Smokeless Fire (Fire Spirits, #1)
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Smokeless Fire (Fire Spirits #1)

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When eighteen year old Ari Johnson is transported from her bedroom into the chilling realm of Mount Qaf - home to the terrifying and mercurial Jinn - she learns a truth that rocks her very world. Suddenly her anxiety over college and her broken friendship with Charlie seem like small change compared to the war she now finds herself stuck in the middle of. H...more
Paperback, 358 pages
Published October 21st 2011 by CreateSpace (first published October 20th 2011)
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Dec 23, 2011 Kay rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Kay by: the synopsis and pretty cover... boo.
1 very generous star.

This book got a lot of five stars and enthusiastic commendation. I delved in expecting to like the book. I mean, it's about Jinn—something that I haven't read about yet! So why such a low rating? What is wrong with me?

I know, I’m sorry. But I was so very annoyed with this book that only the catharsis of expelling my frustration into this review could give me some peace.

There were so many problems with this book. From the editing, the sluggish plot, lack of credible myth bu...more
Kenya Wright
First of all my expectations were low.


Because I was dumb enough to read some of the lower star'ed reviews. Thankfully, I was smart enough to check it out for myself.


Sorry for cursing, but if you havn't read this yet.... then WHAT THE FUCK?

I loved it and frankly if you don't love it then you just aren't as cool as me... and that is okay... only a certain amount of people can be cool as me and walk this planet... (I'm so humble.)



-New su...more
Shelly Crane
Oh, boy. I want to feel sorry for Charlie. People do some pretty stupid things when they hurt like he does. But I'm thinking something sinister is going on here with him...
I really enjoyed the book.
I'm really looking forward to book two in hopes that Ari kicks Charlie out of her heart and makes Jai realize that they'd be super, duper hot together.
I can't wait for there to be some real love and action between Jai and Ari ;) I enjoyed the flow of Samantha's writing and will definitely pick up an...more
Moonlight Gleam
Never having known her mother, her father always away on business, and her best friend Charlie growing more distant since the death of his brother, Ari Johnson doesn’t know how more she can take.

Ari just wishes that she could be normal, but she soon finds out that she’s anything but that. On her eighteenth birthday, Ari discovers dark hidden secrets that have long been kept away from her.

Jinn are extremely powerful creatures with magical abilities and who deeply enjoy being at the center of chao...more
I must admit, I have been kicking myself hard since I finished reading this book. Why might I be kicking myself? Because I cannot believe that this is the first book of Samantha's that I have read (especially since I have at least five of her books on my Kindle- and have had them on there for at least half a year)! If you have yet to read one of Samantha's books, what are you waiting for? Seriously, go read one, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

This book was jam-packed with everything...more

MY RATING: 4 Hearts

****I would like to thank Samantha Young for providing an e-copy of the book, and giving me an opportunity to review it! :D****

Usually when you hear “YA paranormal romance book”, the first things that come to mind are - vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, angels and demons. But hardly ever do readers come across Jinns. Yes, you heard me...JINNS. I don’t know what I was expecting when reading Smokeless Fire, but it definitely wasn’t a world so brilliantly created by Ms. Yo...more
First off this has been on my kindle for over a year! WTH I am such an idiot!

I have to say it took me a good bit to get into this but once I did I was totally hooked.

The world building is what confused me the most. The concept was a new interesting one for me but trying to work out who everyone was & why they were had my head spinning for a little bit and stopped me from getting totally lost in it.

But I persevered and I am so glad I did. As with all of Young's character's the female leads ar...more
Quinn Loftis
All I can say is read this book :) It was amazing. One of the things I noticed a couple other reviewers said was that the beginning of this book was slow. I got in touch with Samantha because I wanted to tell her this myself and I will say it here; it wasn't slow at all, it was necessary detail and back ground information that was heart wrenching and at times even made it difficult to breath because you felt Ari's need to help the guy she loved even though he continually hurts her. It's a frustr...more
Hillary Hunt
I took a gamble on this 99cents kindle read because the concept sounded unique. YA novels about vampires, faeries, and werewolves are a dime a dozen. But Jinn? I didn't even know what a Jinn was. (They're basically like genies; "supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind." -from wikipedia.)

So yeah, that seemed like a really fresh concept to me, and I was excited to delve into some world building that I haven't seen done anywhere...more
Smokeless Fire a Fire Spirits novel
Samantha Young
5 Stars

The cover of Smokeless Fire is just gorgeous. Ari is beautiful and exactly the way I pictured her while ready Smokeless Fire. I have been a fan of Samantha Young since she released the Tale of Lunarmorte series and I will say that I will be a fan forever! I have read all of her books and I just can’t get enough of her captivating books. Samantha has a way to bring a new light to old mythology and mix it with today’s modern age.

Ari’s father...more
Belle (Little Paper Rose)
- Review taken from my YA book blog Little Paper Rose

*I will alert for start/end of spoilers.

Before ‘Smokeless Fire’ I had no knowledge about the Jinn mythology so this was all extremely new to me. Getting to learn about the story and the history of the Jinn very much from scratch has been interesting as well as exhausting. I experienced the first half of ’Smokeless Fire’ to be jam-packed with information and explanation. At some point I felt like I was practically studying about Jinn, and that...more
This is one of those books where I'm finding it difficult to write a review. Not because I didn't like it but because I liked it so much. I will try my best to write a meaningful review. When all I want to write is: This novel is amazing go out and get it quickly. The main character Ari is about to turn 18 and has no idea what she wants to do with her life. I found it easy to identify with her since I felt the same way right after high school. Eventually the choice is made for Ari when she find...more
Once Upon
The cover of Smokeless Fire is just gorgeous. Ari is beautiful and exactly the way I pictured her while ready Smokeless Fire. I have been a fan of Samantha Young since she released the Tale of Lunarmorte series and I will say that I will be a fan forever! I have read all of her books and I just can’t get enough of her captivating books. Samantha has a way to bring a new light to old mythology and mix it with today’s modern age.

Ari’s father is always away on business trips and since Ari’s mother...more
Oct 21, 2011 Rachel rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: arc
Ari Johnson had no idea that her life could get more complicated than it already was.

Her childhood best friend Charlie, the boy she had a secret crush on for years, had completely fallen apart when his brother was killed. And try as she might, she could not save him from the downward spiral he was in.

Her father was more absentee than anything. And every time she tried to let him know just how much she really needed him, he made her feel ungrateful and selfish and spoiled.

She was supposed to grad...more
Check out this review and others at

Smokeless Fire surprised me. I got it as a freebie so my expectations were low. Big mistake. The world building was intricate, the plot was engaging without being convoluted and the characters were full of depth, the kind you can understand even when you don’t agree with their actions.

Ari is apparently a normal girl. She’s having second thoughts about going to college and feels alienated and alone, specially because she’s dealing with her...more
More of my reviews @

Smokeless Fire is the first book in the Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young and kept me riveted from the first to the very last page.

Eighteen year old Ari Johnson is a little lost, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life now that she has graduated, she is heart-broken over the demise of her long-time friendship with Charlie who has been on a downward spiral since the death of his younger brother, she is living with a poltergei...more
Samantha Young seriously has an amazing gift with writing. Her ability to mix real mythology with her own creativity is fantastic. She hasn't written a book that I haven't loved and Smokeless Fire did not disappoint.

Where to begin, oh where to begin....

First off, let me start with that the world of Jinn (aka Genies) is freaking awesome. Her ability to describe the kings and their world with such extravagant minutiae is astounding. I literally re-read several parts of the description to make sur...more
Wendy Lohr
This review can also be found on my blog:


Although Ari's life seems like the typical teenage girl's life, she soon gets swept into a whole other world she never believed existed: the world of the Jinn. As she discovers her true heritage, Ari must come to terms with who she really is and what it means for her. But nothing is ever simple and as secrets unfold, she finds herself in the middle of a power struggle that she wants nothing to do with. Unfortu...more
While I wanted to like this, because the whole plot is an interesting concept, when I actually read it I was pretty underwhelmed. The problem was the author's portrayal of the main character. I simply did not like Ari. It started when Ari described herself as 'knowing she was pretty' and 'knew she could look good no matter what'. It's that sort of thing that just peeves me off. Charlie was a character who I felt sympathy for but he just kind of lacked personality. Then his behaviour at the end -...more
It has been a long time I read a book this good.
The writing is amazing, just amazing. Never read a book whit jinn mythology and I really like it. The characters were really likeable except Charlie, that guy is going on my nerves from the start of the book. Ari and Jai all the way :D
love the humor in the book, oh my dear sarcasm, life is so much funnier with you :)
The mythology was a little bit confusing, but after a few times going back to the start of the book to reread who was who, it was mu...more
I could not put this book down, couldn't. Well, except for the times I wanted to throw it against the wall. It would have made 5 stars if not for these horrible points. They are noted at the bottom because they contain spoilers
The rest of the story rocked me silly. A young girl (Ari) who is left alone a lot by her over worked Dad, has a friend a ghost friend. She trusts this ghost, till one day firm hands hold her back from stepping out into the street in front of a truck. She thinks it's her gh...more
Krystle Jones
This book was so good. I mean, like, REALLY good. You made me late to work once, Samantha, because I absolutely had to know what happened next. ;)

This story had all the makings of a terrific book: likeable characters, witty dialogue, beautifully written prose, an intriguing world, and a plot that was perfectly paced. Ari, our MC, was very easy to relate to, and she was independent enough to take the initiative and get things moving along all by herself. Her love for Charlie (her best friend-gone...more
Earlier this year, I read Moon Spell by Samantha Young. I enjoyed it and decided that I wanted to see what else she had to offer. Smokeless Fire did not dissapoint me!

I've read lots of urban fantasy, old school fantasy, and paranormal, but I had not read any stories about current day djinn (genies) until this title. I had some preconceived notions about what a djinn story will contain. All of those preconceptions were blown away.

The story combines elements of dark fantasy, coming-of-age drama, f...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
I've been a huge fan of Samantha's since I read and fell in love with her Lunamorte series and since then her writing continues to captivate me. I thoroughly enjoyed the world and chacracters she introduces me to in her newest release, Smokeless Fire. This is the first in the Fire Spirits series, who's rich Jinn mythology I found to be both fascinating and refreshing. There's not a lot of YA books out there that dive into the world of Jinn, and Samantha's story was completely intriguing. Her cha...more
Morgan: Read, Eat, Dream

Smokeless Fire is the first novel in the Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young. I strongly recommend this wonderful, original, and magical story.

I tried to write a brief synopsis for this novel, but it was extremely hard to do without giving everything away. Having a blank slate going in to this novel and discovering it all on my own was one of the best things about this novel, and I don’t want to take that experi...more
Wendy Owens
How exciting to read a book that is about something not so mainstream. I have actually never read a book about Genies so this was a completely new experience for me. Samantha’s way of describing the Jinn word is spectacular. I felt like I could see it and almost touch it. It is also really fun to read a story about such mischievous creatures!

I read a lot of books where I have trouble getting attached to characters but that was not the case with this one! Ari is smart, beautiful, dramatic and als...more
I adored how this book was all about the Jinn - such a great idea!
Samantha Young has once again created a unique concept and an interesting world full of intrigue. I loved all the different Kings and the way some of the Jinn had integrated into the modern world via security.

There was some but not a lot of action in this book. I get the feeling there will be more in the next one whereas Smokeless Fire seemed more of a setting the stage by way of introducing characters and key players and some of...more
Review from: Once Upon A Book
Note: This is just an overall review of my impressions on the series. Because I read them one after the other, I admit my opinions blurred together. :)

Wow, I had not expected the surprise of really liking the Fire Spirits book series!

Truth is I probably enjoyed this story more than I should have. That said, horray for a new sort of supernatural (the Jinn) to read about! Oh, and also the main protagonist Ari Johnson is loyal, and just pleasantly normal. Which I liked...more
This is the second series in which I am reading by Samantha Young and let me say, FABULOUS!!
She is a fantastic writer and every book always draws me in leaving me wanting so much more!!

Smokeless Fire is one of those books that I am so mesmerized by because I am blown away with the supernatural world that Sam has created. It is amazing what she gives us and I feel like I have learned so much about a species that I really didn't know anyting about. The Jinn is a fascinating group of people that we...more
Valerie ~ Val Hall ~
I think this book is the most difficult review for me. It is populated with a breed that I have little knowledge; the Jinn. Samantha Young manages to build a world with a few facts about those creatures. The dynamics with the different Kings of the Jinn is an interesting one. Actually, I want to know more about all the Jinn characters...except Ari. I had the impression that this book was more setting the stage so to speak than the actual action, which there was little of. I hope the next install...more
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Samantha Young is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She's been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestseller ON DUBLIN STREET. ON DUBLIN STREET is Samantha's first adult contemporary romance and has sold in twenty-five countries.

For more info on Samantha's adult fict...more
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