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No Bears
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No Bears

3.7  ·  Rating Details ·  493 Ratings  ·  106 Reviews
Ruby is in charge of this book. And she’ll tell you something right now. There are NO BEARS in it. Not even one.

Ruby wants to tell you a story. A story with absolutely no bears. You don’t need bears for a book. You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles. And maybe funny things and exciting things – but definitely no bears!
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published June 1st 2011 by Walker Books
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Allison Parker
Ella is writing this book, and she makes it perfectly clear that no bears are allowed in this story. Bear books are abundant, it's true, and Ella is sick of 'em. So her story is one of princesses, castles, monsters, and adventures, and no bears, thank you very much. So she tells a very nice traditionally fairy-ful tale, blissfully oblivious to one bear's vital role in her plot.

The only reason I didn't love this book was because I didn't understand why a bear would help with the "construction" of
Clare Cannon
Apr 15, 2013 Clare Cannon rated it liked it
Shelves: 04-8yrs
With subtle, warm illustrations, this book is pretty much what the title suggests: a story with no bears in it—except to mention that there are no bears. It is not clear why Ruby has an aversion to bears, but she does, in stories at least. The best part of her story (which has a childish simplicity, is totally unbelievable and not at all intended to be) is the illustrations which are intricate and patterned, with lots of little details to spot and admire.
A clever young girl decides to write a story without bears in it. Metafiction for the younger set with allusions to classic fairy tales on every page.
Apr 02, 2012 Bethany rated it really liked it
Summary: No Bears

Ella is writing a book, and she knows what sort of book it will be. Her book will have pretty things, fairies, princesses, castles, funny things, exciting things and scary things but most importantly NO BEARS. After all, "Every time you read a book, it's just BEARS BEARS BEARS - horrible furry bears slurping honey in awful little caves."

Then follows Ella's delightful story including, yes, a princess (Ella who has donned a paper crown for the part), a king and queen (who look rat
Leslie Nunez
Jan 29, 2015 Leslie Nunez rated it liked it
No bear was written in a self text form The little girl knows she is in a book as a narrator/character addressing the reader. It has intrusions of a time and story. This book is very upbeat and thrilled book. Throughout the book it was very happy and full of joy and kinda of funny the little girl seemed to be funny but have something against bears because she didn't want them in the book she is in and that is what makes it very odd from other books because she wants to have control over her own ...more
Lauren Gallaspy
Feb 01, 2015 Lauren Gallaspy rated it liked it
The story No Bears by Meg Mckinlay tells the story of a little girl who is tired of having bears in her fairytale stories as she sees no need for them to be in the story. So she chooses to write her own fairytale making sure it included no bears but also a happy ending. While the girl writes her fairytale and shares her excitement of a perfect fairytale since there are no bears in the story. But little does she know a bear has been trying to sneak into her story.

No bears is considered a postmode
Richie Partington
Apr 04, 2012 Richie Partington rated it it was amazing
Richie’s Picks: NO BEARS by Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge, ill., Candlewick, March 2012, 32p., ISBN: 978-0-7636-5890-8

“Hi! I’m Ella and this is my book.
You can tell it’s a book because there are words like Once upon a time
and Happily ever after
and The END.
I’m in charge of this book, so I know everything about it --
including the most important thing, which is that there are NO BEARS in it.”

I cannot remember his name, but as I read NO BEARS to myself, I am so clearly hearing in my head the loud vo
Taylor Whittaker
Feb 01, 2015 Taylor Whittaker rated it it was amazing
Meg McKinlay shows that she can not only write a fun story, but also can use the illustrations in her in the most perfect way. No Bears is about a little girl who wants to write her own story, but she refuses to include bears in it at all because she believes they are in too many stories, too often. The energy that McKinlay infuses in the story makes for such an entertaining book for younger audiences. The illustrations and the irony that the story encompasses, stand out to me the most.

When wri
Lindsey Mineweaser
Jan 29, 2015 Lindsey Mineweaser rated it it was amazing
This book is about a girl who hates when bears are in books. She decides that since she is in charge of this book, there will be no bears allowed in her story. She explains all of the things that should be in a story, for example, princesses and fairies. However, she thinks bears should not be in books so she says that bears will not be in her book.

It is ironic that Ruby does not like when bears are in stories because the bears appear on almost every page of her story. She begins the book by tel
Hannah Wolf
Sep 24, 2014 Hannah Wolf rated it really liked it
In the beginning of this story the narrator comes out saying that their will be no bears in this book. She states that every story has bears and she does not want any in this book. She insists that their will only be princesses, fairies, trolls and even monsters but no bears! The story then starts off with a princess just strolling along. In each scene you can see the bear outside of the actual scene but the narrator still insists their are no bears. Suddenly she gets captured by a monster who ...more
Sep 30, 2014 Selina rated it it was amazing
In the story No Bears, it follows a young girl telling her own story. She refuses to have bears in her story because she says bears ruin stories. As she goes about telling her story and incorporating fairy tales and being humorous in the background of the illustrations there is always a bear. The narrator that we follow along in the book never notices that there is a bear in the back of all her pictures and at the end thinks it was the best story because there was No Bears.

I thought that the ill
Stacey Orlando
Sep 23, 2014 Stacey Orlando rated it really liked it
Ella is telling us a story; a story the does not include bears. The story she tells is a bit random: there are nooo bears in the woods, in any kingdoms, or in the story at all for that matter. Ella feels a good story relies on the presence of princesses and fairies and all that magical stuff. When the monsters steals away the young princess, the fairy god mother is needed to save her. In the end, the royal family and the princess all live happily ever after, without any bears.

I love how the auth
Kendal Dastrup
Oct 13, 2014 Kendal Dastrup rated it really liked it
No Bears by Meg McKinlay is a story about a young girl who hates that bears are included in every story she reads so she decides to write a story of her own. She is super girly and talks about all the different fairy tales but always includes how there are no bears in the story and there never will be. In the beginning she mentions that she knows all great books include things like "once upon a time", "happily ever after", and "the end" so she includes them in her story as well.
My favorite thing
Mary Hertel
Feb 19, 2015 Mary Hertel rated it it was amazing
NO bears is a unique book which is about a young girl writing her book in which no bears are allowed. She writes about a girl becoming a princess who has to be saved from a monster, all the wile a bear is assisting in her book as a hero although she does not know it.

The book is very unique because it breaks the fourth wall, allowing the character to speak directly to the readers, allowing her to explain why there will be no bears in her book. The significance of her being able to speak to the re
Paola Galindo
Feb 01, 2015 Paola Galindo rated it it was amazing
No Bears is the funny story of a little girl named Ruby who decides she wants to write her own story with absolutely no bears. Because bears always ruin a story. Her story has princesses and a monster and a happy ending, but no bears. Except for the one bear who is sneaking through the story. Unseen, the bear actually helps the story come together and takes the place of the fairy godmother, who seems to have sat this fairy tale out.

I thought that this was a very fun and innovative story. The st
Little Ella sets out to write a book full of pretty things, fairytale excitement, and danger. She has one rule, there will be no bears! She emphatically states this over and over. As one might expect though, hanging around the edges, just beyond the reach of the story, is a bear.

Once Ella's prelude is over, she starts to create her story. Her book centers itself within the two page spread, and shares the page gutter of the actual book. From the sidelines the bear observes and even participates,
Sharon Tyler
Jun 18, 2013 Sharon Tyler rated it really liked it
No Bears written by Meg McKinlay and illustrated by Leila Rudge is a fun picturebook in which young Ella declares that she is going to tell her own story. What will make her story the best, is that there will be absolutely no bears in the tale. There will be princesses, funny things, pretty things, magic things, and exciting things, but no bears! The story elements are fun and brightly illustrated, rich in irony as a bear plays some very important parts in the story.

No Bears is a fun story about
Natalee Huguez
Feb 01, 2015 Natalee Huguez rated it it was amazing
No Bears is a story about a young girl who wants to write her own story that does not include bears because all other books do. She begins to write a fairytale and continually reminds the reader that there are no bears in the story and there never will be. In the end, she realizes that a bear was in her story the entire time.

This book is told from the little girl's perspective as she writes her own fairy tale that does not include bears. However it is entertaining for the reader because in the i
Ella has written her own story, it has pretty things like fairies, princesses, and castles, and it has funny, exciting, and scary things like monsters and giants. Ella’s book has a lot in it, but the most important thing is that there are no bears! Ella is adamant about her no bear policy as she tells her story of faraway lands and a princess needing to be rescued, while all along there is a very nice and helpful bear hiding there next to her book. Readers will enjoy Ella’s story and find it ...more
Sep 24, 2014 Julia rated it it was amazing
This story is told from the point of view from a princess. She proceeds to tell her story but makes sure to mention that she does not want any bears to be there. They should have absolutely nothing to do with her story. As she continues on, bringing up bears multiple times, she tells the tale of her living in a castle and a monster trying to take her away. Then, she is saved even without the help of any bears!
I absolutely adored this book. I thought the narration was extremely clever and kept me
Amy Forrester
May 23, 2012 Amy Forrester rated it it was amazing
This is Ella’s book and she’s here to tell you that it’s a wonderful book because there are absolutely no bears in it. According to Ella, there are lots of things you need for a really good book: pretty things, scary things, funny things, castles, princesses, a monster, but no bears, not even one. As Ella creates her story, about a princess who is chased by a scary monster, it’s a good thing she doesn’t notice the benevolent bear hiding behind the pages of her book.

The fun element of this book i
Sep 08, 2016 Laura rated it liked it
Shelves: children-s-books
Cute story, but not a read-aloud for storytime. The illustrations are subtle, as is the actual presence of bears in the story! Kids might miss the irony, but the mashup of fairy tales that create the plot should be a decent way to keep them interested. Add in adorable illustrations, and this is a pretty okay read.
Caryn Caldwell
Jul 18, 2013 Caryn Caldwell rated it it was amazing
Shelves: picture-books
Ella likes a lot of things about the book she's writing. It contains princesses and fairies and castles and a lot of other elements she considers essential to a story. Best of all, it has NO BEARS. But what Ella doesn't notice is that behind each new page she draws, there's a motherly bear gently helping Ella's nice characters succeed and working to vanquish the evil ones.

The fun premise and beautiful, action-packed illustrations make for an enjoyable read, and new details pop out every time I r
Ella knows a book when she sees it: "You can tell it's a book because there are words everywhere. Words like Once upon a time and Happily ever after and The END." She also has definite ideas about what should and shouldn't be in them. Fairies, princesses and castles are in and sometimes a monster or giant, but bears are definitely out. So Ella crafts her story about the beautiful princess who is captured by the awful monster.

However, Ella's story is not as bear-free as she believes it to be. Whi
Ella loves telling stories, and she has definite ideas about what words and characters to use. For example, her story requires a princess and a monster and some funny aspects mixed up with exciting things. She has just one taboo, though: There will be no bears in her story. As she begins to embellish her fairy tale featuring a princess who is stolen by a monster until being foiled by "somebody" (unpaginated). Observant readers can see that the story she thought was completely free of bears ...more
Karen Arendt
May 18, 2012 Karen Arendt rated it it was amazing
Ella writes a fairy tale that has no bears in it, not one! She tells a story of how there is a king, a queen, and a fairy god mother, but not bears. She illustrates her story, too. The princess in the story is taken by a monster but is finally saved by the fairy god mother In reality a bear saves her. The illustrations show various fairy tale characters, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, the Gingerbread man, etc. In each page of the book within the book, there is a bear at the edge of ...more
Rebecca Ann
I love this book! A little girl named Ella decides to us a story with absolutely NO bears in it, because she doesn't think you need them, even though they always show up. As she tells her story, we can see in the pictures that a lovely, friendly bear has indeed crept into it, although Ella doesn't notice. Just when the princess of her story is about to be kidnapped by a monster, "someone" saves her. Ella thinks it is the fairy godmother, but we can see the bear's sleeve :). The illustrations ...more
This turned out to be a story within a story. Ella doesn't like bear books, so she tosses them all, and makes up her own picture book and in it, a story about a princess. Yes, there's a bear. I won't give it away, because I thought it was pretty cute once I got it.
I read it twice: Once to just read the words and skim over the illustrations, the second time was to really get what is going on, because there is a second book drawn in on the pages.
I think this would be a fun storytime, especially
May 09, 2012 Lindsey rated it really liked it
Ella is writing a picture book, but unlike most other children's books these days, her book will not contain one single bear. She spends quite a bit of time clarifying where there are not bears in her story. In the end, it is a bear that saves the princess in her book.

This is a great book for teaching writing. Look how Ella restricts herself to the "no bear" rule and how it backfires. A writer writes and lets the story go where it needs to. Ella tries to control it, but her obsession with bears
Ashley D--
Nov 22, 2012 Ashley D-- rated it really liked it
I love a good cheeky picture book. This one is particularly good for storytime because the bear is on every page, even though the text says there are no bears in the book, so kids have a lot of fun pointing out that the girl is wrong and there's the bear right there. It's especially cute that everything good that happens in the book is because of the bear, not because of the girl.

A lot of the story happens in the illustrations, which is my favourite, because why bother being a picture book if th
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Meg McKinlay grew up in Bendigo, Victoria, in a book-loving, TV- and car-free household. On the long and winding path to becoming a children’s writer, she has worked a variety of jobs including swim instructor, tour guide, translator and teacher. She has a PhD in Japanese Literature and was formerly an academic at the University of Western Australia, where she taught Australian Literature, ...more
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