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Be Good to Eddie Lee
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Be Good to Eddie Lee

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  144 ratings  ·  64 reviews
Mama has always told Christy to be good to Eddie Lee because he was "different". But did that mean she had to let him follow her around all summer? This sensitive portrayal of a young Down's Syndrome child shows young readers the joy of unconditional friendship. Full-color illustrations.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published October 27th 1993 by Philomel (first published January 1st 1993)
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Paige Clarke
Be Good to Eddie Lee is a book about a girl named Christy and a boy in her neighborhood named Eddie Lee. Eddie Lee is a child with down syndrome, who is not always well liked by Christy and her friend. One day Christy decides to go down to the river with her friend, and Eddie Lee tags along much to her disappointment. However, once they are there Eddie Lee show Christy this beautiful place he enjoys going to. Eddie Lee has a special interest in nature. Once he shows Christy his secret beautiful ...more
Elyzabeth Marie
I feel this book should be read to any child that know someone with a disability. Reading this book to the child would help him/her understand that the child with a disability is just like them only a little different and they could become a good friend if they only try.
"Be Good to Eddie Lee" is about three neighborhood children during the summertime. One boy being Eddie Lee with down syndrome. The little girl in the story Christy mothers tell her to be nice to Eddie Lee that god had made him t
I could rate this higher - especially if I were a children's librarian. It seemed honest, and plausible - and I do imagine children learning from it. It's not syrupy or condescending or didactic. However, it's also not really all that entertaining, in my personal opinion.
Victoria Leininger-halpern
I thought this book was very good and can teach kids a very important lesson in treating others how you want to be treated. This story is about a little girl with a neighbor who has down syndrome. At first she is mean to him and doesn't want him hanging out with her and her friends, but in the end she realizes he is a good person, and he is special and that's all that matters in being friends with someone.

I love the illustrations in this book, they are very realistic but muted at the same time,
The main characters in this story is a boy name Eddie who has Down’s Syndrome and his neighbor Chirsty. They are both at the stage in their lives where they take interest in the opposite sex and naturally Eddie takes interest in Chirsty, being that she is his neighbor and friend, but she does not welcome his attention, but she tries to be nice to him. Her mother, as well as, the other adults in her life are always telling her to be good to Eddie, because he can’t help he was born that way and sh ...more
Eddie is a boy with down syndrome who wants to hang out with two kids in his neighborhood. They don't want to, but the girl's mom told her to always be good to Eddie Lee. She allows him to show her the beautiful places he knew about and to share his special interest in nature with her. She realizes how special he is, and that everyone deserves a chance.
This book does a great job introducing children to someone who is mentally challenged and shows that they are worthy of friendship just like any
Anna Daga
Fleming’s “Be good to Eddie Lee” captures an importance to support, accept and have tolerance for kids who are different. It is a wonderful story that teaches children the importance of having empathy/ kindness to special needs children, as well as accepting these children in their circle of friends. The book is a great source to demonstrate that applying equal treatment to the members of our society is one of the key morals of a good citizen. “Be Good to Eddie Lee” can prove to children that be ...more
Carley Grab
Just the message of this book gives it 5 stars immediately for me. In this story, Christy learns that although her neighbor Eddie Lee has Down syndrome, he is not so different from her, and he has a lot to offer the world. I have a brother three years younger than myself who has Down syndrome, and just seeing that this book exited made me so incredibly happy. I was given this book when I was in 1st grade. It made me so happy then and it still brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Cooper's ...more
Summary: This heart-warming book is about a young boy who has down syndrome. He follows a neighbor girl and boy into the woods to the pond and shows the young girl the beauty of the world and people. He reminds her that it is what is on the inside that counts.

Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Genre: Picture Book

Uses: Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Read-Aloud, Shared Reading

Social Issues: This is a great book to explain to children that no matter what type of disorder an individual has, they should a
Kathleen Heroux
This is the story of three children, of different families, living in a rural area. Cristy has been told to be good to her neighbor Eddie Lee. JimBud has different opinions about Eddie. Both Cristy and JimBud believe that to include Eddie Lee in their play he will slow their activities. Throughout the story Cristy is plagued by her mother's words that give her a conscience. JimBud freely uses language often heard from children in their expressions toward children different from themselves. Eddie ...more
Christy wants to play with JimBob, but Eddie Lee (who has Downs Syndrome) wants to tag along. Christy knows she should be nice to Eddie Lee, but at first she nor JimBob are nice. Despite their meanness, Eddie Lee still wants to be friends with Christy, and shows her a well kept secret of nature. Christy realizes how nice Eddie Lee is at the end of the book.

Although a bit dated, this book had a nice message. I liked the fact that Eddie Lee saw through Christy's initial behavior, although was disa
Melanie Johnson
This is a fabulous book for teachers to read to children anywhere from 1st-5th or so grade and teach them not to bully
Samantha Weatherford
This book is perfect for teaching children about acceptance, especially with children that have special needs. The book never reveals what Eddie Lee's special need is, but it does show that even though someone is different doesn't mean that they are not important or smart. He ends up showing the kids in the story that he thinks differently, but he teaches them things they didn't expect about himself, the world, and themselves. Great book for 2nd-4rth grade, may be to much for kindergartners or 1 ...more
Alison Smith
I did enjoy this book. It is a great book for elementary school children. It teaches about bullying and acceptance, which are great things to discuss in the classroom with children.
This is a beautiful story about two friends (a boy and a girl) who do not want to play with Eddie Lee, a boy with down syndrome, and are mean to him. He tags along behind them anyway. Eventually, the girl in the story discovers that Eddie Lee can be a great friend when he shows her things she never knew before. I would use this text as an example of how differences are not as great when we are accepting of each other. This would be a great lesson to teach, but especially if there was a problem i ...more
James Mead
Just because Eddie Lee has down syndrome he is often overlooked by other children. Finally one girl gives him a chance and he shows her an amazing place and and she realizes how wonderful Eddie Lee is. The point behind this story is to not be afraid of someone who is different. We should embrace our differences because they make us who we are. All Eddie Lee needed was a chance but most students voided him because of preconceived judgements. When he was given a chance he made people feel bad for ...more
Jul 30, 2011 Dolly rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
Shelves: 2011, childrens
This is an important story about friendship and treating people with kindness and respect, no matter what their abilities are. It's a sweet tale of a lazy summer afternoon, with children being children. They are sometimes boastful, mean, or jealous. But they are also sometimes kind, gentle and adventurous. And we see how everyone has something to contribute. We enjoyed reading this story together and our girls had a lot of editorial comments as we read it, about how mean JimBud was being.
Ashley Correll
This is a wonderful book that shows the typical attitudes adn feelings that children have towards their peers that are different or who have special needs. At first Eddie Lee is seen as a pest by his neighbor, however they end up sharing special discoveries together in the woods and the book shares a message of acceptance and friendship that is perfect for younger children. This shows relations between boys and girls, children with special needs, respect, and friendship.
Be Good to Eddie Lee was an amazing story. This book portrays the reality of how a down syndrom, or disabled, person is truely treated. His big sister did not want to claim him or play with him because she was embarassed by how different he was. At the end she finally realizes that it isn't what is on the outside that matters it is what's on the inside. How I would use this book in my class is pretty self explanatory.
Elizabeth Schrank
This book is about a young boy who has down syndrom, however the book never states it. I thought this was a very moving story. It is a great book to use to teach children to accept others, even if they are different from us. It teaches that you can learn from everyone and should embrace others differences. The illustrations are great and help the reader to better understand what disablilty the young boy has.
I like that this book shines light on disabilities and how positive those with disabilities can be in the face of anger from others. Students will be able to connect with the situation and see that maybe the things that they do to others are harmful.

This book would be a great tool in teaching that being different can bring some very good qualities to a classroom and enrich the overall understanding of life.
This book was read to us in class. I love how the author does not come out and say that Eddie Lee has a disability. I think it is a great way to show kids that just because someone has a disability, it doesn't stop them from doing things in life. In this book Eddie Lee was the one who found the closest lily pads and the frog eggs. I also really like the illustrations.
Aug 02, 2012 Bonita rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: all classroom teachers, special education teachers, counselors, parents
Eddie Lee is a boy who has Downs Syndrome. Eddie's friend (and neighbor girl) has been instructed by her mother to be good to Eddie Lee because he's special. Jim Bob, a neighborhood boy, challenges Eddie Lee's value as a person. The two neighborhood children learn some very valuable lessons about the significance of EVERY life.

Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!!!
Season Neal
A very sweet story about a young boy, Eddie who has Downs Syndrome. This story follows Eddie as his neighbors ignore him, and do not want to play with him. They learn, however, at the end of the story that being different can mean being very special. A great story to teach tolerance and acceptance to your class regarding students with special needs.
This is a heart-warming story about accepting others as they are, and that everyone has their own talents and gifts for how they view the world. Eddie Lee is a boy with down syndrome, and eagerly wants to be a neighborhood girl's friend. He teaches her how he sees the world through his eyes through a series of events. Do they become friends. Read and see.
Adam Hardesty
This is a great book that shines a little light on children with disabilities. I like that through out the book the author never says the child has a disability it is only assumed by the reader but if a child were to read this book they may not catch it. It is a good way to show that we should be accepting of all people no matter who they are.
This picture book shows that we should accept everyone for who they are and even though they may be different from us, they are still unique and we can learn from them. This is a great book about a child with down syndrome, although the book never says what his disability is. I recommend this book to be in all classroom libraries.
Thought that is was a great book about getting along with people that weren't typical peers. I also like the the book didn't come out and say what was wrong with Eddie Lee. This book could be used in the classroom to teach differences among us and if someone in the class had down syndrome to show they are the same as us really.
This book is about a a boy named Eddie with Down Syndrome. He follows a friend, Christy around while she plays with other kids. At first, she feels like he is a pest, but eventually she realizes how special he is. This is a sweet story about accepting other with special needs. It is a good book for acceptance and tolerance.
Rebecca Mullins
Eddie Lee has Down Syndrome. Because he is different the children in the story do not want Eddie Lee around. The young girl in the story takes pity on Eddie Lee and stands up for him. They end up becoming freinds. This is a great story for learning lessons and learning about perceptions. This book is good for 1-5 grade.
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