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Undead and Unstable (Undead, #11)
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Undead and Unstable (Undead #11)

3.58  ·  Rating Details ·  4,359 Ratings  ·  344 Reviews
Betsy's heartbroken over her friend Marc's death, but at least his sacrifice should change the future - her future - for the better. But it's not as if Betsy's next few hundred years will be perfect. After all, her half sister, Laura, is the Antichrist. Laura's mother is Satan, and family gatherings will always be more than a little awkward.

What's really bothering Betsy is
Hardcover, 312 pages
Published June 5th 2012 by Berkley (first published June 1st 2012)
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Why oh why oh why do I torture myself by continuing to read this series? It lost its luster many books ago. Sure, Betsy still has funny lines and witicisms, but it's so disjointed and confusing -- the sentences go and on and on, there are so many people talking without identification one page, and she jumps around like someone with ADD on crack -- it's almost impossible to easily understand WTH she's talking about, much less find it funny. Also -- NOTHING HAPPENED in the book until the last four ...more
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May 09, 2012 Sarah rated it did not like it
Oh lord, it is bad. I have loved this series and now, now I am not spending another 8 bucks on this series. I'm pretty sure Betsy gets stupider as the book goes on and there is NO PLOT. There is a bunch of talking between the characters but nothing moves forward. The entire book could have been combined with the last book and maybe made one okay book. It is unfortunate such a great series didn't quit when the quitting was good. If you've loved the series up til now, don't read this book as it wi ...more
Christina T
Oct 01, 2013 Christina T rated it did not like it
I'm officially done with Betsy. Her constant ignorant chatter and her inability to concentrate was annoying but to have everyone in her life call her stupid or remind her that she's easily distracted by shiny things is beyond palatable. She thinks she's as dumb as a box of rocks. Her friends think she is as dumb as a box of rocks. Her husband thinks stuff too but loves her anyway. Not only has Betsy not grown over the course of 11 books it is apparent that she is sliding backwards. If Betsy was ...more
Jul 14, 2012 Night rated it did not like it
Awful, disjointed mess. A whole lot of nothing goes on for about 63% of the book. Betsy is so incoherent it's hard to even know what is happening. I really, really hope this is the end of the series. Took me forever to plow through this mess because I just didn't care.
Recap: Betsy insults Jessica about a billion times. It gets old, boring and repetitive. Not funny. I've never had children, and don't plan to have children, but I found the constant insults about Jessica's giant belly to be insulti
Jun 14, 2012 MissM rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: nook, read-2012
2.5 stars

More of the same chaotic, hard-to-read and harder-to-understand style as the former book. Where the flighty, ditzy Betsy style used to be fun, now it's just kinda a mess. It's SO over the top it makes it hard to even follow what's going on.

It also feels very repetitive. How many times in this book and the last can they all truly stand around the kitchen making smoothies??

There was at least some plot action in this one. But it felt like, "wha...?" because I literally had no idea what was
Jun 20, 2012 sj rated it it was ok
I really don't even know WTS I just read. It was like NOTHING HAPPENED for the first 80% of the book (and what little did happen made zero sense) and the end happened too fast.

Most of the time I had no idea who was speaking, no descriptors were used during dialogue.

Something happened, someone spoke, someone else spoke, I assume the first person spoke again, something interrupted the dialogue, then ONE OF THE TWO spoke again, but we never found out who'd been first to speak.

Way to unnecessaril
Julie H.
Sep 12, 2012 Julie H. rated it liked it
Shelves: vampire-fiction
I must confess that my reaction to the guilty confection known as Undead and Unstable was a bit mixed. First, the lowpoints just to get them out of the way: (1) there is a tremendous amount of inaction for much of this book (i.e., Betsy pretty much talks you to death but largely the only one who does anything is Jessica who eats her way through the story) and (2)Betsy did so much whinging in this book that there were times that I just had to put it down. That's a problem if your main character i ...more
Three stars at best. I like the idea of the time travel story, but the execution was really shaky. This book just rambled on and on. I get it, Christian Louboutin was never born, Nick is now Dick, Jess is hugely pregnant, and they like smoothies, you don't have to tell me multiple times. It didn't make me laugh and it didn't have much of Betsy's trademark heart either.Tthere were some good ideas and a few cute scenes but also some really questionable choices. (view spoiler) ...more
Jun 30, 2012 Kindaslick rated it did not like it
Shelves: ugh
I'm sad to say this. I've tried to get through this. I have been reading this series for some time and I did enjoy it. These last few books though... Jesus. Betsy has always been vain, materialistic, stupid, narcissistic and a general all-around pain in the ass. But this all worked because it was funny. The first book was hilarious. The start of this series set a high-bar but each one after slowly failed to reach it. Till we come to this one. Not even a contender. Betsy isn't funny anymore, she' ...more
Jun 18, 2012 Shawna rated it it was ok
WTF?, I finished just now and really don't know what happened. This use to be one of my fav series and no matter what I have to know what happens at the end, but every book seems to become more difficult to like. I remember the funny, snarky Betsy that did have a clue about her worth, and even though she can be dumber than a box of shoes, she was still very entertaining, there was always some sort of plot and a reason for her to get out and show what she is made of. The past two books seem like ...more
April Parrish
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Cindi (cheesygiraffe)
It's like a train wreck. You can't help but read it even if it's a mess.
Jun 10, 2012 Bookmom rated it liked it
The third book in a trilogy within the Betsy series where Betsy must deal with the changed timeline—due to her going back in time with her sister in Undead and Unfinished—and trying to prevent the horrible future she’s responsible for, which she saw when going forward in time—same book.

Marc committed suicide in the last book after learning what he becomes from his future self. Betsy is determined to bring him back from the dead; after all she’d already brought Antoine back from Hell.

Adding to h
Aisling Zena
Dec 04, 2013 Aisling Zena rated it liked it
Shelves: vampires
3 stars

I love Queen Betsy ,I do but sometimes her seemingly self centered behaviour is a bit much.

This book was all about Betsy, I wanted a bit more Sinclair (I think he deserves a bit more time). I also wanted Betsy to be a bit more confident I suppose,maybe in the next books she will finally grow as she takes steps in this book that change the future(view spoiler)
Kirsten  Brown
Jul 28, 2016 Kirsten Brown rated it really liked it
Shelves: paranormal
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jun 12, 2012 bella rated it liked it
I've been hooked on the Undead series ever since I discovered them a few years ago. They are the perfect combination of humor, vampires and a large dose of sexy romance.

Since there is such a long wait between each book (usually 12 months) I tend to forget what happens between each book. Thankfully MaryJanice Davidson gives a recap at the beginning of Undead and Unstable, helping me get caught up.

In Undead and Unstable Betsy is back from Hell, where she was recovering a family member and has fou
Jennifer H
"Don't mess with the Vampire Queen!"-Betsy Undead and Unstable

Time paradoxes make my head hurt but with cast of zany characters it's almost bearable...

Betsy Taylor-Sinclair-Queen of the Vampires/Queen of Shoes
Eric Sinclair-husband/co-ruler/hot vampire
Jessica-very prego best friend
Nick-Dick-Jessica's husband/former hater of all things Betsy
Garrett-the fiend formerly known as George/knitter extraordinaire
Antonia-grumpy werewolf/Garrett
3.5 stars

I'm not really sure where to begin.... Betsy confuses me. She rambles on and on and is so self absorbed that I don't know whether she is coming or going half the time. The time-travel thing from the previous book confused me even more.

She has to "man up" in this book and make some choices in regards to her messed up timeline. And tho I read with a smile on my face for most of the book, I realized about 3/4 of the way through that the story wasn't really going anywhere. By the end, I di
What once was a fun series to read has now become tedious. In fact the only reason I keep reading at this point is because I had to find out how the Book of the Dead came into being. I also hate how these books have changed, how it seems like Betsy is ADD on crack with turrets. It seems like every time she speaks it is verbal diarrhea, with changing thoughts every 6 words.

I don't really like what happened with Mark, seems like a cop out. I liked what happened with Antonia and Garrett at the end.
Nov 24, 2012 Meli rated it did not like it
I used to enjoy Betsey, but it's too much! How vapid can you make one character be? The book picks up towards the end because 1) something actually HAPPENS, and 2) you don't have to read Betsey's inner monologue as much - her lines get reduced.

I was so excited about the revelation about the origin of the book of the dead and how it was going to get resolved. The alternate timeline seems like an ultimate copout. After slogging through the headache-inducing, cringe worthy dialogues and monologues
Kathy Davie
Jun 29, 2012 Kathy Davie rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy, funny, urban
Eleventh in the Undead / Queen Betsy comic urban fantasy series revolving around Betsy Taylor, the Queen of the Undead and based in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota.

My Take
The answers to a lot of questions are in this installment. I was beginning to think Davidson would never explain just how that skin became the Book of the Dead. Or just how Ancient Betsy evolved.

I absolutely cannot stand Betsy. An alternate title could be Queen of the Whingers. Christ, if she would just shut up and let someone
Is it Thanksgiving again already? I never get tired of Betsy’s hatred of Thanksgiving. While I don’t share it, her anxiety reminds me of the movie Home for the Holidays. Good stuff.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, probably all 10 reviews of this one’s predecessors, the Undead series is basically an entertainment only read. There isn’t a lot of deeper meaning in here. There isn’t a lot of material to fuel in depth discussion. There is, however, a lot of humor, cussing, airheaded moments, ar
Jun 11, 2012 Melodiacat rated it liked it
Undead and Unstable

By: MaryJanice Davidson

Published: June 5, 2012

Published by: Berkley Hardcover

Official Blurb: Betsy’s heartbroken over her friend Marc’s death, but at least his sacrifice should change the future—her future—for the better. But it’s not as if Betsy’s next few hundred years will be perfect. After all, her half-sister Laura is the AntiChrist, Laura’s mother is Satan, and family gatherings will always be more than a little awkward.

What’s really bothering Betsy is that ever since sh
Lynda Tatad
Jul 20, 2012 Lynda Tatad rated it really liked it
Shelves: series-r-us
In this 11th book of the Undead series featuring Betsy Taylor, vampire queen, we find Betsy heartbroken over her friend Marc's death. His sacrifice was his way of trying to change the future, especially after her met his future self. A book or two previously. Betsy and her 1/2 sister Laura, the Anti-Christ whose mother is Satan, had done some time traveling, and Betsy tried to help fix some problems she had made after she became a vampire... Now her present timeline is altered. But was it a good ...more
Sep 09, 2012 Carolyn rated it really liked it
One the best side notes in this story, where Betsy is still living in the alternate timeline of dead Marc and pregnant Jessica, is that she has allowed the publication of her life story. Why is that so great, one may ask? Because, as it turns out, the popularity of that book is what lead to the current explosion of vampire novels in the marketplace. If you’re tired of Twilight or Anita Blake, you only have Betsy to blame!

The book opens with Betsy still grief-stricken by Marc’s death and determin
Dec 03, 2014 Chelsea rated it did not like it
Shelves: overrated, 2013
Okay, the most I can say about this one was that it wasn't QUITE as horrendous as the previous five. I'm sick to death of Betsy and her annoying, obnoxious personality and I can't wait until I'm done this stupid series, but this one didn't make me want to hurl the book under a bus and into a puddle like the more recent ones have.

I can't shake the feeling that MJD spends her spare time trolling the reviews on sites, taking note of all of the negative comments. Then rather than actually using the
Jul 11, 2012 Angela rated it really liked it
I was a bit apprehensive after the last book in this series had future Betsy portrayed as the anti-Betsy. I love this character and her insipidness, and snarky if slightly unintelligent camaraderie with the other characters. Eric is the stuff dreams are made of, and her sister the Anti-Christ is also great for effervescent giggles. Betsy seems to bumble her way through most of the books with the outcome working in her favor by the end, and the glimmer of intelligence showing through despite her ...more
Nikinnia Smith
Apr 17, 2015 Nikinnia Smith rated it it was ok
This is probably my least favorite queen Betsy book so far. The story line just didn't do it for me. The whole current Betsy/future Betsy thing was so confusing, and the are nothing alike. Not even a little bit, which is so unlikely if they are the same person. Jessica's pregnancy is so weird. The whole Nick/Dick thing is cheesy, and annoying. Also the sex scene at the end was completely awkward. I just wanted to skip over that part.

What I did like was the author's spin on Mark being a zombie. I
Jun 19, 2012 Michelle rated it really liked it
Another good read from MaryJanice Davidson. I’ve been so unsure of how MJD was taking the story line over the past few books but I kept hearing that if I stuck with it, I’d be happy. I’d have to say I am happy with the direction she went. Maybe not 100% happy but I still liked how some things were resolved. I also enjoyed that there was a great cliff hanger for where MJD can go next. It will be interesting to see where the storyline will go from here. For maybe the first third to half of the boo ...more
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MaryJanice Davidson is an American author who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non-fiction. She is the creator of the popular Undead series. She is both a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. She won a 2004 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award and was nominated for the same award in 2005.

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