A Bride's Story 03
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A Bride's Story 03 (乙嫁語り / Otoyomegatari / A Bride's Story #3)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  923 ratings  ·  88 reviews
Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori's tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road continues, this time introducing a new would-be bride--Talas. A young widow, Talas opens her home to the researcher Mr. Smith, who has ventured to her town to continue his studies. However, when Talas's uncle begins to see Smith as an impediment to his plans to wed his son to Talas, the old man...more
Hardcover, 207 pages
Published March 2012 by Orbit/Yen Press (first published 2011)
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Sometimes, friends, as one does, I find myself wondering whether or not I’d want to be a widowed girl living on the Silk Road in the middle of BFN in the nineteenth century.

Well, having read Bride’s Story: Volume 3, I feel confident that the answer is a resounding Hell No.


In this volume, we meet Talas. Poor, adorable Talas. She lives alone with her mother-in-law and a shrinking flock of sheep. When she was married off at sixteen to mother-in-law’s oldest son, of course, there was a huge famil...more
Ugh, people should have uploaded its cover as well. The Indonesian edition's cover for volume 3 is a bit off. Should have been portrait, not landscape. It looks a bit bare...

But, this volume is amazing, if the previous volumes are sweet and very romantic, this one is hilarious, funny, romantic and saddening. Sad, well, that is life in Central Asia.

Meet Talas, the new character. She was quiet, sweet and beautiful woman. When she took her veil off, her hair was amazingly pretty. It was portrayed...more
This volume takes off in a different direction than the first two. As the cover suggests, Amir is not the focus of this story. Instead, we've followed Mr. Smith to another village, where he meets a young widow named Talas. Unfortunately, we don't get to know Talas quite as well as we had Amir, and I get the sense that her story is well and truly over. That said, I think most of the people reading this series are here for the art above all, which is as beautiful and intricately detailed as ever.
Erin Germain
This volume shifted its focus, following Mr. Smith on his journey. He is planning to meet up with a guide who will take him to Ankara. While in town, he runs into a bit of trouble (in typical Mr. Smith fashion) and is unable to find the man who was hired to be his guide. He does meet a young woman named Talas, who invites him back to the home she shares with her mother-in-law. While staying there, Mother hatches a plan to marry the young couple (it's actually done in kindness; there's an uncle w...more
20 April 2013

So far in this series, the plot has taken a backseat to the beautiful artwork. Not so in A Bride's Story, Vol. 3. Of course the illustrations are as spectacular as ever, but the story has intensified and now keeps pace with the art. I didn't know how I would feel following Mr. Smith's storyline, leaving Amir and Karluk behind, but this ended up being the most gripping storyline of the series yet.

The third volume follows Mr. Smith as he journeys to Ankara to continue his research. Wh...more
Megan Sanchez
While it's hard to pick favorites in a series I love so much, this has to be my favorite volume yet. This volume follows Mr. Smith, the English linguist studying the region, as he attempts to find his way to Ankara to continue his research. Along the way, he meets the beautiful but tragic Talas, whose five husbands have all died, leaving her alone with her mother-in-law. Rather than just show us glimpses into the day-to-day life of the tribes of Central Asia, this volume is a true love story wit...more
There is something simply rich and luscious about Mori's storytelling, particularly in this series. The author provides a view into a world that on the surface looks so pastoral and uncivilized but really, it is rich in culture and diversity. The female characters in this story may seem all passive and obedient creatures but are these fascinating mixture of strong, weak, independent, honorable, hardworking, and quiet. What sets Mori's work aside and makes it so memorable to me is how her illustr...more
Talas! Mr. Smith! What will happen to you!?! The story for this volume was particularly gripping. Artwork: gorgeous and extremely detailed as always. I feel like I'm learning a lot about the culture when I read this series.
Originally posted on my blog: http://fantasysink.blogspot.ca/

As I thought, this volume focuses on Smith. I was surprised, however, at how little Amir appeared in this volume. The author managed to squeeze her and Karluk a bit in the last couple of chapters, but it wasn't about them. This volume is about Smith's holdup in a town after he gets delayed from going to Ankara. He meets a young widow, Talas.

I loved this volume and it's probably my favourite so far. I didn't expect to enjoy it so...more
I was a little sad to say goodbye to Amir in the last volume, as I really enjoyed getting to know her character, but thankfully she made an appearance in this one as well. Mr. Smith, who has taken a very backseat role in the first two volumes, is front and center for the next few books. I’m hoping they’ll give more back story on him to fill in a lot of the gaps. As in the other books, the artwork is stunning even in black and white, and full of so much detail.

At the end of the last volume, Mr....more
Do you like slice of life stories? In depth look at cultures far too neglected in fiction? Amazingly detailed and historically accurate art work? Adorable characters?

Check out Bride's Story Volume 3 today! 4 stars

P.S. Amir and Karluk reappear in this, for those who were worried we'd lose them after volume 2. :D
Beautiful clothings and arts add unique and special atmosphere to this semi cultral study manga about middle Asia in 19th Century. It's really interesting and entertaining. Looking forward to reading more!
Bogi Takács
The author ran out of plot so much she just recenters the story on the anthropologist (?) Englishman. Such a mistake; also totally unreflected WHEE COLONIALISM. I know from Emma that Kaoru Mori has an Englishpeople fetish, but I'm not sure why she allows it to overtake this series set in *Central Asia* of all places, too. (While we have yet to see a single Russian, which would make a lot more sense re: empires while we're at it.) At least if the Englishman was interesting; alas, he isn't. I almo...more
So I have decided that I absllutly LOVE Kaoru Mori as a manga artist! I LOVED her series Emma and I am LOVING this one!

I know that not ALL love stories get happy endings and this one has a sad note to all those romantics out there. And my heart broke in the million pieces it should when said person as a sad outcome with love. It was like Emma & Will allover again. Different place. Different time. Different people. Different outcome and reasons for it, but it is still the some heart brake.

S.Q. Eries
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book is Manga and as such, was written in the traditional Manga format from right to left. It was very strange to begin a book from the back and then have to remember to read from right to left as well. I was a bit confused at first but then got the hang of it for the most part. I did find myself reading parts of it over and over however and sometimes was still confused. An English researcher Mr. Smith has just come to to Iran (at least I think he started in Iran it's not really clear) and...more
A Bride's Story is a slice of life story and as the focus shifts a bit in this volume it's a fine starting point. That said it does build off elements and characters introduced in volumes 1 and 2 and I would recommend reading in order.

** This review contains mild spoilers, solely regarding the series' change in focus. **

After two amazing volumes about Amir and her marriage to Karluk it's somewhat surprising to see the series follow the foreign researcher Mr. Smith when he leaves the village. It...more
Steven Bock
I really enjoyed Amir and Karluk in the first two volumes of this series. That said in this volume they are no longer the focus enough they do appear for a bit. The focus in this volume is the Englishman Henry Smith who gets much more fleshed out this volume than in ones prior. Despite the main character focus shift there is still a titular Bride or rather widow and fiancé name Tarasu. Her story is tragic and bittersweet compare to that of Amir and Karluk. Smith and Tarasu initially haphazardly...more
Mark Schlatter
A shift in the plot, as Mori turns from the young couple that was the focus of the first two books to Mr. Smith --- a European who has been staying with the family and now moves on. I was a little disappointed in the change, but we get more interesting glimpses into Silk Road life (and how hard it can be). Adding to Mori's regular focus on the details of domestic life, we get a chapter on cooking, including a fight on how to best prepare fried rice.
I enjoyed that a large part of Bride's Story v.3 centered on the romance between Smith and Talas. The reader is given a fascinating peak into courtship and arranged marriages. I also really enjoyed the omake 4koma that centers around Pariya, who i think is hands down the cutest character. Although this volume switches gears and centers on Smith, which i found confusing and uninteresting, it definitely fits Mori-sensei's writing style.
My favorite volume so far. Focus shifts to Mr Smith, the Englishman who is studying the culture and people of the area. He is friendly with Karluk's tribe but has moved on to a new village where his guide has not shown up and the local security believe he is spying on them to send information to the Russians.

He is taken in by an elderly woman and her daughter-in-law, Talas. Tragedy has struck the house six times in that the five sons and father have died. The elder woman encourages a romance bet...more
Yessy Loren
Kaoru Mori!!

Sudah jadi mangaka favorit sejak jaman Emma terbit...Grafiknya yang sekilas terlihat sederhana,tp alih" klo diperhatikan amat sangat detail.Salah satu hiburan mata buat penggemar komik.Tapi gak cuman itu,jalan ceritanya pun sangat asik diikuti.

Komik kali ini berkisah ttg para pengantin dari wilayah timur tengah.Baguus deh!Latar belakang budaya dan sejarahnya detail banget,tp gak diceritakan secara bertele-tele yang membuat org malah jadi penasaran,bukan mati kebosenen,spt komik berte...more
Just finished book 3 of this amazing manga. If you enjoy slice-of-life cultural/historical fiction and haven't read this yet, I can't recommend it enough! The artwork is downright luscious, and the author's obvious enthusiasm for her source material is contagious. Kudos to Yen Press for such a exemplar English translation and release.

Volume 3 centers around one of my favorite characters, the British anthropologist Henry Smith. Regional tensions with Russia are rising, and as a solitary European...more
Sadly we don't see so much of our favorite bride and groom in this book until the end. Instead it focuses on the English researcher who a staying with them and his new journeys. New characters and settings, which were interesting and well researched, but I was still glad to see our old friends karluk and Amir near the end. The food chapter was fun.
Bride's Story vol 3 is another gorgeous installment of Kaoru Mori's manga series about life in Turkish- Central Asia in the late 19th century. The plot revolves around a woman in her early 20s from a nomadic tribe who is betrothed to a city boy 8 years her junior. In an interesting twist, they come to like each other and quickly become best friends. The first two books each highlighted a traditional craft and explained its uses- book one talked about woodcarving and architecture while book two t...more
The researcher gets a more prominent role, as does Pariya, and the plotline moves to bigger cities, so the plotlines are generally more fun. I liked the scenes with all the food.
As predicted at the end of volume 3, the story is very sorely lacking in actual storyness. It's a shame, because the setting and the art are wonderful.
Arielle Rae Aguilar
As beautifully drawn as the others, and has charming moments in it, but the way the main plot line of this volume has been ended was very heartbreaking
duniamimpigie duniamimpigie
Yaampun... yang jilid iniiiii... saya SUKA BANGEEEEEEEEEET ;________;
Di awal pertemuan, bikin deg-degan sendiri.
Pertemuan berlanjut dan berkembang, bikin saya ikut-ikutan berharap.
Ketika akhirnya meluap dan tersampaikan, bikin saya malu sendiri.
Sampai ke adegan pinangan, saya sampai nangis saking terharunya dan berharap suatu saat nanti saya juga merasakannya dengan pria pilihan saya.
Terus, masalah. Masalah besar. Mendadak. Gak terduga sama sekali!!!!
Saya sampe nangis gak berenti...more
Caution: this volume will make you hungry!

Love all of the detail put into this series. The characters and scenery are still as lovely as ever!
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Kaoru Mori (森 薫) is a mangaka best known for her series "Emma". Many of her stories are set in Britain and center on characters who are maids.
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