Yoda series which I'...more
Fake Mustache is about using a fake mustache to rule the country. One day, a boy named Lenny Flem Jr. goes downtown with his friend Casper to buy a man-about-town suit and a fake mustache. Casper used the suit and the mustache to hypnotize a group of people to help him rob banks and trick people that he didn't steal the money. Later on, Casper turns into "Fako-Mustacho" to frame Lenny Flem Jr. Lenny then disguises himself as Jodie O'Rodeo, teen cowgirl queen, so he wouldn't be captured.

The reas...more
Maybe I was just in a bad mood when I read this title, but it didn't thrill me nearly as much as The Strange Case of Origami Yoda or Darth Paper Strikes Back. After his best friend Casper Bengue purchases a mustache with certain powers, Lenny Flem suddenly finds the two of them at odds. Casper, it seems, has plans to take over first the costume prop store and then the nation's presidency. Once Lennie realizes that his seventh grade friend is a bank robber, he knows he must stop him even as the m...more
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Tom Angleberger artist-turned-writer. He is a columnist for the Roanoke Times in Roanoke, Virginia, and began work on his first book while in middle school. Tom is married to author-illustrator Cece Bell. He lives in Christianburg, Virginia.
More about Tom Angleberger...
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