One Piece, Volume 01: Romance Dawn (One Piece, #1)
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One Piece, Volume 01: Romance Dawn (One Piece #1)

4.35 of 5 stars 4.35  ·  rating details  ·  31,010 ratings  ·  371 reviews
A new shonen sensation in Japan, this series features Monkey D. Luffy, whose main ambition is to become a pirate. Eating the Gum-Gum Fruit gives him strange powers but also invokes the fruit's curse: anybody who consumes it can never learn to swim. Nevertheless, Monkey and his crewmate Roronoa Zoro, master of the three-sword fighting style, sail the Seven Seas of swashbuck...more
Paperback, 216 pages
Published July 23rd 2003 by VIZ Media (first published December 24th 1997)
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For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written. The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.
Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless (I’ve heard this before) but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover. I’ve been in that position too…and thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ever written.

More about One Piece at my blog http://bokuno...more
I wrote the review for the whole One Piece manga not only for volume one. One Piece is the only manga I've been loyal to for the past ten years.As I grew up I choose to read more serious book and leave manga behind. But One piece is an exception. If you read the manga, you will see how every character, mainly the protagonist have very compelling and charismatic personality. Luffy is the captain, a happy go lucky person who sometimes act stupid (along with Ussop,Chopper and Franky) but very respo...more
Alex Scales
I've gone on and on about my hatred for shonen manga. I've said before it's franchises like Naruto and Yu Gi Oh that form what most westerners conceive to be the whole of manga-- which is a problem, because as long as manga is seen as just a teen fad, some amazing works of comic art and literature are being completely overlooked by a large audience that might otherwise devour them. Sure, Seinen manga seems to have a small foothold now, but what about Gekiga? Or Josei? How about some of the class...more

This has got to be the ugliest manga art I've ever seen. Sorry, but it's true. I really, really, really don't like this style and I knew that going in because I've seen caps from the anime. It's over the top and unpleasant and cluttered and sort of makes my eyes ache to look at it.

and yet
there is something about the story. Don't ask me what, but there's something. It's not totally bad. It's absurd and banal at worst, silly at best, but I guess it has potential. I could do without the chee...more
Entah kapan terakhir kali aku baca komik ... Gara-gara ke'cupet'anku,, gara-gara short judgement-ku,, gara-gara ego,, bertahun-tahun aku gag nyentuh komik sejak terakhir aku baca komik detektif yang IQnya 160 tuh sapa namanya sampe lupa,, akhirnya,,

Aku memaki teman-temanku yang maniak komik,, aku mencak-mencak karena seolah hidup mereka untuk baca komik,, aku bahkan jadi kelewat sensi karna tiap ada yang bahas komik, kupingku panas,, terlebih One Piece,,

Sampai-sampai aku penasaran juga,, Telusu...more
It is one of greatest Japanese manga. More than nine million copies are sold per month in the world. The manga is about one boy who will change and rule the entire world.
Pirates King (Roger) lets everybody know about his treasure which is called ONE PIECE and he hides it in the grand line before he is executed by the hand of a Navy organization ruled by bad people. Twenty two years later, a young man(Luffy)starts his adventure journey to look for the treasure and to become the pirate king. He st...more
Jessica Abrahams
Since this is the first volume of One Piece, one of the top mangas and is ranked sixth on My Anime List Top Manga .

The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a 17 year old boy that has a dream of finding One Piece (the greatest treasure in the world that promises an unlimited amount of fame and money) and becoming the pirate king. When he was young he ate the Devil Fruit 'Gomu Gomu no Mi' which made him rubber. This is unfortunate for Luffy as he is unable to swim, which is a weakness for a pirate.

One P
Nba Fan 2000
Jul 10, 2011 Nba Fan 2000 rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Anyone
Recommended to Nba Fan 2000 by: Codeprovider (Youtube)
One Piece was for many years unnoticed by the majority of the anime community. Many claim that the first arc is boring but I disagree; for a perpetual on-going shonen series One Piece is fine since the very start. But hey, it takes more than that to have a good show and it does deliver elsewhere as well. For example, its characters are quite colourful and likable for shonen material and they are constantly making lots of jokes with their personality quirks. Seeing each one of them individually m...more
The author, Eiicho Oda, created, One Piece, because as a kid Oda was interested in pirates and being a manga book artist/writer. Af first, he submitted a book called Pandaman for a contest. At the age of 17, he submitted his work called, Wanted!, and this won several awards. At the age of 19, he looked back on all his work and decided to create, One Piece, which included some of the main characters from his previous works. He worked as an assistant artist for Nobuhiro Watsuki and presented his...more
I mean, One Piece is hilarious and epic. It doesn't get much better than that. I see the hype and Oda's brilliant series deserves every bit of it and more.

But I refuse to rate every single volume of One Piece. I like to think I have a life. So, uhm, just read One Piece. One Piece is awesome.
mükemmel bir manga daha.. korsanlar kralı olmaya çalışan Luffy yi anlatıyor hem macera hem komedi ya :D toplam 64 kitabı var tamamı ne zaman çevrilir Allah bilir keşke bunları da Death Note kadar hızlı çevirseler :))
One of the best manga, ever. And my most favorite manga all the time. It's part of my teen life and now part of my adult life. You have no idea how much i love this manga. I laughed like crazy one time, and cried like a baby the other time.

So many tears have falling down since i read or watch this series. I cried when Nami lost her mother. I cried when they were in Sorajima. I cried (a little) when i read Robin Neechan's story of Ohara. Oh, i forgot. I also cried when in Alabasta's war. I cried...more
One Piece is definitely a series I would recommend. I admit that the overall plot of the Straw Hat crew's adventures is getting somewhat repetitve and some variations. But, the part which captured me the most is the characterization.

Eiichiro Oda is good at drawing the readers in through the characters' past and their interaction. A web is woven between the characters, connecting them together (whether as enemies or allies) and drawing us into their lives. The more we learn about the characteres,...more
Holly Letson
Everyone in this volume seems to be wanting to escape from something, and seeking new beginnings. Luffy is wanting to escape from the constant ridiculing of townsfolk, and become The King of Pirates. Koby is wanting to escape from Alvida's pirate crew, and become a member of the Navy. Zolo is wanting to escape from being Morgan's prisoner, and become The World's Great Swordsman. Nami is wanting to escape with the map, and become an even better thief. Will they all get their wish(es)?
Ah, One Piece. One of the few shonen titles I can not only actively stomach but also love a good deal. Many might be turned off by virtue of the art style, slow start, and the target demographic - that being adolescent pre-teen boys - but if you stick with it past the Baratie arc you'll find a real gem of a series. Eiichiro Oda is the kind of author I wish more aspired to emulate. While his stories aren't overly complicated, and some twists can be seen coming from miles away, the love he has for...more
Idle Hippo

setelah sekian lama gak baca komik, akhirnya...

cerita tentang Luffy, seorang anak laki2 yang berambisi jadi raja bajak laut padahal dia gak bisa berenang *gara2 makan "rubber fruit" yang bikin badannya melar seperti karet*

gak niat bacanya *dulu ada dua cewe yang nyuruh baca komik ini*, awalnya cuman iseng aja bacanya. cuman pas baca chapter II ada sebuah adegan yang bikin gw terbahak-bahak jam 2 pagi. dialog antara Coby seorang navigator bajak laut yang rupanya sangat menderita karena sering dip...more
Nunnaya Buissness
Let me start off with one word (I think) A-freak'n-mazing. I'm a nerd who is totally hooked on manga, which may have something to do with the previous statement, I love: Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, Naurto, Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist and now One Piece. This is a uproarious series about Pirates. What usually comes to mind when Pirates (before you read this series) is : Blackbeard, plunderers, evil and huge crews. But after this series it's fruit , Monkey D. Luffy, Gum Gum, and 4 people.

This book se...more
Patricia BookExhibitionism
I'm not really interested in reviewing this series, but I want to have a recap for myself, in case I'm searching for a specific scene in the future, which is why I actually plan to reread the whole series in 2012.

- Introduction of Luffy and his history with Captain Shanks (who is just lovely!)
- Introduction of Zoro and his reason for wanting to be the best swordsman in the world (a girl whom he made a promise to and who died the day after)
- Story about a boy, Coby, who wants to join the marine,...more
Sara Fernandez bonilla
es increiblemente divertetido y entretenido las locuras de luffi son incomparables por luchar por su sueño de convertirse en el rey de los piratas y tener la mejor tripulación
Zack B.
I don't really read manga but this was just a few bucks so I picked it up. I like that the series doesn't focus on any bit of historical accuracy when it comes to the pirate legend. Instead it just takes the romanticized ideal that we have of pirates and runs with it to create this crazy setting where pirates rule. I found it a little difficult to follow at times but that's probably just because I'm not used to reading manga. Also, it strikes me as strange that the tone and art style of the comi...more
I am not one for reviews so I will just say this:

One Piece has been my favorite manga to date, It has everything!

I am not ashamed to say that this manga has brought me to tears multiple times, you really become emotionally attached to the characters it's incredible.

I have felt so many emotions reading One Piece from sadness to joy and everything in between, I have grown with the manga and it still continues to entertain me after having been reading it for so long.

Either way, One Piece is doing w...more
Jason Luna
This was a really good piece of manga, I think mostly because it used realistic storytelling to balance out the manga madness often seen.

I liked that the basic character interactions were strong. Luffy wants to prove himself as a great pirate, his little friend wants to prove himself as a guy who can escape his captors and become a marine. It's this basic human need to survive and find self worth that makes it fun and universal.

The action is really good too. Luffy having super stretchy powers co...more
Robert Corpening
In Eiichiro Oda’s manga, “One Piece: Romance Dawn,” the author tells the tale of a young rogue named Luffy, growing up during the “Great Age of Piracy.” Luffy lives in a town that is being employed as a base by a noble group of pirates under the command of Red-Haired Shanks, who Luffy idolizes more than any other. The pirates often undertake voyages, and young Luffy wants no more than to join their crew, but he meets with some complications in being a, so acutely dubbed, anchor. Flash forward te...more
It wasn't bad for a start. I know the series is a very long one so I know there's a high probability that it improves. Things are just beginning and the characters are really still just being introduced by the end of the volume. I don't think the whole crew is even assembled yet. Overall it's about what I expected- a light and fun shounen manga. I'll read a couple more volumes and see what I think.
One Piece is the best anime I've ever seen. My friend recommened it, but first I didn't want to watch it. After af few weeks, I became curious, so I began to watch it. IT IS AMAZING. After I "finished" the anime (it still is ongoing), I read the manga. It's seriously nice, but I still prefer the anime, which is awesome! :'D That's why I give it 4 stars. I love the anime, and I like the manga. ^.^
This is a review for all the volumes I've read so far.

One Piece is a phenomenon in it's own category,if i could,i would
rate it above 5 stars! The storyline,the characters,the plot are
all so unique and well developed that they can capture the reader's
heart instantly and it doesn't matter if you are 10 or 80 years old.
In my opinion Oda-sensei is a genius...I mean his imagination is
so unique and his talent so great that even after more than 700
chapters I never got bored reading and I can't descri...more
Jeorcy Pena
One Piece is an amazing book. It has three types of genres(manga, action, and comedy). It is made by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece takes place in a place where there is always hope. The book is, based on a kid called Monkey D. Luffy. His dream is to become KING OF THE PIRATES! He sets out to find the most powerful band of pirates. His goal is to get the legendary One Piece. It's every pirates dream. If a pirate collects it they instantly become King of the Pirates. It is going to be very tough for the...more
This book is everything I'd want to see in a manga. Its funny, entertaining, action packed, and has a great story. I love the design of the characters, and how its not supposed to be serious most of the time. I enjoyed this a lot, and I can tell its only the beginning of so many adventures and I can't wait to read them all.
So my fiancè has been watching the show for the past week and I'm insanely jealous that he's experiencing the show for the very first time. He stays up for hours each night in bed next to me with his headphones in and watching epsiodes on Youtube. Since I've never read the manga but love the show, I decided to read a few of the books. I prefer the show to be honest. I love listening to Luffy's annoying voice on the show and the books just seem a bit boring. Currently I'm on book five as I type t...more
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See also 尾田 栄一郎

Eiichiro Oda (尾田 栄一郎 Oda Eiichirō) is a Japanese manga artist, best known as the creator of the manga and anime One Piece.

As a child, Oda was inspired by Akira Toriyama's works and aspired to become a manga artist. He recalls that his interest in pirates was probably sparked by the popular TV animation series titled Vicky the Viking. He submitted a character named Pandaman for Yudet...more
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