Locked In (Jessica Daniel, #1)
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Locked In (DS Jessica Daniel #1)

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When a body is found in a locked house, Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is left to not only find the killer but discover how they got in and out.

With little in the way of leads and a journalist that seems to know more about the case than she does, Jessica is already feeling the pressure – and that’s before a second body shows up in identical circumstances to the first.

Kindle Edition, 342 pages
Published July 2011
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I right enjoyed that, I like a good who-done it, I thought I'd guessed right at one point but .....no, not even close. What made this book even better for me was that it was set in and around Manchester so I recognised a few places mentioned in the book, always good when you can actually picture the places. #Looking forward to reading more
Cora Linn

This isn't a bad 3 stars, but this could have been much better.

It felt like the narrator was very disinterested in the story and the bored performer made the story seem rather boring. It was a good enough story, but it was also a rather predictable twist. So all in all, it barely kept me interested enough to continue listening. This story could have been so much more too, and the descriptions of the police procedures felt... Well, they felt procedural.

I think I would have enjoyed this...more
Good British police procedural, realistic and I didn't work out the whodunnit until the very last. Enjoyable read, glad I have the next two in the series to look forward to.
Reviewed at JudgingCovers.co.uk

It’s no secret that I love crime thrillers. There’s something about the story of a murder investigation – trying to piece together the clues as the police hunt for a killer; gasping at the horrors of a murder scene – that draws me in every time. And as this book was only 98p in the Kindle bestsellers, it was inevitable that I’d give it a go.

Locked In is Kerry Wilkinson’s debut novel, and the first in his series starring Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel. The book b...more
Very disappointing. There are too many faults to list each in detail but here are some of the problems I had with this book:

- Too much telling, not enough showing (for example, a paragraph saying that there was the black humour in the squad room that would have been better explained through showing some actual black humour and showing how it allowed officers to cope with their difficult work. There are other examples such as passages explaining the relationship between various characters - don't...more
I feel that I may have joined the Kerry Wilkinson party a little late, looking at the phenomenal success he has enjoyed from self publishing to major book deal, but better late than never! I fair raced through ‘Locked In’ the first DS Jessica Daniel investigation, an engaging police procedural set on the mean streets of Manchester and setting the scene for a series worthy of attention.

I think what I liked most about the book was the character of Jessica herself, as unlike many other crime autho...more
Pauline Ross
The word that springs to mind with this book is pedestrian. It plods along with ponderous attempts at humour, mind-numbing detail about, well, everything really (honestly, we don’t need to know all the legal requirements when interviewing suspects), fairly dull characters and a plot that never quite comes to life. It was a debut, so I’ll work on the assumption that the author will improve with time and experience.

The plot is incredibly simple: a body has been found in a locked house, and no, it'...more
Richard Louden
I was surprised to find that this novel has become a major bestseller in the ebook market. It is difficult to argue with public taste but, in my view, Locked In has none of the qualities you would normally associate with a highly successful crime novel - it isn't slick or stylish or fast-moving and certainly does not qualify as compelling or unputdownable.
On the other hand, it is an easy read, written in simple, unremarkable prose, and does not stretch the reader's imagination to any extent. The...more
I am a big reader of this genre and was really impressed by this debut from Wilkinson. It was a pleasurable light read, an easy 'page turner' which makes a refreshing change from many of the overly detailed, deliberately dark novels that seem to be clogging up the shelves. This is not to say it wasn't extremely tense and gripping. I literally couldn't put it down and had it finished in 3 days. The twists and turns are cleverly executed and even when I thought I knew the `method', I had no clue o...more
Good start to a series, with an interesting plot, though I did spot the killer before Wilkinson revealed all. Going to track down the next to see if the promise holds out.
This book starts on high and hits the ground running...
So often (mostly due to my own concentration issues) a book just fails to take me along for the ride, but this one ticked all the boxes I needed to keep my interest piqued all the way to the end.
I found the story to be both credible and interesting, the narrative changing pace in time with the action.
The characters were interesting, enough personal detail was given to flesh them out without going over the top, and the descriptive prose was m...more
When I have read a few ‘chunkier’ books, I do like to almost give myself a break with a stabby thriller catchy-killer type of book (as you may have noticed).

I believe that this one was recommended to me by Amazon. It was 98p on Kindle, so I couldn’t really go wrong.

This is the first in a series featuring Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel (of which I believe there are two at the moment). Jessica has only recently been promoted after her old boss was stabbed in a bar fight, which he is currently g...more
Julian King
No, this really isn't very good. Look: Kerry Wilkinson has had a novel 'published' and I haven't, and in an appendix here he writes modestly and charmingly about this achievement, for which I applaud and congratulate him. But now it's not a matter of encouraging an amateur, but appraising a professional.

DS Jessica Daniel is inoffensive enough, but it has to be said that she's boring and she's stupid. Large chunks of the text follow her following obvious dead ends, and one can only hope that the...more
Sevimli Hırsız
Kitabı cumartesi günü bitirdim.Sınavlarımın arasında biraz kaynadı ama gerçekten bir solukta okunacak bir kitaptı.Başlarda konuya çok güzel bir girişi vardı ve buda insanda büyük bir merak oluşturuyor.Kilitli kapılar ardında öldürülen insanlar ve hayalet gibi bir katil kurgusu çok etkileyiciydi ve bunda çevirininde büyük rolü olduğunu belirtmeden edemeyeceğim, çok güzel bir çeviri sunmuş yayınevi.Kitabı okurken ister istemez nasıl bir sonuca bağlayacağı hakkında kendiniz b...more
Helen F
I am undecided what I thought of this book, and finished it with quite lukewarm feelings. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either, there was nothing in particular that I didn't like about it, just as there was nothing I particularly liked about it. I was a little disappointed with the ending as I'd worked out who had done it early on in the book, so it just confirmed my thoughts, but throughout i was hoping id be wrong. I felt at times there was too many long winded descriptions where not n...more
Big fan of 'tec fiction. This is my first Kerry Wilkinson - I like to start at the beginning of a series so that I can get any continuing threads. I'm not really gripped yet - but it's early days, so I'm continuing with optimism!

Still continuing but optimism a little jaded now! Have read three other books in the meantime because Jessica's still failing to grab me - she needs a good slap I think!

Okay - I'm realty, really going to try and finish this today - I mean how long can 60 pages take?

Stevie Carroll
I love a good locked room mystery, but this one was disappointing. The solution was obvious to me from early on, although it didn't occur to any of those investigating until after all the main murders had taken place. Also, the motivating factor behind the crimes and reasoning behind the killer's choice of victims have been used to much greater effect recently by an author I have a lot of respect for. The rather bland protagonist and nondescript supporting cast mean I won't be reading the rest o...more
Lynda Kelly
This is riding high in the Kindle chart here and is a cheap book.I paid only 98p for it. It's the first in the Jessica Daniel series-she's a cop living and working in Manchester. I really can't decide if I want to get another one-luckily the second story is a bargain price too but I'm thinking I'll pass. Kinsey Millhone she ain't !! Plus there were a lot of apostrophe errors in it which greatly piss me off !!
It was about a murder case where all the doors were locked and then there's another murd...more
Almost a 4 star but not quite! I really did enjoy this book it just didn't completely knock my socks off. I'll definitely be reading the others in the Jessica Daniels series.
The main let down for me was all the csi/police 'technical talk'. I work as a csi myself though so I guess I just instinctively know the various processes at crime scenes so it felt weird to have this explained in more detail than you would usually find in this type of novel. I didn't find any glaringly obvious faults thoug...more
A Modern Locked Room Mystery

Jessica Daniel, recently promoted to Detective Sargent, is assigned an impossible case. The body of a woman is found in her locked home. While Jessica and her immediate superior, Cole, try to figure out how the killer could have gotten into the house, another body turns up. This time a man is found strangled in his locked house.

The case continues to frustrate the police, and their morale isn't improved by the newspapers accusing them of incompetence. Jessica is parti...more
A.J. Waines
I found this book immediately compelling. A 'straight down the line' police procedural with plenty of behind the scenes detail, lively characters and jovial banter between them. In spite of the grim subject matter (individuals killed in their own homes, with no apparent forced entry) - Wilkinson uses a light, jaunty writing style. Neat unfolding of the plot - nothing too complex or deep. Good, if you want a diverting read that you can whizz through quickly.
Well I began listening to Locked in and felt the book began quite well and was ready to like Jessica and her colleague, though immediately wondered how this could really be a "locked room mystery" . It's pretty obvious there must be another set of keys somewhere and I wonder that this obvious fact doesn't seem to occur to the police. However I quickly lost interest as the story became more and more padded with unnecessary detail. My verdict... After only 2CDs.... Pedestrian, verbose and full of...more
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Yine de güzel bir kitap hakkını yemiyim akıcı çok fazla polisiye okumayan bünyelere bu kitap iyi gelebilir önerebilirim beğeniceklerini düşünüyorum
Christine Blachford
Bought this as a trilogy of the first three books in the DS Jessica Daniels series, and the first thing that struck me was just how British the whole thing is. Set in Manchester, it follows a female detective trying to link together some murders and trace the serial killer.

I thought it was a good story, although the hints littered throughout the book made it just a little bit too predictable. Jessica was a good character, pretty well-rounded, and it was a nice change not to have a tortured cop a...more
Tracy Bethell
excellent,will get round to reading the latest at some point
Solid first step by a self-published author who later went on to win himself a publishing contract

Kerry Wilkinson has done what almost all of Amazon's self-published authors have dreamed of - he has published a Kindle e-book, outsold the established names and got the attention of mainstream publishing houses and won himself a publishing contract.

And it all started with this book: Locked In. I read Locked In in paper form and found it to quite a good mystery. While this was not life-changing lite...more
Tuğçe Sevin
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Aslına bakarsanız ben pek polisiye hayranı birisi değilim daha önce de bunu dile getirmiştim – polisiye/gerilim/korku vb bizim evde, Umut’un ilgi alanıdır, zaten genellikle bu tip kitaplara da onun sayesinde denk geliyorum. Ama zaman zaman karşı koyamadığım, benim de ilgimi çeken bazı polisiye/suç hikayeleri oluyor. Kilitli de bunlardan bir tanesi, hatta sanırım bu türde olupta serisini de büyük ihtimalle okuyacağım ilk kitap.

Kerry' Wilkinson's "Locked In" (Thomas & Mercer 2013) is a fun read, with an enticing detective character and a good enough though fairly common plot. Brit Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel tries to track down a killer--which quickly becomes a serial murderer--who leaves no visible evidence of how s/he got into and out of the murder scene. It takes a lot of twists and false starts before Jessica can uncover the truth, which turns out to be too close to home for her health.

The best part of th...more
Terrific book--read it in one and a half days--would have been one day but company arrived and I didn't want to be rude. Wanted to be, though!

Other than a few typos that sort of stopped the rhythm of my reading and the referral to an early burglary that I could not find ( When it is discovered in the second victim's history they say the first victim also had a burglary but I reread the earlier crime and couldn't find any mention of that.) the book was a page turner.

I reread the section in which...more
Noor Jahangir
Locked In is murder mystery by bestselling independant authory Kerry Wilkinson. The story is set in Greater Manchester, England, and follows the explouits of Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniels as she attempts to solve the 'Houdini' murders. Someone is killing middle-aged adults in their homes without leaving a trace and no way of telling how he got to them, because the bodies are always found at home with all the windows and doors locked.
This is crime fiction with a strong British flavour, gritt...more
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