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Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders
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Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  372 ratings  ·  53 reviews
(...)in the creative ways they exclude their children from the discussion.
"You're so right," they say: "Sexual abuse is an enormous problem, particularly for young teens. Thank God mine aren't there yet."

No, sorry, says reality, the most common age at which sexual abuse begins is three.

"Well sure, if you have homosexuals around small children, there's a risk."

No, sorry, s
Paperback, 288 pages
Published March 31st 2004 by Basic Books (first published 2003)
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I bought this book over four years ago when I was involved at a place that helped immigrant victims of crime, and some of them were victims of the some of the types of predators described in the book. Exactly how that played out for me or what my role was, I won't go into publicly, for many reasons. Suffice to say, some information and background was certainly helpful. I read most of the chapters of the book at that time. Recently, remembering something that was written in it, I picked it up and ...more
Lynn Tolson
Apr 03, 2011 Lynn Tolson rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: therapists, social workers, treatment providers, parents, victims, survivors
Recommended to Lynn by: CCASA
Dr. Salter received a Masters degree in Child Study and a Ph.D in Psychology and Public Practice, and she has been building her expertise in child abuse since the 1970s. She makes her position clear in the: “Victims were the result, not the cause, of the problem.” What, if anything, can be done about offenders? To determine an answer, Dr. Salter interviewed offenders and developed educational films from those sessions.

Denial is the refusal to acknowledge the existence or severity of unpleasant e
Stacy Naberhuis
This book had a lot of new information in it. I know we all hear about these things in the news, but how much do we really know? Is it enough to keep you safe? This book answers those questions.

It starts with information on the offenders and how they got away with it for so long, and how they finally got caught. The scary part is how long most of them got away with it. And how many people they victimized before they were locked up.

At the end of the book is information on how to spot someone who
Kate Woods Walker
Don't make this the first book you read on this subject. It's a realistic look at predators--not quite as brutal as I, Monster, but close enough to warrant caution. Nevertheless, it should be on the shelves of anyone who has been harmed by a predator.

The chapter titled "Rose Colored Glasses and Trauma" could be invaluable to victims, family and counselors.

Anna C. Salter has written a wise and useful book.
Azira Levana
Nov 06, 2009 Azira Levana rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone, but especially anyone who's been abused or who is a parent or carer of children.
Recommended to Azira by: Friend/psychologist who specialises in trauma.
Here is an excerpt from the foreword of this book (written by Gavin de Becker):


I'm beginning this Foreword as I will close it: Thank you, Anna Salter, for casting your authoritative light on sexual abuse while most people find it easier to look away or even deny that it exists. It is easier for most parents to wring their hands about the unknown molester who might wander into the neighbourhood, than to accept that someone who they invited into the house is sexually abusing their child - even
Anna Salter is a very good, engaging author with terrifically graphic descriptions of how these people think, react, and plan. While this is an upsetting book to read, it should be required reading if you work with children. For parents, the best part of the book is the last 20 pages. While detecting lies and dangerous people is extremely difficult and chancy, deflecting abusers from your children sounds relatively easy. First, be involved in your child's life--know the coaches, go to your kids' ...more
Wow. Out of all the books I've been reading (and there's more than I put on my list), this is the best book on child molesters and sex offenders. Well-written, easy to read - although its very difficult subject matter. Sometimes she's pretty graphic... but without that, I'd never really understand the seriousness and complexity of the problem.

I'd recommend this to any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, daycare, babysitter - if you want to really protect kids, this illustrates what you're up agai
Eleanor Cowan

Easy to read, Dr. Salter's engaging style sweeps away clouds of wishy washy thinking that insists that we are all born equal and that we must be kind. No!

This book sounds a warning bell to trusting people who are easily duped by clever manipulators!

A great book for those wanting to educate themselves - and their loved ones.

Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife: Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer

The only people who actually think this book is good are those who blindly believe the tired myths about "sex offenders." I could write an entire book on the shortcomings of just this one book. Here are just a few problems I found with this book:

1. Relies heavily on the controversial works of Gene Abel, another researcher of questionable integrity, in addition to promoting polygraphs and other forms of junk science.

2. Salter often presents personal opinions as undisputed fact. She often spews a
Ashlee Foster (Tidwell)
While I don't think many mothers would add this to their list of light reading - I SUGGEST YOU DO! There is no better defense than a good offense and knowing how to protect yourself and your children is so important. While I know this book may not sound like the greatest thing to read, I think it's more important than a lot of other books. Please at least just consider it. It's a quick read filled with lots of information, examples and ways to protect your children...just read it.
Read this for work. Nothing too enlightening here. Predators are everywhere, but most likely will be someone you know, sex abuse screws up kids, yahdayahda... written from an extremely alarmist perspective.
This book should be a must read for parents and anyone else socially responsible to recognize and report instances of child abuse. Dr. Salter does a thorough and necessary job informing and educating us on the pervasive problems these miscreants pose in our society. It is truly scary to read how rampant and widespread these offenses are around us everyday and how easy it is especially for the child predators to worm they way into position. It is up to us all to be on guard to combat the epidemic ...more
This is an excellent eye-opening book written by someone who has conducted countless hours of interviews with convicted sex offenders. The statistics are appalling: sexual crimes against children are far more prevalent than we know. An estimated 3% of sex offenders are ever caught.

Our misconceptions about sex offenders and our denial set us up for abuse. Sex offenders construct elaborate webs of deceit over time, and cast them over their communities. They play on people's need to be able to trus
Two things I've noticed so far (I've read chapter one and the forward).
Foward by Gavin de Becker: I've read his books, and he knows his shit BUT! The example he gave in his forward for this book about a mother who *in her head* wrongly accused a stranger of being a child molester. This story, I do not believe is his, for I KNOW I have read it some where else (can't remember the book for the life of me), but it was not Gavin de Becker's book. This is my claim. I'll have to update this post when
This was a difficult and disturbing read but one I still believe is necessary. Anna Salter is a forensic psychologist and the author of "Predators:...." Over the course of several years she interviews pedophiles, rapist, and sadists and documents portions of these interviews in this book. She provides a glimpse into the mind of a predator and how very different they are in their thinking than most of us trusting, caring people are. Although I know there are "bad" people out in the world that do ...more
A comprehensive and compelling look at one of the dark underbellies of our society. Although it's a little dated now (published in 2003) when it addresses the internet, Salter makes many other salient analyses. She never gets hysterical, but stays rational and realistic. Especially useful is the chapter on Detecting Deception.
Not talking about this problem doesn't make it go away.
WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

This book was a required read for my grad Psychotherapy and Trauma class. Wow. I hard a hard time stomaching a lot of the content. It's incredibly eye-opening, although if you're not careful it could lead to some serious paranoia and never leaving your house.

From a Christian perspective, it's important to carefully evaluate the world that we live in. It's a Genesis 3 world, which means it's not rosy and perfect like what we would like to think. The reality is
Elyse Garrison
this book is uncomfortable to read in that it sheds light on things we may not want to think about. it is powerful and moving. It brings up things that we dont want to think about and explains them without walking on eggshells. while I do not come to all the same conclusions as the author, her research and experience is undoubted. This is a definite must-read for anybody interested in understanding the dark side of human nature.

My sister is a social worker and has spent the second half of her short life working with victims of sexual assault. She read this book as a part of a class in college, owns two copies, and has been talking about this book non-stop for the last 7 years or so.

I finally, finally, decided to read it and I am seriously glad that I did. I feel so much better prepared to have kids and to keep them safe after reading this book. Which is why this book is recommen
Read this on suggestion of a person I respect, as it relates in some ways to the work I do.
Was not prepared to read the sort of shlock usually confined to mommyblogs. A few good points, even a handful. But not enough to make up for the desperate, unprofessional tone it is written in. Not worth your time - learn the facts somewhere else.
I wouldn't say I *liked* this book, and it's pretty clear that Anna Salter's worldview has been dramatically altered by all her up-close-and-personal dealings with some really nasty prisoners.

It's definitely not for the faint of heart. And, even she warns you about her chapter on sadists.

The most valuable thing she emphasizes: People are often delusional about their ability to tell "the bad guys." Her suggestion is to not even bother trying and to assume that *anyone* could offend. The "nice gu
Eleanor Cowan

Easy to read, Dr. Salter's engaging style sweeps away clouds of wishy washy thinking that insists that we are all born equal and that we must be kind. No!

This book sounds a warning bell to trusting people who are easily duped by clever manipulators!

A great book for those wanting to educate themselves - and their loved ones.

Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife: Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer
Eleanor Cowan

Easy to read, Dr. Salter's engaging style sweeps away clouds of wishy washy thinking that insists that we are all born equal and that we must be kind. No!

This book sounds a warning bell to trusting people who are easily duped by clever manipulators!

A great book for those wanting to educate themselves - and their loved ones.

Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife: Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer
This is a very informative book about sexual offenders and how they effect our lives. Dr. Salter addresses different types of offenders from the pedophile to the violent rapist. Se spend significant time on issues of deception and how to protect one's self and one's children from exposure to such criminal's. I have used Dr. Salter as an expert witness in a Sexual Violent Predator Commitment Trial and have found that she truly knows this area of psychology.
Apr 16, 2009 Stephen rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Concerned Parents
Anna Salter is a well known name in sex offending. I read this book and found it to be appropriate for parents who are concerned for their children's welfare in a world, of seems to be, ever increasing risk. She covers the topic in just enough detail to inform using accurate statistics, but come just short of the technical training needed to be a certified forensic practitioner. Good for lay-people who want to know the truths about sex offending.
I wish with all my heart that this book wasn't necessary, but sadly it is!

This book is disturbing and difficult to read, but once you have seen one of these monsters first hand and experienced how they dupe, con, lie, cheat, steal and groom their victims, it is necessary to learn how they operate so you can help guard our children from harm. Hopefully this information will prevent someone from being hurt by one of these monsters.

Jamie Whitt
it's hard to read. not complicated, it's just more intense than it seems--i wasn't prepared for the vivid detail. it's not a fun book. it doesn't feel nice to read. it's not enjoyable. there's a grimace on my face through every page. but i feel it's a good learning lesson, and it just needs to be read. especially if you are thinking of having children, please read this book.
Paula K Breeze
Apr 03, 2007 Paula K Breeze rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who loves a child.
For 20 years, Ms. Salter has studied sex offenders, especially those who abuse children. She has spent many hours in tiny rooms listening to people tell her what they do and why that's OK.
She wants to help you protect the children in your life. Read this book. It may make you sick but your kids are worth that. You and they need this information.
This book scared me, but I feel like I can protect myself and Lily a lot better now. Tag had this book from grad school and it has been sitting on the bookshelf for awhile. I finally decided to read it and I'm glad that I did, but it was hard to get through. It really gives you insight into the mind of the criminal.
Holy crap, this book is scary. There are some terrible people out there. She does offer some good advice: be suspicious, be careful and buy a dog. Still, every book I read written by a psychologist that studies psychopaths comes across as kind of sad: you have to become a monster of sorts to protect against monsters.
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Aka Anna Salter

Anna Salter, Ph.D., is a forensic psychologist and internationally known authority on sex offenders. She is the author of novels featuring Dr. Michael Stone. She also lectures worldwide and has written two academic books on sex abuse. Dr. Salter is in private practice in Madison, Wisconsin, and consults to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.
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“Recently I interviewed a psychopath. This is always a humbling experience because it teaches over and over how much of human motivation and experience is outside my narrow range. Despite the psychopath's lack of conscience and lack of empathy for others, he is inevitably better at fooling people than any other type of offender. I suppose conscience just slows you down. A child convicted molester, this particular one made friends with a correctional officer who invited him to live in his home after he was released - despite the fact the officer had a nine-year-old daughter.
The officer and his wife were so taken with the offender that, after the offender lived with them for a few months, they initiated adoption proceedings- adoption for a man almost their age. Of course, he was a child molester living in the same house as a child. Not surprisingly, he molested the daughter the entire time he lived there. [...]
What these experiences taught have me is that even when people are warned of a previously founded case of even a conviction, they still routinely underestimate the pathology with which they are dealing.”
“I should meet many people who do not know anyone personally who has been raped or molested as a child. But I can't remember seeing a newspaper without a rape or molestation charge in it somewhere, and when I ask groups how many people know someone personally with a history of molestation, almost always, every hand in the room goes up.” 6 likes
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