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Altered Destiny
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Altered Destiny

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  177 ratings  ·  42 reviews

Selia has run her family's tavern since she was fifteen and can hunt and fight the equal of any man. When she rescues a badly wounded man and nurses him back to health, she has no idea she's about to change not only her life, but also the destinies of two peoples…

The battered warrior is Svistra—a race of bloodthirsty savages determined to destroy her homeland. Or so the st

Kindle Edition, 328 pages
Published September 19th 2011
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Selia owns a tavern in the Outskirts, the northern part of the kingdom of Aslid that lies before the Wastes and the Telige Mountains. For five years, since she was fifteen and her mother died, she has owned and run the inn to support herself and her friend, Oren.

One day in a meadow behind her tavern Selia sees three men beating a fourth. She realises they are thieves and kills the three men (using her bow and arrows) and brings the injured man back to her barn behind the tavern. Even accoun
Altered Destiny held my attention fairly well, with a balance of scary, suspenseful, and sweet parts, but in the final analysis, it read like a gruesome analogy to the Israeli / Palestinian conflicts over land, but set in some mythical place at some ancient time.

Tagging note: It is not truly dystopian, but it has the feel of it.

Constantly shifting perspective, from Selia to Jaden to Keldar to Nathan. Too much head-hopping.

It could be for Young Adults, but there is some swearing, including the F
4.5 stars. This story is a fantasy based on a completely different world. It doesn't have any elements of "high fantasy." In other words, there are no elves, wizards or magic etc. There are two races on this planet. The humans and the Svistra. They have a long complicated history and are presently at war. The story involves Selia, an tavern keeper who saves the life of a Svistra, Jaden. When soldiers take her gentle brother away to be a soldier, Selia goes after him to rescue him. She is having ...more
Selia has a simple life. She runs a tavern with her best friend Oren who is like a brother to her. She likes her way of life, she knows how to take care of herself and those that she loves. Of course every now and then there are rumors of their enemy to the north and how they are coming to attack. Their enemy the Svista are said to be bloodthirsty creatures who can move like the wind, can disappear, excel at tracking, can read minds, and can tear your throat out before you blink. They are fierce ...more
Actual rating 3.5 stars

Selia runs a tavern in the far north. One day while out hunting she rescues a man from being beaten to death by a group of thieves. Except it turns out that he is not a man but one of the savage Svistra ( who are bit like a cross between vampires and elves ) who dwell in the wild inhospitable north lands. Selia is wary but still takes the injured Svistra back to her tavern and secretly nurses him back to health. The Svistra, Jaden is the exiled son and heir to the Svistra
Shawna Thomas eases you into a detailed world of love, allegiance, and destiny. A world where two races, with two different versions of a war, collide in a heart-pounding moment that will either end in blood-shed or new life.

With world building so beautifully crafted, readers will feel as though they have taken an adventurous walk in another time and place. The characters are relatable with real and honest flaws, and yet when they fight they do it with such passion that they become larger than l
Lady Lioness
To put it quite bluntly, I didn't love this book, but I respected the hell of out it. It actually reminded me of a cross between Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear and Elizabeth Vaughan's Warprize series.

Altered Destiny is your classic 'two races divided by racial prejudice/historical malfeasance are now at war over land/resources' story. Neither side is blameless nor 'good.' What really intrigued me about this book is the world Thomas created. She gives us just enough of the back story that the
Jess the Romanceaholic
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Expected Release Date: September 19, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Carina Press
Author’s Website:
My Source for This Book: Netgalley
Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Warm

The daughter of a prostitute, Selia has run her family’s tavern since her mother’s death, and is determined to keep her establishment an honest one. Along with her simple half-brother, she save
Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
I recieved this book from NetGalley in return for my honest review. Selia is a barkeep that inherited her tavern from her mother. She's a tough gal who likes being the one to keep all the rowdy men in line. One night she fins a wounded man near her property, and feels compelled to nurse him back to health. One problem-the man is a Svistra, a barbaric race that humans fear. As they come to know one another and learn to trust each other they find their feelings begin to grow deeper.

This book was r
Altered Destiny by Shawna Thomas is a novel that is going to be well received by fans of urban-fantasy romances with a bit of adventure tossed right into the mix. Though fantasy romances aren't that high on my favorites list in the world of romance, even with the first couple of chapters Shawna Thomas managed to reel me in and hold my attention until it was difficult for me to imagine anything else but the wondrous world which she has spun so well in this novel.

There are the good old-fashioned h
This one had aspects that I loved, I mean LOVED. The worldbuilding was awesome and believable. The characters were realistic, I especially liked Selia, our brave and intrepid heroine. I believed her motivations and had absolutely no problem with the slowly developing romance between her and Jaden. So many romances forget to build a relationship before they get right on with the main event so-to-speak, it was a refreshing change. The way Selia and Jaden grow into what they become was rea
Debbie (at) I Heart YA Books
Altered Destiny is one of those beautiful Fantasy novels you just want to curl up with and take your time and enjoy. Shawna Thomas created an incredible world with the humans and Svistra. The characters are just as amazing. In Fantasy Romance novels, I usually love only the two main characters' romance, and I do love Selia and Jaden, they have an amazing romance, but I found myself falling in love with Oren and Commander Nathan. Altered Destiny has a strong, intriguing storyline that pulled me r ...more
I received Altered Destiny through net galley, and while I've appreciated the site before, I think I'm now a little bit in love with it! I don't think I'd have picked up this otherwise, and I would have missed out on an amazing book!

And it was so so good! More fantasy then anything else, it still had adventure and romance to round out the story. And the world building was excellently done, and I loved all the characters! There are a few, and I don't think we got to know them quite
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Although only alluded to in the book, this is actually a dystopian acting as a fantasy. It's strength is fairly grounded main character who doesn't rush off constantly so she can be saved by mysterious bad guy. But it's weakness is that there really is nothing new here and the writing lacks sophistication enough to really draw me in. I never invested in the story or the characters and honestly was a bit bored throughout.
Holly Booms Walsh
A satisfying twist on the vampire tale. The setting is what I'd call "high fantasy" - horses, swords, castles, inns, tankards of ale, etc. The vampires in question are the Svistra, a race that lives alongside humans geographically, and a war is in progress over the disputed lands. The story is more of a civil war between hated enemies than human versus monster or supernatural beast, as the Svistra are intelligent and not so gifted that they are unbeatable. I liked the main character Selia. She w ...more
I found Altered Destiny to be a strange mix of predictable and intriguing. There are certain tropes, like the bad guy is unarguably a bad person, and some parts of the story were a bit predictable, but despite all of that, I couldn't stop listening. (I read this as an audiobook, just to be clear.) Selia is a strong, determined character, and I love her relationship with her brother. Then there's Jaden and the added complexity he brings to Selia's life. We get to watch them develop from cautious ...more
This was one of those novels that caught me by surprise. I don't usually find gems like this in the bargain bin on Amazon, but I did with Altered Destiny.

The characters and writing are fantastic, especially Selia. She is the strong and fierce, yet kind and tender, heroine that I want my daughter to read about when she gets older.

The story is original and engaging. I couldn't put the book down. I finished it the day after I started reading, which I find to be an accomplishment as it isn't a short
This book made me fall in love a number of times. To start off, shall I just say that the guys in this book are just freaking hot?? :P

So, I really liked reading this book. Though they were some parts I found a little slow, overall, the whole book was certainly enjoyable. The character development throughout the book was very detailed and I liked seeing how the heroine, Selia, matured as she went by. However, I didn't exactly like how she was at the end. Towards the end, I felt she got a bit mood
Jen (Red Hot Books)
Selia lives on the edge of civilization. Nearby, the feared Svistra raid villages and feed on human blood. But she never really considers that the monstrous warriors will ever target her or the small tavern that she runs. And she is right, in a way. When she comes across the Svitra she comes to know as Jaden, he's not attacking. He is being attacked. Selia doesn't realize he's not human when she intervenes and kills the men beating him. It's not until she inspects his battered body that she figu ...more
Selia is quite different than most women. She runs her own tavern, dresses like a man, and can outfight most of them. Yet she also has a softer side, proven when she saves a Svistra man named Jaden. His kind is known to be bloodthirsty and nothing more than savages, and yet she cannot bring herself to kill him while he is weak. She is very wary of him, but as time goes on she slowly softens towards him and starts a very unlikely attraction that will fully test both of their wills.

The beginning o
Charlotte  Black
Thank you to Net Galley and Carina Press for allowing me to read this book.

Altered Destiny - to be honest, the title of this book does it no justice whatsover. This book was SO much more and I loved it from start to finish.

Selia, our heroine, is as gutsy as the toughest woman you know, but she's soft and feminine when she needs to be, not that she wants that way of life.

Jaden is a Svistra (blood dependent savage enemy to all) who Selia rescues from three thieves about to end his life.

Enter the m
Barbara Longley
Fantastic world building, high tension plot, two different species that both evoked sympathy, Altered Destiny has all the hallmarks of an excellent read. Selia is a barkeep in an establishment left to her by her deceased mother. It's located on the very edge of the wastes in a remote village. The first inkling we get of the trouble to come, is when a group of soldiers, led by a commander named Nathan, stop at the bar and share rumors of Svistra attacks on similar small villages along the border. ...more
An Excellent Read
She's heard it all before. The rumors. The fear-driven warnings. And each time they're stirred, tavern owner Selia's business takes a hit. People don't venture out when they think the Svistra are coming. The monstrous Svistra; a race of blood-drinking, murderous, ravening beasts. They are on the move from their lands in the north, intent on slaughtering everything in their wake.

They are the boogeymen her people fear.

That doesn't mean she believes the Svistra are actually close,
This is a 'wow' of a book. This novel contains everything that you could ever want: Suspense, action(definitely lots of action), romance, betrayal, deception, friendship. Really just a fantasticle novel that i would never get bored of no matter how many times i'm going to reread it (and i do plan to reread it.Oh yes i do).

Selia and Oren are barkeeps at a tavern situated near to the Svistra border to the North in Newhaven. Svistra are bloodthirsty creatures(literally. They need blood to survive.
Lauren Murphy
3.5 stars

This review was first posted @ The Australian Bookshelf

Selia runs a tavern and while she and her brother, Oren usually rescue stray, injured animals, she surprises herself when she rescues an injured Svistra and nurses him back to health in her barn.

This is quite an interesting paranormal/ historical story. Selia is a strong character who can fight men and stand up for herself. The different take on vampires, the Svistra, also add a unique element to the typical vampire story. Altered D
In Altered Destiny, the author, Shawna Thomas, has created a rich fantasy world with warring races. Humans believe the Svistrans are savages, bent on destroying all human life. Tales are spread of the horrific slaughterings and beastly ways of the Svistra. Then Selia rescues Jaden, a Svistra who doesn't quite fit the image she's held all her life of his people.

This story brings to mind the conflict between the colonies and the Native Americans in early America. The Svistra's lands were taken awa
Lindsay Pittman
Like many Carina Press fantasy romance books, this one contains world-building worthy of a gold medal. Engrossing from page one, this book contains a heroine I related to from the get-go, an epic struggle, and a smoldering hero. The book was well-written, as I've come to expect from this publisher, pulse-pounding and unforgettable.

The tension between the hero and heroine was palpable, but it wasn't what made the book. I'm too keen to fall in love with new worlds more than new people. This one p
I absolutely adored this book. Likely to become one of the books that I can read countless times and never tire of (which in my opinion is the best kind of book). It switches between four point of views, which took a little getting use to, but it didn't hurt the story at all. I have payed much more for books that I couldn't stand in the end then I did for this book. ( Which I believe was around 2 bucks ) Well worth the money.
Loved it. Anyone who likes light fantasy romance would enjoy this book. Loved the characters. A feisty heroine; a barkeep who can fight in a society of humans where women are not warriors. The hero is a Svistra; a race that has been at war with humans since centuries back. The heir of the Svistra commander he rejects his birthright as he is not willing to continue on his father's path of bloodshed & war with humans but instead tries to find a peaceful way to resolve the conflict. He was the ...more
Lorri Davidson
I liked it.

It was a world I found interesting. I'd like to know more about the Svistra. That is always a good want to read and know more. Found the ending predictable and rushed.
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